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a back view of things a bad beginning makes a bad ending 
a bad lot a bad pennyworth a bad quarter of an hour 
a bad workman quarrels with his tools a bag of bones a bare majority 
a bargain is a bargain a beast of a job a beautifully turned out woman 
a beautifully worded address a better fellow does not breathe a bird in the bush 
a bird in the hand a bit a bit earlier 
a bit of a bit of a help a bit of fluff 
a bit of muslin a bit of skirt a bit off 
a bit thick a bit wet a bitter cup 
a blatant lie a blooming fool a blot on one's escutcheon 
a blot on the landscape a blow by blow account a bolt from the blue 
a bonnet with ribbons to match a book full of meat a book in six instalments 
a book of doubtful authorship a bound forward a brand from the burning 
a brand from the fire a budget of news a bully is always a coward 
a burden of care a byword for iniquity a cappella 
a chapter of misfortunes a chip of the old block a chit of a girl 
a clamant need for changes a clear month a cloud on one's reputation 
a concession to public opinion a considerable amount of time a cool card 
a cool customer a cool hand a cool thousand dollars 
a cool twenty kilometers a copy book performance a creature of a day 
a crook in the lot a crying jag a crying need 
a cushy job a cut from the joint a day after the fair 
a day before the fair a day or so a decision of great moment 
a deep one a degree better a degree warmer 
a devil of a fellow a devil to work a dog's age 
a door disguised as a bookcase a dot of a child a dozen in all 
a drop on something a drowning man will catch at a straw a duck of 
a dumb dog a fair chance of success a fast set 
a fat lot a fat lot of good a fat lot you care 
a fault confessed is half redressed a feast for the eyes a few of 
a few other examples a few steps from the beach a few stray instances 
a file of men a fill of tobacco a film of fog 
a fine friend you are a fine kettle of fish a fine lady 
a five dollar bill a flat a flaw in an argument 
a flea in one's ear a flight of wit a flood of light 
a flood of words a fly in the ointment a fly on the wheel 
a fool in grain a foot thick a fortiori 
a fortnight today a friend in need is a friend indeed a friend of mine 
a generation ago a generous amount a generous nature 
a gentleman's outfitter a glob of whipped cream a going 
a gone case a good anvil does not fear the hammer a good ball 
a good beginning is half the battle a good beginning makes a good ending a good berth 
a good deal a good delivery a good distance off 
a good dodge for remembering names a good head of hair a good jack makes a good jill 
a good job you made of it a good knife and fork a good lather is half a shave 
a good likeness a good long walk a good man for 
a grain of wheat in a bushel of chaff a grand affair a great body of facts 
a great deal a great deal better a great find 
a great future is reserved for you a great lady a great piece of luck 
a great weight off one's mind a great while a hand at something 
a hand for something a handle to one's name a handsome sum 
a hard fought field a harrowing story a hell of a way 
a hill of beans a hundred and one things to do a hundred to one 
a job of work a jolly old blade a just cause of offense 
a just reward a king's ransom a knock down and drag out 
a la a la mode a league 
a lick and a promise a life of ease a light attack of illness 
a limited measure of success a little a little bird told me 
a little bit a little bit off the top a little higher 
a little later a little tin god a little too small 
a little way a lodgement of dirt in a pipe a long run of power 
a long sight better a long time ago a long way 
a lot a lot better a lot more 
a lot of a lot of different things a mad venture 
a man adrift a man can die but once a man framed for hardships 
a man impossible to ruffle a man of belial a man of corpulent habit 
a man of great worship a man of wealth a man of wide reading 
a man of your inches a man set in authority a man with plenty of guts 
a man without scruples a matter of a matter of concernment 
a matter of no little interest a matter of record a matter of taste 
a mere apology for a dinner a mere assertion a mere formality 
a mere inference a mere nobody a mere nothing 
a mere pittance a mere trifle a mile long 
a mile's walk from a mischievous twinkle a miss is as good as a mile 
a mite of a child a month of sundays a month wanting two days 
a month's holiday a murrain on you a nasty one 
a nice shade of meaning a nice state of affairs a nigger in the woodpile 
a number of a pair of steps a parcel of scamps 
a passing reference a peck of a peck of troubles 
a peg to hang a thing on a penny saved is a penny gained a penny soul never came to twopence 
a pill to cure an earthquake a poet of the highest rank a poky hole of a place 
a policy of appeasement a policy of grab a poor knife and fork 
a posteriori a pound of assorted sweets a power of good 
a power of money a pretty business a pretty decent house 
a pretty sum a prior claim a priori 
A Programming Language a put up affair a put up job 
a quantity of a quarrel of long standing a quarter of 
a quarter of a century a quasi independent position a quenchless flame 
a question from the floor a question of great import a question of vital importance 
a quick eye a rare fine view a rash broke out on his body 
a ripping good story a roland for an oliver a round oath 
a round peg in a square hole a round up of old friends a rousing welcome 
a rueful countenance a run up to town a rush of customers 
a score or two of instances a series of misfortunes a set of castors 
a set of sterling a shade better a short time ago 
a short way off a shot in the blue a smart few 
a smash song a stitch in time saves nine a stunning blow 
a subject for pity a substantive motion a surfeit of advice 
a table two feet square a tame spaniel a teaching load of twelve hours a week 
a thought a thought more polite a thousand times 
a tidy sum a tight rein a too tad salty 
a tower of strength a toy of a church a train of misfortunes 
a travesty of justice a trifle a trivial loss 
a veneer of culture a very fiend a very little more 
a very superior man a watched pot never boils a wee bit 
a week at longest a week of sundays a whale at 
a whale of a whale of a story a whale on 
a while ago a whole day a whole lot 
a whole stack of work a whopping big fish a wide latitude 
a wisp of a girl a wisp of a smile a wisp of smoke 
a wonderful look out over the sea a word in one's ear a word spoken is past recalling 
a word to the wise a work bearing an impress of genius a yard with a through passage 
a year ago a year in advance a year less three days 
a young hopeful A-bomb a.b.c. 
A.C. (alternating current) a.d.s. A.H. (Anno Hebraico) 
A.H. (Anno Hegirae) A.I. (artificial intelligence) a.k.a. (Also Known As) 
a.l. (American League) A.M. (ante meridiem) a.m. (air mail) 
a.n.wt (actual net weight) a.o. (area of operation) a.t. (American terms) 
a.u. (angstrom unit) a.w. (actual weight) a/c (account current) 
a/d (autodial) a/n (alphanumeric) a/p (autopilot) 
a1 AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) AA (anti-aircraft) 
AAA (American Automobile Association) AAAL (American Academy of Arts and Letters) AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 
AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) AAMOF (as a matter of fact) aardvark 
aardwolf Aaron AAS (Associate in Applied Sciences) 
AAUN AAUP (American Association of University Professors) AB (air base) 
ab invito ab irato ab ovo 
abaca aback abacus 
abaft abaft the beam abandon 
abandon a sinking ship abandon oneself to abandoned 
abandoned call abandoned child abandoned place 
abandoned wife abandonedly abandonee 
abandonment Abargil abase 
abase oneself abase oneself so far as to do something abasement 
abash abashed abashment 
abasia abask abate 
abatement abatis abattoir 
abb abbacy abbess 
abbey abbot abbot of misrule 
abbr. (abbreviation) abbreviate abbreviated 
abbreviation ABC (atomic, biological, and chemical) Abc 
abc book abc of chemistry abdicate 
abdication abdomen abdominal 
abdominal band abdominal cavity abdominal pregnancy 
abdominal region abdominous abducent 
abduct abduction abductor 
Abdullah Ocalan abeam abecedarian 
abed Abel abele 
abelmosk ABEND (abnormal end) aberdevine 
aberrance aberrant aberration 
aberration of the needle abet abetment 
abetting abettor abeyance 
abhor abhorrence abhorrent 
abidance abidance by rules abide 
abide by abide by the circumstances abiding 
abiding place abidingly Abigail 
ability ability to pay ability to survive 
abiogenesis abject abject fear 
abjection abjuration abjure 
abjure a claim ablactation ablation 
ablative ablaut ablaze 
ablaze with anger able able bodied seaman 
able to able to see able to work 
ablepsia ablet abloom 
ablush ablution ably 
ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty) abn (airborne) abnegate 
abnegation Abner abnormal 
abnormal end abnormal psychology abnormal relations 
abnormality abnormally abnormity 
aboard abode abolish 
abolishable abolishment abolition 
abolition of law abolitionism abolitionist 
abominable abominable snowman abominably 
abominate abomination aboriginal 
aboriginal forests Aborigine aborigine 
abort aborted aborted fetus 
abortion abortionist abortive 
abortive attack abortive scheme abortively 
abound abound in courage abound with 
abounding abounding in water about 
about a hundred about face about nightfall 
about one hundred about right about sledge 
about turn above above all 
above all things above average above average stature 
above board above facts above ground 
above measure above mentioned above named 
above par above price above proof 
above sea level above suspicion above the average 
