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O (oxygen) o dear me 
o level o lor o lord 
o my o shaped o.c. 
o.d. o.e.d. o.h.m.s. 
o.p. o.s. o.u. 
o'er o/a (on or about) o/d 
o/r o/s oaaps (Oracle authorized application providers) 
oaf oafish oak 
oak apple oak fig oak gall 
oak nut oak tree oak wart 
oak wood oaken oakery 
oaklet oakling Oaks 
oakum oaky oap (old aged pensioner) 
oar oarage oared 
oarer oarsman oarsmanship 
oas oasis oast 
oast house oat oat flakes 
oatcake oaten oath 
oath breaker oath breaking oath of allegiance 
oath of office oatmeal oau (Organization of African Unity) 
Obadiah obduracy obdurate 
obedience obedient obedientiary 
obeisance obelisk obelize (Amer.) 
obelus obese obesity 
obey obey the law obey the rule 
obfuscate obi obit 
obiter obiter dictum obituarist 
obituary obituary notice object 
object finder object glass object language 
object lesson object of his affections object of his love 
object to objectification objectify 
objection objectionable objectionable plan 
objectionable smell objective objective case 
objective method objective point objective reality 
objective table objectively objectiveness 
objectivism objectivity objectless 
objector objurgate objurgation 
objurgatory obl oblate 
oblation oblational oblatory 
obligate obligating obligation 
obligatory oblige obliged 
obligee obliging obliging neighbors 
obligingly obligor oblique 
oblique case oblique fire oblique narration 
oblique oration oblique question oblique speech 
obliquity obliterate obliteration 
oblivion oblivious obliviousness 
oblong oblongated oblongated marrow 
obloquy obnoxious obnoxiously 
oboe oboist obs 
obscene obscenely obscenities 
obscenity obscurant obscurantism 
obscurantist obscuration obscure 
obscure someone's fame obscure the light obscurity 
obsecration obsequial obsequies 
obsequious obsequiousness observable 
observance observant observant of customs 
observation observation balloon observation car 
observation point observation post observation satellite 
observational observatory observe 
observe economy observe good manners observe silence 
observe the time observed observer 
observing obsess obsessed 
obsession obsessive obsidian 
obsolescence obsolescent obsolete 
obstacle obstacle course obstacle on the road to peace 
obstacle race obstacle races obstetric 
obstetrical obstetrician obstetrics 
obstinacy obstinate obstinate silence 
obstinately obstipation obstreperous 
obstruct obstruct the light obstruct the traffic 
obstruct the view obstruction obstructionism 
obstructionist obstruent obtain 
obtain a class obtain a commission obtain a prize 
obtain an interview obtain by court decision obtain by petitioning 
obtain from nowhere obtain further information obtain on demand 
obtain what one has begged for obtain what one's deserves obtainable 
obtainment obtest obtestation 
obtrude obtrude one's opinions upon someone obtrude oneself 
obtruncate obtrusion obtrusive 
obtrusiveness obturate obturation 
obturator obtuse obtuse angle 
obtuseness obverse obviate 
obvious obvious question obviously 
obviousness oc ocarina 
occas (occasionally) occasion occasional 
occasional ode occasional visitor occasionalism 
occasionally occasions Occident 
occidental occidentalism occipital 
occiput Occitan occlude 
occlusion occult occulting 
occulting light occultism occultist 
occupancy occupant occupation 
occupation bridge occupational occupational deferment 
occupational disease occupational hazards occupational therapy 
occupied occupier occupy 
occupy oneself with occupy the post occur 
occur again occurrence occurring 
occurring every second occurring once ocd (obsessive-compulsive disorder) 
ocean ocean bed ocean deeps 
ocean going ocean greyhound ocean lane 
oceanarium oceanian oceanic 
oceanography oceans of drink ocelot 
ocher ochlocracy ochlophobia 
ochre OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Oct. (October) 
octa octagon octagonal 
octahedral octahedron octal 
octane octane number octane value 
octangular octant octarchy 
octave octavo octennial 
octet octette octillion 
October octodecimo octogenarian 
octonarian octopus octosyllabic 
octosyllable octuple ocular 
oculist OD (overdose) odalisque 
odd odd and even odd card 
odd come short odd come shortly odd hand 
odd houses odd job odd lad 
odd man odd man out odd moments 
odd money odd months odd or even 
odd player odd trick odd volumes 
oddball oddfellow oddfish 
oddish oddity oddly 
oddly enough oddments oddness 
odds odds and ends odds on 
ode Oder Odessa 
Odette odeum Odin 
odious odiousness odium 
odometer odontic odontoid 
odontology odor odoriferous 
