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u boat u.c. u.d.c. 
u.s.p. u.t. ubiety 
ubiquitous ubiquity udder 
udometer UFO (unidentified flying object) ufology 
ugh uglify ugliness 
ugly ugly as a scarecrow ugly as sin 
ugly customer ugly disposition ugly duckling 
ugly face ugly mug ugly news 
ugly symptoms ugly task ugly tongue 
UHF (ultrahigh frequency) uhlan uigur 
UK (United Kingdom) ukase Ukraine 
Ukrainian ukulele Ulan Bator 
ulcer ulcerate ulcerous 
uliginous ullage ulna 
Ulster ulterior ulterior motive 
ultima ultima ratio ultimate 
ultimate analysis ultimate load ultimate output 
ultimate particle ultimate result ultimately 
ultimatum ultimo ultimogeniture 
ultra ultra low ultra short 
ultra short waves ultra vires ultrafashionable 
ultralight ultramarine ultramodern 
ultramontane ultramundane ultrasonic 
ultrasound ultraviolet ululate 
ululation umbel umbellate 
umbelliferous umber Umberto 
umbilical umbilical cord umbilicus 
umbra umbrage umbrageous 
umbrella umbrella antenna umbrella insurance 
umbrella stand umbrella tree umiak 
umlaut umpire umpteen 
umt UN (United Nations) un 
un american un american activities committee UN council 
un english UN observers unabashed 
unabashedly unabated unabbreviated 
unabiding unable unable to 
unable to work unabridged unacademic 
unaccented unacceptable unacceptably 
unaccepted unaccommodating unaccompanied 
unaccomplished unaccountable unaccredited 
unaccustomed unachievable unachieved 
unacknowledged unacquainted unactable 
unacted unadaptable unadjusted 
unadmitted unadopted unadorned 
unadulterated unadulterated nonsense unadvised 
unadvisedly unaffable unaffected 
unaffiliated unagreeable unaided 
unalive unallowable unallowed 
unalloyed unalloyed happiness unalterable 
unaltered unambiguous unamenable 
unanalysable unanimity unanimity principle 
unanimous unanimously unannounced 
unanswerable unanswered unanswered love 
unanticipated unanxious unappealable 
unappeasable unappetizing unappetizing kitchen 
unappetizingly unappointed unappreciated 
unapprehensive unapproachable unappropriated 
unappropriated balance unappropriated blessing unapproved 
unapproving unapprovingly unapt 
unapt at games unapt quotation unapt to learn 
unarm unarmed unartful 
unashamed unasked unaspiring 
unassailable unassailable fortress unassertive 
unassisted unassuming unassured 
unatonable unattached unattainable 
unattended unattended wound unattending 
unattractive unauthorizable unauthorized (Amer.) 
unavailable unavailing unavenged 
unavoidable unavoidably unaware 
unawares unbacked unbaked 
unbalance unbalanced unballast 
unballasted unbar unbare 
unbearable unbearded unbeaten 
unbeaten track unbecoming unbecoming conduct 
unbefitting unbegun unbeknown 
unbeknownst unbelief unbelievable 
unbeliever unbelieving unbelt 
unbend unbend one's mind unbending 
unbeneficed unbeseeming unbettered 
unbiased unbiasedly unbiassed 
unbidden unbind unbind a prisoner 
unbind hair unblamable unbleached 
unbleached calico unblemished unblended 
unblessed unblock unblooded 
unblooded horse unbloody unblotted 
unblown unblushing unbodied 
unboiled unbolt unbone 
unbooked unbookish unborn 
unbosom unbosom oneself unbottled milk 
unbound unbounded unbowed 
unbrace unbred unbridle 
unbridled unbroken unbroken record 
unbroken spirit unbrushed unbuckle 
unbuild unburden unburden one's mind 
unburden oneself unbusinesslike unbutton 
unbuttoned uncage uncalculated 
uncalled uncalled for uncalled for remark 
uncanniness uncanny uncap 
uncared for uncared for appearance uncared for children 
uncaring uncart uncase 
uncaught uncaused unceasing 
uncelebrated unceremonious unceremoniously 
uncertain uncertainty uncertified 
unchain unchallengeable unchancy 
unchangeable unchanged uncharged 
uncharitable uncharted unchaste 
unchecked unchristian unchristian hour 
unchurch uncial uncircumcised 
uncivil uncivilized unclad 
unclarified unclasp unclassified 
uncle Uncle Sam unclean 
uncleanly unclear uncleared 
unclench uncloak unclose 