above the battle above the mark above water 
aboveboard abovestairs abracadabra 
abradant abrade abrading 
Abraham abranchial abranchiate 
abrasion abrasion marks abrasion testing 
abrasive abrasive wear abrasively 
abreaction abreast abridge 
abridged abridgement abridgment 
abrim abroad abrogate 
abrogation abrupt abrupt discharge 
abruption abruptly abruptness 
abs (absolute) Absalom abscess 
abscissa abscission abscond 
abseil absence absence of mind 
absence without leave absent absent mindedness 
absent oneself absent without leave absent-mindedly 
absentee absentee ballot absentee vote 
absenteeism absently absentminded 
absentmindedly absentmindedness absinth 
absinthe absinthism absolute 
absolute alcohol absolute altitude absolute cell reference 
absolute construction absolute humidity absolute justice 
absolute majority absolute monarchy absolute order 
absolute ownership absolute pitch absolute power 
absolute right absolute temperature absolute term 
absolute trust absolute truth absolutely 
absolutely normal absolutely true absoluteness 
absolution absolutism absolutist 
absolve absorb absorbable 
absorbance absorbed absorbed in 
absorbency absorbent absorbent carbon 
absorbent cottonwool absorber absorbing 
absorbing capacity absorbingly absorption 
absorption circuit Absorption Department absorption factor 
absorption hardships absorption of immigrants absorptive 
absorptive power absorptivity absquatulate 
abstain abstain from drinking abstain from force 
abstainer abstaining from abstemious 
abstention abstention from voting abstergent 
abstersion abstinence abstinent 
abstinently abstract abstract art 
abstract expressionism abstract idea abstract number 
abstract thinking Abstract Windows Toolkit abstracted 
abstractedly abstractedness abstraction 
abstractionism abstractive abstractiveness 
abstractly abstractness abstruse 
abstrusely absurd absurdist 
absurdity absurdly abt (Abbott Labs) 
abundance abundance of the heart abundant 
abundantly abuse abuse of law 
abuser abusive abusive language 
abusively abusiveness abut 
abut on abut upon abutment 
abutment stone abutting abuzz 
abysm abysmal abysmal ignorance 
abyss abyss of despair abyssal 
abyssal depth Abyssinia Abyssinian 
AC (Army Corps) acacia academia 
academic academic achievement academic degree 
academic freedoms academic leave academic preparatory class 
academic year academical academically 
academicals academician academy 
academy figure academy of music acanthus 
acarid acarpous accede 
accede to accede to the throne accedence 
accelerant accelerate accelerate the pace 
accelerated Accelerated Graphic Port accelerating force 
accelerating the pace acceleration acceleration of gravity 
accelerator accelerator key accent 
accented accentual accentual prosody 
accentuate accentuation accept 
accept an offer accept bail accept something at its face value 
accept the chiltern hundreds accept the fact acceptability 
acceptability of evidence acceptable acceptable solution 
Acceptable Use Policy acceptably acceptance 
acceptance flight acceptance test acceptation 
accepted accepted fact accepted the situation 
accepted truth accepting acceptor 
Access access access code 
access control access denied access number 
access privileges access road access time 
accessary accessary after the fact accessary before the fact 
accessibility accessible accessible to bribery 
accessibleness accessibly accession 
accession catalogue accessories accessory 
accessory after the fact accidence accident 
accident curve accident free accident insurance 
accident prevention accident prone accident rate 
accidental accidental shooting accidentally 
accidents will happen in the best regulated families accipitral acclaim 
acclamation acclimate acclimation 
acclimatization (Amer.) acclimatize (Amer.) acclivity 
acclivous accolade accommodate 
accommodating accommodatingly accommodation 
accommodation address accommodation bill accommodation ladder 
accommodation train accommodation with every convenience accommodations 
accommodative accompaniment accompanist 
accompany accompanying accompanying artillery 
accomplice accomplish accomplishable 
accomplished accomplished fact accomplished violinist 
accomplishment accord accord a hearty welcome 
accordance accordant accordantly 
according according as according to 
according to cocker according to his capability according to his means 
according to his needs according to his story according to one's lights 
according to protocol according to the letter of the law according to this 
accordingly accordion accordionist 
accost accouchement accoucheur 
accoucheuse account account book 
account closing account for accountability 
accountable accountable to accountableness 
accountancy accountant accountant general 
accounter accounting accounting cost 
accounting for accounting program accounts department 
accoutre accoutrements accredit 
accreditation accredited accredited milk 
accrete accretion accretive 
accroach accrue accrued 
accrued interest acct. (account) ACCU (Association of C and C++ Users) 
accumbency accumulate accumulated 
accumulation accumulative accumulative formation 
accumulatively accumulator accuracy 
accuracy of fire accurate accurate eye 
accurately accurateness accurse 
accursed accursedly accurst 
accusable accusal accusation 
accusative accusatorial accusatory 
accuse accuse falsely accuse of callousness 
accused accuser accusingly 
accustom accustom oneself to accustomed 
accustomed to ace ace of aces 
ace of trumps acedia acellular 
acephalous Acer Peripherals acerb 
acerbate acerbic acerbity 
acerdese acetate acetate silk 
acetic acetify acetone 
acetous acetyl acetylene 
acetylene welding acft (aircraft) ache 
ache a little acheless achievable 
achieve achieve a team work achieve momentum 
achieve one's aim achieve one's purpose achievement 
achievement-oriented achiever achieving one's dreams 
Achilles Achilles heel aching 
achromatic achromatism achy 
acicula acid acid drop 
acid dye acid looks acid proof 
acid radical acid rain acid resisting 
acid salt acid test acid value 
acidic acidification acidify 
acidity acidize acidly 
acidulate acidulated acidulous 
ACK (acknowledgement) ack ack ackn (acknowledge) 
acknowledge acknowledge the receipt acknowledgeable 
acknowledged acknowledgement acknowledgment 
acknowledgment of paternity aclinic aclinic line 
ACM (Association of Computer Machinery) acme acme of perfection 
acne acock acolyte 
aconite acorn acoustic 
acoustic duct acoustic mine acoustic opacity 
acoustical acoustically acoustics 
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) acpt (acceptance) acquaint 
acquaint oneself acquaint oneself with acquaint oneself with something 
acquaintance acquaintanceship acquainted 
acquest acquiesce acquiescence 
acquiescence for detection acquiescent acquirable 
acquire acquire knowledge acquire manners 
acquire vogue acquired acquired character 
acquired habit acquired wisdom acquirement 
acquisition acquisition of knowledge acquisitive 
acquisitiveness acquit acquit oneself ill 
acquit oneself of a promise acquit oneself well acquittal 
acquittance acre acreage 
acrid acrid smell acridity 
acrimonious acrimonious debate acrimoniousness 
acrimony acrobat acrobatic 
acrobatically acrobatics acronym 
acrophobia Acropolis acropolis 
across across country across lots 
across the border across the country across the road 
across the sea acrostic acrylic 
acrylic paint acrylic resin act 
act a part act after one's kind act as 
act as host act as someone's ambassador act contrary to common sense 
act contrary to nature act in concert act in unison 
act kindly act like a charm act meanly 
act of attainder act of bravery act of God 
act of grace act of indemnity act of mutiny 
act of sabotage act of supremacy act on 
act on impulse act on instinct act on the defensive 
act on the offensive act on the spot act out 
act pharisaically act the ape act the ass 
act the giddy goat act the liberal act the lord 
act the maggot act ultra vires act under a principle 
act under pressure act up act up to one's opinions 
act upon act wilfully act with discretion 
act your age acted rationally actimate 
acting acting copy actinia 
actinic actinic rays actinism 
actinium action action and reaction 
action of detinue action of the heart action of trover 
action painting action radius action replay 
action spring action station actionable 
actions speak louder than words activate activated 
activating activation activator 
active active army active cell 
Active Channel active content Active Desktop 
active forces active list active person 
Active Server Pages active service active star 
active voice active volcano active window 
actively Activex ActiveX controls 
ActiveX Data Object activism activist 
activity actor actor who has arrived 
actress actual actual capital 
actual load actual size actual speed 
actualities actuality actualization 
actualize (Amer.) actually actuarial 
actuary actuate actuation 
actuator AcuCobol-GT acuity 
acumen acuminate acupuncture 
acutance acute acute angle 
acute eyesight acute infection acute observer 
acute pain acutely acuteness 
ad ad hoc committee ad hockery 
ad infinitum ad nauseam ad valorem (a.v, a/v) 
ad valorem duties ad-hoc committee Ada 
ada Ada Byron adage 
adagio Adalbert Adam 
Adam and Eve Adam Smith adam's ale 
Adam's apple adam's wine adamant 
adamantine adapt adapt a novel 
adaptability adaptable adaptableness 
adaptation adaptation to the terrain Adaptec 
adapted for adapter Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation 
adaptiveness adaptor ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) 
add add a stone to someone's cairn add a superstructure 
add butter add fuel to the fire add fuel to the flame 
