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T-bolt T-break T-head bolt 
T-shirt t-shirt bra T-square (Br.) 
T-tail [aircraft] T.L.O. ta ta for now 
tab tab clear tab form 
tab key tab set tab stop 
tabacconist tabacconists tabard 
tabards tabbies tabby 
tabernacle tabernacles table 
table banners table candlestick table clock 
table cloth table cloths table element 
table fork table forks table handling 
table knife table lamp table lamps 
table of addresses table of contents table of events 
table of figures table rapping table salt 
table saw table set table sets 
table spoon table spoons table talk 
table talks table tennis table tennis ball 
table tennis bat table tennis game table tennis racket 
table tennis table table tennis tournament table top 
table tops table turning table vine 
table ware table water table wine 
table wines table with (the) presents table-cloth 
table-oriented table-track tableau 
tableaus tableaux tablecloth 
tablecloths tableland tablelands 
tables tables of contents tablespoon 
tablespoonful tablespoons tablet 
tablet weaving tabletop tabletop computer 
tabletop printer tablets tableware 
tabloid tabloid press taboo 
taboo subject tabooed tabooing 
taboos tabors tabs 
tabu tabula rasa tabular 
tabular steel tabularly tabulated 
tabulates tabulating tabulation 
tabulations tabulator tachograph 
tachographs tachometer tachymeter 
tacit tacitly tacitness 
taciturn taciturnity taciturnly 
tack tack welding tacked 
tackier tackiest tackily 
tackiness tacking tacking thread 
tacking threads tackle tackle (soccer) 
tackle (sport) tackled tackles 
tackling tackling (football) tacks 
tacky taco tact 
tactful tactfully tactfulness 
tactic tactical tactical aircraft 
tactical aircrafts (tactical) shooting mat tactically 
tactician tacticians tactics 
tactile tactile defensiveness tactile hypersensitivity 
tactility tactitian tactless 
tactlessly tactlessness tacts 
tad (a tad) tadpole tadpoles 
taff rail (naut.) taffeta taffetas 
taffies taffy tag 
Tagalog tagging tags 
tail tail assembly tail boom 
tail end tail ends tail feather 
tail feathers tail fin tail fins 
tail flutter tail gunner tail hook 
tail light tail lights tail of the fuselage 
tail ornament tail skirt tail spar 
tail unit tail wag tail wheel 
tail-coat tailback tailcoat 
tailed tailgate tailing 
tailings taillight taillight shark 
taillights tailor tailor-made 
tailor-made suit tailored tailored suit 
tailored suits tailoring tailorings 
tailors tailpiece tails 
tailstock tailwater tainted 
tainting Taiwan (tw) Taiwan saddled carpetshark 
Tajikistan (tj) take take a cure 
Take a hike! Take care! take fright 
take great pains over take him at his word take home pay 
take into consideration Take it easy! Take it or leave it! 
take its course take my advice Take my advice! 
take out of the warehouse take over take overs 
take pleasure in take someone in custody take something in safe keeping 
Take the lot! take up take-apart 
take-home pay take-off take-off board 
take-off direction take-off distance [aviation] take-off path [aviation] 
take-off ramp take-off reel take-up 
take-up reel take-up roller take) a ballot (on) 
takeaway (restaurant) takeaway food takeaway shop 
taken taken a shower taken a sounding 
taken aback taken along taken apart 
taken away taken back taken by surprise 
taken down taken drastic measures taken for a ride 
taken fright taken from taken from real life 
taken hold taken in taken off 
taken out taken over taken part in 
taken part in the combat taken pleasure in taken snuff 
taken the money taken the responsibility taken there 
taken to taken to hospital taken up 
taken} takeoff takeoffs 
takeover takeover talks takeovers 
taker takers takes 
takes a photo takes a shower takes a sounding 
takes by surprise takes fright takes over 
takes place takes possession of takes snuff 
takes the money takes the responsibility taking 
taking a photo taking a shower taking a sounding 
taking along taking apart taking away 
taking back taking by surprise taking down 
taking drastic measures taking fright taking from 
taking hold taking in taking of hostage 
taking off taking out taking out of the storage 
taking out of the warehouse taking over taking part in 
taking part in the combat taking possession of taking snuff 
taking sown taking the blood pressure taking the money 
taking the responsibility taking there taking to hospital 
taking up takings talc 
talcum talcum powder tale 
talebearer talebearers talent 
talent scout talent scouts talented 
talents tales talismans 
talk talk gibberish Talk is cheap. 
talk show talk show host talk to you later 
talk-back circuit talkative talkatively 
talkativeness talked talked at cross purposes 
talked gibberish talked politics talker 
talkers talkie talkies 
talking book talking gibberish talking politics 
talks talks gibberish talks politics 
tall taller tallest 
tallied tallies tallish 
tallness tallow tallow candle 
tallow candles tallows tallowy 
tally tallying talmudic 
talocalcanean joint talon taloned 
talons talus fan tamable 
tamarack tamarind tamarinds 
tambour tambour door tambour frame 
tambourine tambourines tame 
tamed tamely tameness 
tamer tamers tames 
tamest taming tamped 
tamper tamper-proof tampered 
tampering tampers tamping 
tamping plate tamps tan 
tandem tandem connection tandem disc harrow (Br.) 
tandem disk harrow (Am.) tandem processing tandem roller 
tandem switching tandem-rotor helicopter tandoori cookery 
tang tang slot tanga 
tanga bikini tangent tangent angle 
tangent angle computer tangent key tangent plane 
tangential tangential shot tangentially 
tangents tangerine tangerines 
tangibility tangible tangible asset 
tangible assets tangible property tangibleness 
tangibly tangle tangle veined fly 
tangled tangles tangling 
tangly tango tangoes 
tangy tank tank car 
tank destroyer tank fire-fighting vehicle tank forces (mil.) 
tank howitzer tank locomotive tank lorries 
tank lorry tank tender tank top 
tank trap tank wagon tank-truck 
tankage tankard tankards 
tanked tanker tankers 
tanking tanks tanktop 
tanned tanner tanneries 
tanners tannery tannin 
tanning agent tantalised tantalised (Br.) 
tantalises (Br.) tantalising (Br.) tantalization 
tantalized tantalizes tantalizing 
tantalizingly tantalum tantamount 
tantrum tantrums Tanzania 
tap tap (Br.) tap dances 
tap dancing tap disintegrator tap extractor 
tap terminal tap water tap wrench 
tap-in (football) tap-mount filter tapdance 
tape tape armor (STA) (Am.) tape base 
tape block tape card tape casting 
tape drive tape leader tape mark 
tape mark label tape measure tape recorder 
tape recorders tape recording tape recordings 
tape rule tape skew tape slippage 
tape trailer label tape treading path taped 
taper angle taper drift taper file 
taper flange taper gauge taper key 
taper pin punch (Br.) taper reamer taper sleeve 
taper socket taper thread (engin.) taper-nose pliers 
tapered tapered bead seat tapered bead seat rim 
tapered handle tapered punch (Am.) tapered roller bearing 
tapered split dowel tapering tapes 
tapestries tapestry tapeworm 
tapeworms taping taping needle 
tapped tapped hole tappet 
tappet switch tapping tapping chuck 
tapping screw taproom taprooms 
taproot taproots taps 
taps and fittings tar tar broom 
tar distillery tar-bitumen roof sheeting tarantula 
tarantulas tarboard tarboards 
tardier tardiest tardily 
tardiness tardy tare (weight) 
tare weight tared tares 
target target agreement target agreements 
target area (mil.) target budgeting target burnup 
target customer target date target exchange rate 
target for profit target group target groups 
target information target planning target practice 
target price target reconnaissance target trigger 
target-group-specific targeted targeting 
targets tariff tariff alternation 
tariff control tariff of duties tariff time switch 
tariff war tariff wars tariffed 
tariffing tariffs tariffs of duties 
taring tarmac tarmacs (aviat.) 
tarnishable tarnished tarnishes 
tarnishing tarnishing (Metall) tarnishs 
tarot tarpaulin tarragon 
tarred tarried tarries 
tarring tarry tarrying 
tars tarsal tart 
tart (sl.) tart knife tartan 
tartar tartar emetic tartar sauce 
tartaric tartaric acid Tartary 
tarted-up tartlet tartly 
tartness tartrate precipitation tartrate stabilization 
tartrates tarts task 
task assignment task bar task control 
task force task-oriented tasking 
taskmaster tasks Tasmanian carpetshark 
Tasmanian catshark tassel tasselled wobbegong 
tassels taste tasted 
tasteful tastefully tastefulness 
tasteless tastelessly tastelessness 
taster course taster week tastes 
tastier tastiest tastily 
tastiness tasting tasty 
tasty ass tasty bottom tasty bum 
tasty butt (Am.) tatar Tataria 
tater (coll.) tatter tatterdemalion 
tattered tattering tatters 
tattle tattled tattler 
tattles tattletale tattling 
tattooed tattooing tattoos 
taught taught} taunt 
taunting taunts tauriform 
Taurus taut tautly 
tautness tautological tautologies 
tautology tavern tavern slut (vulg.) 
taverns taw tawdrier 
tawdriest tawdrily tawdriness 
tawdry tawer tawers 
tawniness tawny Tawny nurse shark 
tawny owl (Strix aluco) taws tax 
tax (on) tax abatement tax accrual and deferral 
tax adviser tax allowance tax and contribution ratio 
tax assessment tax authority tax avoidance 
tax benefit tax bracket tax burden 
tax card tax code tax consultancy 
tax consultant tax consultants tax declaration 
tax deduction tax dodger tax dodgers 
tax due tax equalization tax evader 
tax evasion tax exempt tax exempt amount 
tax exempt amounts tax exemption tax expenditure 
tax fraud tax free tax group 
tax harmonization tax harmonization (adaptation tax haven 
tax law tax liability tax load 
tax loads tax money tax number 
tax offence tax offense (Am.) tax office 
tax offices tax on capital tax on salt 
tax on spirits tax on sugar tax on wages 
tax on wine tax rate tax ratio 
tax reduction tax reform tax refund 
tax relief tax return tax returns 
tax voucher (finan.) tax yield tax-deductible 
tax-exempt tax-free tax-free allowance 
taxable entity taxation taxations 
taxed taxes taxes on capital 
taxes on wages taxi taxi driver 
taxi drivers taxi meter taxi rank 
taxi ranks taxicab taxicabs 
taxidermic taxidermist taxidermists 
taxidermy taximeter taximeters 
taxing taxiway taxiway center line 
taxiway fillets taxiway intersection taxiway light 
taxiway lightning taxiway slop taxonomy 
taxpayer taxpayers Taylor expansion 
Taylor series TB tbsp 
tea tea and sympathy tea bag 
tea ball tea biscuit tea caddies 
tea caddy tea caddys tea cakes 
tea cosies tea cosy tea dance 
tea eggs tea kettle tea kettles 
tea party tea rose tea roses 
tea service tea set tea shrub 
tea shrubs tea strainer tea strainers 
tea towel (Br.) tea tray tea trolley 
tea urn tea urns tea wagon 
tea warmer candle tea which is good for coughs tea-tree 
tea-tree oil teachable teachably 
teacher teacher in French (language) teacher in German (language) 
teacher of languages teacher of religious education teacher training 
teacher's desk teacher's glasses teacher's lounge (Am.) 
teacher's pet teacher's specs teacher's spectacles 
teachers teachers of languages teachers' room 
teaches teaching teaching aids 
teaching aim teaching method teaching methods 
teaching microscope teaching nurse teaching of German 
teaching profession (teaching) staff teachings 
teachware teacup teacupful 
teacups teak teak (wood) casket (Am.) 
teak (wood) coffin teakettle teakwood 
teal teals team 
team assistant team bus team captain 
team captains team classification team secretary 
team selection team spirit team sport 
team work team works team) 
teammate teammates teams 
teamster teamsters teamwork 
teapot teapots tear 
tear gas tear resistance tear stained 
tear-off edge tearable teardrop 
teardrops tearful tearfully 
tearfulness teargas tearier 
teariest tearily teariness 
tearing tearing apart tearing away 
tearing off tearing open tearing out 
tearing up tearjerker tearjerkers 
tearless tearoom tearooms 
tears tearstained teary 
teased teasel teasels 
teaser teases teasing 
teasingly teaspoon teaspoonful 
teaspoons teat teats 
technetium technic technical 
technical adviser technical college technical data 
technical demands technical diploma technical documentation 
technical drawing Technical English technical equipment 
technical facilities technical installations technical library 
technical literature technical manager technical school 
technical schools technical secondary school Technical Sergeant (USAAF) 
technical specifications technical term technical terminology 
technical terms technical training technical university 
technicalities technicality technically 
technicalty technician technicians 
technicolor technics technique 
techniques technocracy technocrat 
technocratic technocrats technologic 
technological technological products technological satellite 
technologically technologies technologist 
technologists technology technology satellite 
technology transfer tectonically tectonics 
teddies teddy teddy bear 
teddy bears tedious tediously 
tediousness tedium tee 
Tee square (Am.) Tee-handled teed 
teeing teemed teeming 
teems teen teen ass 
teen bottom teen botty teen bum 
teen butt (Am.) teen hooker teen hustler (Am.) 
teen prostitution teen tart teenager 
teenager ass teenager bottom teenager butt (Am.) 
teenager hooker teenager hustler (Am.) teenager prostitution 
teenager tart teenager's ass teenager's bottom 
teenager's butt (Am.) teenagers teenicider 
teenier teeniest teenily 
teens teeny teeny weeny 
teenyboppers tees teeter board 
teeter-totter teeterboard teetered 
teetering teeters teeth 
teeth grinder teethed teethes 
teething teetotal teetotaler 
teetotalers teetotalism teetotaller 
teetotallers teflon teflon-coated 
tel. telco (coll.) teleautograph 
teleautography telecamera telecast 
telecasted telecaster telecasting 
telecasts telecommand telecommunication 
telecommunications telecommuting teleconference 
teleconferencing telecontrol telecopier 
telecopy telecopying telecourse 
telecourses telediagnosis telefax message 
telegrafic telegram telegrams 
telegraph telegraph form telegraph forms 
telegraph office telegraph offices telegraph pole 
telegraph poles telegraph signal telegraphed 
telegrapher telegraphers telegraphese 
telegraphic telegraphic address telegraphic addresses 
telegraphic style telegraphic transfer telegraphical 
telegraphically telegraphicly telegraphing 
telegraphist telegraphists telegraphs 
telegraphy teleguidance teleguide 
telemarketing telemeter telemetering 
telemetric telemetrically telemetry 
telemonitor teleological teleology 
telepathic telepathically telepathies 
telepathy telephone telephone advertising 
telephone advice service telephone amplifier telephone answering machine 
telephone answering set telephone banking telephone bill 
telephone book telephone booth telephone boothes 
telephone box telephone boxes telephone breakdown 
telephone cabin telephone cable telephone call 
telephone calls telephone chain telephone channel 
telephone charges telephone company telephone connection 
telephone connection unit telephone connections telephone conversation 
telephone conversations telephone cord telephone customer 
telephone dial telephone dialling telephone directories 
telephone directory telephone engineer telephone engineering 
telephone exchange telephone exchanges telephone flex 
telephone helpline telephone information telephone information service 
telephone inquiry telephone jack telephone jacket 
telephone joker telephone junction box telephone keypad 
telephone kiosk telephone kiosk (Br.) (rare) telephone kiosks 
telephone line telephone list telephone message 
telephone monitoring telephone number telephone numbers 
telephone off the hook telephone order telephone pliers 
telephone plug telephone pole telephone receiver 
telephone repeater telephone retailer telephone satellite 
telephone service telephone set telephone sets 
telephone sex telephone shop (Br.) telephone socket 
telephone store (Am.) telephone subscriber telephone surveillance 
telephone switch telephone system telephone tapping 
telephone time service telephone traffic telephone wall jack 
(telephone) bell (telephone) dial selector (telephone) information (Am.) 
