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W.C. (water closet) wack wackily 
wacky Wad wad 
wadable wadding waddle 
wade wader waders 
wadi wading bird wading pool 
wafer waffle waffle iron 
waft wag wage 
wage earner wage level wager 
wages waggery wagging 
waggish waggle waggon 
waggon (Brit.) waggoner (Brit.) wagon (Amer.) 
wagoner (Amer.) wagtail waif 
wail wailful wailing 
Wailing Wall wainscot waist 
waistband waistcoat waistline 
wait wait at table wait for 
wait here a momen, please wait on wait on smth 
waiter waiting waiting list 
waiting maid waiting room waitress 
waive waiver wake 
wake up wakeful wakefulness 
waken waking wale 
walk walk off with walk out 
walk out on walk with a wobble walkaway 
walker walkers walkie talkie 
walking walking papers walking stick 
Walkman® walkout walkover 
wall wall eye Wall Street 
walled walled in wallet 
wallflower wallop wallow 
wallpaper walnut walrus 
waltz wan wand 
wander wanderer wandering 
wanderlust wane waney 
wangle wanness want 
want ad want of care want of food 
wanted wanting wanting in smth 
wanton wantonness war 
war cloud war of attrition war of nerves 
war profiteer warble warbler 
ward ward heeler ward off 
warden warder wardress 
wardrobe wardship ware 
warehouse warehouseman wares 
warfare warhead wariness 
warlike warlock warlord 
warm warm blooded warm hearted 
warm heartedness warm oneself warm up 
warmer warming warmonger 
warmth warn warn against 
warn off warned warning 
warp warrant warrantable 
warranted warranter warrantor 
warranty warren warring 
warrior warship wart 
wartime wary wash 
wash house wash inside out wash one`s hands 
wash out wash separately wash the dishes 
wash up wash with like colors washable 
washbasin washed washed out 
washed up washer washerwoman 
washing washing machine washing powder 
washing up washout washroom 
washtub washy wasp 
waspish waspishness wastage 
waste waste away waste of energy 
wasted wasteful wastefulness 
wasteland wastepaper wastepaper basket 
waster wasting wastrel 
watch watch box watch chain 
watch fire watch house watch where you`re going 
watch your step watchdog watcher 
watchful watchfulness watching 
watchmaker watchman watchtower 
watchword water water bearer 
water bearing water bed water biscuit 
water borne water bottle water butt 
Water Carrier water cart water closet 
water cure water cycle water down 
water drinker water gate water gauge 
water glass water gun water heater 
water hog water ice water jacket 
water jug water level water logged 
water main water man water meter 
water nymph water plane water polo 
water rate water resistant water shoot 
water ski water supply water table 
water wagon water wings watercolor (Amer.) 
watercolour (Brit.) watercourse watercress 
watered waterfall wateriness 
watering watering can watering place 
waterless waterlily watermark 
watermelon watermill waterproof 
waters watershed waterside 
waterspout watertight waterway 
waterweed waterworks watery 
watt wattle wattmeter 
wave wave aside wavelength 
wavelike waver waverer 
wavering waves waving 
waving iron wavy wax 
wax paper waxed waxen 
waxing waxwork waxworks 
waxy way way in 
way of life way out way station 
waybill wayfarer wayfaring 
waylay wayside wayward 
waywardness we we accept cash 
we accept checks we accept credit cards we are a party of four 
we are out of stock we are paying separately we beg to inform you that 
we bought this between us we buy we can adjust it to your size 
we can fix it while you wait we can order it for you we can`t do anything with it 
we have a joint passport we need one double room with an extra bed we sell 
we`ll come at 9 o`clock we`ll have to extract your tooth we`ll inform you when your baggage is delivered 
we`re having a sale we`re out of gas weak 
weak headed weak kneed weak minded 
weak mindedness weak spot weaken 
weakened weakening weakling 
weaklings weakly weakness 
weal wealth wealthy 
wean weaned weaning 
weapon weaponless weaponry 
wear wear and tear wear away 
wear down wear off wear on 
wear out wear shoes wearable 
wearer weariful weariless 
weariness wearing wearing out 
wearisome weary weasel 
weather weather a storm weather beaten 
weather forecast weather through weather vane 
weathercock weathered weathering 
weatherman weatherproof weave 
weaver weaving web 
web footed Web page webbed 
webbing website wed 
wedded wedding wedding ceremony 
wedding procession wedding ring wedge 
wedged wedlock Wednesday 