add in add insult to injury add length 
add lustre to add on add on card 
add some salt add to add to the load 
add together add up add up to 
add wings added added to everything else 
addendum adder addict 
addict oneself addicted addiction 
addictive addictive drugs addictively 
addie adding adding machine 
Addis Ababa addition additional 
additional charges additional forage additional payment 
additional sum additionally additive 
addl (Additional) addle addle brained 
addle egg addle head addle headed 
addle one's brain addle one's head addle-pate 
addle-pated addled addlement 
address address a letter address book 
address oneself to address oneself to the audience address resolution 
address the chair address the meeting address unknown 
addressed addressed himself to the issue of addressee 
addresser addressing adds (Army Data Distribution System) 
adduce adduced evidence adducent 
adducing adduction adductor 
adenitis adenology adenoma 
adept adeptly adequacy 
adequate adequate definition adequately 
adequateness adequation adhere 
adherence adherence to specification adherent 
adherently adhesion adhesion weight 
adhesion wheel adhesive adhesive bandage 
adhesive plaster adhesive power adhesive tape 
adhesively adhesiveness adhibit 
adieu adipose adiposis 
adiposity adit adiz (Air Defense Identification Zone) 
adj. (adjective) adjacency adjacent 
adjacent angle adjacent to adjacent villages 
adjectival adjectivally adjective 
adjective colors adjoin adjoining 
adjoint adjourn adjournment 
adjudge adjudge guilty adjudgement 
adjudgment adjudicate adjudication 
adjudicator adjunct adjunctive 
adjuration adjure adjuror 
adjust adjust one's watch adjust oneself 
adjustability adjustable adjustable spanner 
adjustable wrench adjusted adjusted fire 
adjuster adjuster bolt adjusting device 
adjusting tool adjustment adjustment fire 
adjustment in direction adjustment in range adjustment of sight 
adjutancy adjutant adjutant bird 
adjuvant adm (Adaptive-Delta Modulation) adman 
admass admeasure admin. (administrator) 
administer administer a shock administer justice 
administer the oath to someone administrate administration 
administrational administrative administrative accounting 
administrative detainee administrative fine administrative units 
administratively administrator administrator of estate 
administratrix admins admirability 
admirable admirably admiral 
Admiral of the Fleet Admiral of the Navy admiralship 
admiralty admiralty law admiralty mile 
admiration admire admirer 
admiringly admissible admission 
admission by invitation only admission by order admission by ticket 
admission fee admission fees admission free 
admission of one's guilt admission space admission stroke 
admission valve admissive admit 
admit to bail admittance admitted 
admittedly admitting admix 
admixture admonish admonishment 
admonition admonitory ADO (ActiveX Data Object) 
ado adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated 
adolescence adolescent adolescent river 
Adolf Adolph Adonis 
adopt adopt a resolution adopt another course of action 
adopt the attitude of an onlooker adoptability adoptable 
adopted adopted child adopted the idea 
adoptee adoption adoptive 
adoptive father adoptive parents adoptively 
adorability adorable adoration 
adore adore the rising sun adorer 
adoring adorn adorn oneself 
adornment ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) adrenal 
adrenalin adrenaline Adrian 
Adriatic Adriatic Sea adrift 
adroit adroitness adscititious 
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) adsorb adsorbate 
adsorbent adsorption adt (Abstract Data Type) 
adulate adulation adulatory 
adult adulterant adulterate 
adulterated adulterated facts adulterated milk 
adulteration adulterer adulteress 
adulterous adulterousness adultery 
adulthood adultly adumbrate 
adumbration adust advance 
advance at the double advance guard advance notes 
advance payment advanced advanced age 
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface advanced guard advanced ideas 
advanced in years advanced learner Advanced Micro Devices 
Advanced Power Management Advanced Research Projects Agency net Advanced SCSI Programming Interface 
Advanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing advanced stage advancement 
advances advantage advantageous 
advantageously Advantech advection 
Advent adventist adventitious 
adventure adventure one's life adventure story 
adventurer adventuresome adventuress 
adventurism adventurous adventurously 
adventurousness adverb adverbial 
adverbially adversarial adversary 
adversative adverse adverse title 
adverse wind adversely adversity 
advert advert to other matters advertence 
advertency advertise advertise for something 
advertisement advertisement column advertiser 
advertising advertising agent advertising campaign 
advertize advertize for something advertizement 
advertizer advice advice boat 
advisability advisable advise 
advise boat advise with someone about something advise with someone on something 
advised advisedly adviser 
advisor advisor to the prime minister advisory 
advisory board advocacy advocate 
advocate peace advt. (advertisement) adynamia 
adz adze Adzhar 
aec (Atomic Energy Commission) AEF (American Expeditionary Forces) Aegean 
Aegean Sea aegis aegrotat 
Aeneas Aeolian aeolian harp 
Aeolic aeon aerate 
aerated aerated water aeration 
aeration of the soil aerial aerial defense 
aerial mapping aerial mine aerial navigation 
aerial railway aerial reconnaissance aerial ropeway 
aerial shot aerial survey aerial surveying 
aerial system aerial view aerial wire 
aerialist aerie aeriform 
aeriform body aerify aerobatics 
aerobe aerobic aerobics 
aerobiology aerocamera aerocarrier 
aerodrome aerodynamic aerodynamical 
aerodynamics aerodyne aeroembolism 
aeroengine aerofoil aerogram 
aerogramme aerogun aerojet 
aerolite aerology aeromechanics 
aerometer aeronaut aeronautic 
aeronautical aeronautical engineer aeronautics 
aeronavigation aerophone aeroplane 
aeroplane carrier aerosol aerospace 
aerospace medicine aerospace vehicle aerostat 
aerostatic aerostatics aerostation 
aerotechnics aery Aeschylus 
Aesculapius Aesop Aesopian 
aesthesia aesthesis aesthete 
aesthetic aesthetic value aesthetical 
aesthetically aesthetically beautiful aestheticism 
aesthetics aestho physiology aestivate 
aestivation aetiological aetiology 
Aetna AFAIK (As Far As I Know) afar 
afar off AFC (Application Foundation Classes) aff (affinis) 
affability affable affair 
affair of honor affairs affairs of state 
affect affect ignorance affect someone's interests 
affectation affected affected by 
affected by cold affectedly affecting 
affection affectionate affectionate farewell 
affectionately affectionless affective 
affectively affectivity afferent 
affiance affianced affiant 
affidavit affiliate affiliated 
affiliated societies affiliation affiliation fee 
affiliation order affined affinity 
affirm affirmation affirmative 
affirmatively affirmativeness affix 
affix a stamp affixation afflatus 
afflict afflicted affliction 
affluence affluent affluent society 
affluently afflux afford 
afford a basis afford cover afford great pleasure 
afford ground for affordability affordable 
afforest afforestation affranchise 
affray affreightment affricate 
affright affront afft (Affinity International Travel System) 
affusion Afghan afghan 
Afghanistan aficionado afield 
afire AFK (Away From Keyboard) aflame 
afloat afore aforecited 
aforegoing aforementioned aforenamed 
aforesaid aforethought aforetime 
afraid afraid for him afraid to ask 
afreet Africa African 
African art African National Congress africaner 
Afrikaans Afrikander Afrikaner 
AFT (American Federation of Teachers) aft after 
after a fashion after a little after a manner 
after a short space after a sort after a while 
after all after dark after dinner comes the reckoning 
after due consideration after effect after hours 
after long deliberation after meat after midnight 
after part of the ship after that after the event 
after the fashion of something after the lapse of after the latest fashion 
after the same pattern after us the deluge after you! 
afterbirth afterburner afterburning 
aftercare aftercrop afterdamp 
aftergame afterglow aftergrass 
afterimage afterlife afterlight 
aftermath aftermath of the earthquake aftermost 
afternoon afternoon snack afternoon tea 
afterpiece afters aftershave 
aftershock aftertaste afterthought 
afterward afterwards afterword 
afterworld Ag. (August) again 
again and again against against a dark background 
against a rainy day against all comers against his will 
against nature against one's will against the background 
against the collar against the current against the end of the month 
against the grain against the law against the rules 
against the sun against the wind against time 
agamic agape agaric 
agate Agatha agave 
agaze agcy (agency) age 
age bracket age distribution age long 
age of chivalry age of consent age of discretion 
aged aged prematurely ageing 
ageless agency agenda 
agent agent provocateur agential 
agents agglomerate agglomeration 
agglutinate agglutination agglutinative 
aggrandize (Amer.) aggrandizement aggravate 
aggravated aggravating aggravating circumstances 
aggravation aggregate aggregate capacity 
aggregate forces aggregate membership aggregation 
aggregator aggression aggressive 
aggressively aggressiveness aggressor 
aggressor force aggrieve aggro 
aghast agile Agile Applet 
agile mind agileness agility 
agin aging agio 
agiotage agist agitate 
agitated agitation agitational 
agitator agleam aglet (Agile Applet) 
aglet aglimmer aglow 
AGM (Air-to-Ground Missile) agnail agnate 
agnation Agnes agnostic 
agnosticism Agnus Dei ago 
agog agonal agonic 
agonic line agonistic agonize (Amer.) 
