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t (letter) tabby tabernacle 
table table-cloth tablet 
taboo tabular tacit 
taciturn taciturnity tack 
tackle tact tactic 
tactics tadpole taffeta 
taffety tag tail 
tailor taint Taiwan 
take take a look take care 
take in take it easy Take me to the doctor 
take over take someone care take something 
taken advantage of taken by surprise taken care of 
takes the mind away taking place taking the risk 
tale talebearer talent 
talented talisman talk 
talkative tall tall person 
tallow tally talon 
tamable tamarind tambac 
tambourine tame tamper 
tan tandem tangent 
tangible tangle tank 
tankard tanner tantalize 
tantamount tantivy tap 
tape taper tapestry 
tapeworm tar tardily 
tardiness tardy tare 
target tariff tarlatan 
tarn tarnish tarpaulin 
tarry tart Tartar 
tartness task Tasmania 
taste taste (1) tasteless 
tasty tatter tatterdemalion 
tattle tattoo taunt 
taut tavern taw 
tawdry tawny tax 
taxable taxation taxi 
tea teach teacher 
teaching team teammate 
tear tearful tearless 
tears tease teasing 
teat technical techy 
tedious tediousness teem 
teeth teetotal teetotaller 
tegument telegram telegraph 
telephone telescope television 
tell tell a lie teller 
telltale temerity temper 
temperament temperance temperate 
temperature tempest tempestuous 
temple temporal temporary 
temporize tempt temptation 
ten ten o'clock AM ten o'clock PM 
ten thousand tenacious tenacity 
tenancy tenant tenantry 
tend tendency tender 
tender (1) tenderness tendon 
tendril tenement tenfold 
tennis tenor tense 
tension tent tenter 
tenth tenthly tepid 
tergiversation term terminate 
termination terrace terrestrial 
terrible terrier terrific 
terrify territorial territory 
terror terse terseness 
test test exame testament 
testamentary testify testimonial 
testimony testy tether 
Texas text textile 
texture thacht Thailand 
than ...than... thank 
Thank you thank you very much thanksgiving 
that that one that which came after 
That's mine ... thaw the 
The ______ is broken the accident ...the airport? 
the beast ...the bus station? The child ate some of that. 
the child ran The child sang the child saw the teacher 
the choice the day after The day after tomorrow 
The day before yesterday The fast horse the final stage 
The horse is fast. The horse runs fast. The key ... 
The kids at the park are happy the last judge the letter 
the long trip The man arrived. the man slept 
the monster the nervous witch the Netherlands 
the promise The rain is strong the same 
The time is two A.M the tiny shoes The toilet is not working. 
...the train station? the very last the woman bought mongoes 
The woman is not rich. The young women are beautiful ...the youth hostel? 
theater theatric theatrical 
thee theft their 
them theme themselves 
then thence thenceforth 
theocracy theory therapeutic 
There there there at 
there by There's a fire!! There's an accident 
thereabout therefore therefrom 
therein thereof thereon 
thereto thereunto thereupon 
therewith therewithal therinto 
thermometer thermometric thermometrical 
these thesis they 
they are leaving they got self-conscious They will drink the beer 
They will eat there. thick thick forest 
thicken thicket thickness 
thief thieve thievery 
thievish thigh thill 
thimble thin thine 
thing think thinkness 
third thirdly thirst 
thirsty thirteen thirteenth 
thirtieth thirty this 
this and that organization This doesn't taste good this is a big hotel 
This is a big house This is a computer monitor This is a keyboard 
This is an emergency This is comfortable This is delicious 
This is hard This is my ______. This is soft 
This is uncomfortable This is very amusing! this was your life 
this week This week. thistle 
thistly thither thong 
thorn thorny thorough 
thoroughly those thou 
though thought thought of 
thoughtful thoughts thousand 
thousandth thrall thread 
threadbare threat threaten 
three three hundred Three o'clock a.m 
three o'clock AM Three o'clock p.m three o'clock PM 
threefold threshold thrice 
thriftless thrifty thrill 
thrive throat throb 
throe throne throng 
throttle through throughout 
throw thrown out thrusday 
thrust thumb thump 
thunder thunderboldt Thursday 
thus thwack thwart 
thy thyself tiara 
Tibet tick ticket 
ticket lottery tickle tickling 
ticklish tide tidings 
tidy tie tier 
tiff tiger tight 
tighten tighty tile 
tiling till tillable 
tillage tiller tilt 
timber timbrel time 
time passed timely timid 
timidity timidness tin 
tincture tinder tinge 
tingle tingling tinker 
tinkle tinman tint 
tiny tip tippet 