wee weed weed out 
weedy week weekday 
weekdays weekend weekly 
weep weep bitterly weeper 
weeping weepy weevil 
weft weigh weigh anchor 
weigh down weigh in with weighbridge 
weighing weight weight lifting 
weighted weighted average weightiness 
weightlessness weighty weir 
weird weirdness weirdo 
Welcome welcome weld 
welder welding welfare 
welfare state well well advised 
well appointed well arranged well being 
well beloved well born well bred 
well built well chosen well connected 
well disposed well doer well doing 
well done well done, please well educated 
well found well founded well groomed 
well heeled well informed well informed circles 
well knit well known well mannered 
well meaning well nigh well off 
well oiled well ordered well organized 
well paid well read well spoken 
well spring well thought of well timed 
well to do well wisher well worn 
well, i`m jiggered wellingtons Welsh 
welsh Welshman welt 
welter wench wend one`s way 
went awry werewolf West 
west westerly western 
westerner westernize (Amer.) westward 
wet wet blanket wet nurse 
wet one`s whistle wet paint wether 
wetness wetted wetting 
wetting agent whack whacking 
whacky whale whale boat 
whalebone whaleman whaler 
whaling whang wharf 
wharfman what what a fool 
what a nice car what a nice place what a nice restaurant 
what a nice room what a nice view what a pity 
what a surprise what are some specialty items of the town what are the charges per hour 
what are the consultation hours what are the main points of interest what are the odds on the favorite 
what are you looking for what are your plans for today what brands do you have with filters 
what brands of port do you have what breed is this horse what buses are there to new york 
what can we give a sick little boy what city what color do you prefer 
what country what currency is this in what day is today 
what day is tomorrow what did you say what do you do for a living 
what do you have for dessert what do you recommend what do you think will be the final score 
what does it cost per day what does it cost per hour what does it cost per kilometer 
what does it cost per week what does it cost per weekend what does this mean 
what flights are there to new york what for what fun 
what gate does this flight leave from what hairdo would you like what happened 
what happened to you what has become of him what have you 
what horses are entered in this race what is it what is maximum speed of this boat 
what is missing what is par for this hole what is showing now 
what is the charge for a car what is the charge for a tent what is the charge for a trailer 
what is the charge per day what is the charge per word what is the commission 
what is the country code of the usa what is the depth here what is the exchange rate for euros 
what is the fee to rent a court what is the greens fee what is the minimum bet i can place 
what is the purpose of your visit what is the rate what is the specialty of the house 
what is the title of the movie what is the weather forecast what is this stone 
what is wrong with me what is your address what is your blood type 
what is your destination what is your number what is your phone number 
what is yours what kind of fuel does it take what kind of room would you like 
what kind of tour would you prefer what kind of wine do you have what landmarks are on the way 
what language do you speak what material is it made of what medications do you take 
what of it what other interesting things are there to see what papers do i need with me 
what period is this coin from what period is this painting from what period is this sculpture from 
what period is this vase from what seats would you prefer what sights are we going to see 
what sightseeing tours are available what size do you need what size is this 
what sort of navigation equipment does the boat have what the devil what time can i dine 
what time do i have to check in what time do we board what time do we get back 
what time do you have what time do you open for breakfast what time does it start 
what time does the bus leave what time does the concert start what time does the drugstore open 
what time does the flight leave what time does the last bus for the airport leave what time does the movie start 
what time does the museum close what time does the museum open what time does the performance start 
what time does the ship land what time does the ship sail what time does the show start 
