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I agree i am 7 months pregnant 
i am a banker i am a businessman i am a businesswoman 
i am a housewife i am a lesbian i am a manager 
i am a programmer i am a student i am a teacher 
i am a transit passenger to london i am a worker i am all the better for it 
i am alone i am an engineer i am bewildered 
i am car sick i am constipated i am diabetic 
i am divorced i am from the usa i am in a hurry 
i am interested in fishing i am interested in hunting i am leaving in the afternoon 
i am leaving in the evening i am leaving in the morning i am leaving on friday 
i am leaving on monday i am leaving on saturday i am leaving on sunday 
i am leaving on thursday i am leaving on tuesday i am leaving on wednesday 
i am leaving tomorrow i am married i am on a business trip 
i am on a diet i am on business i am on my own 
i am on vacation i am paying for everyone i am pleased to do so 
i am pregnant i am seasick i am single 
i am sorry to have kept you waiting i am taking this medicine i am with a group 
i am with my aunt i am with my boyfriend i am with my brother 
i am with my children i am with my daughter i am with my family 
i am with my father i am with my fiance i am with my fiancee 
i am with my girlfriend i am with my husband i am with my mother 
i am with my nephew i am with my niece i am with my parents 
i am with my sister i am with my son i am with my uncle 
i am with my wife i banged my head i banged my knee 
i beg of you not to do that i beg of you to do that i beg to be excused 
i beg to differ i beg to say I beg your pardon 
i believe the bill is added up wrong i can`t afford to buy this i can`t find my passport anywhere 
i can`t find my suitcase i confirmed the reservation in paris i could not care less 
i didn`t catch your name i didn`t mean that i didn`t order this 
i didn`t receive the claim tag when i checked in i didn`t see the sign i dislocated my arm 
i dislocated my toe i do not speak your language i don`t drink much 
i don`t feel well i don`t give a hoot i don`t have any baggage 
I don`t know i don`t know who did that I don`t mind 
i don`t think so i don`t understand i enjoyed myself today, thank you 
i feel a little better i feel blue i feel dizzy 
i feel faint i feel for him i feel ill 
i feel like throwing up i feel nauseous i feel out of sorts 
i feel sick i fell down the stairs i find it a little expensive 
i forgot my wallet i get headaches often i get off at the next stop 
i got the wrong number i had the right of way i have 500 dollars in traveler`s checks 
i have a back pain i have a blister i have a boil 
i have a bruise i have a burn i have a cold 
i have a contagious disease i have a cut i have a fever 
i have a flat tire i have a fracture i have a graze 
i have a headache i have a lump i have a pain in my arm 
i have a pain in my back i have a pain in my chest i have a pain in my head 
i have a pain in my leg i have a pain in my side i have a pain in my stomach 
i have a pain in my throat i have a pain near my heart i have a problem in my room 
i have a rash i have a reaction to novocaine i have a reservation 
i have a runny nose i have a stomach ache i have a strain 
i have a stuffy nose i have a swelling i have a temperature 
i have a toothache i have a wound i have already paid 
i have an upset stomach i have asthma i have broken my arm 
i have broken my leg i have bronchitis i have constipation 
i have diarrhea i have five carry on pieces i have food poisoning 
i have hemorrhoids i have high blood pressure i have it 
i have made a reservation I have no idea i have not the foggiest idea 
i have nothing to declare i have pneumonia i have previously received treatment for an ulcer 
i have something in my eye i have the chills i have the flu 
i haven`t seen anything i hope you`ll get better soon i know you`re upset 
i like swimming i lost my baggage i lost my contact lenses 
i lost my glasses i lost my passport i lost my purse 
i lost my ticket i lost my wallet i lost one of my contact lenses 
i lost weight i make a bet i missed the train 
i need a deposit slip i need a flash card for this camera i need a medical consultation 
i need a new battery i need a new fan belt i need a pen 
i need a piece of writing paper i need a sd card for this camera i need a smart media card for this camera 
i need a stamp i need a withdrawal slip i need an english french dictionary 
i need an english speaking lawyer i need an envelope i need an interpreter 
i need an mmc card for this camera i need change i need diesel 
i need gas i need it by 7 o`clock i need new spark plugs 
i need regular i need super i need them the day after tomorrow 
i need them tomorrow i need them tonight i need this to be dry cleaned 
i need this to be ironed i need this to be washed i need to call my friends 
i need to call my lawyer i need to call my relatives i need to call the embassy 
i need to have some x rays taken i need to see a dentist i need unleaded 
i only have articles for personal use i plan to go sightseeing i plan to stay 2 weeks 
i prefer a large car i prefer a seat by the window i prefer a simpler style 
i prefer a small car i prefer automatic transmission i prefer to go by boat 
i prefer to go by bus i prefer to go by plane i prefer to go by train 
i reserved a double bed, but i got a twin i see i sprained my ankle 
i stopped you for speeding I swear i think it was your fault 
i think some of these photos are underexposed i think this is my seat i took these pills 
i treat you to dinner this evening i tripped on the steps i twisted my ankle 
i usually use diesel fuel i usually use gasoline i want 
i want a new haircut i want an english speaking guide i want large bills, please 
i want my initials on this i want my name on this i want my surname on this 
i want small bills, please i want something in cotton i want something in denim 
i want something in lace i want something in leather i want something in linen 
i want something in ramie i want something in wool i want to be alone 
i want to buy a battery i want to buy a hair dryer i want to buy a plug 
i want to buy an adapter i want to buy an electric shaver i want to buy an epilator 
i want to buy an extension cord i want to cancel this ticket i want to eat the best local food 
i want to exchange american dollars for euros i want to find a house for rent i want to find an apartment for rent 
i want to go sightseeing i want to have a skin treatment i want to leave one day earlier 
i want to make a collect call i want to make a credit card call i want to make a person to person call 