tipple tipsy tiptoe 
tiptop tirade tire 
tired tiresome tiring 
tiring trip tissue tit 
titbit tithe titillate 
title titter tittle 
titular to to abstract 
to abuse to accept to accept something 
to account to accredit to ache 
to achieve to acquire something to add 
to add to something to adopt to adventure 
to adverse to advise to affront 
to age to agree to air 
to alarm to alight to allow 
to allow something to amaze to animate 
to animate (1) to annex to annihilate 
to answer to answer back to anybody 
to apparel to appear to apprentice 
to approach to appropriate to arrest 
to arrive to arry to article 
to articulate to ask to ask somebody to drink 
to ask somebody to run to asperate to assail 
to assault to assay to assent 
to assert to assimilate to assume 
to assume (1) to attach to attain 
to attempt to attempt to do something to attend 
to attend a party to attend to to attend to a wake 
to attire to attract to augment 
to augur to average to avoid 
to baa to back to bail 
to balance to bale to balk 
to ballast to balm to band 
to bandage to bang to banquet 
to bar to bare to bargain 
to bark to barrel to barter 
to batter to battle to be able to eat 
to be able to feel to be able to have breakfast to be able to resolve 
to be able to see to be able to sell something to be able to sleep 
to be able to talk to somebody to be able to taste something to be able to watch 
to be acquainted with s.b. to be angry to be angry at someone 
to be aware to be blown away to be bored 
to be born to be burried deeper to be careful 
to be carried away to be consumed to be covered 
to be cured to be embarassed to be filled 
to be firm to be first to be forgiven 
to be frugal to be given to somebody to be gone 
to be good to be happy about something to be held by the hand 
to be hungry to be imprinted to be in the arms of somebody 
to be indecisive to be late to be long (in duration) 
to be lucky to be overwhelmed to be sent to school 
to be stolen by someone else to be talked about to be the subject of quarrel 
to be tired of waiting to beam to bear 
to become bad to become better to become better physically 
to become speechless to become stiff to beg 
to beg forgiveness to begin to begin something 
to belie to believe to believe something 
to bellow to bend to benefit 
to bet to better to blame 
to blast to blaze to blemish 
to bless to blink to blockade 
to bloody to bluff to blunt 
to blush to bluster to boast 
to boom to borrow to borrow money 
to bound to bow one's head to brace 
to brag to brandish to break 
to break something to breathe to breech 
to bribe someone to bridle to bring 
to bring out to bring some benefit to broach 
to broil to bruise to brush teeth 
to burn to burry to bush 
to bustle to buy to buy something 
to cabal to call to call for help 
to call somebody to calm to calm (1) 
to calm down to camp to cannonade 
to cannoneer to cant to canter 
to caper to care to caress 
to carol to carouse to carp 
to carpet to carry to cast 
to catalogue to catch to cause 
to caution to cave to cavil 
to cease to chafe to chafe (1) 
to chagrin to chance to change 
to change clothes to charge to charge (1) 
to charm to charter to chase 
to chatter to chaw to cheer 
to chime to chop to chord 
to chuck to cicatrice to claim 
to clash to clasp to clean 
to clean something to clear to climb 
to clinch to cling to clip 
to cloak to clog to close 
to close (1) to cloud to clout 
to cluster to clutch to coal 
to coast to coat to cog 
to cog (1) to coin to collapse 
to collar to collect to color 
to combat to come to come back 
to come near to come to reality to comfort 
to command to compact to compact (1) 
to compassionate to compliment to comprehend 
to compromise to concern to concert 
to condole to condone to conduce 
to conduct to confederate to confess 
to confine to conflict to conglomerate 
to consecrate to consent to consume 
to consume something to content to contest 
to continue to contract to cook 
to cook adobo to cook for somebody to cook something 
to coop to cooper to copy 
to cord to corrupt to count something 
to counterfeit to couple to court 
to court a lady to cover to crack 
to cross to cross paths to crowd 
to crown to crumble to crush 
to cry to cudgel to custom 
to cut something to dab to dally 
to dam to dance to dare 
to dash to date to date somebody 
to dawn to deal with somebody to debate 
to debauch to debrauch to decamp 
to decay to deem to default 
to defeat to defile to define 
to degenerate to delay to delegate 
to delight to deliver to deliver something 
