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y (letter) yam yankee 
yard yarn yatch 
yawm yawn ye 
yea yean year 
yearly yearn yearning 
yeast yelk yell 
yellow yellowish yellowness 
yelp yerk yes 
Yes I speak understand little yesterday yet 
yield yoghurt yoke 
yokemate yolk yon 
yonder yore you 
you (pl) you (pl) are coming You are my friend. 
you are welcome You are welcome. you buy the shoes 
you can be sure you eat the egg roll You look very nice 
you read the newspaper later you're a pig! You're Very Kind! 
You're welcome you're welcome young 
young age young body young coconut 
young imagination youngester youngish 
your/s yourself youth 
youth (1) youthful Yule 
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