unclosed unclosed argument unclothe 
unclouded unclouded happiness unco (uncoordinated) 
unco unco ordinated uncock 
uncoil uncoined uncollected 
uncombed uncome at able uncomely 
uncomfortable uncomfortable chair uncomfortable position 
uncomfortably uncomforted uncommercial 
uncommitted uncommitted nation uncommon 
uncommonly uncommunicative uncommunicativeness 
uncompanionable uncomplaining uncompleted 
uncompliant uncomplicated uncomplimentary 
uncomplying uncomprehended uncompromising 
uncompromisingly unconcealed unconceivable 
unconcern unconcerned unconditional 
unconditional surrender unconditioned unconditioned reflex 
unconforming unconformity uncongenial 
unconnected unconquerable unconscionable 
unconscionable bargain unconscious unconsciously 
unconsciousness unconstitutional unconstrained 
uncontaminated uncontemplated uncontented 
uncontrollable uncontrolled unconventional 
unconventional weapons unconversable unconverted 
unconvincing uncooked uncord 
uncordial uncork uncorrected 
uncorrupted uncorruptible uncos 
uncostly uncountable uncounted 
uncouple uncouth uncover 
uncovered uncovered paper money uncreated 
uncreative uncrippled uncritical 
uncritical estimate uncrossed uncrossed cheque 
uncrown uncrowned unction 
unctuous uncultivated uncultivated talent 
uncultured uncurb uncurl 
uncurtain uncurtained uncustomary 
uncustomed uncut uncut edges 
undamped undated undaunted 
undeceive undecided undecidedness 
undecipherable undecisive undecked 
undeclared undeclinable undefeated 
undefended undefinable undefined 
undelivered undelivered speech undemanding 
undemocratic undemonstrative undeniable 
undeniable truth undenominational under 
under a ban under a cloud under a mask 
under a right in international law under a roof under a spell 
under age under an assumed name under arms 
under arrest under bare poles under canvas 
under cloud of night under color of under command of someone 
under compulsion under consideration under constraint 
under construction under control under cover 
under cover of darkness under cover of friendship under false pretences 
under favor under fire under glass 
under hatches under heavy penalty under house arrest 
under lock and key under my hand and seal under no circumstances 
under no consideration under oath under one's arm 
under one's belt under one's breath under one's direction 
under one's feet under one's hand and seal under one's roof 
under one's thumb under pain of death under penalty of 
under pledge of secrecy under pressure under proof 
under protest under repair under sail 
under someone's thumb under such conditions under supervision 
under surveillance under suspicion under the aegis of 
under the auspices of someone under the canopy under the circumstances 
under the cloak of loyalty under the counter under the guardianship of the laws 
under the guidance of under the guise of under the harrow 
under the ice under the influence of something under the instruction 
under the kourbash under the lee of a house under the load 
under the name of under the necessity under the necessity of something 
under the new law under the orders of under the patronage 
under the present agreement under the pretence of under the pretext of 
under the pretext that under the protection of under the reign 
under the rose under the same cover under the screen of night 
under the seal of confidence under the seal of secrecy under the seal of silence 
under the semblance under the shelter under the sod 
under the stress of poverty under the stress of weather under the sun 
under the supervision of someone under the table under the veil of 
under the weather under the wire under tutor 
under wraps underachieve underact 
underaction underage underbid 
underbred underbrush underbuy 
undercarriage undercharge underclass 
underclassman underclothes underclothing 
undercoat undercollar undercooked 
undercooling undercover undercover agent 
undercroft undercurrent undercut 
underdeveloped underdeveloped countries underdo 