what time does the subway close what time does the train leave what time is he expected back 
what time is it what time is the last entry what time is your bus 
what time is your flight what time is your train what time will we arrive 
what train connections are there to new york what type of bath toys do you have what type of brain teasers do you have 
what type of building kits do you have what type of music do they play what type of rattles do you have 
what type of walkers do you have what vintage is the best what would you like to drink 
what would you like to have what you say goes what`s his name 
what`s in that chocolate what`s my temperature what`s new 
what`s that what`s the charge per hour what`s the cocktail of the day 
what`s the data transfer rate what`s the fare what`s the frequency per hour 
What`s the matter what`s the name of this district what`s the name of this place 
what`s the name of this street what`s the name of this town what`s the name of this village 
what`s the point what`s the postage on a letter what`s the postage on a package 
what`s the postage on a postcard what`s the postage on a registered letter what`s the postage on a special delivery letter 
what`s the postage on an airmail letter what`s the postage on an insured letter what`s the postage on printed matter 
what`s the score what`s the soup of the day what`s this 
what`s this bill for what`s up what`s your e mail address 
what`s your job what`s your name what`s your occupation 
what`s your surname whatever whatsoever 
wheat wheat beer wheat germs 
wheat kernel wheatear wheedle 
wheedling wheel wheel chair 
wheelbarrow wheelchair wheeled 
wheeler wheelhouse wheelman 
wheels within wheels wheelwright wheeze 
wheezy whelk whelp 
when when and where can we meet when can i have my clothes back 
when did you feel bad when do i have to bring the boat back when do you close 
when do you open when do you show the movie when does boarding begin 
when does it hurt when does the game begin when does the match begin 
when does the next one depart when does the race begin when does this store open 
when is checkout time when is the next bus to new york when is the next flight to new york 
when is the next guided tour when is the next train to new york when will my clothes be ready 
when will the flight arrive when will the flight leave when will the photos be ready 
when will this item go on sale when will you get new stock whence 
whenever where where are the buses 
where are the cash machines where are the luggage carts where are the luggage lockers 
where are the restrooms where are the shopping baskets where are the shopping carts 
where are the taxis where are we now where are we passing now 
where are you from where are you going to stay where can i board the ship 
where can i buy a map of the town where can i buy a ticket where can i buy it 
where can i catch the shuttle bus where can i change money where can i find a coffee shop 
where can i find a collection of poetry where can i find a collection of stories where can i find a diner 
where can i find a drive in where can i find a fast food restaurant where can i find a pizzeria 
where can i find a porter where can i find a public phone around here where can i find a sandwich shop 
where can i find a steak house where can i find a tearoom where can i find a telephone office around here 
where can i find an instructor where can i find art books where can i find canned food 
where can i find cereals where can i find children`s books where can i find coffee 
where can i find history books where can i find novels in translation where can i find tea 
where can i find toiletries where can i get a taxi where can i get access to the internet 
where can i get my baggage where can i get some butane gas where can i get some drinking water 
where can i get stamps and postcards where can i park where can i rent a car 
where can i rent a motorboat where can i rent a parachute where can i rent a sailboat 
where can i rent a sunbed where can i rent a surfboard where can i rent an umbrella 
where can i rent clubs and a cart where can i rent diving equipment where can i rent water skis 
where can i return it where can i sit down for a while where did it happen 
where do i buy a card where do i buy a ticket where do i buy a token 
where do i check in where do i pay where do i sign 
where do i turn where do we pick up the keys where does it hurt 
where does this road go where is a taxi stand where is gate 1 