odorless odorous odour 
odourless ods Odysseus 
odyssey oecd oecumenical 
oecumenical council oedema Oedipus 
Oedipus complex oeec oersted 
oesophagitis oesophagus oestrogen 
oestrum oestrus of 
of a better kind of a certain age of a piece with 
of a suit with of a surety of a verity 
of account of avail of base alloy 
of course of current interest of different calibres 
of different character of different color of different colors 
of different sexes of easy virtue of equal rank 
of especial importance of every kind of foreign growth 
of frequent occurrence of full value of generous size 
of good quality of good stock of great importance 
of great moment of great vitality of hearts 
of higher rank of home manufacture of home policy 
of humble origin of indian extraction of inferior quality 
of its own accord of itself of late 
of late years of less importance of little avail 
of little profit of little significance of little worth 
of long standing of malice prepense of many years 
of many years standing of mark of mere motion 
of mine of minor interest of modest means 
of necessity of no account of no avail 
of no consequence of no effect of no fixed abode 
of no great import of no importance of no utility 
of no value of obligation of old 
of one color of one piece with of one's own accord 
of one's own free will of one's own motion of oriental race 
of paramount importance of perforce of petty owners 
of poor quality of primary importance of ripe age 
of same gender of set purpose of short duration 
of small account of small circulation of some length 
of sorts of spades of tender years 
of that ilk of the best brand of the essence 
of the first magnitude of the first water of the last importance 
of the name of of the old school of the order of 
of the regulation size of the same batch of the same name 
of the same type of the worst description of thick cloth 
of three dimensions of two evils choose the less of uneven temper 
of unsound mind of what avail is it of yore 
off off and on off balance 
off beat off black off chance 
off color off color joke off colour 
off day off duty off hour 
off hour job off hours off it 
off key off license off limits 
off load off one's dot off one's hands 
off one's head off one's nut off one's own bat 
off one's rocker off position off road 
off side off spur off street 
off street parking off street unloading off the beaten track 
off the ground off the hinges off the hook 
off the map off the mark off the peg 
off the point off the rails off the record 
off the reel off the shelf off the shelf items 
off the target off the track off the wall 
off time off white off with 
off with you off year off year elections 
offal offbeat offcast 
offend offend against custom offend greatly 
offend someone's sense of justice offended offender 
offending offense (Amer.) offense against the law 
offensive offensive language offensive sight 
offensive stroke offensive war offensively 
offer offer a free pardon offer a knee to someone 
offer an affront to someone offer an apology offer an opinion 
offer bail offer battle offer excuses 
offer hope offer one's hand offer prayers 
offer prospects of offer resistance offer to strike 
offer up offering offertory 
offhand offhand manner offhanded 
offhandedly office office bearer 
office block office boy office copy 
office for the dead office holder office hours 
office of the mass office seeker office work 
officeholder officer officer of health 
officer of the court officer of the day offices 
official official circumlocution official duties 
official journey official red tape official representative 
official statement officialdom officialese 
officialism officialize (Amer.) officially 
officiant officiary officiate 
officiate as host officinal officious 
officiousness offing offish 
offishness offprint offreckoning 
offscouring offscreen offset 
offset printing offshoot offshore 
offshore wind offspring offstage 
oft oft recurring oft told 
often often and often oftentimes 
ofttimes ogam ogee 
ogham ogive ogle 
ogre ogress oh 
oh my eye Ohio ohm 
oho oif oil 
oil and gas oil bearing oil burner 
oil cake oil cake meal oil car 
oil color oil colour oil derrick 
oil engine oil field oil filler 
oil fuel oil gauge oil gland 
oil hole oil lamp oil magnate 
oil meal oil of birch oil of cloves 
oil of turpentine oil of vitriol oil one's tongue 
oil paint oil painting oil paper 
oil pipeline oil plant oil press 
oil producing oil rig oil seal 
oil slick oil someone's fist oil someone's hand 
oil stained oil tanker oil tar 
oil the wheels oil tycoon oil waste 
oil well oilcan oilcloth 
oilcoat oiled oiler 