to demerit to demur to dent 
to depart to deport to derogate 
to describe to desert to design 
to desire to desolate to despair 
to devise to diddle to die 
to diffuse to digest to dim 
to dip to direct to disagree 
to discharge to discipline to discomfort 
to discount to discourse to disfavor 
to disgace to dish to dishonor 
to dislike to dismay to disquiet 
to disregard to disrespect to dissent 
to distemper to distress to distribute 
to disturb to divorce to do 
to doctor to double to doubt 
to draft to draw to dream 
to dress to drill to drink 
to drink coffee to drink something to drive 
to drop to drug to duck 
to duel to dull to dun 
to duplicate to dusk to dust 
to earn to ease to eat 
to eat breakfast to eat something to edge 
to effect to elaborate to emphasize 
to employ to empty to encamp 
to encounter to end to enjoy 
to enlarge to enter to envy 
to equal to erect to escort 
to establish to esteem to estimate 
to even to exact to examine 
to exceed to except to excuse 
to execute to exempt to exercise 
to exert effort to exhibit to expect 
to expect something to experience to experiment 
to expose to express immediately to express one's feelings 
to express one's love to extract to fable 
to face to fag to fail 
to faint to fair to fall 
to fall on bended knees to fallow to fancy 
to fare to farm to fascinate 
to fatigue to favour to fawn 
to fear to feast to feather 
to fee to feed to feel 
to feel by the hand to feel shame to feel sorry 
to feel uneasy to fetch to fib 
to fidget to fight to figure 
to fill to fill with (a kiss) to finish 
to finish something to finish sothing to fit 
to flavor to flaw to fleece 
to flirt to float to flock 
to flourish to flush to fly 
to fold to follow incessantly to fool around 
to fool somebody to forbid to force 
to forecast to forfeit to forge 
to forget to forget something or someone to forgive 
to form to forward to foul 
to founder to fox to fracture 
to frame to freight to freshen up 
to frisk to fritter to frolic 
to front to furrow to further 
to gag to gain to gambol 
to garter to gauge to get 
to get along to get back something to get on a vehicle 
to get ready to get separated to get sick 
to get up to give to give allowances to somebody 
to give as a Christmas gift to give attention to to give permission 
to give something to give thanks to glair 
to glance to glare to gleam 
to glitter to gloom to glory 
to gloss to glue to glut 
to go to go along to go down 
to go far to go first to go home 
to go into (a place) to go out to go shopping 
to go to church to go to some place to go vanish 
to goad to gore to gossip 
to graft to grapple to grate 
to green to greet each other to gripe 
to grope or feel by the hand to grow to guarantee 
to guide to hackle to haft 
to hail to hand over something to handcuff 
to handle to hang to happen 
to harm to harness to hate 
to have a dance party to have a snack to have an alibi 
to have been favored to have children to have collected money owed 
to have died to have gone away to have grandchildren 
to have gray hair to have grown tired of to have heard the news 
to have left a place to have lunch to have made sure 
to have mercy on somebody to have received to have said 
to have some crack to have spent everything to have supper 
to have sympathy to have taken place to have thought something 
to have used up to have wanted to havest 
to heal to hear to heave 
to heed to help to help somebody 
to hide to hide something to hinder 
to hint to hit to hit the jackpot 
to hoard to hoax to hold something by the hand 
to hook to hoop to hop 
to hope for to howl to huddle 
to huff to hull to hurry 
to hurt to husband to ice 
to idle to implement to improve 
to incense to increase to increase in intensity 
to inform to insist to insult 
to interst to intrigue to jade 
to join to join as in song or music to joke 
to judge to jumble to just smile at 
to kick to kiss an elder's hand to know 
to know how to do something to label to lack 
to lance to last to laugh 
to lay before the table to lay in state to lead 
to lead the way to leak to learn 
to leave to leave something to leave word 
to lie to lie down to lift 
to light to light up to like 
to limit to lisp to listen 
to listen to something to live to load up 
to lock to look to look after someone 
to look at something to lose to lose (1) 
to lose money to lose something to love 
to love somebody to love something to lower 
to lump to lure to lust 
to mad to mail to make a loan 
to make a mess to make a noise to make a phone call 
to make a profit to make a request to make something 