agonized shrieks agonizing (Amer.) agonizing suspense 
agony agony column agony of death 
agora agoraphobia AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) 
agrarian agrarian reform agree 
agree to differ agree together agree with 
agreeable agreeable individual agreeableness 
agreeably agreeably surprised agreed 
agreed upon agreed with agreement 
agreement of opinion agribusiness agricultural 
agricultural boarding school agricultural chemistry agricultural engineering 
agricultural school agriculturalist agriculture 
agriculturist agrimony agrimotor 
agro industrial agrobiological agrobiologist 
agrobiology agronomic agronomical 
agronomics agronomist agronomy 
agrostology agrotechnics aground 
ague aguish ah 
aha Aharon Aharon Abu-Hatzeira 
ahead ahead of time aheap 
ahem ahistorical ahorse 
ahoy ahull AI (Artificial Intelligence) 
aid aide aide de camp 
aide memoire aided aidless 
Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) aids and appliances AIDS carrier 
AIDS virus (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) AIFF extension 
AIFF format aiglet aigrette 
aiguille aiguillette ail 
aileron aileron angle ailing 
ailment aim aim a blow 
aim at aim high aim true 
aiming aiming circle aimless 
aimlessly aimlessness air 
air attache air bag air balloon 
air base air beacon air bed 
air bladder air blast air bomb 
air brake air brick air bridge 
air brush air cell air chamber 
air chief marshal air command air commodore 
air communication air condition air conditioned 
air conditioner air conditioning air conditioning installation 
air cooled air cooling air corps 
air cushion air defense air driven 
air engine air exhauster air fight 
air fleet air force air force unit 
air furnace air gap air gas 
air gauge air gun air hammer 
air hardening air highway air hoist 
air hostess air jacket air lane 
air letter air liner air mail 
air map air marshal air mechanic 
air minded air monger air navigation 
air of detachment air passage air passenger 
air photo air photography air piracy 
air pirate air pit air pocket 
air pollution air power air powered 
air pump air quenching air quenching command 
air raid air raid relief air raid shelter 
air raid warning air rang with shouts air rifle 
air route air scout air shaft 
air show air speed air staff 
air steward air stop air strike 
air strip air superiority air supremacy 
air survey air temperature air terminal 
air tight air to air missile air to ground missile 
air transport air tunnel air unit 
air warfare airborne airborne landing 
airborne troops airbrush Airbus 
aircraft aircraft artillery aircraft bomb 
aircraft carrier aircraft engine aircraft technician 
aircraftman aircraftsman aircrew 
airdrome airdrop Airedale 
airfare airfield airflow 
airfoil airframe airfreight 
airfreighter airhead airhole 
airily airiness airing 
airless airlessness airlift 
airline airliner airlock 
airmail airman airmanship 
airplane airplane maintenance airplane observer 
airplane passengers airport airproof 
airs and graces airscrew airship 
airsick airsickness airspace 
airstream airtight airwaves 
airway airwoman airworthiness 
airworthy airy airy fairy 
aisle ait aitchbone 
ajar AK (Alaska) akimbo 
akin Al (aluminum) Ala. (Alabama) 
Alabama alabaster alack 
alacrity Aladdin alamo 
Alan Alan Turing alar 
alarm alarm bell alarm blast 
alarm clock alarm signal alarming 
alarmingly alarmism alarmist 
alarum alarums and excursions alas 
Alaska alb Albania 
Albanian albatross albedo 
albeit Albert Albert Schweitzer 
albescent albinism albino 
Albion Albrecht Dьrer album 
albumen albumen test albumin 
albuminoid albuminous alburnum 
Alcatel alchemic alchemical 
alchemist alchemy alcohol 
alcohol thermometer alcoholic alcoholic lamp 
alcoholically alcoholism alcoholometer 
alcoran alcove aldehyde 
alder alderman aldermanry 
ale aleak aleatory 
Alec aleck alee 
alehouse alembic alert 
alert box alertly alertness 
Aleutian Islands alewife Alexander 
Alexander the Great Alexander Yannai Alexandre 
Alexandria Alexandrian Alexandrine 
alexandrite Alexei Maximovich Peshkov Alfa Romeo 
alfalfa Alfonse Alfred 
alfresco alfresco lunch alga 
algebra algebraic algebraic formula 
algebraical algebraist Algeria 
Algerian Algernon algetic 
algid Algiers algorism 
algorithm algorithmic alias 
aliasing alibi Alice 
alidad alidade alien 
alienable alienate alienated 
alienation alienation of affections alienee 
alienism alienist alienor 
aliform Alighieri alight 
alight on water alighting alighting deck 
align align oneself with align the sights of a rifle and bull's eye 
align the track aligning alignment 
alignment of forces alike aliment 
alimentary alimentary canal alimentary track 
alimentation alimony aline 
aliped aliquant alive 
alive and kicking aliyah alizarin 
alizarine alkalescence alkalescent 
alkali alkali metals alkali soils 
alkalimetry alkaline alkalinity 
alkaloid all all aboard 
all aglow with delight all agree all alone 
all along all along of all along the line 
all and sundry all appearance all appearances 
all are apt to trip all around all at once 
all available funds all but all change 
all clear all clear signal all conquering 
all conveniences all day all day long 
all embracing all exits are barred all flesh 
all fools' day all for the best all found 
all fours all gone to pot all good things must end 
all hallows' day all hands ahoy all hands on deck 
all hands' job all his geese are swans all his life 
all honored all honoured all important 
all in all in a fluster all in a tremble 
all in all all in breath all in good time 
all in one all in the day's work all in the same breath 
all in the same key all intents and purposes all is grist that comes to his mill 
all is in readiness all is not gold that glitters all is well 
all kinds all kinds of things all manner of 
all metal all my eye all night 
all night long all of all of a kind 
all of a shake all of a size all of a sudden 
all of a sweat all of a tremble all of it 
all of them all of us all of you 
all on a tremble all on edge all one breath 
all one to all out all out attack 
all out effort all outdoors all outer 
all over all over the shop all over the world 
all planes are airborne all powerful all present and correct 
all purpose all right all roads lead to Rome 
all round champion all round craftsman all round education 
all round man all round price all rounder 
all russian All Saints All Saints' Day 
all save him all serene all set 
all sorts all sorts of all square 
all star all star cast all steel 
all such all sufficient all sugar and honey 
all talk and no cider all that all that is humanly possible 
all that jazz all the best all the better 
all the colors of the rainbow all the day all the go 
all the more all the more so all the rage 
all the rest of it all the same all the seats are booked up 
all the time all the tricks and turns all the vogue 
all the way all the while all the world 
all the world and his wife all the year round all things considered 
all three all time all time high prices 
all to nothing all to pieces all together 
all told all triumphant all turned out well 
all union all up all weather 
all week all white all white school 
all without distinction all without exception all wool 
all wool and a yard wide all-seeing all's fair in love and war 
all's well that ends well Allah Allan 
allay allegation allege 
allege illness alleged alleged deserter 
allegedly allegiance allegoric 
allegorical allegorize allegory 
alleluia allergen allergic 
allergist allergologist allergy 
alleviate alleviate suffering alleviating circumstances 
alleviation alley alleyway 
Allhallows alliance allied 
allied sciences Allied victory over Nazism alligator 
alligator bag alliteration allocate 
allocation allocution allodial 
allodium allogamy allopath 
allopathist allopathy allot 
allot a task allot credits allotment 
allotment of billets allotted allottee 
allow allow a little leeway allow bail 
allow credit allow me allow repayment by instalments 
allow to approach allow to catch cold allowability 
allowable allowance allowance of ammunition 
allowances allowed allowedly 
alloy alloy steel allseed 
allspice allude Allure 
allure allurement alluring 
alluring prospects allusion allusive 
allusive arms allusively alluvia 
alluvial alluvial deposit alluvial gold 
alluvion alluvion period alluvium 
alluvium period ally ally of moment 
ally oneself almanac Almaty 
almightiness Almighty almighty 
Almighty God almond almond eyed 
almond oil almond shaped almond tree 
almoner almost almost anything 
almost certain almost ready alms 
alms deed alms-house almsman 
alodial alodium aloe 
aloes aloft alone 
aloneness along along the ground 
along the river along the road along with 
alongshore alongside alongside of 
aloof aloofness alopecia 
aloud alp alpaca 
alpenstock alpha alpha and omega 
Alpha blending alpha plus alpha rays 
Alpha Romeo alpha test alphabet 
alphabetic alphabetical alphabetically 
alphabetize (Amer.) alphanumeric alphanumeric characters 
Alphonse Alpine alpine 
alpinist Alps already 
already then alright als 
Alsace Alsatian alsatian 
also also run Alt 
alt Alt key Alta Vista 
altar altar cloth altarpiece 
Altavista altazimuth alter 
alter ego alter one's mind alter one's mode of life 
alterable alterant alteration 
alterative altercate altercation 
Altered Beast alternate alternate angles 
alternate design alternate materials alternately 
alternating current alternating motion alternation 
alternation of day and night alternative alternative energy source 
alternatively alternator Althaea 
although altigraph altimeter 
altisonant altitude altitude chamber 
altitude control altitude correction altitude flight 
altitude gauge alto alto relievo 
altocumulus altogether altogether bad 
altogether coal altostratus altruism 
altruist altruistic altruistically 
ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit) alum alum earth 
alumina aluminium aluminium sulphate 
aluminous aluminum aluminum foil 
alumna alumnus alveola 
alveolar alveolate alveole 
alveolus always always busy 
always supposing AM (amplitude modulation) am I 
AMA (American Management Association) Amabel Amadeus Mozart 
amadou amain amalgam 
amalgamate amalgamated amalgamated trade union 
amalgamation amanuensis amaranth 
amaranthine amaryllis amass 
amass by robbery amateur amateur flying club 
amateur performances amateur photographer amateur photography 
amateur talent groups amateur theatricals amateurish 
amateurish attempt amateurism amative 
amatol amatory amaze 
amazedly amazement amazing 
amazingly Amazon Amazonas 
ambages ambassador ambassador at large 
ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadorial ambassadorship 
ambassadress amber ambergris 
ambiance ambidexter ambidexterity 
ambidextrous ambience ambient 
ambiguity ambiguous ambiguousness 
AMBIOS ambisonics® ambit 
ambition ambitionist ambitious 
ambitious man ambitious of power ambitious person 
ambitiously ambitiousness ambivalence 
ambivalent ambivalently amble 
ambler Ambrose ambrosia 
ambulance ambulance airdrome ambulance airplane 
ambulance box ambulance car ambulance chaser 
ambulance train ambulance transport ambulant 
ambulant clinic ambulatory ambulatory court 
ambuscade ambush ambusher 
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Amdahl's law ameba 
Amedeo Modigliani ameer Amelia 
ameliorate amelioration ameliorative 
amen amenability amenable 
amenable to discipline amenable to flattery amenable to law 
amenable to persuasion amenably amend 
amendable amendment amends 
amenities amenities of home life amenity 
amentia amentum amerce 
amercement America America On Line 
American american aloe American citizen 
American dream American eagle American Electric Power 
American English American Federation of Teachers American General 
American Jewish Congress American Labor party American mentality 
american mountain lion american organ American Standard 
American Standard Code for Information Interchange american tiger american twang 
Americana Americanism americanist 
Americanization (Amer.) Americanize (Amer.) Amerindian 
amethyst amethystine amiability 
amiable amiableness amianthus 
amicability amicable amicableness 
amice amid amid cries of welcome 
amide amidol amidships 
amidst Amiga amildar 
amine amino acid amino acids 
aminolysis Amir Amish 
amiss amity ammeter 
ammo (ammunition) ammonal ammonia 
ammoniac ammonite ammonium 
ammonium chloride ammunition ammunition belt 
ammunition box ammunition depot ammunition establishment 
ammunition factory ammunition hoist amnesia 
amnesiac amnesic Amnesty 
amnesty amoeba amok 
among among other things among others 
among our number among the shades among themselves 
amongst amoral amorality 
amorist amorous amorous songs 
amorously amorousness amorphous 
amorphousness amortisation amortise 
amortization amortize amount 
amount on hand amount to amount to very little 
amour amour propre amourette 
amperage ampere ampere turn 
amperemeter ampersand amphetamine 
Amphibia amphibian amphibious 
amphibious operation amphibology amphitheater (Amer.) 