oilers oilfield oiliness 
oilman oilskin oilstone 
oily oink ointment 
OK okay okey 
okey dokey Okie Oklahoma 
okra old old age 
old age pension old and young old as the hills 
old at old bachelor Old Bailey 
old bean old believer old bones 
old boy old buck old buffer 
old campaigner old chap Old City of Jerusalem 
old clothes dealer old clothes man old clothes shop 
old cock old coon old country 
old enemy old established old family 
old fangled old fashioned old fellow 
old file old flame old fogey 
old fogy old folk Old French 
old friends old gentleman old girl 
Old Glory old gold old hand 
old harry old hat old in 
old junk old lady old lady of threadneedle street 
old leaven old maid old maidish 
old man old man's beard old master 
old masters old nick old norse 
old offender old people old pretender 
old russian old salt old scratch 
old ship old sol old soldier 
old stager old sweat Old Testament 
old thing old time old timer 
old times old tom old top 
old wife old wives' tales old woman 
old world old year olden 
olden times older oldest 
oldest profession oldish oldster 
oleaginous oleander oleaster 
oleograph oleomargarine olericulture 
oleum olfactory olfactory organ 
olid oligarch oligarchic 
oligarchical oligarchy olio 
olivaceous olivary olive 
olive branch olive branches olive crown 
olive oil olive tree olive wood 
Oliver Oliver Cromwell olivet 
olivette Olivia ology 
Olympiad Olympian olympian calm 
Olympic Olympic Games olympic green 
Olympus Oman omb 
ombre ombrometer ombudsman 
omega omelet omelette 
omen ominous ominously 
omissible omission omit 
omit doing something omit no essential circumstance omit to do something 
omittance omnibus omnibus bill 
omnibus box omnibus edition omnibus train 
omnibus volume omnicompetent omnidirectional 
omnifarious omnifarious reading omniparity 
omnipotence omnipotent omnipresence 
omnipresent omnirange omniscience 
omniscient omnium gatherum omnivorous 
omphalocele omphalos on 
on a fifty fifty basis on a full stomach on a good and neighborly basis 
on a grand scale on a hunch on a large scale 
on a level on a level with on a lump sum basis 
on a new plane on a par on a par with 
on a point of order on a shoestring on a small scale 
on a string on a sudden on a war footing 
on a worldwide scale on account on account of 
on all fours on all hands on alternate days 
on an average on an empty stomach on an equal footing 
on an equality with on an even keel on and off 
on and on on appro on approbation 
on approval on behalf of on board 
on business on call on comparable terms 
on condition on credit on death bed 
on deck on dry land on dry rations 
on duty on edge on emergency 
on end on equal terms on errand 
on false pretences on fire on firm ground 
on first sight on foot on good terms 
on hand on high on hire 
on his mettle on horseback on inquiry 
on land on leave on licence 
on license on line on loan 
on location on lonesome on my behalf 
on my oath on my watch on nights 
on no account on no consideration on oath 
on occasion on offer on one's back 
on one's bare word on one's bended knees on one's bones 
on one's hands on one's hunkers on one's jack 
on one's last legs on one's mind on one's own 
on one's own account on one's own hook on one's own initiative 
on one's own responsibility on one's own time on one's pat 
on order on pain of death on paper 
on parole on patrol on penalty of 
on pins and needles on position on principle 
on private account on probation on purpose 
on rare occasions on receipt on record 
on reflection on repeated occasions on sale 
on schedule on second thoughts on several occasions 
on shanks's mare on shanks's pony on shares 
on shipboard on shore on short notice 
on sick leave on sight on someone's account 
on someone's heels on spec on speculation 
on stilts on sufferance on suspicion 
on suss on tap on target 
on tenterhooks on that day on that score 
on the 10th proximo on the air on the alert 
on the analogy of on the anvil on the assumption of 
on the authority of the press on the average on the ball 
on the beam on the blink on the brink of ruin 
on the brink of the grave on the cards on the carpet 
on the chance of on the cheap on the co op 
on the contrary on the crest of the wave on the crook 
on the cry on the decline on the defensive 
on the docket on the double on the eve 
on the eve of the holiday on the face of it on the far side 
on the flat on the fly on the fringe of the forest 
on the fritz on the go on the greek calends 
on the gridiron on the grounds of on the hoof 
on the horns of a dilemma on the house on the increase 
on the inside on the instant on the jar 