to manifest to manure to mark 
to market to mask to masquerade 
to match to match something to mate 
to mature to maze to mean 
to meet to menace to mend 
to mention to merge to merit 
to mew to milk to mill 
to mimic to mind to minister 
to misprint to mock to moderate 
to moor to move around something to move away from someone 
to mow to name to narrate 
to need to neglect to neighbor 
to nod to noise to not work 
to note to notice to nurse 
to object to observe to offer an excuse 
to open to opine to order 
to order at a restaurant to ornament to outrage 
to owe something from someone to pace to pack 
to pack a lunch to pain to paint 
to pander to paraphrase to park 
to parley to part to partition 
to pass to pass an exame to pass by something 
to paste to pasture to patch 
to patrol to pause to pawn 
to pay to pay attention to to pay somebody 
to peal to pen to permit 
to perspire to persuade to petition 
to pick fruits from a tree to pick up to pick up immediately 
to piece to pile to pillage 
to pilot to pit to pity 
to place to plague to plane 
to plaster to play to play basketball 
to play in the water to play the piano to plead 
to please to please help somebody to please look at something 
to please reach to please repeat to please slow down 
to pledge to plough to pluck 
to plug to plump to plunder 
to point to poise to polish 
to pommel to portion to pot 
to poultice to powder to practice 
to prattle to pray to pray for something 
to prepare to prepare for somebody to prepare something 
to present to pretend to prevent 
to pride to print to prize 
to profit to progress to project 
to prostitute to prostrate to protect 
to provide to pucker to pull 
to pull over to punch to purport 
to purpose to push to push something 
to put to put at the bottom to put away for somebody 
to put in order to put off a fight to put on 
to put on one's lap to put on shoes to put something 
to put something in to put things away to puzzle 
to quack to quarrel to quarter 
to race to rage to rail 
to rain to rake to ran after 
to ran away from someone to ranger to rate 
to reach to read to reason out 
to receive to recite a poem to recompense 
to reconcile to recoup to recover 
to redress to reduce to reel 
to refuse to regard to register 
to regret to relapse to release 
to remember to remember something to remove 
to remove something to repair to repieve 
to report to repose to reproach 
to reprobate to repulse to request 
to request something to respect to respite 
to respond to rest to rest one's back 
to restrain to retort to retort (1) 
to retreat to retrograde to return 
to revel to revenge to reverence 
to reverse to review to revise 
to reward to rhyme to ride 
to ridicule to rifle to rig 
to ring to riot to rise 
to rise (1) to risk to rival 
to rock to roll to romp 
to roof to rub to rule 
to rumor to run to run out of something 
to rupture to sacrifice to sanction 
to save to save money to say 
to say something to scale to school 
to scoff to scoop to scorn 
to scotch to scourge to scout 
to scramble to scrape to screen 
to scuffle to search to see 
to see as a reflection to see clearly to seize 
to sell to send something to send word 
to separate to set aside to set the table 
to settle to shape to share 
to share a ride with s.b to share together to shed a tear 
to shelter to shine to shock 
to shoe to shoot to shout 
to show someboby to show something to shroud 
to side to sign to sing 
to sit to sleep to sleep together 
to slide to slip to smack 
to smell bad to smell something to smoke cigarettes 
to smooth to sniff to snore 
to snuff to sob to soften 
to soil to solder to sort 
to sound to spare to speak 
to speak Spanish to speak with someone to speed 
to spell to spend money to spirit 
to spit to spoil to sponge 
to sport to spot to sprain 
to spread to spring to squirt 
to stable to stain to stand 
to stare at to start to state 
to station to steal to steal a glance 
to step out to stick to still 
to stink to stint to stipulate 
to stir to stomach to stop 
to stop doing something to store to strand 
to strange to stray to stream 
to stretch to strike to stroke 
to struggle to stud to study 
to stuff to stumble to succeed 
to succor to suffer to suffer a breakage 
to suit to support to surfeit 
to surprise to swarm to sway 
to sweat to swell to swill 
to swim to swin to tag 
to tag along to a place to taint to take 
to take a bath to take a bathe to take a different approach 
to take a dump to take a shower to take along 
to take another path to take care of to take seriously 
