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w (letter) wabble wad 
waddle wade wafer 
waffle waft wag 
wage wager wages 
waggle wagon wail 
wailing wainscot waist 
waistcoat wait wait for 
Wait!!! waiter waive 
wake wakeful waken 
wale walk wall 
wallet wallow walnut 
waltz wan wand 
wander wanderer wandering 
wane wanness want 
wanting wanton war 
ward warden warder 
wardrobe warehouse warfare 
warily wariness warlike 
warm warmth warn 
warning warp warrant 
warrantable warranty warrior 
warty wary wash 
wash Monica's dress washer-woman washing area 
washy wasp wasping 
waste watch Watch out for the _____. 
watchful watching (of) watching over 
watchman watchword water 
water plants water-spout water-tight 
waterfall watering watering-pot 
watermelon watery wave 
waver wavering wavy 
wax waxen way 
wayfarer waylay waymark 
wayside wayward we 
We don't have rice We need equipment. we speak... 
We went shopping at the market weak weaken 
weakness weal wealth 
wealthy wean weapon 
wear Wear your lifejacket weariness 
wearisome weary weather 
weave weaver web 
wed wedding wedge 
wedlock wednesday weed 
week week day weekly 
weep weevil weigh 
weight weight measure weighty 
weir welcome weld 
welfare welkin well 
well (1) well-being well-bred 
well-favored well-off welt 
welter wen wench 
wend went to west 
westerly western westward 
wet ...wet market? wetness 
whale wharf what 
What a beautiful color! what a pity! what a waste 
What are the ingredients? What are the visiting hours? What are these charges for? 
What are they doing? What are you doing? What bit him? 
What color is your hair? What did Dad say? What Do You Do For A Living? 
What do you do for a living? What do you have there? What do you mean? 
What do you recommend? What grade are you in? What is it made of? 
what is left What is she/he saying? What is the admission price? 
What is the exchange rate? What is the problem? What is this? 
What Is This? What is your address? What is your major? 
What is your name? What is your nationality? What is your pet's name? 
What is your sign? What is your work? What religion are you? 
What size is the bed? What time is checkout? What time is it? 
What time is the arrival? What time is the departure? What time will Luisa arrive? 
What time will the bus arrive? what time will we return? What? 
what? What's new? what's the matter? 
What's the problem? What's this? whatever 
whatsoever wheat wheaten 
wheedle wheel wheeler 
wheeze whelm whelp 
when when asked to join something When can I see you? 
When does it close? When does it open? When isÂ….? 
When will Victor come home? When? when? 
whence whence-so-ever whenever 
Wher do you live? where Where are my keys? 
Where are the books? Where are there a lot of... Where are you from? 
Where Are You From? Where are you going? Where are you staying? 
Where are you taking me? Where can I buy ______? Where can I see the __game? 
Where do you go to school? Where do you live? Where do you study? 
Where does this bus go? Where does this train go? where have you been? 
Where is Antonia? Where is my room? Where is she from? 
Where is the ______? Where is the bar? Where is the bathroom? 
Where is the beach? Where is the bus stop? Where is the cafeteria? 
Where is the campground? Where is the closet? Where is the courtyard? 
Where is the gas station? Where is the library? Where is the patio? 
Where is the pharmacy? Where is the police station? Where is the restaurant? 
Where is the restroom? Where is the telephone booth? Where is the train station? 
Where is the zoo? Where is your mother's town? Where is? 
where one goes home Where? Where's the bathroom? 
Where's the hospital? Where's the warrant? whereabout 
whereas whereat wheresoever 
whereto whereupon wherever 
wherewith wherfore wherof 
whet whether whetstone 
whey which Which skirt do you like? 
whichsoever whiff while 
whim whimper whimsical 
whine whinny whip 
whirligig whirlpool whisk 
whisker whiskey whisper 
whistle whit white 
white wash whiten whiteness 
whither whithersoever whitish 
whitlow whittle whiz 
who who cares? Who cooked the pansit? 
Who did it? Who is going to bring a radio? Who is he? 
Who is in charge? Who is she/he? Who is that man? 
Who is the new teacher? Who saw you? Who went with you to Bacolod? 
Who? Who's knocking the door? who's missing? 
Who's there? whoever whole 
wholesale wholesome wholly 
wholly excited wholy Whom did you see? 
whoop whore Whose food is that? 
Whose is this? Whose shoes are those? whril 
whrilwind why Why are they in Barcelona? 
Why are you crying? why is Mary crying? Why not? 
Why? wick wicked 
wickedness wicket wide 
widely widen wideness 
widow widower widowhood 
width wield wife 
wifely wig wild 
wilderness wildness wile 
wilful wilfully will 
willingly wilted wimble 
win wince wind 
wind-mill window windy 
windy weather wine wing 
winged wink winner 
winning winning streak winnow 
winnower-ful winsome winter 
winterly wipe wire 
wireless wiry wisdom 
wise wish wishful 
wishing wisp wistful 
wit witch witchcraft 
with with a bright future withal 
withdraw withe wither 
withering withhold within 
without withstand witless 
witness witted witty 
wizard woe woeful 
wokful wolf woman 
womanhood womanish womankind 
womanly womb wonder 
wonderful Wonderful! wondering 
wondrous wont woo 
wood wooden shoes woodman 
wool woolen wooly 
wordy work work (1) 
work-house worked on worker 
workers workman workmanship 
workshop world worldlines 
worldling worldly worm 
worm-eaten worry worse 
worship worshipful worst 
worth worthily worthiness 
worthless worthy Would you like to dance? 
wound wrangle wrap 
wrapper wrath wrathful 
wreak wreath wreck 
wren wrench wrest 
wrestling wretch wretched 
wriggle wright wring 
wrinkle wrinkled forehead wrist 
wrist-band writ write 
Write It Down Please! writhe writing 
wrong wrongful wroth 
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