on the job on the job training on the jump 
on the kerb on the lam on the laugh 
on the level on the line on the lurk 
on the map on the margin of poverty on the market 
on the mend on the morrow of on the nose 
on the occasion of on the off chance on the one hand 
on the one hand ... on the other hand on the other hand on the outs 
on the outside on the part of someone on the pavement 
on the phone on the plea of on the plus side of the account 
on the pretext of on the pretext that on the prowl 
on the qui vive on the quiet on the reverse 
on the right on the right side of thirty on the rocks 
on the rope on the run on the run all day 
on the score of on the scout on the sea 
on the side on the skid on the skids 
on the skirts of the wood on the slant on the sly 
on the small side on the spot on the spur of the moment 
on the strength on the strength of on the subject of 
on the supposition of something on the surface on the table 
on the tick on the tip of his tongue on the town 
on the understanding that on the up and up on the upgrade 
on the usual lines on the verge of on the view 
on the wallaby track on the wane on the water 
on the way on the way home on the whole 
on the wing on the wings of the wind on the word 
on this basis on this evidence on this point 
on this understanding on time on tiptoe 
on top on top of everything else on trial 
on trust on velvet on view 
onager onanism once 
once a month once again once and again 
once and for all once bitten twice shy once every day 
once for all once in a blue moon once in a way 
once in a while once more once only 
once or twice once over once removed 
once too often once upon a time oncological 
oncologist oncology oncoming 
oncoming of spring oncoming traffic oncoming visit 
ondatra one one aloner 
one and a half one and all one and only 
one and undivided one armed one armed bandit 
one at a time one by one one can 
one can hear one can see one cannot account for tastes 
one could see it with half an eye one day one decker 
one down to someone one eyed one figure 
one fine day one fine morning one foot in the grave 
one for the book one for the road one good turn deserves another 
one handed one horse one horse town 
one hundred one hundred per cent one idea'd 
one ideaed one in a pickle is the one who's got to tickle one in a thousand 
one inch high one legged one liner 
one man one man business one man management 
one man show one man's meat is another man's poison one may 
one moment one never knows one night stand 
one of the lads one of these days one of these fine days 
one of these odd come shortlies one off one or two 
one pair front one piece one room 
one shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth one sided one storeyed 
one swallow does not make a summer one thing one thing at a time 
one time grant one too many one track 
one track mind one up one up to someone 
one upmanship one way one way communication 
one way or another one way or the other one way street 
one way ticket one who has lost all in a fire one-armed man 
one-on-one one's best bet one's best card 
one's better self one's betters one's bottom dollar 
one's cup of tea one's early days one's fingertips 
one's last resting place one's last will and testament one's level best 
one's life long one's native land one's nearest and dearest 
one's orders one's other one's one's own cheek 
one's own flesh and blood one's palmy days one's part in a conversation 
one's people one's pet aversion one's second self 
one's sheet anchor one's trump card one's way of looking at things 
one's womenfolk onefold oneiric 
oneness oner onerous 
onerous duties onerously onerousness 
onetime onfall onflow 
ongoing ongoings onhanger 
onion onionskin oniony 
onlay onlooker onlooker sees most of the game 
only only fancy only heir 
only just only not only skin and bone 
only son only that onomastics 
onomatopoeia onomatopoeic onr 
onrush onscreen onset 
onset of wind onside onslaught 
onto ontogenesis ontogeny 
ontology onus onward 
onward movement onwards onyx 
oodles oodles of money oof 
oolite oolitic oology 
oolong oops ooze 
oozy op (operation) op.cit (opere citato) 
opacity opal opal glass 
opalescent opalesque opaline 
opaque opaqueness ope 
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) open open a debate 
open a door for something open a prospect open air 
open air life open an abscess open an account 
open an account in a bank open an account with a bank open and shut 
open armed open armed welcome open boat 
open cast open cast mining open champion 
open circuit open contempt open countenance 
open door open eared open eyed 