i want to make an international call i want to order some drinks i want to order something to eat 
i want to purchase a small souvenir i want to purchase a special gift i want to rent a bicycle 
i want to rent a car i want to rent a car with a driver i want to rent a motor scooter 
i want to rent a motorcycle i want to rent a van i want to report a mugging 
i want to report a rape i want to report an accident i want to report an attack 
i want to see a stopwatch i want to withdraw 1,000 us dollars i was bitten 
i was hit by a car i was robbed of my purse on the subway i was stripped of my passport 
i will come back later i will pay the bill i will stay 2 nights 
i will stay till june 15 I wish i wish you many years of happiness 
i won`t go with you i won`t stand between them i wonder if there will be a storm 
i would like i would like a 24 exposure film i would like a belt to match this blouse 
i would like a black and white film i would like a bottle of aspirin i would like a bottle of brandy 
i would like a bottle of sherry i would like a bottle of vodka i would like a bottle of whisky 
i would like a bottle of white wine i would like a bottle of wine i would like a bouquet of red roses 
i would like a box of chocolates i would like a bubble blower i would like a building bucket 
i would like a business suit i would like a chess set i would like a clearly marked map of this town 
i would like a color film i would like a continental breakfast i would like a cup of coffee 
i would like a cup of tea i would like a custom made suit i would like a dinnerware set 
i would like a doll i would like a dollhouse i would like a dress suit 
i would like a drink i would like a film for an 8 millimeter movie camera i would like a gym suit 
i would like a lighter i would like a notebook i would like a pack of cigarettes 
i would like a pail and a shovel i would like a pair of cufflinks i would like a pair of gloves 
i would like a pair of jeans i would like a pair of lightweight summer shoes i would like a pair of pajamas 
i would like a pair of pants i would like a pair of sandals i would like a pair of shorts 
i would like a pair of sneakers i would like a pair of sunglasses i would like a pen 
i would like a pencil i would like a pencil sharpener i would like a play set 
i would like a room i would like a room with two beds i would like a ruler 
i would like a silk scarf to match this blouse i would like a snack i would like a table for two 
i would like a table in a non smoking area i would like a table in a smoking area i would like a taxi in an hour 
i would like a teddy bear i would like a three piece suit i would like a two piece suit 
i would like a writing pad i would like an electronic game i would like an envelope 
i would like an eraser i would like an interesting game for a boy i would like an oil change, please 
i would like earphones for the movie i would like just a salad i would like my legs waxed 
i would like one pound of assorted chocolates i would like scotch tape i would like some cigars 
i would like some flashbulbs i would like some matches i would like some paperclips 
i would like some thumbtacks i would like some tobacco i would like these photographs enlarged 
i would like three prints of each i would like to buy a cd i would like to buy a detective story in english 
i would like to buy a drama in english i would like to buy a dvd i would like to buy a fantasy novel in english 
i would like to buy a guidebook i would like to buy a historical novel in english i would like to buy a map of the city 
i would like to buy a mystery novel in english i would like to buy a pocket dictionary i would like to buy a tape 
i would like to buy a videotape i would like to buy an adventure story in english i would like to buy an easy reading in english 
i would like to cancel my ticket to paris i would like to cash this traveler`s check i would like to do smth 
i would like to go somewhere to relax i would like to have a couple of 40 watt bulbs i would like to have a facial 
i would like to have a haircut i would like to have a hairdo i would like to have a manicure 
i would like to have a massage i would like to have a pedicure i would like to have a picture book for a five year old child 
i would like to have a shampoo i would like to have a shave i would like to have a souvenir of the town 
i would like to have a tooth filled i would like to have a waxing i would like to have breakfast in my cabin 
i would like to have my hair colored i would like to have my hair curled i would like to have my hair cut 
i would like to have my hair straightened i would like to have my hair styled i would like to have my hair washed 
i would like to have my nails done i would like to have my nails painted i would like to have my nails polished 
i would like to have my scalp massaged i would like to have ten gallons i would like to have ten liters 
i would like to have this monogrammed i would like to have this washed i would like to meet you in the lobby 
i would like to open an account i would like to pay now, please i would like to put some valuables in the safe deposit box 
i would like to reserve a seat in the non smoking section i would like to reserve a seat in the smoking section i would like to see 
i would like to see a camera i would like to see a cd player i would like to see a dvd player 
i would like to see a gold bracelet i would like to see a gold brooch i would like to see a gold chain 
i would like to see a gold pendant i would like to see a gold pin i would like to see a gold ring 
i would like to see a gold watch i would like to see a good pipe i would like to see a hand woven rug 
i would like to see a lady`s ring i would like to see a leather watch strap i would like to see a lighter shade 
i would like to see a pair of men`s shoes i would like to see a practical set of luggage i would like to see a tape recorder 
i would like to see a video camera i would like to see a video player i would like to see a video recorder 
i would like to see a wedding ring i would like to see gold earrings i would like to see some beer mugs 
i would like to see some coloring books i would like to see some electrical toys i would like to see some learning toys 
i would like to see some musical toys i would like to see some plastic toys i would like to see some talking toys 
i would like to see some wine glasses i would like to see the town`s old quarter i would like to see this necklace 
i would like to try both of them on i would like to try out the car i would like to try some stronger glasses 
i would like two bars of black chocolate i would like two bars of dark chocolate i would like two bars of milk chocolate 