telephoned telephonee telephoner 
telephones telephonic telephonically 
telephoning telephony telephony (service) 
telephony server telephony service telephony software 
telephote telephoto telephoto lens 
telephoto lenses telephotograph telephotographic 
telephotographically telephotographs teleprinted communication 
teleprinter teleprinter communication teleprinters 
teleprocessing telescope telescoped 
telescopes telescopic telescopic bomb sight 
telescopic crane telescopic fork telescopic sight 
telescopic sights telescopically telescoping 
telescoping series telescreen telescriptor 
teleseme teleshopping telestation 
telethon teletype teletype machine 
teletypes teletypewriter teletypewriters 
teletypist televiewed televiewer 
televiewing televised televises 
televising television television camera 
television film television films television satellite 
television series television set television tower 
television transmitter televison programme (Br.) telework 
telex telex network telex service 
telex services telex system tell her 
Tell him to go! Tell it to Ricky! (Aus.) tell me more! 
tellable teller tellers 
telling telling a lie telling of a story 
telling off telling one's sins to a priest tellingly 
tells telltale telltale clock 
telltales tellurium telly (Br.) 
telpher telpherage (obs.) temerities 
temerity temp temper 
temper tantrum tempera temperable 
temperament temperamental temperamentally 
temperaments temperance temperances 
temperas temperate temperately 
temperateness temperature temperature calibrator 
temperature change temperature chart temperature charts 
temperature curve temperature dependence temperature dependent 
temperature equalization temperature of the wine temperature range 
temperature rise temperature-rise computation temperature-sensitive 
temperatures tempered tempered martensitic structure 
tempered steel tempering tempering ability 
tempering water tempers tempest 
tempests tempestuous tempestuously 
tempestuousness templar template 
templates temple temple of love 
temples tempo temporal 
temporal bone temporale temporally 
temporalness temporarily temporariness 
temporary temporary employee temporary employment company 
temporary freezing of payments temporary help temporary replacement 
temporary service temporary storage temporary work 
temporary work agency temporary worker temporized 
temporizer temporizers temporizes 
temporizing temporo tempos 
temptable temptation temptations 
tempted tempter tempting 
temptingly temptress temptresses 
tempts ten tenability 
tenable tenableness tenably 
tenacious tenaciously tenaciousnes 
tenaciousness tenacities tenacity 
tenancies tenancy tenancy agreement 
tenancy agreements tenant tenantries 
tenants tench (zool.) tend 
tendance tendances tended 
tendencies tendency tendency of development 
tendentious tendentiously tender 
tender girl tenderer tenderfeet 
tenderfoot tenderfoots tenderhearted 
tenderheartedly tenderheartedness tendering 
tenderize tenderized tenderizes 
tenderizing tenderloin tenderloins 
tenderly tenderness tenders 
tending tendon tendons 
tendosynovitis (med.) tendovaginitis (med.) tendril 
tendril of vine tendrils tends 
tenebrous tenement tenement agencies 
tenement agency tenements tenet 
tenets tenfold tenmoku glaze 
tennis tennis ace tennis ball 
tennis balls tennis business tennis circus 
tennis clothing tennis club tennis coach 
tennis court tennis courts tennis elbow 
tennis game tennis match tennis player 
tennis players tennis racket tennis rackets 
tennis shoe tennis shoes tennis shop (Br.) 
tennis skirt tennis socks tennis store (Am.) 
tennis tournament tennis tournaments tenon 
tenon saw tenor tenors 
tenpin tense tense situation 
tenseness tenses tensibility 
tenside tensile tensile fracture 
tensile loading tensile strength tensile stress 
tensile stress in the concrete tensile test tensile yield strength 
tensing tension tension rod 
tension spring tension springs tension wire 
tension wires tension zone of concrete tensions 
tensly tensor tensors 
tent tent camp tent camps 
tent peg tent pegs tent pole 
tent poles tent roof tent roofs 
tent square tent squares tentacle 
tentacled tentacles tentacular 
tentative tentatively tentativeness 
tented tenterhook tenterhooks 
tenth tenth part tenthly 
tenths tents tenuity 
tenuous tenuously tenuousness 
tenure tenures tepee 
tepees tepid tepidity 
tepidly tepidness tequila 
tera- terbium tercentenary 
tercentennial tergiversated tergiversates 
tergiversation tergiversations term 
term (of office) term (sport) term for filing application 
term of an insurance policy term of credit term of delivery 
term of imprisonment term of lease term of notice 
term of office term of office (pol.) term of payment 
term on an insurance (policy) term paper term-time 
termagant termagantly termed 
terminable terminably terminal 
terminal area terminal assignment terminal block 
terminal box terminal bus terminal clamp 
terminal connection terminal equipment terminal exchange 
terminal identification terminal panel terminal phase 
terminal post terminal stage terminal strip 
terminal tag terminal voltage terminal ward 
terminal-controlled terminally terminally rusty 
terminals terminated terminates 
terminating termination termination (of pregnancy) 
termination agreement termination cycle termination technique 
terminations terminative terminator 
terminator circuit terming termini 
terminological terminologically terminologies 
terminology terminus termites 
terms terms of acceptance terms of admission 
terms of business terms of contract terms of delivery 
terms of hire terms of imprisonment terms of office 
terms of payment terms of purchase terms of reference 
terms of the policy terms of the sum terms of trade 
terms of usage tern ternary 
terns terpentine oil terra 
terra-cotta terrace terrace house 
terrace houses terraced terraces 
terracotta terrain terrain reconnaissance 
terrapin terrapins terrestrial 
terrestrially terrestrials terrible 
terrible crush terrible news terribleness 
terribly terrier terrific 
terrifically terrificly terrified 
terrifies terrifying territorial 
Territorial Army Territorial Force territorial water 
territorially territories territory 
terror terror bombing terror in the slopes 
terrorism terrorist attack terrorist attacks 
terrorist groups terrorist network terrorists 
terrorized terrorizes terrorizing 
terrors terse tersely 
terseness terser tertian 
tertian fever Tertiary tertiary 
tertiary (2) Tesla current tesselation 
tessellated tessellated floor tessellates 
tessellating tessellation Test 
test test aerial (Br.) test antenna (Am.) 
test assembly test bar test bars 
test battery test bed test bench 
test case test cases test certificate 
test condition test core test data 
test device test drive test drives 
test engineering test environment test equipment 
test flight test flights test force 
test forces test frequency test gas 
test ground test kit test log 
test mandrel test method test mode 
test object test of purity test person 
test piece test pilot test pilots 
test planning test plate test point 
test process test prod test question 
test report test result test rig 
test road test run test scores 
test seal test sequence test series 
test set-up test socket test stand 
test stand for brakes test stands test state 
test station test subject test track 
test tube test tube rack test tubes 
test value test vessel test-bench 
test-tube baby (test) subject testable 
testamentary testamentary executor testator 
testators testatrix testatrixes 
tested tester tester bed 
tester beds testical cancer testicle 
testicle cancer testicles testicular 
testier testiest testified 
testifies testify testifying 
testily testimonial testimonials 
testimonies testimony testiness 
testing testing clock frequency testing ground 
testis testis cancer testosterone 
tests testudo testudo graeca 
testy tetanus tetanus vaccination 
tete a tete tether tethered 
tethering tethers tetrade 
tetragonal tetrahedral tetrahedron 
tetrameter tetrameters tetraoxosilicic acid 
Teuton Teutonic Teutonic Knights 
text text block text delimiter 
text editing text file text gadget 
text processing text processing program text string 
text wrapping textbook textbook collection 
textbook lines textbooks textcolor (Am.) 
textcolour (Br.) textile textile cord 
textile cord tyre textile fabric textile-reinforced concrete 
textiles (Textilien) shrinkage texts 
textual textual information textually 
textural texturally texture 
textured textures texturing 
TGWU Thai Thailand (th) 
thalamic thalamus thalidomide child 
thallium thallium (atomic) beam clock Thames 
than thanatologist thanatology 
thank Thank God! Thank goodness! 
thank offering thank offerings Thank you 
Thank you for your efforts! Thank you very much indeed. Thank you very much! 
Thank you! thank-you letter thanked 
thankfully thankfulness thanking 
thankless thanklessly thanklessness 
thanks thanks a lot Thanks a lot! 
Thanks a million! Thanks for calling! Thanks in advance! 
thanksgiving thanksgiving prayer thanksgiving prayers 
thanksgiving service thanksgivings thankyou 
THANX Thanx! that 
That (very) well may be. That applies to you That beats everything! 
That beats me. That calls for a drink. That can be done. 
That can be imagined. That can wait till tomorrow. That can't be helped. 
that costs the earth That covers everything. That cuts no ice. 
That depends! That does no harm. That doesn't agree with me. 
That doesn't make sense to me. That doesn't matter. That doesn't mean a lot. 
That doesn't mean much. That doesn't regard you. That fact escaped me. 
That figures! That gets my goat. That gets on my nerves. 
That gives a deep insight. That gives one a horse laugh. That goes without saying. 
that implies that is that is (id est) 
That is a sore point. That is hardly possible. That is inappropriate. 
That is not what I meant. That is not what I said. That is really too bad. 
that is to say That isn't half bad. That just takes the biscuit! 
That makes no difference. That may be so. That might well be so. 
That needs character. that over there That really is the limit! 
That really isn't possible. That remains to be seen. That says something for him. 
That seems funny to me. That serves him right. That set a precedent . 
That settles the matter. That sounds funny to me. That sounds reasonable. 
That speaks for itself. That speaks in his favour. That struck home. 
That sucks (a big one). That sucks! that suits me fine 
That takes just as long. That takes the biscuit! That was a close shave. 
That was a scream. That was decent of him. That was the last straw. 
That was too funny for words. that was very unhelpful of you that way 
That will do (enough). That will do. That will get you nowhere. 
That will lead to nothing. That won't hurt. That won't my case. 
That won't wash with me. That worries me. that... 
That'll go off all right. That's (for) definite. That's a bit fishy. 
That's a bit thick. That's a feather in his cap. That's a live wire. 
That's a matter of argument. That's a matter of opinion. That's a minor matter. 
That's a perfect fit. That's a real grind. That's a tidy (little) sum. 
that's all her joy That's all part of my job. that's all pie in the sky 
That's all right. That's an absolute scream! That's an odd thing. 
that's an old story. That's another story. That's anyone's guess. 
That's awful! that's bad luck That's beneath him. 
That's beside the point. That's coming it strong. that's different. 
That's for sure! That's fun! That's getting me down. 
That's going too far. That's good to hear! That's Greek to me. 
That's his blind side. That's horrible! That's just about the limit. 
That's just like you. That's just not done. That's more likely. 
That's my affair. That's news to me. That's no advantage to you! 
That's no comfort to me. That's no concern of mine. That's no piece of cake. 
That's none of your business. That's not bad. That's not half bad. 
That's not my cup of tea. That's not my fault. That's not my pigeon. 
That's not the issue. that's not the point That's not to be sneezed. 
That's not urgent! That's not worth mentioning. That's nothing to me! 
That's nothing to me. That's nothing to you. That's nothing! 
That's nuts to him. That's of no importance. That's old hat! 
That's only fair. That's open to disput. That's out of the question. 
that's outragous! that's over for good That's quite enough. 
That's quite possible. That's really too much. that's right 
That's saying a lot. that's settled! That's sheer madness. 
That's small comfort. that's sod's law That's splitting hairs. 
That's strictly forbidden! that's that then That's the absolute truth. 
That's the crux of the matter. That's the last straw! That's the limit. 
That's the snag! that's the way he wants it That's the way things are. 
that's tight (sl.) That's too deep for me. That's torn it! 
That's true That's unbelievable! That's what I call smart. 
That's what you think! that's why That's why you're here. 
That's your (own) fault! (That's) bullshit! that) 
thatch thatched roof thatched roofs 
thatcher thaumaturgist thaw 
thawed thawing thawing period 
thaws Thayer's Gull (Larus thayeri) the 
the ... the the (very) edge of the bed the above-mentioned 
the act of sex the Amish the amount realized 
the answer to a problem the answer to this problem The Arabian Night 
the artistic world the Ascension the average punter 
the Balkans The ball's in your court. The band begins to play. 
the bane of his life the bare name the bends 
the bereaved the best result so far the best things come in threes 
the Betrayal the betrothed the big nobs 
the black Maria the Blessed Virgin Mary the bone of contention 
The book sells well. the boot the boss. 
the British the Caucasus Mountains The Cavalier of the Rose 
The Channel Tunnel the Christmas Islands The cleverer give in. 
The coast is clear. the cock of the walk The condemned live longer. 
the Continent the conventional wisdom the correct order 
the cream of the crop the curtain will rise at 8 thé dansant 
The date slipped my mind. the day after tomorrow the day before 
the day before yesterday the day one leaves school the day the eagle shits (sl.) 
the delights of love the deluge the developing world 
the devil of toothache The devil takes the hindmost. the directors 
The disease is contagious. the doomed people the doomed train 
The dye comes off this shirt. the eager student The earth is a sphere. 
the emperor's new clothes The end is not far off. the end of the story 
the engaged couple the English the English I learnt at school 
the Enlightenment the enormous amounts the essential provisions 
the Eternal City the evil eye the exact postage 
The eyes of love are blind. the facts (of the case) the far corner (football) 
The fat is in the fire. the favored few (Am.) the favoured few (Br.) 
The film's worth seeing. the fine arts the first that comes along 
the first time the First World War the Flood 
The fog lifted. the following week the Free State of Bavaria 
the Free State of Saxony the Fuehrer The game is up. 
the gasps the general political climate the general public 
the German Emperor the ghost of a chance the gift of the gab 
the gist of the matter the graphic art the gravity of the situation 
the Great The Hague the Holocaust 
the Holy See the Holy Trinity the Holy Trinity (rel.) 
(the house) is haunted The idea suggests itself. the ideas of the ancient world 
the idle rich the immediate family the infant Jesus 
the instant I saw her the iron curtain the Jews 
The jig is up. the joys of love the Kaiser 
the last but one the latest news the latest thing 
the latter the Law the leading thought 
the left the less thought. the lesser of the two evils 
the like The line is busy (engaged). The line's gone dead. 
the little people The longer the speech The Lord have mercy on him! 
the Lord's Prayer the Lord's Supper the Maid of Orleans 
The main problem is ... the man in the street the mentally retarded 
the Messiah the middlemen the midtown bus 
the milk has turned The mills of God grind slowly. The money won't last. 
The moon is waning. The more danger the more honor. 
the more so as the mose fool The motion was defeated. 
the motor runs lumpy the multiple The murder is out. 
the new woman the newly-formed German states The news is good. 
the news is important the next big thing the next but one 
the next time the night before last The noes have it. 
the notes rang out crisply The novell is set in ... the number 42 bus 
the officers the old me the old West German states 
the ones indicated the only way out the Open University (Br.) 