open faced open field open ground 
open hand open handed open handedness 
open hearted open hearth furnace open hostilities 
open house open ice open into 
open letter open market open minded 
open mindedness open mouthed open on 
open one's face open one's heart to someone open one's mind to someone 
open one's mouth too wide open one's purse open out 
open out one's arms open out the wings open pit 
open port open question open scandal 
open season open secret open shop 
open slightly open space open spaces 
open staircase open the ball open the bowels 
open the door to something open the floodgates open the gate for someone 
open the gate to someone open the mind open the window wide 
open to question open twenty-four hours a day open university 
open up open up opportunities open up relations 
open verdict open water open weather 
open wide open winter open wound 
openable opener openhanded 
openhandedly openhearted opening 
opening gambit opening night openly 
openly admit openness openwork 
openwork stockings opera opera cloak 
opera glasses opera hat opera house 
operable operand operate 
operate a car operate on one's own operate under a principle 
operated operatic operating 
operating costs operating knife operating personnel 
operating room operating surgeon operating table 
operating theatre operation operation costs 
operational operational costs operational efficiency 
operational research operative operative condition 
operative part of a resolution operative treatment operatize 
operator operator's position operetta 
Ophelia ophidian ophiolatry 
ophite ophthalmia ophthalmic 
ophthalmo ophthalmologist ophthalmology 
opiate opine opinion 
opinion giver opinion makers opinion poll 
opinionated opinions are divided on the point opinions differ 
opium opium den opium eater 
opium joint opodeldoc opossum 
opp oppidan oppo 
opponent opportune opportune moment 
opportune rain opportunely opportunism 
opportunist opportunity oppose 
oppose the resolution oppose vigorously opposed 
opposed landing opposer opposite 
opposite number opposite poles oppositely 
oppositeness opposition opposition benches 
oppositionist oppress oppressed 
oppressing oppression oppressive 
oppressive domination oppressive legislation oppressive weather 
oppressiveness oppressor opprobrious 
opprobrious language opprobrium oppugn 
oppugnant opt (optional) opt 
opt out opt out of society optative 
optative mood optic optical 
optical disc optical illusion optician 
optics optimal optimally 
optimism optimist optimistic 
optimistical optimistically optimization 
optimize optimum option 
optional optionally optometrist 
optometry optophone opulence 
opulent opulent vegetation opuntia 
opus opuscule Or 
or or else or so 
orach orache oracle 
oracle of Delphi oracular oracy 
oral oral examination Oral Law 
orally orange orange blossom 
orange book orange cap boletus orange fin 
orange juice orange lily orange lodge 
orange melon orange peel orange squash 
orange tip orangeade orangeman 
orangery orangoutang orangutan 
orate oration orator 
oratorical oratorio oratory 
orb orbed orbicular 
orbicular muscle orbit orbital 
orbital road orbital station orbital transfer 
orbiting orcadian orchard 
orcharding orchardman orchestic 
orchestics orchestra orchestra chairs 
orchestra stall orchestra stalls orchestral 
orchestrate orchestration orchestrion 
orchid orchidaceous orchil 
orchis Ord ordain 
ordained ordainment ordeal 
order order about order book 
order form order of business order of merit 
order of priorities order of priority order of the bath 
order of the boot order of the day order paper 
order someone out of the country order to view order was issued 
order! order ordered ordering 
orderless orderliness orderly 
orderly book orderly man orderly officer 
orderly room orderly run down orderly turn 
orders orders on hand ordinal 
ordinance ordinarily ordinariness 
ordinary ordinary call ordinary people 
ordinary seaman ordinary vestry ordination 
ordnance ordnance survey ordonnance 
ordure ore ore body 
ore dressing ore mining oread 
Oregon org (Organization) organ 
organ blower organ grinder organ loft 
organ player organdie organdy 
organic organic act organic food 
organic law organic whole organically 
organism organist organization 
organization chart organizational organize 
organize the house organized (Amer.) organized labor 
organized matter organizer (Amer.) organotherapy 
organs of government organs of public opinion organs of speech 
orgasm orgasmic orgeat 
orgiastic orgy oriel 
Orient orient orient oneself 
orient sun oriental Oriental Jew 
orientalism orientalist orientalize (Amer.) 