i would like two bars of plain chocolate i would like two bars of white chocolate i would like two business class tickets 
i would prefer a furnished apartment i would prefer one in 18 carat gold i would rather 
i would recommend that you take this one i`d like a battery i`d like a bracelet 
i`d like a brooch i`d like a camera case i`d like a chain 
i`d like a clock i`d like a cosy room i`d like a deluxe room 
i`d like a double room i`d like a game for a small child i`d like a half dozen of eggs 
i`d like a leather belt i`d like a leather briefcase i`d like a leather handbag 
i`d like a leather purse i`d like a leather wallet i`d like a lens 
i`d like a lens cap i`d like a map of the bicycle paths in this region i`d like a map of the walking trails in this region 
i`d like a necklace i`d like a pendant i`d like a phone card for 20 minutes 
i`d like a pin i`d like a pound of apples i`d like a pound of bananas 
i`d like a pound of cherries i`d like a pound of chicken breasts i`d like a pound of peaches 
i`d like a pound of pork chops i`d like a pound of potatoes i`d like a pound of salami 
i`d like a pound of tomatoes i`d like a refill, please i`d like a ring 
i`d like a room with a balcony i`d like a room with a bathtub i`d like a room with a double bed 
i`d like a room with a king bed i`d like a room with a shower i`d like a room with a telephone 
i`d like a room with a toilet i`d like a room with a tv set i`d like a short cut 
i`d like a single room i`d like a toy for a small child i`d like a watch 
i`d like a window seat, please i`d like an aisle seat, please i`d like an appointment for 8 a.m. tomorrow 
i`d like an interpreter i`d like another cup of tea i`d like coins of all sizes, please 
i`d like my valuables back i`d like some coffee, please i`d like some earrings 
i`d like some of that i`d like some tea, please i`d like this roll developed 
i`d like to cancel my reservation i`d like to change my reservation i`d like to change my room 
i`d like to confirm my reservation i`d like to deposit some money i`d like to eat 
i`d like to extend my stay for a few days i`d like to get off here, please i`d like to go to a japanese restaurant 
i`d like to have a new hairdo i`d like to have it today i`d like to insure this, please 
i`d like to make a call to new york i`d like to make a car insurance claim i`d like to make an appointment 
i`d like to make an appointment for a haircut i`d like to order a meal i`d like to order breakfast for tomorrow 
i`d like to pay i`d like to pick up my photos i`d like to place an order 
i`d like to rent a four door car i`d like to rent a larger boat i`d like to rent a two bedroom apartment 
i`d like to rent a two door car i`d like to rent this car for two days i`d like to reserve a deck chair 
i`d like to reserve a seat on this plane i`d like to reserve a table for two i`d like to return this 
i`d like to see a doctor i`d like to see the menu i`d like to send a message by e mail 
i`d like to send a message by fax i`d like to send a wire i`d like to send this baggage to london 
i`d like to send this by airmail i`d like to send this by express post i`d like to send this by registered mail 
i`d like to send this by special delivery i`d like to send this package to london i`d like to try it on 
i`d like to withdraw some money i`d like two bags, please i`d like two bars, please 
i`d like two bottles, please i`d like two boxes, please i`d like two cans, please 
i`d like two jars, please i`d like two packs, please i`d like two pieces, please 
i`d like two slices, please i`d like you to file and shape my nails i`d love to 
i`ll call again later i`ll call the police i`ll come back for it 
i`ll get the tickets i`ll have a gin and tonic i`ll have a steak with baked potatoes 
i`ll have a steak with fried potatoes i`ll have a steak with mashed potatoes i`ll have him call you back 
i`ll have the same thing i`ll have this i`ll have whatever you recommend 
i`ll just have a chicken sandwich i`ll just have a ham sandwich i`ll just have a roast beef sandwich 
i`ll pay by credit card i`ll pay cash i`ll pick you up at 7 o`clock 
i`ll say that you called i`ll send you a copy i`ll stay here for 2 days 
i`ll stay here for a couple of weeks i`ll stay here for a month i`ll stay here for a week 
i`ll stay here for a year i`ll take this i`ll take this room for a night 
i`ll take this room for a week i`ll treat you to a drink i`m a foreigner 
i`m a tourist i`m afraid it can`t be fixed I`m afraid not 
i`m afraid this tie is too plain i`m afraid you`re mistaken i`m allergic 
i`m allergic to antibiotics i`m allergic to penicillin i`m checking out 
i`m disabled i`m epileptic i`m farsighted 
i`m feeling a little drunk i`m glad to see you again i`m in transit for new york 
i`m interested in european art i`m just looking around i`m looking for 
i`m looking for a compact camera i`m looking for a digital camera i`m looking for a disposable camera 
i`m looking for a small piece of jewelry i`m looking for an automatic camera i`m looking for paintings by well known french artists 
i`m looking for something in beige i`m looking for something in black i`m looking for something in green 
i`m looking for something in white i`m looking forward to seeing you again i`m lost 
i`m nearsighted i`m not allergic to any drugs i`m not interested 
i`m not ready to order yet i`m not sure i`m ready to order now 
i`m really grateful to you i`m running out of gas i`m shivering 
i`m sorry, all tables are taken now i`m sorry, but it is the last one i`m sorry, i didn`t catch you 
i`m sorry, this isn`t my signature i`m sorry, you have the wrong number i`m still waiting for the breakfast i ordered 
i`m suffering from insomnia i`m very much obliged to you i`m very seasick 
i`ve been attacked i`ve been raped i`ve been robbed 
i`ve enjoyed my stay i`ve got a bad case of athlete`s foot i`ve got a heart problem 
i`ve got a sore throat i`ve had that test done before i`ve locked my keys in the car 
i`ve lost a filling i`ve lost a lot of blood i`ve lost a tooth 
i`ve lost my bearings i`ve lost my ticket i`ve lost my way 
i`ve missed a period i`ve never had this disease before i`ve never used drugs 
i.e iamb iambic 
iambus Iberian ibex 
ice ice axe ice cold 
ice hockey ice lolly ice pack 
ice rink ice skate ice storm 
iceberg icebound icebox 
icecream iced iced tea 
icehouse Iceland Icelandic 
icepick ichneumon ichor 
ichthyologist ichthyology ichthyophagous 
ichthyosaurus icicle icily 
icing icing sugar icon 
iconic iconoclast iconography 
iconoscope icteric icterus 
icy ID (identification) ID card 
idea ideal idealism 
idealist idealistic idealization (Amer.) 