The opportunity arises. the other day the other way round 
the ozonosphere the pale the panting 
the paper-free office the paperless office the people of quality 
The period runs. the person pulling the levers the phone number given 
The picture is crooked. the pink panther the plain honest German 
The plan failed. the point at issue the point is 
the poison of Seveso the poor the poor and needy 
the press the Prince of Darkness the Prince of Peace 
the pros and cons the public The question came up. 
The question doesn't arise. The rain passed off. the ravages of time 
the rear wheel drives the reverse the rich 
the right The room faces north. the rules applicable 
the runs the said conflict the same 
the same to you the same to you! the Scots 
the Scottish (people) the scum of the earth the Sea of Japan 
the Second World War the sequence of events the show is over 
the signs of the times the silence is absolute the silver bullet for sth. 
the size of a golf ball the small hours the smart set 
the sniffles the Stars and Stripes the State 
the state of affairs the stated value the States 
the straight tip the subconscious the subject of ... came up 
the sum indicated The sun is low. the Swiss 
the thin end of the wedge The tide (luck) has turned. the tip of the iceberg 
the top brass The train is already due. The train leaves at 2. 
the tried and tested way the Triune God the trouble is 
The two are fond of eachother. the unco guide the undoubted cause 
the ups and downs of life the upshot the urban population 
the urban way of life the very best the very first time 
the very idea The very idea! the very next day 
the very same the very thought of it the vigilantes 
the Wars of the Roses the way of doing something The weakest goes to the wall. 
The weather is fine today. The weather is very close. The weather keeps up. 
the week before last the well-heeled the whole bag of tricks 
the whole blessed day the whole boiling the whole boodle 
the whole issue the whole nine yards the whole outfit 
the whole shebang the whole stuff the whole thing 
the wind (section) the woodwind section the world of letters 
The worse is yet to come. The worst is yet to come. the wound turned septic 
The yeas have it! the young the young generation 
(the) Dead Sea (the) Middle East theater (Am.) 
theater make-up (Am.) theatergoer (Am.) theaters (Am.) 
theatre theatre (Br.) theatre make-up (Br.) 
theatre nurse (Br.) theatre sister (Br.) theatre style 
theatregoer theatregoers theatres 
theatric theatrical theatrically 
theatricals thee (poetical theft 
theft from the till theft of objets d'art theft-proof 
thefts thefts from the till their 
theirs theistical theistically 
them thematic thematically 
theme themes themself 
themselves then then and there 
then another. Then she did come after all? then? 
thence thenceforth thenceforward 
thenceforwards theocracy theocrasies 
theocrasy theocratic theocratically 
theodolite theologian theologians 
theologic theological theologically 
theologies theology theorem 
Theorem of Pythagoras theorems theoretic 
theoretical theoretical limit of cooling theoretical rim 
theoretically theoretician theoreticians 
theoreticly theoretist theories 
theories of cognition theories of evolution theorist 
theorists theorized theorizes 
theorizing theory theory of cognition 
theory of colours theory of crime theory of evolution 
theory of numbers theory of relativity theory of victimisation 
(theory of) design theosophic theosophical 
theosophically theosophies theosophist 
theosophists theosophy therapeutic 
therapeutic bath therapeutic baths therapeutic pedagogy 
therapeutical therapeutically therapeutics 
therapies therapist therapists 
therapy there there are 
There are no reasons. there are plans to there is 
there is a lack of there is a limit to everything there is no prospect of an end 
there is no school on ... There isn't much fear of it. There must be some mistake. 
There was a dead silence. there was a lack of There was a lot of laughter. 
There was a lot to do. There you are at last. there you are mistaken 
There you are! There you're mistaken. there's a catch to it 
There's a fly in the ointment. There's a rub in it. There's a snag (to it). 
there's a snag to it there's a sting in the tail there's acres of room in here 
There's an end of it! There's more behind it. There's more to it than that. 
There's no denying. there's no doubt about it There's no harm if 
There's no hurry. There's no point in that. there's no question about it 
There's no room left. There's plenty of room (left). There's something in the wind. 
There's the rub. thereabout thereabouts 
thereafter thereby therefor 
therefore therefrom therein 
thereof thereon thereto 
thereunder thereupon therewith 
therm thermal thermal (transfer) typewriter 
thermal agitation thermal balance thermal balance equation 
thermal camera thermal capacity thermal compound 
thermal conduction thermal conductivity thermal degradation 
thermal diffusion thermal efficiency thermal element 
thermal energy thermal engine thermal expansion 
thermal hypersensitivity thermal hyposensitivity thermal image 
thermal imaging camera thermal imaging detector thermal imaging device 
thermal imaging goggles thermal imaging system thermal insulation 
thermal load thermal motion thermal pants 
thermal printer thermal replica thermal resistance 
thermal shield thermal shock thermal spring 
thermal springs thermal stability thermal transfer 
thermal treatment thermal trousers thermal tweezer 
thermal tweezers thermal unit thermal units 
thermal-jet engine thermally thermally loaded 
thermally stable thermic thermic siphon 
thermionic thermite bomb thermo-luminescence 
thermoanalysis thermocline thermocompression 
thermocouple thermocouples thermocrayon 
thermodynamic thermodynamically thermodynamics 
thermoelectric thermoform machine thermographic camera 
thermographic device thermography thermography device 
thermogravimetric thermometer thermometer column 
thermometer columns thermometer reading thermometer readings 
thermometers thermometric thermometrical 
thermometrically thermonuclear thermoplastic 
thermoplastics thermos thermosbottle 
thermosbottles thermoses thermosetting press 
thermosflask thermostability thermostat 
thermostatic thermostatically thermostats 
thermoswitch thermotechnical thesauri 
thesaurus these these colours are fast 
these days these disgusting (sickening these kind of people 
these laws have no bite theses thesis 
Thevenin resistance thews they 
they are They are better off than we. they are French 
They are playing hooky. They are pulling my leg. They attend the meeting. 
They defied him. They feel empty. They got to be friends. 
they just go on forever they just rip you off here They love one another. 
They made themselve scarce. they say They sympathize with him. 
they thought They took to their heels. they wanted 
They were on their way home. they'd They're going together. 
they're planning to They're respectable people. they've (they have) 
They've got what it takes. thiamine thick 
thick as a brick (sl.) thick cold thick lips 
thick of fight thick skinned thick-film circuit 
thick-film hybrid technology thick-film resistor thick-headed fly 
thick-rimmed glasses thick-rimmed specs thick-rimmed spectacles 
thickened thickening thickens 
thicker thickest thicket 
thickets thickhead thickheaded 
thickly thickness thickness gauge 
thickness tester thickset thickskin shark 
thief thieved thieveries 
thievery thieves thievish 
thievishly thievishness thigh 
thigh artery thigh fracture thighbone 
thighbones thighs thimble 
thimbles thin thin negative 
thin-film thin-film circuit thin-wall 
thin-walled (thin) needle nose pliers thine 
thing thingage steel thingamabob 
thingamajig thingmabob thingmajig 
things Things are looking up. Things are very tense. 
Things can't remain this way. things-to-do list thingumabob 
thingumajig thingummy Think globally 
think of think-tank (Am.) thinkable 
thinker thinkers thinking 
thinking about thinking back thinking of 
thinking over thinking process thinking processes 
thinkingly thinks thinly 
thinned thinner thinner [chem.] 
thinness thinness (Am.) thinnest 
thinning thinning (tech.) thins 
third third arbitrator third countries 
third country third party third party insurance 
third party liability thirdly thirds 
thirst thirst for blood thirst for knowledge 
thirst for revenge thirst quenching thirsted 
thirstier thirstiest thirstily 
thirstiness thirsting thirsting for education 
thirsts thirsty thirteen 
thirteenth thirtieth thirty 
this this afternoon this and that 
This book makes good reading. This button came off. This calls for a celebration. 
This concerns you. This does not apply to you. this here 
This is an off-day for me. this is me This is of my own making. 
This is on me. This is possible with him. This is something like! 
This is the limit! this is yours This isn't everybodys job. 
This means you. this minute this once 
this particular case This place is haunted. this shows (indicates) that 
This shows that ... this time this very day 
this very question This wants cleaning. This way in 
this will bring home the bacon This wine goes down well. This won't do. 
This won't serve my turn. this year thistle 
thistledown thistles thither 
thithertho tho thole 
Thomas steel Thompson's shark thong 
thong bikini thong panty thong underwear 
thongs thoracia aorta thoracic 
thoracic duct thorax thoraxes 
thorium thorn thornback ray 
thornier thorniest thornily 
thorniness thornless thorns 
thorny thorough thoroughbred 
thoroughbred (horse) thoroughbred horse thoroughbred horses 
thoroughbreds thoroughfar thoroughfare 
thoroughfares thoroughfars thoroughgoing 
thoroughly thoroughly honest thoroughness 
those those are the breaks those responsible 
those responsible (persons) Those were his exact words. Those were the days. 
thou though thought 
thought about thought ahead thought back 
thought experiment thought of thought over 
thought-provoking thought} thought} (of) 
thoughtful thoughtfully thoughtfulness 
thoughtless thoughtlessly thoughtlessness 
thoughts Thoughts are free. thousand 
thousand years old thousandfold thousands 
thousandth thousandth part thraldom 
thrall thralldom thralls 
thrashed thrashed soundly thrasher 
thrashes thrashes soundly thrashing 
thrashing soundly thread thread breakage detector 
thread chaser thread cleaning pick thread comparator 
thread file thread gauge thread insert 
thread lathe thread mill thread plug gauge 
thread ring gauge thread-cutting head thread-cutting machine 
thread-cutting tap thread-forming tapping screw thread-milling cutter 
threadbare threadbarely threadbareness 
threaded threaded bushing threaded hole 
threaded washer threadier threadiest 
threading threading attachment threading die (head) 
threading head threading lathe threading machine 
threading tap (Am.) threads thready 
threat threat on one's life threat reduction 
threatened threatened with extinction threatening 
threatening gesture threatening letter threatening letters 
threateningly threatens threats 
three three coloured three dimensional 
three figure three four time three months 
three sided three wheeler three wheelers 
three years old three-axial three-colour printing 
three-cornered file (coll.) three-day retreat three-digit 
three-jaw chuck three-jaw power chuck three-monthly 
three-necked flask three-phase three-phase a.c. motor 
three-phase AC three-phase current three-phase drive 
three-phase machine three-phase system three-phase transformer 
three-piece rim three-piece suite three-pin plug 
three-square (engineer's) file three-square hollow scraper three-stage missile (mil.) 
three-stage rocket three-step three-year-old 
threefold threefoldly threepart 
threescore threesome threnody 
threshed thresher shark threshers 
threshes threshing threshing machine 
threshing-out threshold threshold value 
thresholds threw threw away 
thrice thrift thriftiness 
thriftless thriftlessly thriftlessness 
thrifts thrifty thrill 
thrilled thriller thrillers 
thrilling thrillingly thrills 
thrip thrips thrisyllabic 
thrived thrived} thriven 
thrives thriving throat 
throat (valve) throat microphone throat mike (coll.) 
throatier throatiest throatily 
throatiness throats throaty 
throbbed throbbing throbs 
throe throes thrombose 
thromboses thrombosis thrombotic 
thrombus throne throned 
thrones throng thronged 
thronging throngs throscid beetle 
throstle throstles throttle 
throttle control throttle controls throttle valve 
throttled throttles throttling 
through through and through through bolt 
through hole through pass (football) through station 
through the ages through this through traffic 
through-and-through wound through-connection through-flow testing rig 
through) throughout throughout the whole year 
throughput throve throw 
throw-in throw-off throwaway bottle 
throwaway society throwbacks throwdown 
throwdowns thrower throwers 
throwing throwing away throwing back 
throwing body throwing circle throwing circles 
throwing down throwing in throwing knife 
throwing marks throwing out throwing over 
throwing together thrown thrown away 
thrown back thrown down thrown in 
thrown out thrown over thrown together 
thrown} throws throws away 
thru thrummed thrumming 
thrums thrush thrushes 
thrust thrust bearing thrust pad 
thrust performance thrust-reverser thrust} 
thrusted thrusted out thruster 
thrusters thrusting thrustings 
thrusts thruway thruways 
thu thudded thudding 
thuds thug thugs 
thulium thumb thumb screw 
thumb wheel thumbed thumbing 
thumbnail thumbnails thumbprint 
thumbs thumbscrew thumbscrews 
thumbtack thumbtacks thump 
thumped thumper thumping 
thunder thunder-storm thunderbolt 
thunderbolts thunderclap thunderclaps 
thundercloud thunderclouds thundered 
thundering thundering applause thundering applauses 
thundering voice thundering voices thunderous 
thunderously thunders thundershower 
thunderstorm Thuringia Thuringian bratwurst 
Thuringian Forest Thuringian liver sausage Thuringian red sausage 
Thuringian rib steak sausage Thuringian rostbratwurst Thursday 
thus thus far thus it appears that 
thwarted thwarting thwarts 
THX thy thyme 
thymus thymus (gland) thymus gland 
thymuses thyristor thyroid 
thyroid (gland) cancer thyroid gland thyroid glands 
thyroids thyself TIA 
tiara Tibet Tibetan 
Tibetan studies tibia tibia fracture 
tibial fracture tibial plateau tibial plateau fracture 
tibias TIC tic 
tick tick mark ticked 
ticked off ticker tickers 
ticket ticket machine ticket number 
ticket office ticket offices ticket reader 
ticket-window ticketed ticketing 
tickets ticketted ticking 
ticking off tickle tickle of the throat 
tickled tickled pink tickler 
ticklers tickles tickling 
ticklish ticklishly ticks 
tics tidal tidal power plant 
tidal power station (Br.) tidal wave tidal waves 
tidbit (Am.) tidbits (Am.) tiddler 
tide tided tideland 
tidelands tides tidied 
tidied up tidier tidies 
tidiest tidily tidiness 
tiding oneself over tidings tidy 
tidy (little) sum tidyed tidying 
tidying up tie tie (Am.) 
tie (football) tie bar tie rod 
tie shoe tie trunk tie-bar (tyre tread) 
tie-down tied tied round 
tied up tieing tiepin 
tier tiered tiers 
ties ties up tiff 
tiffin tiffins tiffs 
TIG welded tiger tiger beetle 
tiger shark tigerish tigerishly 
tigerishness tigers tight 
tight fit tight pants tight slacks 
tight trousers tight-fitting tighten 
tightened tightening tightening force 
tightens tighter tightest 
tightfisted tightly tightness 
tightness (coll.) tightness test tightrope 
tightrope walk tightrope walker tightrope walkers 
tightropes tights tightwad 
tigress tigresses tike (Am.) 