orientate orientation oriented 
orifice orig. (origin) origami 
origan origanum origin 
original original edition original picture 
original scientist original sin originality 
originally originate origination 
originative originator orinasal 
orinasal vowel Orinoco oriole 
Orion orison orkney islands 
Orleans orlop orlop deck 
ormolu ornament ornamental 
ornamental flowerpot ornamentals ornamentation 
ornate ornateness ornery 
ornithic ornithological ornithologist 
ornithology ornithorhyncus ornithosaurian 
orogenesis orogeny orography 
oroide orotund orotundity 
orphan orphanage orphaned 
orphanhood orphans' home orphean 
Orpheus orphic orpin 
orpine orpington orrery 
orris orris powder orris root 
Orth. (Orthodox) ortho orthodontist 
orthodox Orthodox Church Orthodox Jew 
orthodoxy orthoepic orthoepical 
orthoepy orthogenesis orthogonal 
orthographic orthographical orthography 
orthopaedic orthopaedics orthopaedist 
orthopaedy orthopedic orthopedics 
orthopedist orthopedy orthoptic 
ortolan Orwell Os (osmium) 
Osama Osama Bin Laden Oscar 
Oscar Wilde Osceola oscillate 
oscillation oscillation frequency oscillator 
oscillatory oscillatory circuit oscillogram 
oscillograph oscilloscope oscillotron 
oscitation osculant oscular 
osculate osculation osier 
osier bed Osiris Oslo 
osmium Osmond osmosis 
osmotic Osmund osprey 
osrd (Office of Scientific Research and Development) osseous osset 
ossete ossicle ossification 
ossified ossify ossuary 
osteitis ostensible ostensible purpose 
ostensibly ostensory ostentation 
ostentatious osteography osteoid 
osteology osteomyelitis osteopath 
ostler ostracism ostracize 
ostreiculture ostrich ostrich farm 
ostrich plume ostrich policy ostrogoth 
Oswald OT (Old Testament) Othello 
other other day other days 
other side of the shield other students other things being equal 
other times other way other way round 
other world otherness others 
otherwhence otherwhere otherwise 
otherwise minded otherworldliness otherworldly 
otic otiose otioseness 
otiosity otitis otologist 
otology otophone otoscope 
ots (Officers' Training School) Ottawa otter 
otter dog otter hound Ottilia 
Otto ottoman ottoman porte 
oubliette ouch ought 
ounce our our feathered friends 
Our Heavenly Father our lady our last chance 
our lord our maker our mutual friend 
our own make ours ourself 
ourselves ousel oust 
ouster out out and about 
out and away out and in out and out 
out and out war out and outer out at feed 
out at heels out college out herod 
out herod herod out jockey out match 
out of out of a clear sky out of action 
out of bed out of body out of bounds 
out of cash out of class out of collar 
out of color out of commission out of competition 
out of condition out of danger out of date 
out of deference to out of despair out of distance 
out of doors out of drawing out of duty 
out of earshot out of employment out of eyeshot 
out of fashion out of favor out of focus 
out of gear out of gun shot out of hail 
out of hand out of harm's way out of hearing 
out of heart out of hours out of humor 
out of job out of joint out of kilter 
out of measure out of my capacity out of my sight 
out of number out of office out of one's mind 
out of one's wits out of order out of place 
out of play out of plumb out of pocket 
out of position out of print out of print books 
out of proportion to out of puff out of question 
out of reach out of regard for out of repair 
out of season out of sight out of mind out of sorts 
out of spite out of square out of step 
out of stock out of sympathy out of the blue 
out of the common out of the frying pan into the fire out of the ordinary 
out of the perpendicular out of the picture out of the question 