to take something to talk to tallow 
to tango to teach to teeth 
to tell a joke to tell a story to tell the truth 
to tend to think to think deeply 
to thrall to throttle to throw 
to thrust to tighten something to tipple 
to tire of (something) to title to toast 
to toil to toll to top 
to touch to toy to travel 
to treat to treble to trifle 
to trill to trip to triumph 
to trouble to trumpet to trumpet (1) 
to trundle to try something to tunnel 
to turn to tutor to understand 
to understand somebody to understand something to urinate 
to use to use something to vault 
to venture to violate to volunteer 
to wad to wait to wake 
to wake up to walk to walk some distance 
to wall to wane to want 
to wanton to war to ward 
to warrant to wash to wash clothes 
to wash one's face to waste to watch 
to watch a movie to watch a show to watch something 
to watch tv to wave to wax 
to wed to welcome to welt 
to wet to whip to whistle 
to will to win to wink 
to wipe to wish to witch 
to wonder to work to wrangle 
to wrap something to wreath to wrinkle 
to write to your health! toad 
toast tobacco tobacconist 
today Today. toddle 
toe together toil 
toilet token tolerable 
tolerance tolerant tolerate 
toll toll-gatherer tomahawk (1) 
tomato tomb tomboy 
tombstone tome tomorrow 
Tomorrow in the morning ton tone 
tongs tongue tongueless 
tonic tonical tonight 
tonnage tonsils tonsure 
too tool tooth 
toothache toothless toothsome 
top topaz toper 
topic topical topmost 
topple topsail topsy-turvy 
torch torment torn out of 
tornado torpedo torpid 
torpidness torpitude torpor 
torrent torrid tortoise 
tortuous torture toss 
total totality totally 
tothpick totter touch 
touching touchy tough 
toughen tour tourist 
tournament tourney tow 
towage toward towards 
towards the _____ towel tower 
town toxic toy 
trace track trackless 
tract tractable tractableness 
traction trade trader 
tradition traditional traduce 
traffic trafficker tragedy 
tragic trail train 
train station trait traitor 
traitoress traitorous trammel 
tramp trample trance 
tranchant tranquil tranquility 
tranquilize transact transaction 
transactor transatlantic transcedent 
transcribe transcription transfer 
transferable transfiguration transfigure 
transfix transformed transgress 
transgression transgressor transient 
transit transitive transitory 
translate translation transmarine 
transmigration transmission transmit 
transmutation transmute transparency 
transparent transpire transplant 
transplantation transport transportation 
transpose transposition transverse 
trap trappings trash 
trash film trashler travail 
travel traveller traverse 
trawl tray treacherous 
treacherously treachery treacle 
tread treadle treason 
treasonable treasure treasurer 
treasury treat treatment 
treble tree trellis 
tremble trembling tremendous 
tremor tremulous trench 
trencher trencher (1) trepan 
trespass tress trestle 
trial triangle triangular 
tribe tribulation tribunal 
tribune tributary tribute 
trick trickish trickle 
tricky tricycle trident 
triennial trifling trigger 
trilateral trill trim 
trimly trimming trinity 
trinket trio trip 
tripetalous triple triplet 
tripod tripping tripping (1) 
trisect trisyllable trite 
triturate triumph trivet 
trivial trnscript troat 
troll trolley trollop 
troop trooper trophy 
trot trotter trouble 
troublesome troublous trough 
trousers trowel truant 
truce truck truckle 
truculence truculent trudge 
true truism truly 
trump trumpet truncheon 
trundle trunk truss 
trust trustee trustful 
trusty truth try 
try out tub tube 
tubercle tuberculosis tubular 
tuck tucker tuesday 
tuft tufty tug 
tuition tumanggĂ­ tumble 
tumble (1) tumefy tumult 
tune tuneful tuneless 
tunnel tunnel (1) tunny 
turbant turbid turbulence 
turbulent tureen turf 
turgid turk turkey 
Turkish turn Turn ______ at the corner 
turn left turn off turn right 
turncoat (1) turner turnip 
turnkey turquoise turret 
turtle turtle-dove tusk 
tusky tutelage tutor 
TV twain twang 
tweezers twelfth Twelfth-Day 
twelve twelve o'clock midnight twelve o'clock noon 
twelveth twentieth twenty 
twenty one twenty three twenty two 
twice twig twilight 
twin twine twinge 
twinge (1) twinkle twinkling 
twirl twist twitch 
twitter twitter (1) two 
two beers please. two hundred Two months ago 
two o'clock AM Two o'clock p.m two thiry PM 
two thousand Two years old twofold 
tymbal tympanum type 
typewriter typhoid typhoon 
typhus typical typographer 
typography tyrannic tyrannical 
tyrannize tyrant Tyro 
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