tikes (Am.) tilapia (zoo.) tilde 
tildes tile and slab floor tile breaking pliers 
tile chisel tile cutter tile cutting machine 
tile cutting pliers tile face tile file 
tile hole cutter tile saw bow tile saw wire 
tile sponge tile trimming machine tile washing board 
tiled tiled roof tiled roofs 
tiled stove tiled stoves tiler 
tilers tiles tiling 
till till death till now 
till then till this day till-plough 
tillable tillage tillages 
tilled tiller tiller blade 
tiller rotor tiller spike tiller tooth 
tilling tills tilt 
tilt angle tilt out tilt rotor 
tiltable engine nacelle tilted tilth 
tilting tilts timbal 
timber timber stud timbered 
timbering timberland timberline 
timberlines timbers timbre 
timbrel timbrels timbres 
time time and (time) again time and again 
time bargain time bargains time behaviour 
time bill time bomb time bombs 
time clock time constant time consuming 
time coupled time delay time dependent course 
time difference time division time draft 
time emitter time exposure time flies 
time for repayment time frame time fuse 
time fuses Time is a great healer. time lag 
time lapse time lapse camera time lapse cameras 
time limit time loss time need 
time of day time of delivery time of departure 
time of fall time of probation time out 
time pressure time range selection time recording 
time registration time response time saving 
time selection time sharing time shift 
time signal time slice time slot 
time spirit time stability time stamp clock 
time switch time table time tables 
time to market Time will tell. time-consuming 
time-critical time-dependent time-oriented 
time-out time-punch card time-saving 
time-shared time-sharing time-sharing system 
time-slicing time-table time-tested 
time-waster timed timeframe 
timekeeper timekeepers timeless 
timelessly timelessness timelier 
timeliest timeline timeliness 
timely timely notice of claims timeout 
timepiece timepieces timer 
timers times timesaving 
timeserver timeservers timeserving 
timestamp timetable timetables 
timeworn timid timid of 
timider timidest timidity 
timidly timidness timing 
timing circuit timing element timing mark 
timing pattern timings timorous 
timorously timorousness timpani 
timpanist timpanists timpano 
tin tin (coll.) tin glaze 
tin hat (sl.) tin lizzy tin loaf 
tin loaves tin opener tin snips 
tin-smith tin-solder tinamou 
tincture tinctured tinctures 
tincturing tinder tinderbox 
tinderboxes tine tine bar 
tinfoil tinge tinged 
tinges tinging tingled 
tingles tingling tingly 
tings tinier tiniest 
tinily tininess tinkered 
tinkering tinkers tinkled 
tinkles tinkling tinklings 
tinmen's shears tinned tinned (canned) food 
tinned vegetables tinner's snips tinnier 
tinniest tinnily tinning 
tinning factories tinning factory tinny 
tinplate tinplates tins 
tinsel tinseled tinseling 
tinsels tinsmith tinsmith's workshop 
tinsmiths tinsnips tint 
tinted tinting tintinnabulary 
tintinnabulation tints tinware 
tiny (little) tiny tot tip 
tip of the finger tip of the tongue tipcart 
tipped tipped over tipper 
tipper truck tippers tippet 
tippets tipping tipping chart 
tipping lorry tipping over tipping trailer 
tipping tweezer tipping tweezers tipping wagon 
tippled tippler tipplers 
tipples tippling tips 
tips of the tongue tips over tipsier 
tipsiest tipsily tipsiness 
tipsy tiptoed tiptoeing 
tiptoes tiptop tirade 
tirades tire (Am.) tire equipments (Am.) 
tire iron (Am.) tire lever tire load (Am.) 
tire pressure (Am.) tire pump (Am.) tired 
tired and emotional tired of tired out 
tired to death tiredly tiredness 
tireing tireless tirelessly 
tirelessness tires tires (Am.) 
tiresome tiresomely tiresomeness 
tiring tiro (Br.) Tirol 
'tis (it is) tissue tissue paper 
tissue papers tissues tit 
Tit for tat. tit-grabber titanic 
titanite titanium titanium steel 
titbit titbits tithe 
tithed tithes tithing 
titillate titillated titillates 
titillating titillation titillative 
titivate titivated titivates 
titivating titivation titivations 
title title (of nobility) title bout 
title bouts title catalogue title defense (sport) 
title holder title on the spine title page 
title pages title proper titled 
titleholder titles titling 
titmice titmouse titrate 
titrated titrates titrating 
titration syringe titrimetric tits 
titter tittered tittering 
titteringly titters tittle 
tittle-tattle (coll.) tittles titular 
titurate tizzy TM 
to to (go to) work to (have a) lisp 
to (have a) look at to (lightly) sautée to (work as a) model 
to a to a certain degree to a certain extent 
to a high degree to a large extent to a man 
to abandon to abandon a claim to abandon a lawsuit 
to abandon an action to abandon one's family to abandon ship 
to abase to abash to abate 
to abbreviate to abdicate to abdicate the throne 
to abduct to aberrate to abet 
to abhor to abide {abode to abjure 
to ablate to abnegate to abolish 
to abolish censorship to abominate to abort 
to abound to abound (in) to abound (with) 
to abrade to abreact to abridge 
to abrogate to abscond to absolve 
to absolve (from) to absolve (of) to absolved 
to absorb to absorb shocks to abstain (from) 
to abstain from alcohol to abstain from voting to abstract 
to abuse to abut to accede 
to accelerate to accent to accentuate 
to accept to accept a bid to accept a bill 
to accept a contract to accept an offer to accept an order 
to accept input to access to accession 
to acclaim to acclaim someone emperor to acclimate 
to acclimate (to) to acclimate animals to acclimatize 
to accommodate to accommodate demand to accompany 
to accompany back to accomplish to accord 
to accord with to accost to account for 
to accoustom (to) to accouter (Am.) to accoutre 
to accredit to accrete to accrue 
to accumulate to accumulate inventories to accuse 
to accuse of to accuse sb. of sth. to accustom 
to acerbate to ache to achieve 
to achieve a goal to achieve sth. to acid-treat 
to acidify to acquaint to acquiesce 
to acquire to acquire an interest in to acquire ownership of 
to acquire possession to acquire property to acquit 
to act to act (as) to act as 
to act as a guarantor for sb. to act as a leader to act as guardian for 
to act for to act for whom it may concern to act in concert 
to act in good faith to act in place of to act jointly 
to act on to act out to act out one's feelings 
to act the goat to act through primary agents to act with self-assurance 
to activate to activate a macro to actualize 
to actuate to adapt to adapt Goethe (freely) 
to adapt oneself to adapt to to add 
to add (mount) up (to) to add (to) to add dropwise 
to add new jobs to add on to add some seasoning 
to add up to add up figures to addict to 
to addle to address to address (as) 
to address (to) to address as to address formally 
to address informally to address sb. "to address sb. as "Sie" 
to address the issue of to address to to adduce 
to adept to adhere to adhere to 
to adhere to deadlines to adjacency to adjoin 
to adjourn to adjudge to adjure 
to adjust to adjust a damage to adjust oneself 
to adjust prices to administer to administer accounts 
to administrate to admire to admit 
to admit into to admit of to admit to 
to admix to admonish to adopt 
to adopt a rule to adopt protective measures to adore 
to adore someone to adorn to adsorb 
to adulterate to adumbrate to advance 
to advance the case too far to advert to advertise 
to advertize to advise to advise on 
to advocate to aerate to affect 
to affiance to affiliate to affiliate to 
to affirm to affix to afflict 
to afford to afforest to affreight 
to affront to age to agglomerate 
to agglutinate to aggrandise (Br.) to aggrandize 
to aggravate to aggregate to aggrieve 
to agitate to agonize to agree 
to agree (on) to agree (with to agree by contract 
to agree on to agree to to agree upon 
to agree with to agree with a person to aid 
to ail to aim to aim (at) 
to aim at to aim at something to air 
to air-arc to air-patent to alarm 
to alert to algorithmize to alienate 
to alight to align to align oneself to 
to all appearances to allay to allege 
to alleviate to allocate to allocate a sample 
to allocate overhead expense to allocate shares to allot 
to allow to allow a claim to allow an option to lapse 
to allow for to allow of to allow to infuse 
to alloy to allude to allude (to) 
to allure to ally to alphabetize 
to alter to alter course to altercate 
to alternate to amalgamate to amass 
to amaze to amble to ambulate 
to ambuscade to ameliorate to amend 
to amend the contract to Americanise (Br.) to Americanize 
to amortize to amount to amount to 
to amount to sth. to amplify to amplify an idea 
to amuse to amuse oneself to analyse 
to analyse (Br.) to analyze to analyze (Am.) 
to anathematize to anatomize to and from 
to anesthetize to angle to animate 
to anneal to annex to annihilate 
to annotate to announce to announce over the radio 
to annoy to annul to annunciate 
to anoint to another place to answer 
to answer (to) to answer for to answer for something 
to answer in the affirmative to answer the bell to answer the phone 
to answer the purposes to answer the telephone to answer your question 
to antagonize to ante up to antecede 
to antedate to anthropomorphize to antialias 
to anticipate to antiquate to apologise (Br.) 
to apologize to apologize (Am.) to apostatize 
to apotheosize to appal to appall 
to appall (Am.) to appeal to appeal (to) 
to appeal to (for) to appear to appear strange 
to appease to append to appertain 
to applaud to apply to apply (for) 
to apply a rule to apply a zero rate to apply for (to someone) 
to apply for a job to apply for a scholarship to apply for asylum 
to apply for sth. to apply some makeup to apply the emergency brake 
to appoint to apportion to appraise 
to appreciate to appreciate a currency to apprehend 
to apprise to approach to approach a task 
to appropriate to appropriate (for) to appropriate reserves 
to approve to approve an application to approve and accept sth. 
to approve of something to approximate to arch 
to archive to argue to argue something away 
to argue the converse to arise to arise from 
to arm to armour plate to arouse 
to arraign to arrange to arrange (about) 
to arrange a demonstration to arrange a loan to arrange a meeting 
to arrange alphabetically to arrange new elections to arrange sth. 
to arrange to meet someone to arrest to arrest attention 
to arrive to arrive (on the scene) to arrive at 
to arrive home to arrogate to articulate 
to ascend to ascertain to ascribe 
to ask to ask a favour to ask a Question 
to ask about sth. to ask around to ask back 
to ask for to ask pardon for to ask someone's advice 
to ask specifically to ask the way to ask to come 
to asperse to asphyxiate to aspire (to) 
to assail to assassinate to assault 
to assemble to assent to assert 
to assert a right to assess to asseverate 
to assign to assign a claim to assign a job 
to assign a patent to assign to to assimilate 
to assist to associate to associate with 
to assort to assuage to assume 
to assume a risk to assume an office to assure 
to astonish to astound to astray 
to atomize to atrophy to attach 
to attach (to) to attach conditions to to attach importance 
to attach value to to attack to attain 
to attempt to attempt on someone's life to attend 
to attend a funeral to attend a lecture to attend on someone 
to attend to to attend to interest to attenuate 
to attest to attire to attitudinize 
to attract to attract attention to attract new business 
to attribute to attune to auction off 
to audit to audit the cash to audition 
to augment to augur to authenticate 
to author to authorise to automate 
to avail to aver to average (over) 
to average out to avert to avert a crisis 
to avert bankruptcy to avoid to avoid bankruptcy 
to avoid customs duty to avouch to avow 
to await to await eagerly to awake 
to awake {awoke to awaken to award 
to award a contract to award damages to awarding 
to aware to awe to ax 
to babble to back to back off 
to back post to back up to back-space 
to backbite {backbit to backdate to backfill 
to backfire to backout to backscatter 
to backslide {backslid to backtrack to backup 
to baffle to bag to bail 
to bake to balance to bale 
to ballast to ballot (for) to ban 
to ban sb. from a profession to bandage to bandy 
to bang to bang (vulg.) to bang together 
to banish to bank on to bankroll 
to banter to baptise to baptize 
to barbarize to barbecue to bare 
to bare (one's teeth) to bargain for to bark 
to bark at to barnstorm to barricade 
to barter to barter away to base on 
to bash to bask to bastardize 
to baste to batch to bate 
to bath to bathe to batten 
to batter to battle to bawl 
to bawl out to bawl someone out to be 
to be (in a state of ) shock to be (left) stranded to be (on a) level with 
to be {was to be / become homesick to be a bit hard up 
to be a blaze to be a blockhead to be a candidate for 
to be a cheat to be a complete flop to be a compulsive shopper 
to be a dead cert (Br.) (sl.) to be a dead-ringer to be a fat cat 
to be a good match to be a good sport to be a household name 
to be a livewire to be a notch above to be a nut 
to be a pipe smoker to be a protected animal to be a psychology major 
to be a quality act (informal) to be a right-winger to be a shopaholic 
to be a smooth operator to be a sound sleeper to be a swindler 
to be a teacher to be a tribute to someone to be a wanker 
to be abeyant to be ablaze to be ablaze with light 
to be able to be able to to be about 
to be about sth. to be about to to be absent 
to be absent-minded to be ace to be acquainted with 
to be addicted to shopping to be afflicted with to be afraid 
to be afraid of to be air-sick to be alarmed 
to be alive with to be all churned up inside to be all knocked out 
to be all set to be allowed to to be always interfering 
to be an only child to be angry at something to be angry with 
to be angry with someone to be anxious to be anxious to do sth. 
to be around to be aroused to be arrived 
to be as deaf as a doorpost to be as fresh as a daisy to be as hard as granite 
to be as hard as pebbles to be as quiet as a mouse to be as safe as houses 
to be ashamed of to be assured of sth. to be astonished 
to be at a loss for to be at one with sb. to be at rest 
to be at sixes and sevens to be at someone's mercy to be at table 
to be attached to to be attentive to be authorized to 
to be available to be away to be away on business 
to be awestruck to be back to be bail for sb. 
to be based on to be be outraged to be beat-up 
to be bent on to be beside oneself with joy to be betrothed (to) 
to be blitzed to be blown over to be bored 
to be born by C(a)esarean to be born in the gutter to be bound to do sth. 
to be brill to be broader than one is tall to be broken 
to be broken on the wheel to be brought up at home to be bubbling over with ideas 
to be bursting at the seams to be busy to be called 
to be called for to be cancelled to be capable of 
to be careful to be caught to be chilled through 
to be clear to be clear in one's mind to be clench 
to be close-fitting to be coherent to be cold 
to be comfortable to be coming up to meet to be committed to 
to be committed to extinction to be composed of to be concerned about 
to be concerned with to be concluded to be confident of 
to be connected to be connected with to be considerate of sb. 
to be consumed with to be contd to be continued 
to be contrary to to be converted (in)to to be crazy about 
to be cross with to be crossed in love to be cut to the quick 
to be cut up to be dead against something to be dead keen on 
to be dead on one's feet to be deceived (in) to be declared an outlaw 
to be declared outlaws to be deeply grieved to be deeply moved 
to be demoted to be dependent on to be depending on 
to be deployed to be derailed to be descended 
to be descended from to be desperate to do sth. to be destroyed 
to be determined to be devoted to someone to be different 
to be dismissed summarily to be distracted with pain to be dolled up 
to be doomed (condemned) to to be doomed to failure to be down on one's uppers 
to be down to sb. to be down to sth. to be dressed for school 
to be dressed to kill to be dropped to be eaten up with 
to be eliminated to be engaged to be enough to make one puke 
to be entitled to to be equal to something to be even with someone 
to be expected to to be extinguished to be faithful to someone 
to be far off to be fast asleep to be fed up to here 
to be fed up to the back teeth to be fed up with to be filling 
to be filming to be fired up (for sth.) to be fired up for sth. 
to be fit to be flabbergasted to be flavour of the month 
to be flush to be flush with money to be fond of 
to be footloose and fany-free to be for it to be for the high jump 
to be forced to do sth. to be forearmed to be fortunate 
to be found to be friends to be frightened (at) 
to be fully stretched to be glad to be gobsmacked 
to be going places to be going steady with a girl to be going to 
to be going to do to be gone to be gone six months 
to be good at sports to be good for to be gossiped about 
to be greedy to be hand in glove with sb. to be hard up 
to be hard up for to be having a fling with sb. to be heir to sb. 