amphitheatre (Brit.) amphora ample 
ampleness amplifiable amplification 
amplification factor amplifier amplify 
amplify on something amplitude amplitude modulation 
amply ampoule ampule 
amputate amputated amputation 
amputee Amsterdam AMU (atomic mass unit) 
Amu Darya amuck amulet 
Amur amuse amuse a little 
amuse oneself amused amusement 
amusement park amusingly amvets (American Veterans) 
Amy amyloid an 
an account colored by prejudice an altogether an Anglican church 
an appointment for life an arrow left in one's quiver an artist by birth 
an attempt on someone's life an attractive little number an avenue to fame 
an ear for music an earnest of more to come an effluence of light from an open door 
an error occurred an everyday occurrence an exchange of niceties 
an expanse of field an expanse of lake an hour long 
an illness induced by overwork an illness of long standing an increase in pay 
an inrush of tourists an inside job an invalid diet 
an iron fist in a velvet glove an itch for gain an itch for money 
an itch to go away an observer of his promises an office under government 
an old bird an old bird is not caught with chaff an old flame of his 
an old shoe an omnibus resolution an only son 
an open sore an operatic singer an ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory 
an overage was disclosed an overnight conversation ana (American Nurses Association) 
ana anabaptism anabaptist 
anabiosis anabolic anabolic steroid 
anabolism anabranch anachronism 
anachronistic anaconda Anacreontic 
anadromous anaemia anaemic 
anaerobe anaesthesia anaesthetic 
anaesthetise (Brit.) anaesthetist anaesthetize (Amer.) 
anagogy anagram anagrammatic 
anal analects analgesia 
analgetic analog analog device 
analog modem Analog to Digital Converter analogic 
analogical analogous analogous colors 
analogue analogy analyse (Brit.) 
analyser analysis analyst 
analytic analytical analytical chemistry 
analytical mind analytical thinking analytically 
analytics analyze (Amer.) analyzer 
anamnesis anamorphosis ananas 
anapaest anapest anaphora 
anaphylaxis anaplasty anarchic 
anarchical anarchism anarchist 
anarchy anastomosis anathema 
anathematize (Amer.) anatomic anatomical 
anatomically anatomist anatomize (Amer.) 
anatomy anbury ancestor 
ancestor worship ancestral ancestral home 
ancestry anchor anchor a tent to the ground 
anchor comes home anchor ice anchor one's hope 
anchorage anchored anchoress 
anchoret anchorite anchorman 
anchovy anchovy paste anchylosis 
ancient ancient history ancient literature 
ancient manuscripts ancient monuments ancient purple 
anciently ancients ancillary 
ancillary industries and and all that 
and besides and how and no mistake 
and others of that ilk and small wonder and so forth 
and so on and so on and so forth and so to bed 
and such and suchlike and that's it 
and the like and then some and thereby hangs a tale 
and things and what is more and yet 
andante Andersen andiron 
Andorra Andre Agassi Andrew 
androcentric androgenous androgyne 
androgynous android Andromache 
Andromeda Andy anecdotal 
anecdote anecdotic anemia 
anemic anemograph anemometer 
anemone anemoscope anesthesia 
anesthesiologist anesthesiology anesthetic 
anesthetically anesthetist anesthetize (Amer.) 
aneurism aneurysm anew 
anfractuous angary angel 
angel dust angelic angelic face 
angelic patience Angelica Angelina 
anger anger is a short madness Angevin 
angina angina pectoris angle 
angle bar angle brace angle bracket 
angle for a compliment angle iron angle joint 
angle of bank angle of dip angle of dive 
angle of drift angle of incidence angle of lag 
angle of roll angle of sight angle of slope 
angle of view angler angleworm 
Anglican Anglican Church Anglicanism 
Anglicism Anglicist anglicize (Amer.) 
Anglistics anglo catholic anglo saxon alphabet 
Anglo Saxon art Anglo-Saxon Anglomania 
Anglophile Anglophobe Anglophobia 
Angola angora Angora cat 
angora goat angora rabbit angora wool 
angrily angry angry at 
angry at him angry with angry with him 
angst angstrom angstrom unit 
anguine anguish anguish of body and mind 
anguished angular angular motion 
angular point angular velocity angularity 
anhydride anhydrite anhydrous 
anil anile aniline 
aniline dye anility anima 
animadversion animadvert animal 
animal bones animal breeding animal drawn 
animal husbandry animal kingdom animal lymph 
animal painter animal rights animal spirits 
animal world animalcule animalism 
animalistic animate animated 
animated cartoon animated discussion animatedly 
animation animism animosity 
animus anise aniseed 
anisette Ankara anker 
ankle ankle joint anklet 
ankylosis Ann Anna 
Annabel annalist annals 
Annan Anne anneal 
annealing annelid annex 
annexation annexed Annie 
annihilate annihilation anniversary 
anno anno Domini (A.D.) annotate 
annotation announce announcement 
announcer annoy annoyance 
annoyed annoying annoyingly 
annual annual income annual intake 
annual interest annual precipitation annual ring 
annual zone annually annuitant 
annuity annul annul a judgement 
annular annulary annulate 
annulet annullable annulled 
annulment annunciate Annunciation 
annunciation annunciator anode 
anodic anodize (Amer.) anodyne 
anoint anointed sovereign anointment 
anomalistic anomalous anomaly 
anomie anomy anon 
anon. (anonymous) anonym anonymity 
anonymous Anonymous Email anonymous FTP 
anonymous letter anonymous post Anonymous Remailer 
anonymous server anonymously anonymousness 
anopheles anopheles mosquito anorak 
anorectic anorexia anorexic 
anorganic anosmia another 
another pair of shoes another place another shakespeare 
another thing another time another world 
anourous anoxaemia anoxia 
ans anserine ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 
ANSI character set ANSI graphics ANSI screen control 
answer answer a call answer a letter 
answer a letter item by item answer back answer for 
answer for the consequences answer in kind answer in the affirmative 
answer the description answer the door answer the helm 
answer the phone answer the purpose answer to bell 
answer's a lemon answerability answerable 
answering answering machine answerphone 
ant ant bear ant fly 
ant heap ant hill ant lion 
antacid Antaeus antagonism 
antagonist antagonistic antagonize (Amer.) 
Antarctic antarctic Antarctic Circle 
antarctic continent Antarctica ante 
ante meridian ante meridiem (A.M.) anteater 
antebellum antecedence antecedent 
antecedent event antecedental antecedents 
antechamber antedate antediluvian 
antelope antemeridian antenatal 
antenna antenuptial anteprandial 
anterior anteriority anteriorly 
anteroom anthem anther 
anthill anthologist anthologize (Amer.) 