idealize (Amer.) ideally ideation 
ideational idem identical 
identification identified identify 
identify oneself identify oneself with identikit 
identity identity card ideogram 
ideograph ideographic ideological 
ideologist ideology idiocy 
idiom idiomatic idiot 
idiotic idle idle gossip 
idle talk idleness idler 
idling idly idol 
idolater idolatress idolatrous 
idolatry idolize (Amer.) idyl 
idyll idyllic if 
if i had known if i were you if necessary 
if so if you don`t mind if you please 
iffy igloo igneous 
ignite igniter ignition 
ignobility ignoble ignominious 
ignominy ignoramus ignorance 
ignorant ignore ignored 
ignoring ikon ilex 
iliac ill ill at ease 
ill bred ill disposed ill fated 
ill gotten ill gotten gains ill humor 
ill mannered ill omened ill starred 
ill timed ill treat ill will 
ill wisher illation illegal 
illegality illegible illegitimacy 
illegitimate illegitimate child illiberal 
illicit illimitable illiteracy 
illiterate illness illogical 
illogicality illuminate illuminated 
illuminated manuscript illuminating illumination 
illumine illusion illusionist 
illusive illusory illustrate 
illustration illustrative illustrious 
im image imagery 
imaginable imaginary imagination 
imaginative imagine imagined 
imago imam imbalance 
imbecile imbecilic imbecility 
imbibe imbibition imbricate 
imbroglio imbrue imbue 
imitate imitation imitation jewelry 
imitation leather imitative imitator 
imitators immaculacy immaculate 
immaculately immanence immanent 
immaterial immateriality immature 
immaturity immeasurability immeasurable 
immeasurably immediacy immediate 
immediately immedicable immemorial 
immense immensely immenseness 
immensity immerse immersed 
immersion immersion heater immigrant 
immigrate immigration imminence 
imminent immobile immobility 
immobilize (Amer.) immoderate immoderately 
immodest immodesty immolate 
immolation immoral immorality 
immortal immortality immortalization (Amer.) 
immortalize (Amer.) immovability immovable 
immovables immune immunity 
immunization (Amer.) immunize (Amer.) immunology 
immure immutability immutable 
imp impact impair 
impairment impale impalpability 
impalpable impart imparted 
impartial impartiality impartially 
impassable impasse impassible 
impassion impassioned impassive 
impassivity impaste impatience 
impatient impeach impeach of smth 
impeachment impeccability impeccable 
impecunious impedance impede 
impediment impediment of speech impedimenta 
impel impellent impeller 
impend impend over impendence 
impending impenetrability impenetrable 
impenitent impenitently imperative 
imperceptible imperfect imperfection 
imperial imperialism imperialist 
imperialistic imperil imperious 
imperishable impermanent impermeability 
impermeable impersonal impersonality 
impersonate impersonation impersonator 
impertinence impertinent imperturbability 
imperturbable impervious impetigo 
impetuosity impetuous impetus 
impiety impinge impious 
impish implacability implacable 
implant implantation implanting 
implausible implement implementation 
implementer implementing implicate 
implicated implication implicit 
implicitly implied implore 
implored imploring imploringly 
imply implying impolicy 
impolite impolite person impoliteness 
impolitic imponderable imponderables 
import importance important 
importation imported imported beer 
importer imports importunate 
importune importunity impose 
impose oneself impose restrictions on imposed 
imposing imposition impossibility 
impossible impost impostor 
imposture impotence impotent 
impound impoverish impoverished 
impracticability impracticable impractical 
impracticality imprecate imprecation 
impregnability impregnable impregnate 
impregnated impregnation impresario 
impress impression impressionability 
impressionable impressionism impressionist 
impressionistic impressive impressiveness 
impressment imprimatur imprint 
imprison imprisoned imprisonment 
improbability improbable impromptu 
improper improper conduct impropriety 
improve improved improvement 
improver improvidence improvident 
improving improvisation improvisator 
improvise improvised imprudence 
imprudent impudence impudent 
impugn impulse impulsion 
impulsive impulsively impulsiveness 
impunity impure impurity 
imputation impute in 
in a bad temper in a bad way in a body 
in a certain sense in a couple of minutes in a jiffy 
in a measure in a nutshell in a seductive way 
in a short time in a state in a stew 
in a trice in a velvet glove in a way 
in absentia in accord in accordance with 
in action in addition to in advance 
in agreement in all in all probability 
in an hour in ancient times in anticipation 
in any case in any event in apple pie order 
in appreciation in bad faith in bloom 
in brief in broad daylight in bud 
in bulk in cahoots in camera 
in care to you in case in case of need 
in case of smth in cash in charge of 
in circulation in common in comparison with 
in conclusion in conformity in connection with 
in deep water in default of in demand 
in detail in disguise in distress 
in disuse in doubt in due course 
in due season in earnest in eclipse 
in effect in error in evidence 
in exchange for in existence in expectancy 
in extremis in fact in favor of 
in fighting trim in file in flames 
in force in front of in full 
in full force in full steam in full swing 
in future in general in good order 
in good shape in good time in hand 
in harmony in high dudgeon in high spirits 
in himself in his element in his right mind 
in indian file in it in its infancy 
in itself in jest in law 
in lieu of in light of in loco parentis 
in love in love with in memory of 