to be held to be henpecked to be high 
to be highly indignant to be highly pleased to be homophobic 
to be honeymooning (coll.) to be hopping mad to be hostile to 
to be hot for to be hung over to be hungry 
to be ill at ease to be imminent to be impatient for 
to be impatient of to be impatient to do ... to be in a bad way 
to be in a blue funk to be in a cold sweat to be in a fix 
to be in a foul mood to be in a good temper to be in a hurry 
to be in a merry pin to be in a position to to be in a rage 
to be in a rush to be in a tight spot to be in a tight squeeze 
to be in accordance with to be in bad temper to be in charge of something 
to be in close contact with to be in clover to be in demand 
to be in dire need of to be in favour (favour) of it to be in force 
to be in full swing to be in good condition to be in good spirits 
to be in great demand to be in high spirits to be in leading strings 
to be in liquor to be in love with to be in low spirits 
to be in mesh to be in need of to be in negotiation 
to be in negotiation with to be in one's right mind to be in opposition 
to be in pain to be in power to be in progress 
to be in seventh heaven to be in short supply to be in store 
to be in store for to be in the balance to be in the dock 
to be in the doghouse to be in the habit of to be in the law 
to be in the offing to be in the right to be in the soup 
to be in the tight corner to be in the vanguard of to be in town 
to be in trouble to be inclined to be indicated 
to be inferior to be ingrained in... to be intended for 
to be interested in to be interventionist to be into sth. 
to be involved (in) to be involved in an accident to be involved in something 
to be involved with someone to be job hunting to be justified 
to be justified to to be keen on sports to be keen-eyed 
to be knocked down to be known to be lacking 
to be laid out to be laid up with to be late 
to be launched to be left till called for to be level on points 
to be listed to be livid to be located 
to be long in coming to be longing for fresh air to be looking for 
to be looking for a wife to be looking for sb. to con to be looking for sb. to dupe 
to be lost to be lost in rapture to be lucky 
to be lumbered to be mad at to be made 
to be mean to be meant for to be merged in 
to be meshuga (Am.) to be misguided in sth. to be missing 
to be mistaken to be moderate (in) to be modest 
to be molting (Am.) to be moulting (Br.) to be moved to tears 
to be necessary to be no good to be not musical 
to be nuts to be nuts about to be nutty (on) 
to be obligated to be obligated to to be obliged 
to be obsessed by to be obsessed with to be occupied 
to be of age to be of interest to be of no consequence 
to be of sound mind to be of use to be off 
to be off duty to be off one's rocker to be off the pay roll 
to be off the track to be on a committee to be on about sth. 
to be on bad terms to be on camera to be on cloud nine 
to be on display to be on duty to be on early shift 
to be on escort duty to be on fire to be on good terms 
to be on hand to be on holiday to be on loan to sb. 
to be on night duty to be on office duty to be on one's guard 
to be on one's honeymoon to be on one's last legs to be on sick leave 
to be on smack to be on solid ground to be on the ball 
to be on the dole to be on the fritz to be on the game (sl.) 
to be on the increase to be on the look-out for to be on the needle 
to be on the phone to be on the plump side to be on the point of 
to be on the right to be on the shelf to be on the telephone 
to be on the verge of a win to be on the verge of war to be on the waiting list 
to be on the wrong track to be on TV to be one's old self again 
to be open 24 hours to be open all night to be or not to be 
to be out for (to) to be out of one's element to be out of order 
to be out of place to be out of the woods to be out of town 
to be outlawed to be over the hump to be over the worst 
to be overweight to be patient to be performed 
to be permitted to to be placed third to be plastered 
to be pleased with something to be popular to be prejudiced against 
to be prepared to to be present to be pressed for money 
to be pressed for time to be profitable to be promoted 
to be proper for to be protected to be proud 
to be proud (of) to be qualified for to be quick on the uptake 
to be rare to be read in schools to be ready for battle 
to be ready to go to school to be real cool to be reasonable 
to be reducible to to be reflected to be reflected (in) 
to be released to be relegated to be reported 
to be reserved to be responsible for sth. to be rife 
to be right to be round as a ball to be running out of time 
to be satisfied to be scarce to be scared to death 
to be scheduled to be second to none to be sensible of 
to be sent off to be separated to be seriously horny 
to be set doing something to be set on to be settled 
to be sexually aroused to be shocked to be shy 
to be sick (Br.) to be signed to be silent 
to be slated for to be slightly off-topic to be slope 
to be sloshed to be slow on the uptake to be smitten with 
to be smitten with sb. to be snookered to be snowed in 
to be snowed up to be sold to be sold down the river 
to be someone's double to be sorry to be spared sth. 
to be sparing with praise to be sparing with sth. to be stingy 
to be street-smart to be stroppy with sb. to be struck all of a heap 
to be stuck to be stuck up to be stunned 
to be subject to to be subject to censorship to be subject to change 
to be subordinate to to be successful to be suitable 
to be suited for to be sunk (sl.) to be supposed to 
to be sure to be surprised (at) to be sweet with 
to be swollen to be taboo to be taken in 
to be taken sick to be talked about to be tangent to 
to be tarted up to be telephone-mad to be tempted 
to be the responsibility of to be there to be thick-skinned (fig.) 
to be thirsty to be threshed out to be tied 
to be tied up with to be tight to be tight with 
to be tired of to be tired of something to be to 
to be to blame for to be together to be top dog 
to be topped to be true to be undecided 
to be under age to be under arms to be under consideration 
to be under deadline pressure to be under medical treatment to be under someone's control 
to be under someone's spell to be under stress at school to be under time pressure 
to be underlaid (coll.) to be understaffed to be understood (as) 
to be uneven to be unfaithful to be unfaithful to 
to be ungrudging in to be unhappily in love to be unhelpful to sb. 
to be unique to be unnecessary to be unstinting of one's time 
to be unwilling to be up (football etc.) to be up a gum tree 
to be up for grabs to be up in arms against to be up to date 
to be up to the mark to be used to to be versed in sth. 
to be very grateful to someone to be very involved (with to be wanted on the telephone 
to be well connected to be well in with sb. to be well informed 
to be well versed to be wet through to be wide awake 
to be winged to be with someone to be within someone's grasp 
to be worn out to be worried (about) to be worse off 
to be worth one's while to be worthwhile to be wrecked 
to be wrong (to be) a crafty bitch (to be) a little beast 
(to be) a little bitch (to be) a sly cow (to be) as timid as a fawn 
to beam to beam with joy to bear (on) 
to bear {bore to bear away to bear company 
to bear down to bear fruit to bear in mind 
to bear out to bear someone a grudge to bear something in mind 
to bear up to beard to beat {beat 
to beat about the bush to beat down to beat it 
to beat prices to beat sb. to beat sb. up 
to beat the drum to beat time to beat up 
to beat up sb. to beatback to beatify 
to beautify to beaver away to becalm 
to beckon to becloud to become {became 
to become a household word to become a streetwalker (Am.) to become an orphan 
to become angry to become aware of to become blurred 
to become contractual to become countrified to become covered (with) 
to become engaged to become extinct to become fond of 
to become friends to become impoverished to become incrusted 
to become infatuated with to become married (to sb.) to become marshy 
to become obsolete to become overcast to become overgrown 
to become rife to become senile to become silent 
to become stunted to bed to bedaub 
to bedeck to bedevil to bedraggle 
to beep to beetle (esp. Br.) (coll.) to befall 
to befit to befog to befoul 
to beg to beg (for) to beg (of someone) 
to beg for to beg leave to beg off 
to beget {begot to beggar to begin 
to begin with he's too old to begrime to begrudge 
to beguile to behave to behave (oneself) well 
to behave in a ladylike way to behave in a strange fashion to behave like a little girl 
to behead to behold to behoove 
to belabor to belay to belch 
to belie to belie sth. to believe (in) 
to belittle to bellow to belong 
to belong (to) to belong to to belong to it 
to belt to bemoan to bemuse 
to bend to bend {bent to bend down 
to bend forward to bend off to bend straight 
to bend the knee to bend up to benefit 
to bent on to benumb to bequeath 
to bequest to berate to bereave {bereaved 
to beseech to beseech {besought to beset 
to besmear to besmirch to besot 
to bespeak to bestir to bestow 
to bestrew to bestride {bestrode to bet 
to bet {bet to bet on the wrong horse to betray 
to betroth to better to bevel 
to bewail to beware to bewilder 
to bewitch to bias to bicker 
to bicycle to bid {bade to bide 
to bike to bill to bill and coo 
to billow to billow from to bind 
to bind {bound to bind in boards to bind together 
to bisect to bisque fire to bitch 
to bitch up to bite to bite into 
to bite off to bite one's tongue to bite the bullet 
to bite the dust to bite through to blab 
to black to blacken to blacker 
to blame to blame (for sth.) to blame somebody for 
to blanch to blandish to blank after 
to blanket to blanket (Am.) to blanket-bomb an/the area 
to blaspheme to blast to blast (ball) 
to blaze the trail to blaze up to blazon 
to bleach to bleed to bleed {bled 
to bleed off to bleed to death to bleed white somebody 
to blemish to blench to blend 
to blend {blended to bless to bless (blessed 
to bless {blessed to blether to blight 
to blind to blind out to blindfold 
to blink to blink at to blister 
to bloat to blob to block 
to block out to block the goal (area) to block up 
to blockade to blog to blossom 
to blossom (out) to blot to blot out 
to blow to blow {blew to blow a whistle 
to blow away to blow down to blow like a grampus 
to blow off to blow one's nose to blow out 
to blow up to blow-dry to blow-off 
to blub to blubber to bludgeon 
to bluff to blunder to blunge 
to blunt (to) to blur to blurt 
to blurt out to blush to blush with shame 
to bluster to boast to boast (of 
to boast (of) to bob to bode 
to bog to bog down to boggle 
to boil to boil with rage to bolt 
to bolt to to bolt together to bomb 
to bond to bonk (vulg.) to boo 
to booby-trap to boodle to book 
to book (football) to book an order to book exhibition space 
to bookmark to boom to boost 
to boot to boot out to boot up 
to bootleg to bootstrap to booze 
to bop (esp. Br.) (coll.) to borate to border (on) 
to bore to bore (into to bore to death 
to borrow to borrow for ... weeks to borrow from 
to borrow up to ... books to botch to bother 
to bottle to bounce to bound 
to bow to bow and scrape to bow low 
to bow one's thanks to bow out to bow to 
to bowdlerize to bowl to box 
to box the ears to brace to brace for something 
to brace up to brag to braid 
to brain to braise to braise meat 
to brake to branch to branch backward 
to branch off to brand to brand as a heretic 
to brandish to brawl to bray 
to braze to braze off steel to braze on 
to breach to bread to break 
to break {broke to break a rule to break an engagement 
to break away to break away from to break down 
to break down sth. into sth. to break faith to somebody to break fresh ground 
to break in to break in on someone to break off 
to break off a conversation to break off in mid-sentence to break on the wheel 
to break one's word to break open to break out 
to break sb. in to break sweat to break through 
to break to pieces to break up to breakfast 
to breast the waves to breathe to breathe again 
to breathe fire and brimstone to breed to breed {bred 
to breeze to brew to bribe 
to bridge to bridle to brief 
to brighten to brim to bring 
to bring {brought to bring a return to bring about 
to bring along to bring away to bring back 
to bring bout the downfall to bring down to bring forward 
to bring forward a motion to bring home the bacon to bring home the message 
to bring in to bring it down to bring out 
to bring to to bring to a stop to bring to an issue 
to bring to light to bring to mind to bring together 
to bring up to bring up a child to bristle 
to broach to broach the subject again to broaden 
to broider to broil to browbeat 
to browse to bruise to bruit 
to brush to brush (one's teeth) to brush aside 
to brush off to brush one's teeth to brush up on something 
to bubble over to buck to buckle 
to buckle on to budge to budget 
to buff to buffer to buffet 
to bug to bug (Am.) to build 
to build (up) to build castles in the air to build in 
to build of wood to bulge to bulldoze 
to bully to bully sb. to bum 
to bumble about to bump to bump off 
to bunch to bundle to bung 
to bung (up) to bung up (Am.) to bungle 
to bunk to burble to burden 
to burgeon to burglarise (Br.) to burglarize 
to burgle to burn to burn {burnt 
to burn coal to burn down to burn incense 
to burn like tinder to burn off to burn out 
to burn through to burn to ashes to burn-in 
to burn-out to burnish to burp 
to burr to burrow to burst {burst 
to burst at the seams to burst in to burst into tears 
to burst out laughing to bury to bury the hatchet 
to bushwhack to buss to bust 
to bustle to butcher to butt 
to butt-joint to butter to butter (buildup by welding) 
to butter up to button all the way up to button up 
to buttress to buy to buy {bought 
to buy a beer to buy a pig in a poke to buy a ticket 
to buy back to buy en route to buy from 
to buy in addition to buy on hire purchase to buy secondhand 
to buy sth. to buy up to buzz 
to buzz off to bypass to cabbage 
to cache to cackle to cadge 
to cadge money from somebody to cake to calcify 
to calcine to calculate to calibrate 
to caliper to calk to calk (US) 
to call to call (Am.) to call America 
to call and tell sb. sth. to call attention to call attention to 
to call back to call for to call for help 
to call for sth. to call in to call in sick 
to call Munich to call off to call on 
to call on sb. to call on someone to call on/upon sth. 
to call out to call over to call sb. to the phone 
to call sb. to the telephone to call somebody names to call the police 
to call the tune to call to ask to call up 
to call up (for) (sport) to callback to calm 
to calm down to calumniate to camber 
to camouflage to camp to can 
to canalize to cancel to cancel (stamp 
to cancel a contract to cancel someone's name to cannelure 
to cannibalize to canoe to canoodle 
to cant to canvass to canvass for customers 
to capacitate to capitalise (Br.) to capitalize 
to capitalize on to capitulate to captivate 
to capture to carbonise (Br.) to carbonize 
to carburize to care for to care for sb. 
to career to caress to carouse 
to carpenter to carry to carry a child to full term 
to carry a motion to carry along to carry away 
to carry interest to carry no weight to carry off 
to carry on to carry on (out) a trade to carry out 
to carry out a plan to carry to an extreme to carry together 
to carry weight to carve to carve (into) 
to carve sth. to caseate to cash 
to cash up to cash up (Br.) to casket 
to casket (Am.) to cast to cast {cast 
to cast a ballot to cast a damp over something to cast a spell over someone 
to cast concrete to cast goods overboard to castigate 
to catalogue a book to catalyse (Br.) to catalyze 
to catapult to catch to catch (at) 
to catch {caught to catch a cold to catch a glimpse 
to catch fire to catch hold of to catch off guard 
to catch one's breath to catch sight (of) to catch sight of something 
to catch the speaker's eye to catch the train to catch up 
to catch up on to catechize to categorise (Br.) 
to categorize to catenate to cater 
to caterwaul to catheterize to caulk 
to cause to cause surprise to cauterize 
to cave (in) to cavil to cavort 
to caw to cease to cease (fire) 
to cease glowing to cease payment to cede 
to celebrate to celebrate her birthday to cement (fig.) 
to censor to censore to center (Am.) 
to center-drill to center-punch to centralize 
to centre (Br.) to certificate to certify 
to certify the contract to chafe to chagrins 
to chain to chain up to chalk up 
to challenge to chamfer to chamfer (to break corner) 
to champ to chance to change 
to change (in)to to change clothes to change color 
to change colour to change course to change for 
to change gears to change one's mind to change round 
to change sides to change someone's ways to change the subject 
to change tune to change-over to channel 
to char to characterise (Br.) to characterize 
to charge to charge off to charge with 
to charge with a crime to charm to chart 
to charter to chase to chase away 
to chasten to chastise to chat 
to chat away to chatter to chaw 
to cheapen to cheat to check 
to check (Am.) to check in to check off 
to check out to check the weighting to check up 
to checker (Am.) to checkoff to cheep 
to cheer to cheer up to chequer (Br.) 