anthology Anthony anthracene 
anthracite anthrax anthrop. (anthropology) 
anthropoid anthropological anthropologist 
anthropology anthropometry anthropomorphic 
anthropomorphism anthropophagus anthropophagy 
anti anti aircraft anti aircraft artillery 
anti aircraft gun anti aircrafter anti gas 
anti glare anti icer anti imperialistic 
anti nuclear anti popular anti religious 
anti Semite anti Semitic anti Semitism 
anti tank gun anti terrorism anti-inflammatory 
anti-tank (A.T.) Anti-Tank Guided Missiles anti-Zionist 
antiaircraft antialiasing antiallergenic 
antiallergic antibiosis antibiotic 
antibiotic treatment antibody antic 
anticancer anticancerous anticentre 
Antichrist anticipant anticipate 
anticipate a disaster anticipate payment anticipate someone's wishes 
anticipate the future anticipation anticipatory 
anticlerical anticlimactic anticlimax 
anticlinal anticline anticlockwise 
anticommunist anticyclone antidazzle 
antidemocratic antidepressive antidotal 
antidotal treatment antidotally antidote 
antifascist antifebrile antifreeze 
antifriction antigen antigovernment 
antihero antiheroically antihistamine 
antihumanism antijamming antiknock 
antilog antilogarithm antilogy 
antimacassar antimatter antimech 
antimechanized antimilitarist antimilitaristic 
antimissile antimony antinationalist 
antinomy antinovel antinuclear 
Antiochus antiparticle antipathetic 
antipathetical antipathy antipersonnel 
antiphlogistic antiphon antipodal 
antipode antipole antipyretic 
antiquarian antiquarianism antiquary 
antiquate antiquated antique 
antique shop antiquity antirrhinum 
antiscorbutic antisepsis antiseptic 
antiskid antisocial antistatic 
antisubmarine antisubmarine bomb antitank 
antithesis antithetic antithetical 
antitoxic antitoxin antitrade 
antitrust antitype antityphoid 
antiviral antivirus antivirus program 
antiwar antler Antonio Stradivari 
antonym antritis Antwerp 
anus anvil anxiety 
anxiety neurosis anxious anxious to 
anxiously anxiousness any 
any longer any man alive any means to an end 
any more any port in a storm any time 
anybody anybody will do anybody's guess 
anyhow anymore anyone 
anyone else anyplace anything 
anything but anything else? anything goes 
anytime anyway anywhere 
anywhere from ... to anywise ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand and the US) 
AOL (America On Line) Aonix AOP (auto op) 
aorta aortic aortic arches 
APA (American Psychological Association) apace apanage 
apart apart from apartheid 
apartment apartment house apartness 
apathetic apathetical apathetically 
apathy apatite APB 
ape ape man apeak 
Apennines aperient aperitif 
aperitive aperture aperture of a door 
apery apex apex stone 
aphasia aphelion aphid 
aphis aphonia aphony 
aphorism aphoristic aphrodisiac 
Aphrodite aphyllous API (Application Program Interface) 
apian apiarian apiarist 
apiary apical apiculture 
apiece aping apis 
apish APL (A Programming Language) aplenty 
aplomb APM (Advanced Power Management) apocalypse 
apocalyptic apocalyptical apocarpous 
apocope Apocrypha apocryphal 
apogee apolitical Apollo 
apologetic apologetical apologetically 
apologetics apologia apologise 
apologist apologize apologue 
apology apoplectic apoplectically 
apoplexy apostasy apostate 
apostatize (Amer.) apostle Apostles 
apostleship apostolic apostolical 
apostrophe apostrophize (Amer.) apothecary 
apothegm apotheosis app (application program) 
appal Appalachians appall 
appalling appallingly appanage 
apparatus apparel apparent 
apparent horizon apparent noon apparent time 
apparent to the naked eye apparently apparition 
apparitor appeal appeal against 
appeal for pardon appeal from philip drunk to philip sober appeal to arms 
appeal to reason appeal to someone's better feelings appeal to the country 
appeal to the fact appeal to the public appealability 
appealable appealer appealing 
appealingly appealingness appear 
appear before the footlights appear for the defence appear for the defendant 
appear for the prosecution appear in blackface appear in the character of othello 
appear in the gazette appear on the cheap side appear on the horizon 
appear on the scene appearance appearances are often deceptive 
appeared appeared before the court appeasable 
appease appeased appeased him 
appeasement appellant appellate 
appellate court appellation appellative 
appellee append appendage 
appendectomy appendicitis appendix 
apperception appertain appetence 
appetency appetite appetite comes with eating 
appetite for reading appetizer (Amer.) appetizing 
appl (applied) applaud applause 
apple apple brandy Apple Computer 
apple dumpling apple grub apple of discord 
apple of one's eye apple pie apple pie bed 
apple pie order apple quince apple tree 
applecart applejack applesauce 
Applescript applet appliance 
appliance load applicability applicable 
applicably applicant applicant for a position 
application application blank application control menu 
application form Application Foundation Classes application heap 
application icon application of law application program 
Application Program Interface application shortcut key application software 
Application Specific Integrated Circuit application suite application to work 
application window applicator applied 
applied arts applied chemistry Applied Materials 
applied mathematics applied science applique 
apply apply brakes apply for a position 
apply for the chiltern hundreds apply for work apply oneself 
apply the brake apply the screw apply to 
apply to the authorities applying appoint 
appointed appointed council appointee 
appointive appointment appointment by election 
appointments apportion apportion one's time 
apportionment apposite apposite remark 
appositely apposition apposition of seal 
appraisal appraise appraisement 
appraiser appreciable appreciate 
appreciate the necessity appreciation appreciation of capital 
appreciative appreciative house apprehend 
apprehend danger apprehensible apprehensibly 
apprehension apprehensive apprehensively 
apprehensiveness apprentice apprenticeship 
apprise apprize appro (approval) 
approach approach for information approach of summer 
approach road approach stealthily approachability 
approachable approbate approbation 
approbatory appropriate appropriately 
appropriateness appropriation appropriation bill 
appropriation in aid appropriative approvable 
approval approve approved 
approved school approvement approx. (approximately) 
approximate approximate value approximately 
approximation apps appt (appointed) 
appurtenance appurtenant APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 
apricot April April fool 
april fools' day april weather apriority 
apron apron string apropos 
apropos of this apse apsis 
apt apt quotation apt to take fire 
aptd (appointed) apterous aptitude 
Aptiva aptly aptness 
aqua aqua regia aqua vitae 
aquaculture aquafortis aquafortist 
aqualung aquamarine aquanaut 
aquaplane aquarelle aquarellist 
aquarium Aquarius aquatic 
aquatics aquatint aquation 
aqueduct aqueous aqueous chamber 
aqueous solution aquifer aquiferous 
aquiline Aquinas Ar (argon) 
Arab arab headkerchief Arab League 
Arab States Arabella arabesque 
Arabia Arabian arabian camel 
Arabian Desert Arabian horse Arabian Nights 
arabian nights' entertainments Arabic Arabic characters 
Arabic numerals Arabic script arable 
arable farming arable land arachis oil 
arachnid arachnitis arachnoid 
arachnoiditis aral sea Aramaic 
arbalest arbalester arbiter 
arbitrable arbitrage arbitrager 
arbitrageur arbitral arbitrament 
arbitrarily arbitrariness arbitrary 
arbitrary constant arbitrary signs and symbols arbitrate 
arbitration arbitration of exchange arbitrator 
arbor Arbor Day arboraceous 
arboreal arboreous arborescent 
arboretum arboriculture arboriculturist 
arborization (Amer.) arborize arbour 
arbutus ARC (American Red Cross) arc 
arc boutant Arc de Triumph arc lamp 
arc of fire arc welding arcade 
Arcadian arcane arcanum 
arch arch bridge arch dam 
arch founder arch liar arch rogue 
archaean archaeologian archaeologic 
archaeological archaeologist archaeology 
archaeozoic archaic archaically 
archaism archaize (Amer.) archangel 
archangelic archbishop archbishopric 
archdeacon archdiocese archduchess 
archduke archean arched 
arched bridge arched girder archenemy 
archeologic archeological archeological remains 
archeologist archeology archeozoic 
archer archery archetypal 
archetype archfiend Archibald 
Archie Archie gateway Archie search 
Archie server Archie service archiepiscopal 
archil archimandrite archimedean 
Archimedean principle archimedean screw archipelago 
architect architect of one's own fortunes architectonic 
architectonics architectural architectural engineering 
architecturally architecture architecture of a speech 
architecture proper architrave archival 
archive archive attribute archives 
archivist archly archness 
archway archwise arcing 
Arctic arctic Arctic Circle 
arctic fox Arctic Ocean Arctic regions 
Arctic Zone arctics arcuate 
arcuated ardency ardent 
ardent desire ardent drink ardent heat 
ardent love ardent spirits ardently 
ardor ardour arduous 
are they are we are you 
are you right now are you there area 
area code area graph area of a triangle 
area of bearing area sketch area under crop 
areal density aren't (are not) arena 
arenaceous areola Areopagus 
arete Aretha Franklin argent 
argentic argentic chloride argentiferous 
Argentina Argentine argentine 
Argentinean Argentinian argentum 
argil argillaceous argilliferous 
argon Argonaut argosy 
argot arguable arguably 
argue argue a man out of an opinion argue against 
argue back argue in favor of something argue someone out of 
argue something away argue something out with someone argue with 
argued with him arguer argufy 
argument argument of great weight argumentation 
argumentative argumentatively argumentativeness 
Argus argus eyed argute 
argy bargy aria arid 
arid region aridity aridly 
aridness Aries aright 
aril ariose arioso 
arise arise from arising 
arista aristocracy aristocrat 
aristocratic aristocratically Aristotelian 
Aristotle arithmetic Arithmetic and Logic Unit 
arithmetic mean arithmetic operation arithmetical 
arithmetical mean arithmetical progression arithmetician 
arithmometer Arizona ARJ 
ARJ extension ARJ format Ark 
ark ark of refuge Ark of the Covenant 
Arkanoid Doh it Again Arkansas Arkanzas 
arm arm in arm arm of a river 
arm of the law arm saw arm twisting 
arm-pit arm-wrestle arm's reach 
armache armada armadillo 
Armageddon armament armament factory 
armament works armaments armaments drive 
armaments race armature armband 
armchair armchair critic arme 
arme blanche armed armed activity 
armed attack armed cap a pie armed forces 
armed insurrection armed intervention armed neutrality 
armed robber Armenia Armenian 
armful armhole arming 
armistice armless armlessly 
armlet armload armor 
armor bearer armor clad armor piercer 
armor piercing armor plate armor plated 
armorclad armored armored car 
armored concrete armored cow armored fighting vehicle 
armored forces armored train armored troop carrier 
armored vehicle armorer armorial 
armory armour armour bearer 
armour clad armoured armourer 
armoury armpit armrest 
arms arms control arms cut 
arms of a balance arms race army 