out of the tail of one's eye out of the way out of the window 
out of the woods out of this world out of time 
out of town out of tune out of turn 
out of view out of whack out of whole cloth 
out of work out on a limb out talk 
out that man out to out out top 
out turn out upon you out voter 
out with it out with the tail of one's eye outage 
outargue outback outbalance 
outbid outboard outbound 
outbrave outbrave the storm outbreak 
outbreak of hostilities outbuild outbuilding 
outburst outburst of petulance outburst of tears 
outcast outclass outcome 
outcrop outcropping outcry 
outdance outdare outdate 
outdated outdistance outdo 
outdoor outdoor aerial outdoor games 
outdoor hands outdoor pickup outdoor speaking 
outdoor theatre outdoors outdrive 
outer outer coverings outer entrance hall 
outer man outer skin outer space 
outer suburbs outer tire outer wood 
outer world outermost outerwear 
outface outfall outfield 
outfight outfit outfitter 
outflank outflow outflow of capital 
outfox outgeneral outgiving 
outgo outgoing outgoing tenant 
outgoings outgrow outgrowth 
outhouse outhouse cleaner outing 
outlander outlandish outlast 
outlaw outlaw strike outlawry 
outlay outlay for scientific research outlay on scientific research 
outlet outlet for investment outlier 
outline outline map outlive 
outlive one's capacity outlook outlying 
outmaneuver outmanoeuvre outmarch 
outmatch outmode outmoded 
outmost outness outnumber 
outpace outpatient outpatient hospital 
outpatient treatment outperform outplay 
outpoint outpost outpour 
outpouring output outrage 
outrage against humanity outrage public opinion outraged 
outrageous outrange outrank 
outre outre dress outreach 
outride outrider outrigger 
outright outright rogue outrival 
outroot outrun outrun the constable 
outrunner outs outsail 
outsell outset outshine 
outshout outside outside broadcast 
outside broker outside chance outside expert 
outside help outside interest outside left 
outside limit outside my recollection outside of 
outside of a horse outside of an omnibus outside prices 
outside repairs outside right outside seat 
outside the city limits outside the door outside work 
outsider outsit outsize 
outskirt of a village outskirts outsmart 
outspan outspeak outspoken 
outspoken criticism outspokenly outspread 
outstand outstanding outstanding characteristics 
outstanding debt outstandingly outstay 
outstay someone's welcome outstep outstretch 
outstretched outstrip outthrow 
outthrust outvalue outvie 
outvoice outvote outwalk 
outward outward bound outward form 
outward man outward seeming outward things 
outwardly outwardness outwards 
outwear outweigh outwit 
outwork outworker outworn 
outworn quotations ouzel oval 
ovarian ovariotomy ovary 
ovate ovation oven 
oven bird oven glove oven loss 
oven losses over over a bottle 
over abundance over abundant over against 
over and above over and over over and over again 
over cautious over color over head and ears 
over issue over measure over one's shoulders 
over persuade over populated over produce 
over proof over simplify over subscribe 
over the counter over the counter drugs over the ether 
over the left over the past generation over the phone 
over the sea over the seas over the signature 
over the walnuts and the wine over there overabundance 
overact overactive overage 
overall overall dimensions overall housing 
overall planning overalls overanxiety 
overanxious overarch overawe 
overbake overbalance overbear 
overbearing overbearing manner overbid 
overblouse overblow overblown 
overboard overboil overbold 
overbook overbrim overbuild 
overburden overbuy overcapitalize (Amer.) 