in my humble opinion in my line in my opinion 
in need in no time in no way 
in one word in one`s best in one`s birthday suit 
in one`s cups in open court in opposition to 
in order in order of the boot in order that 
in order to in order to see better in paperback 
in parallel in particular in passing 
in person in pieces in place of 
in play in pocket in point of fact 
in power in practice in prime condition 
in principle in process in progress 
in prospect in public in pursuance of 
in queer street in question in refined manner 
in request in respect of in return 
in reverse in reverse order in secrecy 
in short in short supply in sight 
in single file in so far as in specie 
in spite of in state in step 
in stock in strict confidence in sum 
in the afternoon in the air in the bag 
in the best manner in the better conditions in the black 
in the bud in the cart in the dead of winter 
in the doghouse in the end in the extreme 
in the face of in the first flight in the first instance 
in the flesh in the fullness of time in the fulness of time 
in the future in the long run in the main 
in the midst in the midst of in the money 
in the near future in the nick of time in the nude 
in the pink in the prime of life in the red 
in the same boat in the secret in the short run 
in the swim in the thick of it in the town 
in the van in the wake of in the way 
in the wind in theory in these days 
in this regard in time in transit 
in trouble in tune in twelve hours 
in undisciplined manner in vain in view of 
in which aisle can i find coffee in which direction should i go inability 
inaccessible inaccuracy inaccurate 
inaction inactive inactivity 
inadequacy inadequate inadmissibility 
inadmissible inadvertence inadvertency 
inadvertent inadvisable inalienable 
inamorata inane inanimate 
inanimation inanition inanity 
inapplicable inapposite inappreciable 
inapprehensible inappropriate inapt 
inaptitude inarticulate inartistic 
inasmuch inasmuch as inattention 
inattentive inattentiveness inaudibility 
inaudible inaugural inaugurate 
inaugurated inauguration inauspicious 
inborn inbreathe inbred 
incalculable incandesce incandescence 
incandescent incantation incantational 
incapability incapable incapacitate 
incapacitated incapacity incarcerate 
incarceration incarnate incarnation 
incautious incendiarism incendiary 
incendiary bomb incense incensory 
incentive incept inception 
inceptive incertitude incessant 
incest incestuous inch 
inchoate incidence incidence of a disease 
incident incidental incidentally 
incinerate incinerating incineration 
incinerator incipience incipient 
incise incised incision 
incisive incisor incitation 
incite incitement inciting 
incivility inclement inclination 
incline inclined inclinometer 
inclose inclosed include 
included including inclusion 
inclusive inclusively incognito 
incoherence incoherent incombustibility 
incombustible income income tax 
incomer incoming incomings 
incommensurable incommensurate incommode 
incommodious incommunicable incommunicative 
incommutable incompact incomparable 
incompatibility incompatible incompatible with 
incompetence incompetent incomplete 
incomprehensible incomprehension incompressible 
incomputable inconceivable inconclusive 
incongruity incongruous inconsequence 
inconsequent inconsequential inconsiderable 
inconsiderate inconsistency inconsistent 
inconsolable inconsonant inconspicuous 
inconstancy inconstant incontestable 
incontinence incontinent incontinently 
incontrovertibility incontrovertible inconvenience 
inconvenient inconvertible incorporate 
incorporated incorporation incorporeal 
incorrect incorrigible incorrodible 
incorruptibility incorruptible increase 
increasing incredibility incredible 
incredulity incredulous increment 
incriminate incrimination incriminatory 
incrust incrustation incubate 
incubated incubation incubative 
incubator incubus inculcate 
inculcation inculpable inculpate 
incumbency incumbent incur 
incurable incurious incursion 
indebted indebtedness indecency 
indecent indecision indecisive 
indeclinable indecomposable indecorous 
indecorum indeed indefatigable 
indefensible indefensibly indefinite 
indelible indelible pencil indelibly 
indelicacy indelicate indemnification 
indemnify indemnity indent 
indentation indented indention 
indenture independence independent 
independent counsel independent prosecutor indescribable 
indestructibility indestructible indeterminable 
indeterminate index index finger 
indexed India Indian 
Indian file Indian ink indicate 
indicated indication indicative 
indicator indict indicted 
indictment indifference indifferent 
indifferently indigence indigenous 
indigent indigestible indigestion 
indignant indignation indignity 
indigo indirect indirectly 
indiscernible indiscipline indiscreet 
indiscretion indiscriminate indiscriminately 
indiscrimination indispensable indispose 
indisposed indisposition indisputability 
indisputable indisputably indissoluble 
indistinct indistinctive indistinguishable 
indium individual individualism 
individualist individualistic individuality 
individualize (Amer.) indivisibility indivisible 
Indo China indo european indocile 
indoctrinate indoctrination indolence 
indolent indomitable Indonesia 
Indonesian indoor indoors 
indorse indorsement indraft 
indubitable induce induce to abstain 
induce to speak inducement induct 
inductance inductile induction 
inductive inductor indulge 
indulgence indulgent indulgently 
indurate induration industrial 
industrial accident industrial action industrial stock 
industrial stocks industrialist industrialization (Amer.) 