underdog underdone underdose 
underemployment underestimate underestimating 
underestimation underexpose underexposure 
underfed underfeed underfoot 
undergarment undergo undergo an operation 
undergo trial undergrad undergraduate 
underground underground passage undergrowth 
underhand underhand intrigues underhanded 
underhung underlay underlet 
underlie underline underling 
underload underloading underlying 
undermanned undermentioned undermine 
undermine one's health undermine someone's reputation undermine the morale 
undermost underneath undernourish 
undernourishment underpaid underpants 
underpass underpay underpin 
underplay underplot underpopulated 
underpressure underprice underprivileged 
underproduce underproduction underproof 
underproof spirit underquote underrate 
underripe underscore undersea 
undersecretary undersell underset 
undersexed undershirt undersign 
undersized undersized object underskirt 
undersoil undersong understaffed 
understand understand each other understandable 
understandably understanding understate 
understatement understock understood 
understrapper understratum understudy 
undertake undertake a task undertake obligations 
undertake too much undertaker undertaking 
undertenant undertint undertone 
undertow undervalue undervest 
underwater underway underwear 
underwit underwood underwork 
underwork a machine underworld underworld language 
underwrite underwriter undescribably 
undeserved undeservedly undeserving 
undeserving of respect undesigned undesirable 
undetected undeterminable undetermined 
undeveloped undies undigested 
undigestible undignified undiluted 
undine undiplomatic undipped 
undischarged undisciplined undiscriminated 
undisguised undisposed undisputed 
undistinguishable undistinguished undisturbedly 
undiverted undivided undivided opinion 
undividedly undo undo a treaty 
undo the seam undock undoing 
undone undoubtable undoubted 
undoubtedly undraw undreamed of 
undreamt of undress undressed 
undressed leather undressed logs undressed wound 
undue undue haste undulant 
undulant fever undulate undulation 
unduly undyed undying 
undying glory unearned unearned income 
unearned increment unearned praise unearth 
unearth a mystery unearthly unearthly hour 
uneasiness uneasy uneatable 
unedited uneducated unemotional 
unemployed unemployment unemployment benefit 
unencumbered unending unendowed 
unendurable unenlightened unenlivened 
unenterprising unenviable unequable 
unequal unequal match unequal to the work 
unequalled unequally unequipped 
unequivocal unerring unerring judgement 
UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) unessential unethically 
uneven uneven surface unevenly 
unevenness uneventful uneventful life 
uneventfully unexamined unexampled 
unexcelled unexceptionable unexceptional 
unexecuted unexpected unexperienced 
unexplainable unexplainably unexplored 
unexpressed unexpressed enmity unfabled 
unfading unfailing unfailing friend 
unfair unfair player unfaithful 
unfaithfulness unfaltering unfaltering determination 
unfamiliar unfashionable unfasten 
unfasten one's coat unfastened unfathered 
unfathered theory unfathomable unfavorable 
unfavorably unfavored unfavourable 
unfavoured unfed unfeed 
unfeeling unfeigned unfeminine 
unfetter unfinished unfit 
unfit for table unfittingly unfix 
unflagging unflappable unflappable temperament 
unflecked unfleshed unfold 
unforbidden unforeseeable unforeseen 
unforeseen circumstance unforetold unforgettable 
unforgettably unforgivable unforgivably 
unforgiving unformed unformulated 
unfortunate unfortunately unfounded 
unfreeze unfrequented unfriended 
unfriendly unfrock unfulfilled 
unfunded unfunny unfurl 
unfurl one's banner unfurnished unga 
ungainly ungear unget at able 
ungirdle ungloved ungodly 
ungovernable ungraceful ungracious 
ungraciously ungrateful ungratefully 
unground buckwheat ungrounded ungrudging 
unguarded unguent ungulate 
unhackneyed unhallowed unhand 
unhandsome unhandy unhang 
unhappiness unhappy unhappy remark 