army at home army base army beef 
army cloth army command army commander 
army headquarters army in the field army list 
army of occupation army post exchange army property 
army register army regulations army reserve 
army service arnica Arnold 
aroma aromatic aromatic compound 
aromatic series aromatically around 
around here around midnight around the corner 
arousal arouse arouse hatred 
arouse interest arouse sexually aroused his curiosity 
aroused suspicion arousing suspicion ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) 
ARPA net Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency net) arpeggio 
arquebus arr (arrival) arrack 
arraign arraign before the bar of public opinion arraigner 
arraignment arrange arrange a marriage 
arrange things arrange with someone about something arranged 
arrangement arranger arrant 
arrant liar arrant nonsense arras 
array array oneself in all one's finery arrayal 
arrear arrearage arrears 
arrears of housing arrears of rent arrears of wages 
arrears of work arrest arrest of judgement 
arrest of judgment arrest on suspicion of arrest warrant 
arrested arrestee arrester 
arresting arresting device arresting speech 
arrestment arrhythmia arrhythmical 
arriere ban arriere pensee arris 
arrival arrival at a decision arrival by air 
arrive arrive at arrive at a conclusion 
arrive at a decision arrive at an idea arrive just in time 
arrived at- arrived late arrived on time 
arriving arriving passengers hall arriviste 
arrogance arrogant arrogant woman 
arrogantly arrogate arrow 
arrow headed arrow keys arrowhead 
arrowroot arrowy arrowy tongue 
arse arsenal arsenic 
arsenic acid arsenical arson 
arsonist arsy-versy art 
art critic art education art for art's sake 
art historian art is long art of war 
art restoration art school artefact 
Artemis arterial arterial drainage 
arterial road arterial traffic arteriole 
arteriosclerosis artery artesian 
artful artful dodger artfulness 
arthritic arthritis arthropod 
arthropoda Arthur Arthur Rock 
arthur's wain arthurian romances artichoke 
article article of clothing article of the constitution 
articles of apprenticeship articles of daily necessity articles of virtu 
articles of war articular articulate 
articulated articulated lorry articulateness 
articulation artifact artifice 
artificer artificial artificial arm 
artificial atmosphere artificial butter artificial incubation 
artificial insemination artificial intelligence artificial kidney 
artificial leather artificial limb artificial numbers 
artificial respiration artificiality artillerist 
artillery artillery board artillery corps 
artillery emplacement artillery engagement artillery mount 
artillery range artilleryman artisan 
artist artiste artistic 
artistic inclinations artistical artistically 
artistry artless artlessly 
arts artwork arty 
arty crafty arum arx 
Aryan as as a compensation 
as a comrade as a counter to something as a dead 
as a general rule as a last resort as a loan 
as a matter of courtesy as a matter of fact as a matter of principle 
as a result as a result of as a rule 
as a whole as always as an illustration 
as bald as a billiard ball as bald as a coot as bald as an egg 
as before as big as a barn door as black as a sweep 
as black as ink as black as midnight as bold as brass 
as chance offers as cheap as dirt as clean as a whistle 
as clear as a whistle as cold as charity as cold as ice 
as compared with as concerning as concerns 
as cool as a cucumber as cross as two sticks as dark as midnight 
as dead as a doornail as dead as a nit as dead as mutton 
as deaf as a post as death as dry as a whistle 
as early as possible as easy as abc as easy as falling off a log 
as easy as pie as ever as expected 
as far as as far as I am concerned as far as I can see 
as far as in me lies as far as the eye can see as far back as 
as fast as one can as firm as a rock as fit as a fiddle 
as follows as for as for me 
as good as as happy as a clam at high tide as happy as the day is long 
as hard as he could as hard as iron as hard as nails 
as heavy as lead as i live and breathe as i live by bread 
as i see it as i think as if 
as if you didn't know as ill luck would have it as in a dream 
as is as it should be as it turned out 
as it were as it will be said below as keen as mustard 
as large as life as lean as a rake as light as a feather 
as light as an air as light as thistledown as like as chalk and cheese 
as like as not as like as two peas as likely as not 
as long as as long as I live as long as life endures 
as luck would have it as mad as a wet hen as many 
as many as three years as matters stand as much 
as much again as much as as much as possible 
as near as i can guess as occasion offers as occasion serves 
as of old as one man as opportunity offers 
as opposed to as per as per order 
as per usual as plain as the nose on one's face as pleased as punch 
as proud as lucifer as proud as punch as quick as thought 
as rapid as lightning as regards as rich as Croesus 
as right as a trivet as safe as houses as said before 
as sharp as a needle as sober as a judge as soon as 
as soon as possible as sound as a roach as stated above 
as stiff as a poker as such as sure as 
as sure as a gun as sure as death as sure as eggs is eggs 
as sure as fate as the case stands as the crow flies 
as the saying goes as the saying is as thin as a rake 
as things go as though as times go 
as to as touching as tough as leather 
as usual as well as well as 
as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb as white as a sheet as white as driven snow 
as who should say as yet as you know 
as you like as you make your bed as you please 
as you think as you were as you wish 
ASA (American Sailing Association) ASAP (as soon as possible) asbestine 
asbestos ascend ascend a mountain 
ascend to the throne ascendancy ascendant 
ascendency ascendent ascending 
ascending sort order ascension Ascension Day 
ascensional ascensional power ascensional rate 
ascensional ventilation Ascensiontide ascent 
Ascent Logic Corporation ascertain ascertain the situation 
ascertainable ascertaining ascertainment 
ascertainment of facts ascetic asceticism 
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) ASCII art ASCII code 
ASCII file Asclepius ascorbic 
ascorbic acid Ascot ascribe 
ascribing importance ascription asepsis 
aseptic asexual asf (and so forth) 
asgd (assigned) asgmt (assignment) ash 
ash bin ash box ash bunker 
ash grey ash key ash pot 
ash stand ash tray ash tree 
Ash Wednesday ash-tray ashamed 
ashamedly ashcan ashen 
ashiness Ashkenazi Ashkhabad 
ashlar ashlar facing ashore 
ashpan ashpit ashplant 
ashtray ashy ashy gray 
Asia Asia Minor Asian 
asian flu asiatic Asiatic cholera 
aside aside from asinine 
asininity ask ask a favor 
ask a question ask a riddle ask about 
ask after ask after a person's health ask after someone 
ask again ask for ask for help 
ask for it ask for leave ask for pardon 
ask for quarter ask for trouble ask me another 
ask me no questions ask out ask permission 
ask the banns ask the price ask to sit down 
askance askant asked for an autograph 
asker askew asking 
asking price aslant asleep 
aslope ASM extension asmoke 
asocial ASP (Active Server Pages) asp 
asparagus aspect aspect ratio 
Aspen asperities of a cold winter asperity 
asperse aspersion asphalt 
asphalt road asphaltum asphodel 
asphyxia asphyxiant asphyxiant gas 
asphyxiate asphyxy ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) 
aspic aspidistra aspirant 
aspirate aspiration aspirator 
aspire aspirin aspiring 
aspiringly aspt (aspirant) asquint 
ass ass kisser assagai 
assail assailable assailant 
Assassin assassin assassinate 
assassination assassinator assault 
assault and battery assault at arms assault course 
assault gun assault of arms assault party 
assault team assaulter assaulting 
assaulting a minor assay assayer 
assaying assegai assemblage 
assemblage of curves assemble assemble a watch 
assembled assembled diagram assembler 
assembler language assembling assembly 
assembly language assembly line assembly room 
assembly shop assemblyman assent 
assent to receive the visitor assentation assert 
assert one's rights assert oneself assertion 
assertive assertiveness assess 
assessable assessing assessment 
assessor asset assets 
assets and liabilities asseverate asseveration 
asshole assiduity assiduous 
assiduously assiduousness assign 
assignability assignation assigned 
assignee assignment assignment clause 
assignment to a position assimilable assimilate 
assimilation assimilator assist 
assist at assistance assistant 
assistant director assize assn. (association) 
assoc. (associated) associate associate editor 
associate professor associate societies associate with 
associated associated arms associating 
association association football Association of Computer Machinery 
associative assonance assonant 
assort assort well with assorted 
assortment asst. (assistant) asstd (assorted) 
assuage assuagement assuasive 
assume assume a dignified air assume a mask 
assume airs assume command assume control 
assume measures assume obligations assume office 
assume responsibility assume the appearance assume the ermine 
assume the offensive assume the similitude of assumed 
assumed an air of assumed name assumed the offensive 
assuming assuming that assumption 
assumptive assurance assurance factor 
assure assure one's life in a company assure one's life with a company 
assured assuredly assuredness 
assurer Assyrian ast (Atlantic Standard Time) 
astatic astatic needle aster 
asterisk astern asternal 
asternal rib asteroid asthenia 
asthma asthmatic astigmatic 
astigmatism astir astonish 
astonishing astonishingly astonishment 
astound astounding astoundingly 
astraddle astragal astragalus 
astrakhan astral astray 
astray to go astride astringe 
astringency astringent astrobiological 
astrobiologist astrolabe astrologer 
astrologic astrological astrological chart 
astrological sign astrology astronaut 
astronautics astronomer astronomic 
astronomical astronomical day astronomical distance 
astronomical figures astronomy astrophysical 
astrophysicist astrophysics astute 
astutely asunder asv (American Standard Version) 
aswirl asylum asymmetric 
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line asymmetrical asymmetry 
asynchronous Asynchronous Transfer Mode asyndetic 
asyndeton AT (Advanced Technology) at 
at a bargain price at a blow at a breakneck pace 
at a breakneck speed at a critical juncture at a dead lock 
at a discount at a distance at a foot's pace 
at a footpace at a give away price at a glance 
at a glimpse at a go at a great lick 
at a gulp at a heat at a high cost 
at a high figure at a later date at a loose end 
at a loss at a low figure at a moment's notice 
at a nonplus at a pinch at a premium 
at a price at a profit at a rate of knots 
at a respectful distance at a round pace at a run 
at a saving at a slack pace at a snail's pace 
at a stretch at a swallow at a time 
at a touch at a venture at a walking pace 
at all at all costs at all events 
at all hazards at all points at an early date 
at an early hour at an easy pace at an easy rate 
at anchor at any cost at any moment 
at any price at any rate at any time 
AT Attachment Packet Interface at bay at best 
