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yacht yacht club yachting 
yachtsman Yahoo yak 
yam yammer Yank 
yank Yankee yap 
yard yard bird yard master 
yardage yardman yardstick 
yarn yarn beam yashmak 
yataghan yaw yawl 
yawn yawning yea 
yeah yean yeanling 
year year in year out yearbook 
yearling yearlong yearly 
yearn yearning yeast 
yeast cake yeast infection yeasty 
yegg yell yelling 
yellow yellow hammer yellow livered 
yellow metal yellowed yellowish 
yellowness yellows yellowy 
yelp Yemen yen 
yeoman yeoman service yeomanly 
yeomanry yep yes 
yes man yes, we can fix it yesterday 
yesterdays yesterevening yesternight 
yesteryear yet yew 
yew tree Yiddish yield 
yield to in yielding yob 
yodel yoga yoghurt 
yogi yogurt yoke 
yokefellow yokel yokemate 
yolk yolk bag yolk sac 
yon yonder yoo hoo 
yore you you all 
you are you are bothering me you are getting warm 
you are right you are welcome you are wrong 
you can find the schedule over there you can pick it up in an hour you can pick it up later today 
you can pick it up tomorrow you can`t miss it you gave me the wrong change 
you have no money on your account you have to do some tests you have to make an official report 
you have to pay an overweight charge you have too much carry on baggage you have wonderful taste in clothes 
you look nice you make me sick you may find it over there 
you must be kidding you should check the lost and found you will have to transfer at this station 
you won`t feel any pain you`d better take subway you`d better take the bus 
you`d better take the taxi you`ll have to change trains you`ll have to pay a fine 
you`ll have to wait you`ll need a serious treatment you`re disgusting 
you`re very generous you`re very kind you`re very nice 
you`ve got a message you`ve got mail young 
young lady young man young pigeon 
young woman youngish youngish man 
youngling youngster your 
your baggage claim tag, please your customs declaration, please your humble servant 
your id please your insurance doesn`t cover such a treatment Your Lordship 
your new haircut is great your passport please your room number is 
your ticket please yours yourself 
yourselves youth youthful 
youthfulness yowl ytterbium 
yttrium Yuan yucca 
Yule yule log Yuletide 
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