unharmed unharness unhealthy 
unhealthy complexion unhealthy occupation unheard 
unheard of unheeded unheeding 
unhesitating unhesitatingly unhewn 
unhinge unholy unholy row 
unhook unhoped for unhorse 
unhoused unhurried unhurt 
unhygienic uni unicameral 
UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) unicellular unicolorous 
unicorn unicorn fish unidentifiable 
unidentified unidentified flying object unification 
unified uniform uniform prices 
uniformed uniformity unify 
unifying unilateral unilateral disarmament 
unilaterally unimaginable unimaginative 
unimpaired unimpeachable unimpeded 
unimportance unimportant unimprovable 
unimproved unimproved opportunities uninfluenced 
uninfluential uninformed uninhabitable 
uninhabited uninhibited uninjured 
uninspected uninspired uninsured 
unintelligent unintelligible unintendedly 
unintentionally uninterested uninterruptable 
uninterrupted uninuclear uninventive 
uninvited uninviting uninvolved 
union union card union cloth 
union flag Union Jack union label 
union of hearts union shop union smashing 
union suit unionism unionist 
unionize unique unique feature 
uniqueness unironed unisex 
unisexual unison unit 
unit of length unit of time unit of work 
unit rule unitary unite 
united united actions united family 
united front United Kingdom United Nations 
United Nations Charter united nations general assembly United Nations Organization 
United States United States Marine Corps United States of America 
unities of time unity unity of purpose 
Univ. (university) univalve universal 
universal postal union universal suffrage Universal Time Coordinated 
universality universe university 
university administration unjoin unjust 
unjustifiable unjustness unkempt 
unkempt woman unkennel unkind 
unkindly unking unknowable 
unknown unknown quantity unknown soldier 
unknown warrior unkosher unlabored 
unlaboured unlace unlade 
unladen unladen weight unladen with anxieties 
unladylike unlatch unlawful 
unlawfulness unlay unlearn 
unlearned unleash unleash war 
unleavened unleavened bread unlegal 
unless unless and until unless otherwise qualified 
unlettered unlicked unlicked cub 
unlike unlike charges unlike poles 
unlike sings unlikely unlimited 
unlink unlit unlive 
unload unloading unlock 
unlooked for unloose unloosen 
unlovable unloved unlovely 
unlucky unmake unman 
unmanageable unmanly unmanned 
unmannerly unmapped unmarked 
unmarketable unmarried unmarrigeable 
unmask unmasker unmatched 
unmeaning unmeant unmeasurable 
unmeasured unmeet unmentionable 
unmentionables unmentioned unmerchantable 
unmerciful unmercifully unmerited 
unmethodical unmindful unmistakable 
unmistaken unmitigated unmitigated liar 
unmixed unmodified unmoor 
unmoral unmotivated unmounted 
unmoved unmurmuring unmusical 
unmuzzle unnamed unnatural 
unnaturally unnecessary unnerve 
unnoted unnoticed unnumbered 
unnurtured UNO (United Nations Organization) unobjectionable 
unobligated unobservant unobserved 
unobstructed unobstructed sight unobtainable 
unobtrusive unobtrusiveness unoccupied 
unoffending unoffensive unoffered 
unofficial unofficial strike unopposed 
unoriginal unorthodox unostentatious 
unowned unpack unpack a trunk 
unpaged unpaid unpaid for 
unpaid work unpaired unpalatable 
unparalleled unpardonable unpardonable intrusion 
unpardoned unparented unparliamentary 
unparliamentary language unpatriotic unpaved 
unpeg unpenetrable unpeople 
unperformed unpermitted unperson 
unpersuadable unpersuaded unperturbed 
unpick unpin unplaced 
unplait unpleasant unpleasant experience 
unpleasantly unpleasantness unplug 
unpoetic unpointed unpolished 
unpolitical unpolluted unpopular 
unposted unpractical unpractised 
unprecedented unpredictability unpredictable 
unpredictably unprefaced unprejudiced 
unpremeditated unprepared unprepossessed 
unprepossessing unpresentable unpretending 
unpretentious unpretentiousness unpriced 
unprincipled unprintable unprivileged 
unprocurable unproductive unproductive capital 