at bottom AT bus at call 
at close quarters at command AT command set 
at commencement at dark at dawn 
at day at death's door at discretion 
at each turn at ease at enmity with 
at every pore at every step at every turn 
at first at first hand at first sight 
at first view at full blast at full cock 
at full gallop at full length at full lick 
at full pelt at full sea at full speed 
at full throttle at full tilt at great speed 
at gunpoint at half price at hand 
at haphazard at hazard at heart 
at high noon at his disposal at his feet 
at home at home and abroad at intervals 
at issue at lair at large 
at last at least at leisure 
at length at liberty at lightning speed 
at livery at loggerheads at long last 
at long range at many removes at meat 
at most at my time of life at night 
at no allowance at no time at nurse 
at odd times at once at once stern and tender 
at one at one blow at one breath 
at one dash at one ear and at the other at one ear and out the other 
at one fell swoop at one fling at one gulp 
at one scoop at one time at one's cost 
at one's disposal at one's door at one's ease 
at one's elbow at one's heels at one's last gasp 
at one's mercy at one's own risk at one's own sweet will 
at one's peril at owner's risk at par 
at parting at pause at pawn 
at peace at peace with at pleasure 
at point at popular prices at present 
at railway speed at random at request 
at rest at retail at risk group 
at roost at school at sea 
at second hand at short notice at sight 
at sign at six o'clock prompt at six o'clock sharp 
at sixes and sevens at someone's bidding at someone's disposal 
at someone's heels at stake at stated intervals 
at sword's points at that at that date 
at that rate at that time at that very instant 
at the back of at the back of one's mind at the bare mention of 
at the beginning at the centre of events at the cost of 
at the crack of dawn at the crossroads at the direction 
at the discretion of at the double at the drop of a hat 
at the eleventh hour at the end of at the end of the month 
at the end of the story at the expense of at the expense of one's life 
at the fag end of a book at the farthest at the first blush 
at the first jet at the first onset at the first set out 
at the flood at the foot of a page at the foot of a table 
at the foot of the bed at the foot of the mountain at the greek calends 
at the head at the heart of something at the instance of 
at the last minute at the latest at the least 
at the market at the mercy of at the moment 
at the outs at the outset at the outside 
at the parting of the ways at the pawnbroker's at the peril of one's life 
at the point of the bayonet at the point of the sword at the present writing 
at the rear of the house at the right angle at the risk of one's life 
at the sacrifice of something at the same time at the side of the road 
at the speed of light at the supreme moment at the tail of someone 
at the top at the top of one's lungs at the top of one's speed 
at the top of one's voice at the velocity of sound at the very end 
at the very outside at the wash at the wheel 
at the worst at the wrong time at the zenith of fame 
at this conjuncture at this distance of time at this juncture 
at this rate at times at top speed 
at unawares at war at wholesale 
at will at work at worst 
at your convenience at your desire at your disposal 
at your peril at your service (atomic number) 
at.wt (atomic weight) ATA specification ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface) 
atavism atavistic ataxia 
ataxy ate like a pig atelier 
atheism atheist atheistic 
atheistical Athena Athenaeum 
Athene Athenian Athens 
atherosclerosis athlete athletic 
athletic facilities athletic field athletic sports 
athletically athleticism athletics 
Athlon athwart ATI Technologies 
atilt Atlanta atlantes 
Atlantic Atlantic City Atlantic Ocean 
Atlantis Atlas atlas 
ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) atmosphere 
atmospheric atmospheric condensation atmospheric pressure 
atmospherical atmospherically atmospherics 
atoll atom atom bomb 
atom fission atom smasher atom smashing 
atom splitting atomic atomic age 
atomic bomb atomic clock atomic control 
atomic dust atomic energy atomic heat 
atomic mass atomic number atomic pile 
atomic radiation atomic rain atomic rocket 
atomic warfare atomic weaponry atomic weight 
atomicity atomism atomistic 
atomize atomizer (Amer.) atomizing 
atomy atonal atonality 
atone atonement atonic 
atonic syllable atony atop 
atop of atrabilious atremble 
atrip atrium atrocious 
atrocious weather atrociously atrociousness 
atrocity atrophia atrophied 
atrophy ats attaboy 
attach attach a seal to a document attach a stamp 
attach a teacher to a class attach importance to attach oneself to 
attach significance to attache attache case 
attached attached to attachedly 
attachment attack attack a problem 
attack of nerves attack plane attack the food 
attackable attacker attain 
attain to the level attainability attainable 
attainder attainment attaint 
attar attar of roses attemper 
attempt attempt to kill attempt to murder 
attempted attempted the impossible attend 
attend a meeting attend school attend to someone's needs 
attend to the education of one's children attendance attendant 
attendant circumstances attendee attention 
attentions attentive attentively 
attenuate attenuate substance attenuating 
attenuating circumstances attenuation attenuation constant 
attenuator attest attest a signature 
attestation attested attestor 
attic attic salt attic story 
attic wit atticism attire 
attitude attitude of mind attitude towards art 
attitudinize (Amer.) attn. (attention) attorney 
attract attract attention attract someone's attention to something 
attractable attractant attracting 
attraction attractive attractive power 
attractiveness attribute attribute to 
attribution attributive attrition 
attune atty. (attorney) atwirl 
ATX atypical atypically 
au courant au fait au pair 
au pair girl au revoir aubergine 
Aubrey auburn auction 
auction room auctioneer audacious 
audaciously audaciousness audacity 
audibility audible audibly 
audience audio audio frequency 
audio helper Audio Interchange File Format audio visual 
audio-visual spectacle audiograph audiometer 
audiotape audiovisual audiovisual aids 
audit audition auditor 
auditorial auditorium auditory 
auditory nerve Aug. (august) Augean stables 
auger aught augment 
augmentation augmentative augmenting 
augmentor augur augur well 
augural augural sign augury 
August august augustan 
augustan age Auguste Renoir Augustus 
auk Auld Lang Syne auld reekie 
aunt aunt sally auntie 
aunty AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) aura 
aural aural impression aurally 
aureate aureola aureole 
auric auricle auricula 
auricular auricular evidence auriferous 
auriferous gravel auriform Auriga 
aurist aurochs Aurora 
aurora aurora australis aurora borealis 
aurora polaris auroral Auschwitz 
auscultate auscultation auslander 
auspice auspicious auspiciously 
austere austerity Austin 
austral Australia Australian 
australian ballot Austria Austrian 
Austro-Hungarian Empire autarchy auth (author) 
authentic authentically authenticate 
authenticated copy authentication authenticity 
author authoress authoring 
authorise (Brit.) authoritarian authoritative 
authoritative copy authority authority of parliament 
authorization authorize (Amer.) authorized 
authorized translation Authorized Version authorless 
authors of repute authorship autism 
autistic autistic children auto 
auto answer auto da fe auto dial 
auto show auto training autobahn 
autobiographic autobiographical autobiography 
autobus Autocad autocar 
autocephalous autochthon autochthonal 
autochthonous autoclave autocracy 
autocrat autocratic autocratical 
autocue Autodesk autodidact 
autogenesis autogenic autogenous 
autogenous welding autogiro autograph 
autographic autogyro autohypnosis 
autoimmune autointoxication Autojump (AutoJump) 
automanipulation automat automate 
automated automatic automatic bank services 
automatic block system automatic braking gear automatic coupling 
automatic data processing automatic exchange automatic fire 
automatic firearm automatic link automatic machine 
automatic network switching automatic pilot automatic pistol 
automatic recalculation automatic rifle automatic rifleman 
automatic stoker automatic telephone system automatic train stop 
automatic transmitter automatical automatically 
automation automatism automatization (Amer.) 
automatize (Amer.) automaton automobile 
automobile accident automobile mechanic automobile railway car 
automobile transportation automobile wagon automobile works 
automotive automotive industry autonomic 
autonomist autonomous autonomous existence 
autonomously autonomy autopilot 
autopsy autorepeat autoresponder 
autorestart routine autorifle autosave 
autostrada autosuggestion autotruck 
autotype autumn autumn is drawing on 
autumn ploughing autumnal auxiliary 
auxiliary battery auxiliary equipment auxiliary speakers 
auxiliary storage auxin av (audiovisual) 
av.l (average length) av.w (average width) avail 
avail oneself availability available 
available surface avalanche avalanche like 
Avalon avant corps avant garde 
avant gardist avarice avaricious 
avast avatar avc (American Veterans Committee) 
avec plaisir avenge avenge oneself 
avengeful avenger aventurine 
avenue avenue of approach aver 
average average adjuster average age 
average annual average daily average height 
average monthly average out average output 
average rate of profit average revenue average statement 
averment averruncator averse 
aversely aversion avert 
avertable avg. (average) AVI file 
avia aviary aviate 
aviation aviation engine aviator 
aviculture avid avidity 
aviette avifauna avionics 
aviso avitaminosis avocado 
avocation avoid avoid giving publicity 
avoidable avoidance avoirdupois 
avoirdupois weight avouch avow 
avowal avowed avowedly 
Avraham avulsion avuncular 
avuncular relation aw (actual weight) await 
await someone's convenience await the issue awaiting 
awake awake someone to the sense of duty awake to a danger 
awake to one's danger awaken awakening 
awaking award award a contract 
award of pension aware aware of 
awareness awash away 
away back away from away from home 
Away From Keyboard away match away off 
away team away with it away with you 
away with you! awe awe striken 
awe struck awe-inspiring aweary 
aweigh awesome awesome sight 
awesomely awestruck awful 
awfully awheel awhile 
awkward awkward age awkward situation 
awkward squad awkwardly awkwardness 
awl awn awning 
awning deck AWOL (absent without leave) awry 
AWT (Abstract Windows Toolkit) AWTHTGTTA (Are we going to have to go through this again?) awu (atomic weight unit) 
ax axe axe handle 
axestone axial axial angle 
axil axilla axillary 
axiom axiomatic axiomatical 
axis axis of rotation axle 
axle bearing axle grease axle pin 
axled axletree axunge 
ay ayah ayatollah 
ayatollah regime aye ayes have it 
AZ (Arizona) azalea Azerbaijan 
Azerbaijani Azerbaijanian azimuth 
azimuth circle azimuth deviation azimuth finder 
azoic Azores azote 
azoth azotic azotic acid 
Azov Aztec azure 
azure stone 
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