where is my berth where is my compartment where is my seat 
where is platform number 2 where is terminal a where is the art gallery 
where is the baggage check where is the bathroom where is the best place to go for a stroll 
where is the betting window where is the car rental where is the church 
where is the coat check where is the currency exchange office where is the dock 
where is the electric meter where is the emergency exit where is the exit to the highway 
where is the finnair counter where is the finnair terminal where is the fuse box 
where is the general delivery where is the lost and found where is the mailbox 
where is the main shopping district where is the market where is the meter 
where is the museum where is the nearest all night drugstore where is the nearest antique store 
where is the nearest bank where is the nearest bookstore where is the nearest bus stop 
where is the nearest car wash where is the nearest clothing store where is the nearest currency exchange office 
where is the nearest dental clinic where is the nearest diving center where is the nearest drugstore 
where is the nearest dry cleaner`s where is the nearest eye specialist where is the nearest garage 
where is the nearest gas station where is the nearest gift shop where is the nearest golf course 
where is the nearest hotel where is the nearest internet cafe where is the nearest laundromat 
where is the nearest laundry service where is the nearest liquor store where is the nearest market 
where is the nearest music store where is the nearest parking lot where is the nearest pharmacy 
where is the nearest police station where is the nearest post office where is the nearest public restroom 
where is the nearest rental office where is the nearest restaurant where is the nearest service station 
where is the nearest shoe store where is the nearest subway station where is the nearest supermarket 
where is the nearest taxi stand where is the nearest telephone where is the nearest tennis court 
where is the nearest tourist information office where is the nearest train station where is the nearest water park 
where is the nearest yacht club where is the next stop where is the palace 
where is the restaurant where is the shopping area where is the stamp machine 
where is the theater where is the ticket window where is the tourist information office 
where is the town hall where is the valve where is the water heater 
where is this seat where should i change planes where should i get off 
where should i put out the trash where would you like to sit where`s the fitting room 
where`s the x ray room whereabouts whereas 
whereby wherefore whereof 
wheresoever whereupon wherever 
wherewithal wherry whet 
whether whetstone whetting 
whey which which bus goes to city hall 
which bus goes to downtown which bus goes to the airport which car is my seat in 
which channel do i set to see the movie which concert hall will we go to which day does the maid come 
which horse is the favorite in this race which is the best route which is the shortest way to the beach 
which line should i take for which movie house will we go to which program is the most instructive 
which side scored which stop should i get off at which team are you a fan of 
which team is wearing the red uniform which theater will we go to which way is downtown 
which window is for collector`s stamps which window is for general delivery which window is for money orders 
which window is for stamps whichever whiff 
whiffle while while you wait 
whilst whim whimper 
whims whimsical whimsicality 
whimsy whin whine 
whinny whip whip away 
whip cracker whip off whip round 
whip up whip up a meal whiplash 
whipped cream whipper whippersnapper 
whippet whipping whipping boy 
whippy whipster whir 
whirl whirl away whirligig 
whirlpool whirlwind whirr 
whish whisk whiskered 
whiskers whiskey whisky 
whisky and water, please whisper whispering 
whist whistle whistler 
whistling whit White 
white white alloy white beet 
white bread white elephant white frost 
white gazelle white hair white hope 
white man white of egg white sale 
white slave traffic white throat white wine 
whitefish whiten whiteness 
whitening whites whitesmith 
whitewash whitey whither 
whiting whitish whitlow 
whittle whittle down whiz 
whiz kid whizz whizz kid 
who who are the stars who are you with 
who are your favorite movie stars who called the police who is he 
who is speaking who speaks english who the devil 