to cherish to cherish an illusion to cherish hopes 
to chevy to chew to chew for 
to chicane to chill to chime 
to chin-wag to chink to chinwag (Br.) 
to chip to chip off to chipper 
to chirp to chirr to chisel 
to chisel off to chitchat to choke 
to chomp to choose {chose to chop 
to chop up to chopp to christen 
to chrome-plate to chuck to chuck out 
to chuckle to chug to chuggle 
to chum to chum up to chummed up 
to chumming up to churn to churn out 
to churn up to cincture to cipher 
to circle to circulate to circumcise 
to circumnavigate to circumscribe to circumvent 
to cite to civilize to claim 
to claim back to claim kindred with someone to claim the points (sport) 
to clam to clamber to clamor (Am.) 
to clamour to clamour (Br.) to clamp 
to clank to clap to clarify 
to clarify a position to clash to clash with 
to clasp to class to classify 
to clatter to clause to claw 
to clean to clean up to clean up (Am.) 
to cleanse to cleanup to clear 
to clear away to clear off to clear out 
to clear something to clear the snow to clear the way 
to clear up to clear upiron out to cleave 
to cleave {clove to clem to clench 
to click to click on to climb 
to climb a ladder to climb on the bandwagon to climb up 
to clinch to cling {clung to clink 
to clip to clip (for) to clip (on) 
to clip off to clip on to clog 
to clone to close to close in 
to close in on someone to close ranks (fig.) to close with a snap 
to closure to clothe to cloud 
to cloy to cluck to cluster 
to clutter up to co-insure to co-locate 
to coalesce to coarsen to coast down 
to coastdown to coat to coat (with) 
to coat with silver to coax to coax (to do 
to cobble to cock a snook to cocker 
to coddle to coddle (eggs) to code 
to codify to coerce to cogitate 
to cohabit to cohere to coil 
to coin to coincide to coincidently 
to coke to cold draw to cold hammer 
to collaborate (in a work) to collapse to collate 
to collect to collect stamps to collide 
to collide (with) to collimate to collude 
to colonise (Br.) to colonize to color 
to colour to comb to combat 
to combinate to combine to come 
to come {came to come a long way to come about 
to come across to come along to come along with 
to come and meet to come apart to come apart at the seams 
to come as a (real) bombshell to come down in the world to come down with 
to come for someone to come forward to come from 
to come from a good home to come here to come home 
to come in to come in flocks to come in handy 
to come inside to come into to come into being 
to come into existence to come into fashion to come into force 
to come into one's own to come into power to come of age 
to come off to come on (sport to come onto the market 
to come running to come through to come to a decision 
to come to a standstill to come to an end to come to business 
to come to nothing to come to see to come to someone's defence 
to come to the point to come under an authority to come under fire 
to come up to comfort to command 
to commence to commend to comment 
to comment out to commingle to commission 
to commit to commit a blunder to commit a crime 
to commit a professional foul to commit a sin to commit an outrage 
to commit suicide to commit to memory to commune 
to communicate to commutate to commute 
to compare (with to compare (with) to compare notes 
to compartmentalize to compel to compel sb. to do sth. 
to compensate to compere to compete 
to compilate to compile to compile statistics 
to complain to complain (of) to complain about 
to complement to complete to complete the misery 
to compliment (on) to comply to comply (with) 
to compose to compound to comprehend 
to compress to comprise to compromise 
to compromise (on) to compromise (oneself) to compromise one's reputation 
to compute to con to concatenate 
to conceal to conceal (from) to concede 
to conceive to conceive an idea to conceive of 
to concentrate to conceptualize to concern 
to conciliate to conclude to conclude (from) 
to conclude (with) to conclude the evening... to concoct 
to concondense to concur to condemn 
to condemn something wholesale to condense to condole 
to condone to conduce to conduct 
to conduct a conversation to confederate to confer 
to confess to confide to configurate 
to configure to confine to confirm 
to confirm a contract to confirm an order to confirm by documents 
to confiscate to conflate to conflict 
to conform to conform to something to confound 
to confuse to confuse (with) to confute 
to congest to conglomerate to congratulate 
to congregate to conjoin to conjure 
to conjure (up) to conjure up to conk 
to conk out (sl.) to connect to connect (to) 
to connect a telephone to connect in parallel to connect through 
to connive to conquer to consecrate 
to consent to conserve to consider 
to consider as to consider to be to considered 
to consign to consist (of) to console (with) 
to consolidate to consort to conspire 
to constipate to constitute to constitute a forum 
to constrain to constrain sth. to constrict 
to construct to construe to consult 
to consult a manual to consume to consummate 
to contact to contain to contaminate 
to contemplate to contend to content 
to content with to contest to contest (with 
to continue to continue to do sth. to continue to exist 
to continue to live to continue to work to contort 
to contract to contradict to contrast with 
to contribute to contrive to control 
to control one's feelings to control oneself to control proceedings (sport) 
to controvert to contuse to convene 
to conventionalize to converge to converge (people 
to convert to convert (in)to to convert to 
to convey to convince (of) to convolve 
to convulse to cook to cook a lie 
to cook for oneself to cook to rags to cool 
to cool down to cool off to cooperate 
to coordinate to cop to cope 
to cope with to cope with something to copper plate 
to copulate to copy to copy out 
to coquet to cord up to cordon off 
to cork to cork up to corner 
to corral to correct to correlate 
to correlate with to correspond to correspond (to 
to corroborate to corrode to corrugate 
to corrupt to coruscate to cosher 
to cosset to cost {cost to cost a fortune 
to cotter to cough to count 
to count (on) to count back to count down 
to count every penny to count for lost to count over 
to count the cost to count up to counter 
to counteract to countermand to countermine 
to counterrotate to countersign to countersink 
to couple to court to covenant 
to cover to cover a distance to cover by a smoke screen 
to cover one's ass to cover one's back to cover one's head 
to cover oneself with glory to cover sth. to cover up 
to covet to cower to crab 
to crab (Am.) to crack to crack jokes 
to crack nuts to crack open the kiln door to crackle 
to cradle to craft to cram 
to crane to crank to crank up 
to crap (vulg.) to crash to crash into 
to crash-land to crave to crave (for 
to crawl to crawl on all fours to creak 
to create to create (Datei) to create (produce) 
to create a sensation to credit to creep {crept 
to creep in to cremate to crew out 
to crick to crimp to cringe 
to crinkle to cripple to crisscross 
to criticise (Br.) to criticize to criticize (Am.) 
to croak to croak (sl.) to crook 
to croon to cross to cross out 
to cross over to cross swords (fig.) to cross the road 
to cross-fade to crosscut to crouch 
to crouch (to) to crow to crowd out 
to crowd round to crowd someone to crowd together 
to crown to crucify to cruise 
to crumb to crumble to crumple 
to crunch to crush to cry 
to cry (about) to cry wolf to crystallise 
to cuddle to cudgel to cull 
to cultivate to cum to cumcumber 
to cumulate to curb to curdle 
to cure to curl to curl (football) 
to curl up to curry combs to curse 
to curtail to curve to cushion 
to customise (Br.) to customize to cut 
to cut (coll.) to cut (into) to cut {cut 
to cut a lesson to cut a long story short to cut back 
to cut capors to cut clay in a pit to cut down 
to cut down (on) to cut into to cut into halves 
to cut into pieces to cut off to cut one's losses 
to cut one's wrist to cut oneself off to cut prices 
to cut short to cut to length to cut up 
to cycle to dab to dally 
to dam to dam up to damage 
to damn to damp to dampen 
to dance to dance in step to dance to someone's tune 
to dandle to dangle to dare 
to dare {dared to dare to do something to darken 
to darn to dart off to dash 
to dash a hope to dash around the country to dash forward 
to dash to pieces to dashdown to date 
to date ahead to date back to date from 
to date in advance to date-cancel to daub 
to daunt to dawdle to daydream 
to daze to dazzle to de-energize 
to de-escalate to deactivate to dead-end 
to deaden to deafen to deal {dealt 
to deal with to debar to debark 
to debase to debate to debauch 
to debilitate to debit to debit (bank account) 
to debit an account to deblock to debounce 
to debug to debunk to deburr 
to decamp to decant to decapitate 
to decay to deceive to deceive oneself 
to decelerate to decentralize to decide 
to decide (on) to decide for certain to decide on a motion 
to decide to do something to decimate to decipher 
to deck sb. to declaim to declare 
to declare on oath to declare one's solidarity to decline 
to declutch to decode to decollate 
to decompose to decompress to decontaminate 
to decorate to decouple to decoy 
to decrease to decrease in length to decree 
to decrement to decry to decrypt 
to decuple to dedicate to deduce 
to deduct to deem to deenergize 
to deep-fry to deepen to deface 
to deface a wall to defame to default 
to defeat to defecate to defend (against) 
to defend against to defend from to defend something 
to defer to defile to define 
to define the rate to deflagrate to deflate 
to deflect to deflect (sport) to deflect off sb. 
to deflower to defocus to deform 
to defragment to defraud (of) to defray 
to defrost to defy to defy description 
to defy someone to defy translation to degas 
to degauss to degenerate to degrade 
to degrease to dehumanize to dehumidify 
to dehydrate to dehydrogenate to deice 
to deify to deign to deinstall 
to dejam to deject to delay 
to delay the proceedings to delegate to delete 
to deliberate to delight in to delight with 
to delimit to delineate to deliquesce 
to deliver to deliver (from) to deliver a message 
to deliver a speech to deliver from sin to deliver in addition 
to deliver in trust to deliver letters to delouse 
to delude to deluge to demagnetize 
to demand to demand an explanation (of) to demand back 
to demand compensation to demand from to demarcate 
to demobilise (Br.) to demobilize to demolish 
to demonise to demonize to demonstrate 
to demoralize to demote to demote (Am.) 
to demote sb. to demount to demultiplex 
to demur to denationalize to denaturalize 
to denature to denigrate to denote 
to denounce to denounce (to) to denude 
to denunciate to deny to deny oneself a thing 
to deny sb. (football) to deodorize to depacketize 
to depart to depend on to depict 
to depilate to deplete to deplete stock 
to deplore to deploy to deploy a missile system 
to depolarize to depoliticize to depopulate 
to deport to depose to deposit 
to deposit something to deposite to deprave 
to deprecate to depreciate to depress 
to deprive to deprive someone of a right to depute 
to deputize to dequeue to derail 
to derange to derate to derelict 
to deride to derivate to derive benefit from 
to derive from to derogate to descend 
to descend from to describe to describe in detail 
to descry to desegregate to deselect 
to desert to deserve to deserves 
to desiccate to design to designate 
to desire to desist to deskill 
to desolate to desolder to desorb 
to despair (of) to despise to despoil 
to despond to destabilise (Br.) to destabilize 
to destine to destroy to destruct 
to detach to detain to detect 
to deter to deteriorate to determine 
to detest to dethrone to detonate 
to detoxicate to detoxify to detract 
to devalue to devastate to develop 
to develop (into) to develop from to develop further 
to develop water to deviate to deviate from the truth 
to device to devise to devitalize 
to devolve to devote to devote love to someone 
to devote oneself to something to devour to dew 
to dewater to dial to dial up 
to dial-in to dice to dictate 
to diddle to die to die {died 
to die a horrible death to die a wretched death to die away 
to die down to die laughing to die of a broken heart 
to die of hunger to die of laughter to die of old age 
to die off to die out to die with thirst 
to diffract to diffuse to dig (coll.) 
to dig {dug to dig off to dig one's own grave 
to dig out to dig up to digest 
to digitize to dignify to digress 
to dilapidate to dilate to dilute 
to dimension to diminish to dimple 
to din to dip to dip (in 
to dip deep into the past to dip in to dip into 
to direct to direct (something) to direct a business 
to direct one's attention (to) to disable to disabuse 
to disaffect to disaggregate to disagree 
to disallow to disappear to disappear in time 
to disappoint to disapprove to disarm 
to disarrange to disassemble to disassociate 
to disavow to disband to disbelieve 
to discard to discern to discharge 
to discharge into to discipline to disclaim 
to disclose to discolor to discombobulate 
to discomfit to discommode to discompose 
to disconcert to disconnect to discontinue 
to discourage to discourse to discover 
to discriminate to discuss to disdain 
to disembark to disembody to disembogue 
to disembowel to disengage to disentangle 
to disestablish to disfavor (Am.) to disfavour (Br.) 
to disfigure to disgorge to disgruntle 
to disguise to disgust to dish up 
to dishearten to dishevel to dishonor (Am.) 
to dishonour (Br.) to disinfect to disinherit 
to disintegrate to disinter to disjoin 
to disjoint to dislocate to dislodge 
to dismantle to dismay to dismember 
to dismiss to dismiss as to dismiss sb. (football) 
to dismount to disobey to disorganise (Br.) 
to disorganize to disorient to disown 
to disparage to dispatch to dispel 
to dispense to dispense (from) to dispense justice 
to dispense with to disperse to dispirit 
to dispirit sb. to dispise to displace 
to display to displease to dispose 
to dispose of to dispossess to disprove 
to dispute to disqualify to disquiet 
to disregard to disrobe to disrupt 
to diss sb. (Am.) to diss sb./sth. (Am.) to dissect 
to dissemble to disseminate to dissent 
to dissimulate to dissipate to dissipate energy 
to dissipate in luxury to dissociate to dissociate oneself from 
to dissolve to dissolve out to dissuade 
to dissuade (from) to distance oneself from to distend 
to distil to distill (Am.) to distinguish (from) 
to distinguish oneself to distort to distract 
to distrain to distress to distribute 
to disturb to disturb the peace to disunite 
to disuse to ditch to dither 
to dither (between) to dive to dive (for) 
to dive (under) to diverge to diverge (from) 
to diversify to divert to divest 
to divide to divide in to divide into 
to divulge to do to do {did 
to do a cartwheel (sport) to do a good deed to do a great deal for 
to do a lot for to do a lot of sports to do a service 
to do a slow burn to do a striptease (act) to do a test 
to do a vanishing trick to do again to do business 
to do conjuring tricks to do credits to do gymnastics 
to do harm to do in Rome as the Romans do to do justice to sth. 
to do justice to the wine to do one last thing to do one more thing 
to do one's daily dozen to do one's duty to do one's military service 
to do one's part to do overtime to do research 
to do sb. a/the world of good to do some touching-up on to do something stupid 
to do something wrong to do sports to do the crawl 
to do the dishes to do the double to do the splits 
to do up to do well to do without 
to dock to document to dodder 
to dodge to dodge (a blow) to dodge (behind) 
to dodge an onslaught to dodge around to dodge something 
to doff to doge to doll oneself up 
to domesticate to dominate to dominate (over) 
to domineer to domineer over to donate 
to doodle to dope to dose 
to dot to double to doubt 
to doubt (of to douche to douse 
to dovetail to dowel to down a drink 
to downgrade to download to downsize 
to dowse to doze to draft 
to draft (into) to drag to drag off 
to draggle to drain to drain off 
to dramatise (Br.) to dramatize to drape 
to draw to draw {drew to draw a bath for sb. 