industrialize (Amer.) industrially industrious 
industriously industry indwelling 
inebriant inebriate inebriated 
inebriation inebriety inedible 
ineducable ineffable ineffaceable 
ineffective ineffectual inefficacious 
inefficacy inefficiency inefficient 
inelastic inelegance inelegant 
ineligible inept ineptitude 
ineptness inequality inequilateral 
inequitable inequity ineradicable 
inert inertia inertness 
inescapable inessential inestimable 
inevitability inevitable inexact 
inexactitude inexactness inexcusable 
inexhaustible inexorability inexorable 
inexpediency inexpedient inexpensive 
inexperience inexperienced inexpert 
inexplicable inexplicit inexpressible 
inexpressive inexpugnable inextinguishable 
inextricable infallibility infallible 
infamous infamy infancy 
infant infant prodigy infant school 
infanta infante infanticide 
infantile infantile paralysis infantry 
infantry battalion infantryman infarct 
infatuate infatuated infatuation 
infect infected infection 
infectious infective infelicitous 
infelicity infer inference 
inferior inferiority infernal 
inferno infertile infertility 
infest infestation infidel 
infidelity infiltrate infiltrating 
infiltration infiltrator infinite 
infinitesimal infinitive infinitude 
infinity infirm infirmary 
infirmity infix inflame 
inflamed inflammability inflammable 
inflammation inflammatory inflate 
inflated inflating inflation 
inflationary inflect inflection 
inflective inflexibility inflexible 
inflexion inflexional inflict 
infliction inflorescence inflow 
inflowing influence influenced 
influential influenza influx 
infold inform inform against 
informal informality informant 
information informational informative 
informed informer infraction 
infrastructure infrequent infringe 
infringement infuriate infuriated 
infuriating infuse infusible 
infusion infusorial ingathering 
ingenious ingeniousness ingenuity 
ingenuous ingest ingestion 
inglorious ingoing ingot 
ingrain ingrained ingrate 
ingratiate ingratiate oneself ingratiating 
ingratiatingly ingratitude ingredient 
ingress ingrowing ingrown 
inguinal inhabit inhabitance 
inhabitancy inhabitant inhabitation 
inhabitedness inhalant inhalation 
inhale inhaler inharmonic 
inharmonious inhere inherence 
inherent inherit inheritage 
inheritance inheritance tax inherited 
inheritor inhibit inhibition 
inhibitor inhibitory inhospitable 
inhuman inhumane inhumanity 
inhumation inhume inhumed 
inimical inimitable iniquitous 
iniquity initial initialize (Amer.) 
initially initials initiate 
initiation initiative initiator 
initiatory inject injected 
injection injector injudicious 
injunction injure injured 
injurious injury injustice 
ink inkling inkstand 
inkwell inky inlaid 
inland inlay inlet 
inmate inmost inn 
innards innate inner 
inner ear inner sole inner tube 
innermost innervate inning 
innings innkeeper innocence 
innocent innocently innocuous 
innovate innovated innovation 
innovator innuendo innumerable 
inoculate inoculated inoculation 
inoffensive inoperable inoperative 
inopportune inordinate inorganic 
inosculate input inquest 
inquietude inquire inquire about 
inquire after him inquire into inquiring 
inquiry inquisition inquisitional 
inquisitive inquisitiveness inquisitor 
inroad inrush insalubrious 
insane insanely insanitary 
insanity insatiability insatiable 
insatiate inscribe inscribed 
inscriber inscription inscrutability 
inscrutable insect insect bite 
insecticide insectivorous insecure 
insecurity inseminate insemination 
insensate insensibility insensible 
insensitive insensitivity inseparability 
inseparable insert insert in a newspaper 
inserted insertion inset 
inshore inside insider 
insidious insight insignia 
insignificance insignificancy insignificant 
insignificantly insincere insincerely 
insincerity insinuate insinuating 
insinuatingly insinuation insipid 
insipidity insipidness insist 
insistence insistent insisting 
insolation insole insolence 
insolent insolubility insoluble 
insolvency insolvent insomnia 
insomniac insomuch insomuch as 
insouciance insouciant inspect 
inspected inspection inspector 
inspectorate inspiration inspire 
inspire with inspired inspirer 
inspiring inspirit inspissate 
instability install installation 
installed installment instalment 
instance instancy instant 
instant coffee instantaneous instantly 
instead instead of instep 
instigate instigating instigation 
instigator instill instillation 
instinct instinctive instinctively 
institute instituted institution 
institutionalized (Amer.) instruct instruction 
instructional instructions instructive 
instructor instrument instrumental 
instrumentalism instrumentalist instrumentation 