overcast overcharge overcloud 
overcoat overcoating overcome 
overcome by drink overcome by hunger overcome difficulties 
overcome obstacles overcome someone overcome with drink 
overcommitment overconfidence overcook 
overcrop overcrow overcrowd 
overcrowded overcrowding overdaring 
overdevelop overdo overdo it 
overdo things overdose overdraft 
overdraught overdraw overdress 
overdrink overdry overdue 
overdye overeat overeating 
overemphasis overemphasized overemployment 
overestimate overestimation overexcite 
overexpose overexposure overextend 
overextended overfall overfeed 
overfill overflow overflow of population 
overflow with kindness overflowing overfreight 
overfulfil overfulfilment overfull 
overfull employment overgarment overgild 
overground overgrow overgrow one's clothes 
overgrown overgrowth overhang 
overhaul overhaul base overhaul the state of accounts 
overhead overhead charges overhead costs 
overhead crane overhead expenses overhead irrigation 
overhead projector overhead railway overhead road 
overhead wire overheads overhear 
overhear fragments of conversation overheard overheat 
overheated overhung with creepers overindulgence 
overjoy overjoyed overjump 
overkill overknee overlabor (Amer.) 
overlabour (Brit.) overladen overland 
overlap overlapping overlay 
overleaf overleap overleap oneself 
overlie overling overlive 
overload overload oneself overlong 
overlook overlook an offense overlooker 
overlord overly overly cautious 
overman overmantel overmasted 
overmaster overmastering overmastering passion 
overmatch overmature overmature forest 
overmodest overmuch overnice 
overnight overnight journey overpaid 
overpass overpast overpay 
overpeopled overpessimistic overplay 
overplay one's hand overplayed overplus 
overpoise overpopulate overpopulated 
overpopulation overpower overpowered 
overpowering overpowering beauty overpraise 
overpressure overprice overpriced 
overprint overprize overproduction 
overrate overrated overreach 
overreach oneself overrefine overrent 
override overriding considerations overripe 
overripe wood overrotten overrule 
overrun oversalt oversea 
oversea contingents oversea service oversea trade 
overseas overseas contingents overseas service 
overseas trade oversee overseer 
overseer of the poor oversell oversensitive 
oversensitively overset overset one's plans 
oversew oversexed overshadow 
overshadowed overshoe overshoot 
overshoot one's stop overshoot oneself overshoot the mark 
overside overside delivery oversight 
oversimplification oversize oversized 
overslaugh oversleep oversleep oneself 
oversleeve oversmoke overspend 
overspend oneself overspill overspread 
overstate overstated overstatement 
overstay overstay one's welcome overstep 
overstep the line of overstock overstrain 
overstrain oneself overstretch overstrung 
overstuff overstuffed oversupply 
overt overt action against overtake 
overtake arrears overtaken in drink overtaken with drink 
overtalk overtask overtax 
overtax someone's patience overtemper overthrow 
overtime overtired overtly 
overtone overtop overtrain 
overtrump overture overturn 
overturn a theory overvalue overview 
overwatch overwatched overweening 
overweening ambition overweight overweight luggage 
overweighted overweighted with packages overwhelm 
overwhelming overwhelming majority overwhelming pressure 
overwhelmingly overwhelmingly grateful overwhelmingly important 
overwind overwinter overwork 
overwork oneself overworked overwrite 
overwrought Ovid oviduct 
oviform ovine oviparous 
oviposit ovipositor ovoid 
ovulation ovule ovum 
owe owe money owe someone a grudge 
Owen owing owing to 
owl owl car owl light 
owl train owlet owlish 
own own a child own lands 
own one's faults own to the theft own up 
owned owner ownerless 
ownership ox ox driver 
ox eye ox fence oxalic 
oxbow Oxbridge oxcart 
oxer Oxford oxford 
oxford blue Oxford gray oxford man 
oxherd oxhide oxidate 
oxidation oxide oxidization (Amer.) 
oxidize (Amer.) oxidizer (Amer.) Oxon (Oxfordshire) 
oxonian oxtail oxtail soup 
oxter oxygen oxygen cutting 
oxygen mask oxygenate oxygenize 
oxygenous oxygon oxymoron 
oyster oyster bank oyster bed 
oyster farm oz. (ounce) ozocerite 
ozokerite ozone ozonize 
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