to draw a salary to draw by eye to draw conclusions 
to draw criticism to draw current to draw from stock 
to draw in to draw in one's horns to draw level 
to draw level with to draw lots for to draw near 
to draw off to draw on to draw on one's resources 
to draw sth. (sport) to draw the battle lines to draw the line at something 
to draw the long bow to draw the temper to draw through 
to draw up to drawfile to drawl 
to dream to dream {dreamt to dream away 
to dress to dress (seed) to dress a wound 
to dress smartly to dress the hair to dribble 
to drift to drift apart to drill 
to drill (out) to drill a hole to drill for oil 
to drill him English to drill out to drink {drank 
to drink a toast to sb. to drink the waters to drink to sb. 
to drink up to drip to drip off 
to drive to drive {drove to drive against 
to drive along to drive away to drive back 
to drive home to drive in to drive into 
to drive on to drive out to drive past 
to drive round to drive sb. up the wall to drive someone crazy 
to drive someone mad to drive the porcelain bus to drive to zero 
to drone to droop to drop 
to drop a line to drop dead to drop from the program 
to drown to drowse to drudge 
to dry to dry up to dry-nurse 
to dub to duck to duck (in) 
to duck one's head (to) to duck under to dulcify 
to dumbfound to dump to dump somebody 
to dun to dung to dungeon 
to dunk to dupe to duplicate 
to dust to dust (agr.) to dust off 
to dwell to dwell {dwelt to dye 
to dye one's hair to e-mail to each other 
To each saint his candle. to earmark to earn 
to earn a crust to ease to ease one's conscience 
to ease up to eat to eat {ate 
to eat humble pie to eat in to eat into 
to eat like a horse to eat like a pig to eat one's fill 
to eat one's heart out to eat up to eavesdrop 
to ebb away to echo to echo (fig.) 
to eclipse to economize to ecstasize 
to edge to edge (on) to edify 
to edit to educate to educe 
to efface to effect to effuse 
to ejaculate to eject to eke 
to elaborate to elaborate on to elapse 
to elate to elect to electioneer 
to electrify to electrize to electrocute 
to electroplate to elevate to elicit 
to eliminate to elongate to elope 
to elucidate to elude to emaciate 
to emanate to emancipate to emasculate 
to embalm to embank to embark 
to embark on sth. to embarrass to embattle 
to embed to embellish to embellish a dish or food 
to embitter to embitter sb. to embitter sth. 
to emblazon to embody to embolden 
to embosom to emboss to embrace 
to embroil to emcee to emend 
to emerge to emerge from to emerge victorious 
to emery to emigrate to emit 
to emits to empathize to emphasise (Br.) 
to emphasize to emplane to employ 
to empower to empty to emulate 
to emulate sb.'s deeds to enable to enact 
to enact a law to enamel to enamor (Am.) 
to enamour (Br.) to encamp to encapsulate 
to encase to enchain to enchant 
to enchase to encipher to encircle 
to enclose to encode to encompass 
to encounter to encounter sth. to encourage 
to encroach to encrypt to encumber 
to encumber with debts to end to end in 
to end in smoke to end in talk to end up 
to endanger to endeavor (Am.) to endeavour (Br.) 
to endeavour (Br.) (after) to endorse to endorse (on someone) 
to endorse (on) to endow to endow a prize 
to endue to endure to energize 
to enfeeble to enfold to enforce 
to enforce (on to enforce a rule to enfranchise 
to engage to engender to engineer 
to engorge to engrave to engrave (on) 
to engross to engulf to enhance 
to enjoin to enjoy to enjoy life 
to enjoy life to the full to enjoy oneself to enlarge 
to enlist to enlist someone's service to enliven 
to enqueue to enquire to enquire (about 
to enrage to enrapture to enrich 
to enrol to enroll (Am.) to ensconce 
to enshrine to ensnare to ensue 
to ensure to entail to entangle 
to enter to enter a caveat to enter an order 
to enter into to enter into a contract to enter into marriage 
to enter names on a list to enter on the debit side to entertain 
to entertain sb. to enthral to enthrall (Am.) 
to enthrone to enthuse (about to entice 
to entitle to entrain to entrap 
to entreat to entrench to entrust 
to entrust sb. with sth. to entwine to enumerate 
to enunciate to enunciate a theory to envelop 
to envelope to environ to envisage 
to envisage sb. doing sth. to envision to envy 
to equal to equal a record to equalise (Br.) 
to equalize to equate to equate (with) 
to equilibrate to equip to eradicate 
to erase to eraserd to erect 
to erode to eroticize to err 
To err is human. to erupt to escalate (into) 
to escape to escape (from) to escape someone's notice 
to eschew to espouse to espy 
to establish to establish (frame) a rule to establish a record 
to establish order to esteem to estimate 
to estimate (at) to etch to etch away 
to etch off to eternalize to euchre 
to eulogize to evacuate to evade 
to evade the issue to evaluate to evaporate 
to even out to eventuate to evince 
to evoke to evolve to exacerbate 
to exaggerate to exalt to examine 
to examine carefully to exasperate to excavate 
to exceed to exceed the time limit to excel 
to excel in to exchange to exchange (for) 
to exchange French kisses to exchange kisses to exchange the goods 
to excite to exclaim to exclude 
to excoriate to excruciate to excude 
to exculpate to excuse to execrate 
to execute to execute an order to exemplify 
to exercise to exercise (e.g. dogs to exert 
to exert influence to exert oneself to exhale 
to exhaust to exhaust the air from to exhibit 
to exhibit publicly to exhilarate to exhort 
to exist to exit to expand 
to expand on to expatriate to expect 
to expect (of to expect of somebody to expect something of 
to expect sth. from sb. to expectorate to expedite 
to expel to expel from to expend 
to experience to experiment on oneself to expire 
to explain to explode to exploit 
to exploit (commercially) to explore to exponentiate 
to export to expose to expose oneself 
to expose oneself to ridicule to expose to air to expound 
to express to expropriate to expunge 
to expurgate to extend to extend a contract 
to extend the lead (sport) to extend the validity to extenuate 
to exterminate to extinguish to extirpate 
to extol to extort to extract 
to extravert to extricate to extrovert 
to extrude to exult to eye 
to fabricate to face to face the music 
to facilitate to factor out to fade 
to fade (to) to fade away to fade in 
to fade out to fag to fail 
to fail an examination to fail briefly to fail sb. 
to faint to fair to fall 
to fall {fell to fall asleep to fall back 
to fall back on (upon) to fall behind to fall below 
to fall by the wayside to fall down to fall due 
to fall forward to fall foul to fall foul of sth. 
to fall ill to fall in love to fall in love with 
to fall off to fall out to fall out with 
to fall over to fall short to fall short of 
to fall sick (with) to fall through to fall to 
to fall to pieces to fall victim to to fall victim to the censors 
to falter to familiarize to famish 
to fan to fan out to fancy 
to fantasise to fare well to farm 
to fart to fascinate to fashion 
to fasten to fasten (to) to fasten with knots 
to father to fatigue to fatten 
to favorite (Am.) to favour to favourite (Br.) 
to fawn to fawn (on) to fawn (upon) 
to fawn on someone to faze to faze sb. 
to fear to feast to featherbed 
to feature to feature sth. to feaze 
to fecundate to federalize to feed 
to feed {fed to feed an animal on to feed back 
to feed into to feed with hopes (of) to feel 
to feel {felt to feel abashed to feel ashamed 
to feel bored to feel certain to feel chilly 
to feel faint to feel fit to feel good 
to feel like to feel like nothing on earth to feel low 
to feel sorry for someone to feel stiff and aching to feel sympathy for (with) 
to feel with to feign to feign death 
to fell sb. to felt to fence 
to fence in to fence off to fend 
to ferret to ferry to fertilize 
to fester to fetch to fetch and carry 
to fetch away to fetch back to fetch later 
to fete to fetter to fettle 
to fiddle to fiddle (with) to fiddle about 
to fiddle about with to fiddle aroung to fiddle away 
to fidget to fidget with to fight 
to fight {fought to fight a duel (with) to fight out 
to fight something to fight with no holds barred to figure 
to figure out to figure out sb. to filch 
to file to file a lawsuit to file for insolvency 
to file off to fill to fill (in) 
to fill in a form to fill out to fill up 
to fill up unleaded (petrol to fill with enthusiasm to fill with indignation 
to fill with smoke to film to filter 
to filtrate to finagle to finalise (Br.) 
to finalize to finance to find 
to find {found to find a ready market to find a way 
to find accommodation to find again to find back 
to find fault with to find its expression (in) to find one's way 
to find out to find something to grouse to finger 
to finish to finish (off) to finish (work) 
to finish one's degree to finite to fire 
to fire at to fire gild to fire in (soccer) 
to fire in front (football) to fire off to fire silver 
to fire-refine to fire-tin to firm up 
to fish to fish up to fishtail 
to fissle to fissure to fist 
to fit to fit out to fit sth. to sb. 
to fit tightly to fix to fix (Am.) 
to fix a date to fix firmly to fix up (Am.) 
to fixate to fizz to fizzle 
to flabbergast to flacker to flag 
to flake to flake (off) to flake out 
to flame to flame up to flange 
to flank to flare to flare (pipe end) 
to flare up to flash to flash (coll.) 
to flash off to flatten to flatter 
to flaunt to flavor (Am.) to flavor of (Am.) 
to flavour (Br.) to flavour of to flavour of (Br.) 
to flay to flee {fled to flesh out 
to flex to flick on (football) to flicker 
to flinch to fling {flung to fling away 
to flip to flip (one's lid) to flip (over) 
to flip off to flip out to flip through 
to flirt to flit to float 
to float out to flocculate to flock to someone 
to flock together to flog to flog a dead horse 
to flog sth. to death (coll.) to flood to floodlight 
to flop to flounce to flounce out of the room 
to flounder to flourish to flout 
to flow to flow in to flow off 
to flow out to flow round to flow through 
to flow to to flow together to fluctuate 
to fluidify to flummox to flunk 
to flunk out of college (Am.) to fluoresce to flush 
to flush (out) to flush down to flush the toilet 
to fluster to flutter to flutter a kiss 
to fly to fly {flew to fly a bombing raid 
to fly a kite to fly away to fly into a passion 
to fly off the handle to fly out to fly over 
to fly round to fly through to fly to 
to foam to foam (up) to foam over 
to fob to fob sb. off to fob sth. off on sb. 
to focus to fog to foil 
to foist to fold to fold together 
to fold up to follow to follow somebody 
to follow up to fondle to fool 
to fool around to foozle to forage 
to forbid {forbade to forbore to force 
to force an issue to force feed to force on 
to force oneself on someone to force oneself to smile to force open 
to force sb.'s hand to force something through to force through 
to forearm to forebode to foreclose 
to foregather to foreknow to foreordain 
to foresee to foreshadow to forestall 
to foretell to foretoken to forfeit 
to forfend to forgather to forge 
to forge a check (Am.) to forge a cheque (Br.) to forget 
to forget {forgot to forget oneself to forget the time chatting 
to forgive to forgive {forgave to forgo 
to forjudge to fork to forlorn 
to form to form a view on to form an opinion 
to form into to formalise to formalize 
to format to formate to formulate 
to fornicate to forsake to forsake {forsook 
to forswear to forthcome to fortify 
to forward to forward space to fossilize 
to foster to foster a child to found 
to fractionize to fragment to frame 
to franchise to frap to fraternize 
to fray to frazzle to freak out (for 
to freak out (sl.) to free to free (from) 
to freeload to freeze {froze to freeze on 
to freeze over to freeze to death to freeze up 
to freeze with respect to freight to French kiss 
to frequent to freshen to fret 
to fret (about) to fret and fume to frighten 
to frighten away to frill to fringe 
to frisk to frit to fritter 
to fritter away to fritter away one's energies to fritter away time 
to frizz to frizzle to froth (fiz 
to froth up to frown to frown on something 
to fructify to frustrate to fry 
to fuck to fuck (vulg.) to fuck around 
to fuck around (vulg.) to fuck sb. to fuck up 
to fuddle to fuel to fuel a debate 
to fulfil to fulfill to fulfill (Am.) 
to fulminate to fumble to fumble around 
to fume to fume (fig.) to fumigate 
to function to function as to furbish 
to furl to furnish to furnish particulars 
to further to fuse to fustigate 
to fuze to gabble to gad 
to gad about to gaggle to gain 
to gain by trickery to gain ground to gain something by trickery 
to gain the lead to gain weight to gainsay 
to gall by riding to gallop through a book to galvanize 
to gamble to gamble away (money to gamble for high stakes 
to gamble with something to gambol to gang 
to gape to garble to garner 
to garnish to garrison to gas 
to gash to gasify to gasp 
to gasp for air to gather to gather from 
to gauge to gaze to gaze (at) 
to gazette to generalize to generate 
to generate (signal) to generate jobs to genuflect 
to gerrymander to gesticulate to get 
to get ... to get (be) hungry to get (oneself) something 
to get a divorce (from) to get a hold of sb. to get a proper ticking-off 
to get a raw deal to get a right ticking-off to get a shock 
to get a smacked bottom to get a tan to get a touch of the jitters 
to get abusive to get accustomed to to get acquainted with 
to get ahead to get all dressed up to get along 
to get along with to get along with sb. to get around 
to get away to get back to get bedsore 
to get bogged down (coll.) to get broken to get caught 
to get close to to get dirty to get down 
to get down to brass tacks to get down to it to get dressed up 
to get drunk to get dusty to get engaged 
to get entangled to get excited to get footsore 
to get frightened to get going to get high on 
to get hold of to get home to get home early 
to get hussied up (Am.) to get in to get in a fuddle 
to get in someone's way to get in the lead to get in the way 
to get in touch with to get into deep poo to get into difficulty 
to get into one's hands to get into top gear to get involved (in) 
to get it in the neck to get it wrong to get knocked up 
to get laid (coll.) to get lost to get married 
to get married (to sb.) to get mouldy to get muddled 
to get my wind back to get nowhere fast to get off 
to get on to get on in life to get on like a house of fire 
to get on one's tits to get on the gravy train to get one down oneself 
to get one´s will to get one's own back (on) to get one's remove 
to get one's shirt out to get open to get out 
to get out of place to get out of step to get out of time 
to get outpatient treatment to get over to get over sth. 
to get people gossiping to get ready to get ready to 
to get religion to get rich (on) to get rid of 
to get rid of ... to get rid of something to get rough 
to get sb. to pay to get sb's shirt out to get shirty with somebody 
to get shut to get some nookie (vulg.) to get someone to speak 
to get something to get something caught to get something going 
to get spoiled to get starting to get sth. ready 
to get sth. underway to get stuck to get tarted up 
to get tatty to get the ball rolling to get the better of sb. 
to get the better of someone to get the boot to get the gist of sth. 
to get the pink slip to get the push to get the shock of one's life 
to get the sniffles to get through to get through the winter 
to get tipsy to get tired to get to 
to get to divorced to get to grips with something to get to know 
to get to know something to get together to get tough 
to get under to get up to get up someone's nose 
to get up to mischief to get up to nonsense to get uptight (about sth.) 
to get used to to get weaving to get wind of 
to get winged to get worse to getaway 
to gib to gibber to gibe 
to gild {gilded to gild the lily to ginger 
to gird {girded to give to give {gave 
to give a baby the breast to give a broad hint to give a charming smile 
to give a child a piggy-back to give a false colour to give a hand to someone 
to give a jerk to give a lecture to give a mark or grade to 
to give a rough estimate to give a speech to give a square deal 
to give a wash to give a wince of pain to give advice to sb. 
to give an account of to give an idea of to give away 
to give away the reports to give back to give beans 
to give birth to to give details of to give good returns 
to give hope to give in to give information about sth. 