insubordinate insubordination insubstantial 
insufferable insufficiency insufficient 
insufflate insufflation insufflator 
insulant insular insularity 
insulate insulation insulator 
insulin insult insulted 
insulting insuperable insuppressible 
insurance insurance fund insurance premium 
insure insured insurer 
insurgence insurgency insurgent 
insurmountable insurrection insurrectional 
insurrectionary insusceptible intact 
intaglio intake intangible 
integer integral integrality 
integrate integrated integrated circuit 
integration integrator integrity 
integument integumentary intellect 
intellectual intellectuality intelligence 
intelligence corps intelligence quotient intelligence test 
intelligencer intelligent intelligently 
intelligentsia intelligibility intelligible 
intemperance intemperate intend 
intended intended for intense 
intense interest intense pain intensification 
intensified intensify intension 
intensity intensive intensive care 
intensive care unit intent intent on revenge 
intention intentional intentionally 
inter inter alia interact 
interacting interaction interactive 
interactive exhibit interbreed intercalary 
intercalation intercede intercellular 
intercept interception interceptor 
intercession intercessor interchange 
interchangeable intercollegiate intercom 
intercommunication interconnect interconnection 
intercontinental intercostal intercourse 
interdependence interdependent interdict 
interdiction interest interest rate 
interested interested party interesting 
interface interfere interference 
interfering interferometer interfuse 
intergalactic interim interior 
interior decoration interior design interior designer 
interiorize (Amer.) interject interjection 
interjectional interlace interlacement 
interlard interleaf interleave 
interlinear interlock interlocutor 
interloper interlude intermarriage 
intermarry intermaxillary intermediary 
intermediate interment intermezzo 
interminable intermingle intermission 
intermittent intermix intermixture 
intern internal internalize (Amer.) 
internally international international agency 
international assistance international call international calls are included in the bill 
international law international organization international relations 
internationalism internationalist internationality 
internationalization (Amer.) internationalize (Amer.) internecine 
internee Internet internet access 
internist internment internship 
interpellate interpellation interplay 
interpolate interpolation interpose 
interposition interpret interpretation 
interpretative interpreter interregnum 
interrelation interrelationship interrogate 
interrogation interrogation point interrogative 
interrogative particle interrogator interrogatory 
interrupt interrupted interrupter 
interruption intersect intersection 
intersexual interspace intersperse 
interstate interstellar interstice 
interstitial intertribal intertwine 
intertwined intertwining interurban 
interval intervene intervention 
interventionist interview interviewer 
intervocalic interweave interweaving 
interwind intestate intestine 
intestines intimacy intimate 
intimation intimidate intimidation 
into into the hands of into the room 
intolerable intolerance intolerant 
intonation intone intoner 
intoxicant intoxicate intoxicated 
intoxication intractability intractable 
intramolecular intramuscular intransigence 
intransigent intransitive intravenous 
intrepid intrepidity intricacy 
intricate intrigue intriguing 
intrinsic intrinsic qualities intrinsical 
introduce introduce oneself introduction 
introductory intromission introspection 
introspective introvert intrude 
intruder intrusion intrusive 
intubation intuition intuitional 
intuitive intussusception inundate 
inundation inure inutile 
invade invader invalid 
invalidate invalidation invalidity 
invaluable invariability invariable 
invariably invasion invasive 
invective inveigh inveigle 
invent invented invention 
inventive inventor inventory 
inverse inversely inversion 
invert invertebrate inverted 
inverted commas inverting invest 
invested investigate investigated 
investigation investigation of accident investigative 
investigator investigatory investiture 
investment investor inveterate 
invidious invigilate invigorate 
invigorative invincible inviolability 
inviolable inviolate invisibility 
invisible invitation invitation card 
invite inviting invocation 
invocatory invoice invoke 
involucre involuntarily involuntary 
involute involuted involution 
involve involved involvement 
invulnerability invulnerable inward 
inwardly inwardness inwards 
iodide iodine iodize (Amer.) 
ion Ionic ionize (Amer.) 