unprofessional unprofessional advice unprofitable 
unprohibited unpromising unprompted 
unpronounceable unproportional unprotected 
unprovable unproven unprovided 
unprovided for unprovoked unpublicized 
unpublished unpunishable unpunished 
unputdownable unqualified unqualified liar 
unqualified praise unqualified refusal unquenchable 
unquenchable thirst unquestionable unquestioned 
unquestioning unquestioning obedience unquiet 
unquotable unquote unquoted 
unravel unravel a mystery unrazored 
unreachable unread unreadable 
unready unreal unreality 
unrealizable unrealized unreason 
unreasonable unreasonable demand unreasoned 
unreciprocated unreclaimed unrecognizable 
unrecognized (Amer.) unreconcilable unrecorded 
unrecoverable unredeemed unreel 
unrefined unrefined manners unreflecting 
unregistered unregulated unrehearsed 
unrein unrelated unrelenting 
unreliable unrelieved unrelieved boredom 
unremitting unremitting toil unrepeatable 
unrepentant unrepresented unrequited 
unrequited love unreserve unreserved 
unreserved admiration unreservedly unresolved 
unresponsive unrest unresting 
unrestrained unrestrained laughter unrestraint 
unrestricted unrevenged unrewarded 
unrhythmical unriddle unrig 
unrighteous unrighteousness unrip 
unripe unripeness unrivalled 
unrivet unrobe unroll 
unroof unroot unround 
unroyal unruffled unruled 
unruly unruly locks unruly member 
unsaddle unsafe unsafely 
unsaid unsanitary unsatisfactorily 
unsatisfactory unsatisfied unsatisfied demand 
unsatisfying unsavory unsavoury 
unsay unsc unscalable 
unscathed unscheduled unschooled 
unschooled talent unscientific unscramble 
unscreened unscrew unscrupulous 
unscrupulousness unseal unseam 
unsearchable unseasonable unseasoned 
unseat unseat a government unseeing 
unseemly unseen unseen translation 
unselfconscious unselfish unselfishness 
unsensed unsettle unsettled 
unsettling unsex unshackle 
unshaded unshadowed unshakable 
unshakeable unshaken unshapely 
unshapely figure unshared unshaven 
unsheathe unsheathe the sword unsheathed his sword 
unshed unshed tears unsheltered 
unsheltered industries unshielded unship 
unshod unshoe unshorn 
unshrinkable unshrinking unshutter 
unsighted unsightly unsigned 
unsigned letter unsized unskilful 
unskilled unskilled labor unskilled work 
unskilled worker unsleeping unsmiling 
unsnarl unsociable unsocial 
unsold unsolder unsolicited 
unsolvable unsolved unsophisticated 
unsophisticatedly unsought unsound 
unsound arguments unsounded unsown 
unsparing unspeakable unspeakable joy 
unspeakable manners unspent unspoiled 
unspoken unsporting unsportsmanlike 
unspotted unsprung unstable 
unstable angina unstable equilibrium unstably 
unstained unstamped unstarched 
unstatutable unsteadily unsteady 
unstick unstirred unstitch 
unstop unstrained unstrap 
unstressed unstring unstrung 
unstudied unsubmissive unsubstantial 
unsubstantiated unsuccessful unsuccessfully 
unsuitable unsuited unsullied 
unsung unsunned unsure 
unsurely unsurpassable unsurpassed 
unsurprising unsusceptible unsuspected 
unsuspecting unsuspicious unswathe 
unswayed unswerving unsworn 
unsympathetic unsystematic untactfully 
untalanted untalented untameable 
untamed untangle untanned 
untapped untaught untaxed 
unteachable untempted untenable 
untenantable unthankful unthinkable 
unthinking unthread unthrifty 
unthrone untidiness untidy 
untie untight until 
until further notice until now until the end 
untile untimely untiringly 
unto untold untold wealth 
untouchable untouchables untouched 
untoward untraditional untrained 
untrammelled untrammelled right untransferable 
untranslatable untranslated untreated 
untried untrimmed untrodden 
untroubled untrue untrue to type 
untrustworthy untruth untruthful 
untuck untune untutored 
untwine untwist unusable 
unused unusual unutilized 
unutterable unvalued unvarnished 
unvarnished truth unvarying unveil 
unveil a secret unventilated unverified 
unversed unvoice unvoiced 
unvote unwanted unwarned 
unwarranted unwary unwashed 
unwatched unwavering unwearied 