who would you like to speak to who`ll win today, in your opinion who`s winning 
whoa whodunit whoever 
whole whole hearted whole heartedly 
whole meal whole milk whole wheat 
whole wheat bread wholeness wholesale 
wholesale market wholesale price wholesaler 
wholesome wholesomeness wholly 
whom whom should i ask whom should i inform 
whoop whoop it up whooping 
whooping cough whopping whore 
whoredom whorehouse whoreson 
whorl whortleberry whose 
whosoever why why not 
wick wicked wickedness 
wicker wicker work wicket 
wide wide apart wide awake 
wide knowledge wide off the mark wide open 
wide possibilities widely widely known 
widen widened wideness 
widening widespread widish 
widow widower widowhood 
width wield wiener 
wife wig wigging 
wiggle wigwam wild 
wild about wild boar wild goose chase 
wild land wildcat wildcat strike 
wildebeest wilderness wildfire 
wildfowl wilding wildlife 
wildness wile wilful 
wilfulness wiliness will 
will i need local anesthesia will power will there be an opportunity to take some photographs 
will this flight leave on time will you accept a credit card will you adjust the length 
will you be free tonight will you call me when the car is ready will you check it again 
will you clean and press this dress will you clean and press this jacket will you clean and press this shirt 
will you clean and press this suit will you do me a favor will you forward my purchases to my home address 
will you give me an itemized bill will you guarantee the repairs will you help me with this problem 
will you please mail this letter for me will you send it to my hotel will you send it to the hotel with a receipt 
will you send it to this address will you show me how to operate it will you show me the way to the beach 
will you take me to my seat, please will you weigh this parcel, please willful 
willfulness willies willing 
willingly willingness willow 
willowy willy nilly Wilt 
wilt wilting wily 
wimble wimp win 
win hands down win out win over 
win the toss wince winch 
wind wind broken wind cheater 
wind gauge wind instrument wind tunnel 
wind up windbag windbreak 
windbreaker winded winder 
windfall windflower windiness 
winding winding sheet windlass 
windless windmill window 
window box window display window dressing 
window pane window sill windpipe 
windscreen windshield windshield wiper 
windsurfer windsurfing windup 
windward windy wine 
wine cellar wine glass wine vault 
winebibber winegrower winepress 
winery wineskin wing 
wing of a bird winged wingless 
wings wingspan wink 
wink at wink at each other winkle 
winkle out winner winning 
winnow winsome winter 
winter sale winterer wintry 
winy wipe wipe off 
wipe oneself wipe out wipe the floor with 
wipe the floor with smb wiper wiping 
wiping off wire wire cutter 
wire haired wirecutters wireless 
wirepulling wiretap wiretapping 
wiring wiry wisdom 
wisdom tooth wise wise guy 
wise man wise woman wiseacre 
wisecrack wish wish for 
wishbone wished for wishful 
wishful thinking wishy washy wisp 
wistaria wistful wit 
witch witch hunt witchcraft 
witchdoctor witchery with 
with a grain of salt with a high hand with a view to 
with all respect with an eye to with appetite 
with appreciation with arrogance with butter 
with child with cinnamon with cream 
with curiosity with decay with difficulty 
with digression with distortion with each other 
with ease with good intentions with greatest difficulty 
with hatred with high hand with ice 
with impudence with impunity with justification 
with lemon with love with malice aforethought 
with meals with one another with open arms 
with pleasure with reason with reference to 
with regard to with respect with self possession 
with spontaneity with sugar with what 
with your permission withdraw withdrawal 
withdrawn withe wither 
withered withering withers 
withhold within within a stone`s throw 
within an inch of within easy reach within his grasp 
within reach within reason without 
without avail without ceremony without delay 
without effort without fail without fear of favor 
without hair spray, please without parallel without profits 
without rhyme or reason without smth. for without warning 
withstand witless witness 
witness against witness box witness stand 
witticism wittily wittiness 
wittingly witty wiz 
wizard wizardry wizen 
wizened wobble wobbler 
wobbling wobbly woe 
woe is me woeful wolf 
wolfish wolfram wolfskin 
wolverene woman womanhood 
womanish womanize (Amer.) womanizer (Amer.) 