ionosphere iota ipecacuanha 
ipso facto Iraki Iran 
Iranian Iraq Iraqi 
irascibility irascible irate 
ire iridesce iridescence 
iridescent iris iris of the eye 
Irish Irishman irishwoman 
irk irksome iron 
Iron Age iron filings iron man 
iron woman ironclad ironer 
ironfoundry ironic ironical 
ironing ironing board ironmaster 
ironmonger irons ironwork 
ironworker ironworks irony 
irradiant irradiate irradiation 
irrational irrational talk irrationality 
irreclaimable irreconcilable irrecoverability 
irrecoverable irreducible irrefutable 
irregular irregularity irrelevance 
irrelevant irreligious irremediability 
irremediable irremovability irremovable 
irreparable irreplaceable irrepressible 
irrepressibly irreproachable irresistible 
irresolute irresolution irresolvable 
irrespective irrespective of irresponsibility 
irresponsible irresponsive irretentive 
irretrievable irreverence irreverent 
irreversible irrevocability irrevocable 
irrevocable divorce irrevocably irrigate 
irrigation irritability irritable 
irritate irritated irritating 
irritation irritative is a cash discount possible 
is an all day tour available here is an installment purchase possible is anyone hurt 
is breakfast included is evening dress required is fishing allowed here 
is hunting allowed here is it available in a smaller size is it close enough to walk 
is it contagious is it dangerous is it expensive 
is it far from here is it far to the bar is it far to the bowling club 
is it far to the casino is it far to the disco is it far to the nightclub 
is it filling is it hand washable is it handmade 
is it hot is it late is it light 
is it machine washable is it necessary to pull it out is it necessary to put down a deposit 
is it possible to rent a garage is it possible to rent a tennis racket is it pure cotton 
is it pure silk is it pure synthetic is it pure wool 
is it safe to swim here is it suitable for children is it tasty 
is it too far to walk is it urgent is it worth repairing 
is my passport necessary is that a direct flight is that a non stop flight 
is that an express bus is that an express train is that on this side 
is that your last name is that your name is the beach pebbly or sandy 
is the boat insured in the event of an emergency is the clasp on that bracelet a strong one is the dining car at the front or rear of the train 
is the hotel far from here is the museum open to the public is the road to the lake a good one 
is the service charge included is the town far from here is the wind strong today 
is there a bakery here is there a bar in the town is there a bookstore nearby 
is there a bowling club in the town is there a campsite nearby is there a casino in the town 
is there a certificate for it is there a chinese restaurant nearby is there a city tour here 
is there a clothing store nearby is there a cover charge is there a delicatessen here 
is there a department store nearby is there a dining car is there a disco in the town 
is there a gift shop nearby is there a group rate is there a guarantee 
is there a less expensive one is there a mini bar in my room is there a monastery in this town 
is there a nightclub in the town is there a park in this town is there a pharmacy here 
is there a public restroom nearby is there a reduced fare is there a senior citizen discount 
is there a shoe store nearby is there a snack bar here is there a socket in my room for my electric shaver 
is there a sporting goods store nearby is there a striptease bar in the town is there a student discount 
is there a subway station nearby is there a tax free shop nearby is there a taxi stand nearby 
is there a telephone message for me is there a theater in this town is there access for the disabled 
is there an adaptor in my room for my electric shaver is there an art gallery in this town is there an audioguide in english 
is there an english menu is there an english speaking stewardess on board is there an italian restaurant nearby 
is there an outdoor pool nearby is there another hotel nearby is there any mail for me 
is there anything better is there anything cheaper is there anything less expensive 
is there anything special you`d like to see is there billiards is there room service 
is there roulette is there slots is this a direct train 
is this an express or a local train is this bus schedule current is this expensive 
is this genuine leather is this gold is this platinum 
is this seat occupied is this show a first run is this silver 
is this stainless steel is this the bus to warsaw is this the current bus schedule 
is this the road to is this the train to paris is this wine dry 
is this wine sweet ischemia isinglass 
Islam islam culture Islamic 
islamic law island islander 
islanders isle islet 
ism isn`t there a mistake in the bill isobar 
isochronal isochronous isoclinal 
isocline isolate isolated 
isolation isolationism isolator 
isosceles isotherm isothermal 
isotope Israel Israeli 
Israelite issuance issue 
isthmus it it belongs to me to 
it can be taken without a prescription it can`t be helped it costs about 200 american dollars 
it does not matter it doesn`t quite fit me it doesn`t work well 
it fits well it fits you well it follows that 
it goes without saying it hurts constantly it hurts here 
it hurts more at night it hurts when i chew it imports us to know 
it is a bit thick it is a quarter past eight it is a quarter to one 
it is beyond me it is cold it is five minutes past one 
it is five minutes to one it is half past two it is high time 
it is hot it is not clean enough it is out of the question 
it is overcooked it is possible it is pure silk 
it is too salty it is too spicy it is too strong 
it is too sweet it is tough it is twelve o`clock 
it is unusual it is very cold in here it is very hot in here 
it makes a knocking noise it may be dangerous it means 
it needs a prescription it only hurts now and then it serves him right 
it smacks of it smells bad in my room it stands to reason 
it sticks in my gizzard it was careless of me it was delicious 
it was more than i could eat it was my fault it will be about a ten minute wait 
it will be cloudy tomorrow it will be rainy tomorrow it will be sunny tomorrow 
it will be windy tomorrow it will not wash it will take us an hour to repair it 
it would be below me it`s a dull pain it`s a fake copy 
it`s a nasty day it`s a nice day it`s a sharp pain 
it`s a short walk it`s about a five minute walk it`s all over 
it`s all to the good it`s an emergency it`s been a wonderful night 
it`s cloudy it`s cold it`s disgusting 
it`s early it`s fragile it`s getting foggy 
it`s good to it`s good, but it`s a little expensive it`s hot 
it`s impossible to fix it it`s late it`s like an oven today 
it`s me it`s midnight it`s muggy 
it`s my pleasure it`s nice to meet you it`s no go 
it`s no use it`s noisy it`s noon 
it`s not too far it`s nothing it`s on sale 
it`s on time it`s quite far from here it`s raining 
it`s right across the street it`s roasting it`s snowing 
it`s so kind of you it`s sunny it`s too cold in my room 
it`s too crowded here it`s too hot in my room it`s too long 
it`s too loose it`s too shady here it`s too short 
it`s too sunny here it`s too tight it`s too tight here 
it`s windy Italian italian dressing 
italic italics Italy 
itch itching palm itchy 
item itemize (Amer.) itemized (Amer.) 
iterate iteration iterative 
itinerant itinerary its 
itself ivied ivory 
ivory tower ivy 
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