unwearying unweave unwed 
unweighted unwelcome unwell 
unwept unwholesome unwieldy 
unwilled unwilling unwillingly 
unwillingness unwind unwinking 
unwisdom unwise unwished 
unwitnessed unwitting unwittingly 
unwonted unworkable unworkmanlike 
unworldly unworn unworthiness 
unworthy unwrap unwrap oneself 
unwritten unwritten law unyielding 
unyoke unyoked unzip 
up up a gum up a tree 
up against something up and coming up and down 
up country up for grabs up hill and down dale 
up in arms up stroke up the hill 
up the pole up the river up the spout 
up the steps up the street up the wind 
up to up to date up to now 
up to one's knees up to par up to scratch 
up to standard up to the chin up to the ears 
up to the elbows in work up to the eye in debt up to the eye in work 
up to the hilt up to the knocker up to the mark 
up to the minute up to the neck up to the nines 
up to there up train up with 
upas upas tree upbear 
upbeat upbraid upbringing 
upbuild upbuilding upcast 
upchuck upcoming update 
updated updo upend 
upgrade upgrowth upheaval 
upheave uphill uphill task 
uphold uphold the view upholder 
upholster upholstered upholsterer 
upholstery UPI (United Press International) upkeep 
upland uplift upmost 
upon upon a closer view upon a fair balance 
upon compulsion upon condition upon my life 
upon my sam upon my soul upon my word 
upon one's conscience upon someone's heels upon the anvil 
upon the look upon the whole upper 
upper branches of tree upper case upper circle 
upper class upper crust Upper House 
upper middle class upper reaches upper servants 
upper storey upper ten upper thousand 
upper works uppercase uppercut 
uppermost uppers uppish 
uppity upraise uprear 
upright upright piano uprightly 
uprightness uprise uprising 
uproar uproarious uproot 
uprooting uprooting a tree ups and downs 
upset upset price upset someone's applecart 
upset someone's plans upshot upside 
upside down upspring upstage 
upstair upstairs upstanding 
upstanding children upstart upstate 
upstream upsurge upsurge of anger 
upsweep upswing uptake 
upthrow uptight uptown 
upturn upturned UPU (Universal Postal Union) 
upward upward movement upward of 
upwards upwards of upwind 
uraemia Ural ural altaic 
uranium uranium reactor Uranus 
urban urban guerilla urban population 
urban sprawl urbane urbanite 
urbanity urbanization urbanize (Amer.) 
urchin Urdu urea 
ureter urethra urethritis 
urethrotomy urge urge on 
urge something upon someone urgency urgent 
urgently uric urinal 
urinalysis urinary urinate 
urination urine urinology 
urn urogenital urologic 
urologist urology urotropin 
Ursa Major Ursa Minor ursine 
Uruguay Uruguayan US (United States) 
us USA (United States of America) usability 
usable usaec USAF (United States Air Force) 
usage usance usbs 
USD (United States Dollar) use use a new angle on something 
use a steam to crack nuts use and wont use cunning 
use foul language use freedoms with someone use one's brains 
use one's discretion use one's locomotives use one's wits 
use perfume use scent use someone like a dog 
use the stove use up use your loaf 
useable used used books 
used car used to used up 
useful useful arts useful effect 
usefulness useless useless debate 
uselessness user user friendly 
usher usher in usherette 
usia using USMC (United States Marine Corps) 
USN (United States Navy) usquebaugh USS (United States ship) 
USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) usu (usually) usual 
usual proceeding usual thing usually 
usufruct usufructuary usurer 
usurious usurp usurpation 
usurper usury Utah 
utensil utensils uterine 
uterine brother uterus utile 
utilise utilitarian utilitarianism 
utilities utility utility man 
utility room utilization utilize 
utmost utmost secrecy utopia 
Utopian utopian utricle 
utter utter a lie utter barrister 
utter darkness utter scoundrel utterance 
uttered utterly utterly ruined 
uttermost UV (ultraviolet) uvula 
uvular uxorious Uzbek 
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