womankind womanly womb 
wombat women women`s gallery 
women`s lib womenfolk Won 
won won`t you go shopping with us wonder 
wonder land wonder struck wonderful 
wonderfully wondering wonderment 
wonders wondrous wonky 
wont wonted woo 
wood wood headed wood wind 
wood wind instruments woodbine woodchuck 
woodcut woodcutter wooded 
wooden woodland woodlark 
woodless woodpecker woodsman 
woodwork woody wooer 
woof wooing wool 
wool gathering woollen woollens 
woolliness woolly woozy 
word word processing word processor 
wordiness wording wordless 
wordplay words words run high 
wordy wore work 
work a cure work against work for smth 
work hard work in work in with 
work it work mischief work of art 
work off work one`s way work out 
work up work up to workable 
workaday workaholic workbook 
worker worker bee workhouse 
working working capital working costs 
working expenses working hours working order 
workless workman workmanlike 
workmanly workmanship workout 
works workshop workwoman 
world world cup world war 
worldliness worldly worldly wise 
worldwide worm worm eaten 
worm oneself worms wormwood 
wormy worn worn out 
worried worrisome worry 
worry at worrying worse 
worse off worsen worship 
worshipper worst worsted 
wort worth worth it 
worth one`s while worthily worthiness 
worthless worthwhile worthy 
worthy of would would be 
would that would you assist me would you be so good as to 
would you call a taxi for me, please would you care for something to eat would you like a window or an aisle seat 
would you like any hair spray would you like me to put you on our waiting list would you like something to drink 
would you like to go dancing would you like to go for a drink would you like to go for a walk 
would you like to go out for a meal would you like to go shopping would you like to go to the concert hall with me 
would you like to go to the movies with me would you like to go to the opera with me would you like to go to the theater with me 
would you like to have a manicure would you like to have a massage would you like to leave a message 
would you like to make a deposit would you like to make a withdrawal would you like to taste it 
would you like to try it on would you like to wait would you mind taking a picture of me 
would you please add some water to the radiator would you please arrange the excursion for me would you please arrange the ride for me 
would you please arrange the tour for me would you please arrange the trip for me would you please be careful with these blouses 
would you please call a taxi would you please change the battery in my watch would you please charge the battery 
would you please check the tire pressure would you please clean my watch would you please direct me to the post office 
would you please forward my mail to my address in new york would you please forward my mail to my home address would you please get me a blanket 
would you please get me a pillow would you please hurry would you please pass the salt 
would you please pluck my eyebrows would you please put film in my camera would you please send it today 
would you please send the luggage to my room would you please send these clothes to the laundry would you please send this letter as quickly as possible 
would you please send this package as quickly as possible would you please send this parcel as quickly as possible would you please show me a better room 
would you please show me a brighter room would you please show me a cheaper room would you please show me a larger room 
would you please show me a quieter room would you please show me a smaller room would you please show me to my cabin 
would you please stamp my passport would you please tell me what exhibitions there are here would you please tell me what museums there are here 
would you please tell me what sights there are here would you please tell me what theaters there are here would you please top up the brake fluid 
would you please write me a prescription for a tranquilizer would you show me some ceramics would you show me some fridge magnets 
would you show me some jewelry would you show me some key rings would you show me some lace 
would you show me some leather goods would you show me some liqueurs would you show me some musical instruments 
would you show me some perfumes would you show me some pictures would you show me some posters 
would you show me some white china would you tell me how to get to this hotel wound 
wounded wounding woven 
wow wrack wraith 
wrangle wrangle with wrangler 
wrap wrap them separately, please wrap up 
wrapped wrapped in wrapped up 
wrapped up in wrapper wrapping 
wrasse wrath wrathful 
wrathfully wreak wreak one`s anger 
wreak vengeance wreath wreathe 
wreck wreckage wrecked 
wrecker wrecking wren 
wrench wrest wrestle 
wrestler wrestling wretch 
wretched wretchedness wriggle 
wriggle out of wriggler wring 
wringer wrinkle wrinkled 
wrinkly wrist wrist bone 
wrist pin wristband wristlet 
wristwatch writ write 
write a letter write back write down 
write in write off write out 
write up writer writhe 
writing writing desk writing pad 
written written off written paper 
wrong wrongdoer wrongdoing 
wronged wrongful wrongheaded 
wrongly wroth wrought 
wrought up wry wry smile 
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