to give it everything to give later to give left rudder 
to give lessons to give light to give notice (to quit) 
to give notice of departure to give notice of loss to give off (heat) 
to give one the go-by to give one's blessing (to) to give one's view (on) 
to give oneself airs to give oneself Dutch courage to give out 
to give over to give pain to give pleasure 
to give reasons for to give right rudder to give rise to 
to give sb. a bollocking to give sb. a piercing look to give sb. a raw deal 
to give sb. a real telling-off to give sb. a real ticking-off to give sb. hell 
to give short shrift to give somebody a hug to give somebody a whipping 
to give someone a chewing out to give someone a ring to give someone a roasting 
to give someone an ovation to give someone money to give someone plenty of rope 
to give someone something to give someone the low-down to give someone the slip 
to give someone time to give something a trial to give the boot 
to give the finishing touches to give the floor to to give the impression 
to give therapy to to give trouble to give up 
to give up hope to give vent to one's fury to give way 
to giving notice of departure to glamorise to glamorize 
to glamourise (Br.) to glamourize to glance 
to glaze to gleam to glean 
to glide to glimmer to glimpse 
to glimpse (at) to glint to glisten 
to glitter to glorify to gloss over 
to glow to glower to glue 
to glue (together) to glue on to glut 
to gnaw to gnaw away to gnaw off 
to go to go (deer-) stalking to go {went 
to go a long way round to go about doing sth. to go about it carefully 
to go about it skilfully to go about sth. to go abroad 
to go ahead to go all out to go along 
to go around to go as red as a beet (Am.) to go as red as a beetroot 
to go away to go away (off) on business to go back 
to go bad to go ballistic (Am.) to go bananas 
to go bankrupt to go begging to go belly-up 
to go blind to go brown to go bust 
to go by to go by bus to go by plane 
to go by train to go camping to go cheesy 
to go clear at the top to go crackers to go dancing 
to go down to go downhill to go downstairs 
to go fishing to go for a drive to go for a pee (sl.) 
to go for a short stroll to go for a stroll to go gaga 
to go hay to go home to go hungry 
to go hunting to go in to go in single file 
to go inside to go into to go into details 
to go into effect to go into it to go into production 
to go into raptures (about to go into raptures over to go into teaching 
to go into the matter to go jolly to go like a bull at a gate 
to go looking for a wife to go mad to go mouldy 
to go mushrooming to go nuts to go off 
to go off a drug to go off without a hitch to go on 
to go on a journey to go on a treasure hunt to go on a wild goose chase 
to go on and on to go on holiday to go on strike 
to go on the fritz to go on the offensive to go on tour 
to go one step further to go out to go out of business 
to go out with someone to go over to go over (again) 
to go past someone to go round to go septic 
to go shooting to go shopping to go stale 
to go the pace to go the whole hog to go there 
to go through to go to to go to (into) splinters 
to go to a lecture to go to bed to go to church 
to go to court to go to expense to go to law 
to go to Mass to go to meet to go to pieces 
to go to rack to go to school to go to see 
to go to seed to go to sleep to go to the dogs 
to go to the movies (pictures) to go to the polls to go to town 
to go to waste to go to work to go together 
to go underground (fig.) to go up to go up country 
to go up in flames to go uphill to go upstairs 
to go west to go wild to go with 
to go wrong to goad to gobble 
to goggle to goof to gopher 
to gorge to gormandize to gossip 
to got over to gouge to govern 
to grab to gradate to grade 
to grade (Am.) to graduate to graduate from (Am.) 
to graft to grant to grant a claim 
to grant a loan to grant allowance to granulate 
to grapple to grapple with to grasp 
to grasp (idea) to grasp at nothing to grass (Br.) 
to grate to grate (on someone) to gratify 
to gratinate to grave {graved to gravel 
to gravitate to graze to graze oneself 
to grease to greet to grey out 
to grieve to grieve (over) to grill 
to grill someone to grill someone about to grimace 
to grin to grin and bear it to grin at 
to grin stupidly to grind to grind (ground 
to grip to gripe to grizzle 
to groan to grog to grok 
to groom to groove to grope 
to grouch to group to grouse 
to grout to grovel to grow 
to grow {grew to grow again to grow in confidence 
to grow into to grow lonely to grow old 
to grow on (onto) to grow rampant to grow together 
to grow up to grow up at home to growl 
to grudge to grumble to grump 
to guarantee to guard to guard (against 
to guess to guide to gulp 
to gush to gutter to guy 
to guzzle to habituate to hack 
to hackle to haep up to haggle 
to haggle (about to haggle over to hail 
to hail a cab to hail sb. to hallow 
to halt to halve to ham 
to hammer to hamper to hand 
to hand down to hand in to hand in one's resignation 
to hand on to hand out to hand over 
to hand over control to hand over for safekeeping to hand over the reins 
to hand over to somebody to hand round to handcuff 
to handicap to handle to handle claims 
to handle with care to hang {hung to hang about 
to hang around to hang on to to hang oneself 
to hang out to hang over (from) to hang together 
to hang up to happen to happen to 
to harass to hard-code to harden 
to hare (coll.) to hark to hark back 
to hark back to sth. to harm to harmonize 
to harness to harp on about something to harrow 
to harry to harry to death to harvest 
to hash to haste to hasten 
to hasten back to hasten to to hatch 
to hate to haul to haul off 
to haunt to have to have ... 
to have (a) temperature to have (had to have (hold 
to have (take) pity on someone to have {had to have a bad cold 
to have a bad time to have a bath to have a big mouth (coll.) 
to have a break to have a bun in the oven to have a chat 
to have a clean slate to have a clue to have a criminal record 
to have a crush on someone to have a disposition to ... to have a field day 
to have a fight with someone to have a full figure to have a good cry 
to have a good grip on sb. to have a good mind to to have a good time 
to have a heart of gold to have a house built to have a housewarming party 
to have a job to have a lasting effect on to have a lot in common 
to have a lump in one's throat to have a manicure to have a narrow escape 
to have a nerve to have a picnic to have a presentiment 
to have a race to have a relapse to have a reputation for 
to have a row with sb. to have a second helping to have a seized-up piston 
to have a snack to have a sore throat to have a steady girlfriend 
to have a sweet tooth to have a thick skin to have a wank (Br.) 
to have an open mind to have big ideas to have brains 
to have confidence in someone to have good suspension to have got 
to have got to to have great fun to have great respect for 
to have high blood pressure to have in mind to have in stock 
to have it out with somebody to have its effect in places to have its sourse 
to have keen senses to have no clue to have no edge 
to have no money on oneself to have nothing to show to have on 
to have one over the eight to have one's clothes cleaned to have one's hair dyed 
to have one's will to have plenty of time to have regrets 
to have sex to have someone on to have someone on a string 
to have something on the mind to have sth. in the brain to have strong feelings about 
to have tea to have the blues to have the dithers 
to have the final say to have the flu to have the flue 
to have the honor to (Am.) to have the honour to (Br.) to have the moxie (Am.) 
to have the nerve to have the right to to have to 
to have to do with to have to go to have to return 
to have trust in his words to have word from (to have) a hunch 
to hawk to hawk about (around) to haze 
to head to head for to head for a confrontation 
to head for home to head homewards to headhunt 
to heal to heal up to heap 
to heap up to hear {heard to hear a case 
to hear a witness to hear of to hear on the radio 
to heat to heat (up) to heat up 
to heat-up to heave to heave {heaved 
to heave to to hector to heed 
to heel (Am.) (coll.) to heft to heighten 
to heist To hell with you! to help 
to help fashion (shape to help on to help oneself 
to help out to help sb. get over sth. to help sb. out 
to help someone (along) to help to get away to help up 
to help with words and deeds to hem to hem and haw 
to hempen to henpeck to herald 
to herald in to hesitate to heterodyne 
to hew {hewed to hex to hibernate 
to hiccup to hide to hide {hid 
to hide one's head in the sand to hie to highlight 
to highlite to hightail (it) (coll.) to hijack 
to hike to hinder to hinge on 
to hint to hint at to hire 
to hire out to hire someone to his right 
to hiss to hit to hit {hit 
to hit an all-time low to hit form (sport) to hit on sb. 
to hit the bullseye to hit the hay (coll.) to hit the headlines 
to hit the jackpot to hit the jackpot (with) to hit the mark 
to hit the roof to hit the sack to hit the sack (coll.) 
to hit upon to hitch to hitch one's wagon to a star 
to hitchhike to hoard to hoax 
to hoist to hoist up to hold 
to hold {held to hold a licence to hold a license (Am.) 
to hold a meeting to hold a trial (against) to hold against 
to hold an appointment to hold back to hold before somebody 
to hold classes to hold down to hold elections 
to hold hands to hold in trust to hold on 
to hold one's breath to hold one's own to hold out 
to hold proceedings to hold ready to hold steady 
to hold the fort to hold the upper hand to hold tight 
to hold together to hold up to hold up to ridicule 
to holler to hollow out to homologate 
to hone to honor (Am.) to honour 
to honour (Br.) to hoodwink to hook 
to hook into to hook up to hook up a phone (coll.) 
to hook up a telephone (coll.) to hoot to hop 
to hop (coll.) to hope to horrify 
to host to hot dip to hot-dip aluminize 
to hot-dip galvanize to hot-dip lead to hot-dip tin 
to hound to death to house to hove to 
to hover to howl to huddle 
to huddle against to huddle together to huddle up 
to huff to hug to hug sb./sth. to oneself 
to hug the fire to hum to humidify 
to humiliate to hump to hump (Br.) 
to hump (vulg.) to hump one's back to hump up 
to hunch one's shoulders to hunch up to hunger 
to hunker down to hunt to hunt someone 
to hurl to hurry to hurry ahead 
to hurt {hurt to hurt someone's feelings to hurtle 
to hush (up) to husk to hustle 
to hustle (Am.) to hybridize to hypnotize 
to hypothecate to ice up to ice-skate 
to idealize to identify to identify with sth. 
to idle to idle away to idolize 
to ignite to ignore to illuminate 
to illumine to illustrate to image 
to imagine to imbed to imbibe 
to imbrue to imbue to imitate 
to imitate birdcalls to immerse to immigrate 
to immiserate to immobilise (Br.) to immobilize 
to immortalize to immunise (Br.) to immunize (Am.) 
to immure to impair to impart 
to impeach to impede to impel 
to impend to imperil to impersonate 
to impinge to implant to implement 
to implicate to implode to implore 
to imply to import to importune 
to impose to impose (on someone) to impose a penalty 
to impose a tax (on) to impose a tax on something to impose law and order 
to impose on someone to impose something on someone to impound 
to impoverish to imprecate to impregnate 
to impress to imprint to imprison 
to improve to improve away to improve one's image 
to improve one's mind to improvise to impugn 
to impute to inaugurate to incapacitate 
to incarcerate to incarnate to incense 
to incinerate to incise to incite 
to incline to inclose to include 
to include an amount to include in the insurance to incommode 
to incorporate to increase to increase (in) 
to increase by to increase tenfold to increase the price 
to increment to incriminate to incubate 
to inculcate to incur to incur a fine (a penalty) 
to incur censure to incur debts to incur displeasure 
to incur liabilities to incur losses to indemnify 
to indent to index to indicate 
to indicate interest to indict to indite 
to individualize to indorse to induce 
to induce vibrations to induct to indulge 
to indulge in to indurate to industrialize 
to industrialize an area to indwell to infatuate 
to infect to infer to infest 
to infiltrate to infiltrate spies (agents) to infix 
to inflame to inflate to inflect 
to inflict to influence to infold 
to inform to infringe to infuse 
to ingest to ingrain to inhabit 
to inhale to inherit to inherit sb.'s estate 
to inhibit to initate to initialize 
to initiate to inject to injure 
to inlay {inlaid to innervate to innovate 
to inoculate to input to inquire 
to inquire after to inscribe to inseminate 
to insert to insinuate to insist 
to insist (on) to inspect to inspire 
to inspire someone to inspirit to instal 
to install to install (remove) a stand to instantiate 
to instate to instigate to instil 
to instil into to instill (Am.) to instill into (Am.) 
to institute to instruct to insulate 
to insult to insure to integrate 
to intend to intend (for) to intend someone to be 
to intensify to interact to interbreed 
to intercede to intercept to interchange 
to interconnect to interdict to interest 
to interest oneself in to interface to interfere 
to interject to interlace to interleave 
to interlock to interlope to intermesh 
to intermingle to intermit to intermix 
to intern to internalize to interpolate 
to interpose to interpret to interrogate 
to interrupt to interrupt someone to intersect 
to intertwine to intervene to intimate 
to intimidate to intone to intoxicate 
to introduce to introduce someone to to introvert 
to intrude to intrust to inundate 
to inure to invade to invalid 
to invalidate to inveigle to invent 
to invert to invest to invest (in) 
to investigate to invigilate to invite 
to invite offers to invite sb. to to invite someone in 
to invoice (to invoice) at cost to invoke 
to involve to involve in to irk 
to iron to iron out to irradiate 
to irrigate to irritate to irrupt 
to isolate to issue to issue a communique 
to issue from to it to itemize 
to itemize (Am.) to iterate to jabber 
to jack to jack off to jack up 
to jacket to jam to jangle 
to jar to jar with sth. to jeopardise 
to jeopardize to jerk to jerk off (Am.) 
to jerk off (vulg.) to jet to jib 
to jibe to jiggle to jilt 
to jingle to jinx to jitter 
to jog to jog on to joggle 
to join to join a party to join forces 
to join in to join together to joint 
to joke to joke around to jolly up 
to jolt to jostle to jot 
to jot down to jounce to journalize 
to joust to jubilate to judge 
to judge (by) to juggle to jump 
to jump at the chance to jump forward to jump off 
to jump out to jump over to jump round 
to jump the rails to jump up to justify 
to jut to keel over to keep {kept 
to keep a clean sheet to keep a contact going to keep a diary 
to keep a family to keep a lookout to keep a person waiting 
to keep a secret to keep a stiff upper lip to keep a straight face 
to keep a wife and family to keep alive to keep aloof from 
to keep an appointment to keep an eye on to keep an eye on someone 
to keep an eye on something to keep at it to keep away 
to keep back to keep books to keep calm 
to keep company with someone to keep cool to keep early hours 
to keep faith with someone to keep from to keep house 
to keep imprisoned to keep in check to keep in good condition 
to keep in leading-strings to keep in line to keep in touch 
to keep it private to keep money in the bank to keep off 
to keep on doing sth. to keep on talking to keep one's balance 
to keep one's chin up to keep one's countenance to keep one's figure 
to keep one's head to keep one's promise to keep one's shirt on 
to keep one's trap shut to keep one's word to keep open 
to keep order to keep out of to keep quiet 
to keep ringing the doorbell to keep sb covered to keep secret 
to keep shut to keep silent to keep someone's company 
to keep something in mind to keep step with to keep sth in a safe place 
to keep still to keep straight on to keep tab on 
to keep the minutes to keep the peace at night to keep the wolf from the door 
to keep things to oneself to keep to the right to keep track of 
to keep under wraps to keep up to keep up appearances 
to keep up with the time to keep up with the times to keep waiting 
to keep warm to key to kibble 
to kick to kick off to kick off a discussion 
to kick over the traces to kick the bucket to kick up a fuss 
to kick up a row to kidnap to kidnap someone 
to kill to kill oneself to kill oneself laughing 
to kill someone to kill the fatted calf to kill time 
to kiln-dry to kink to kiss 
to kiss and make up to kiss sth. goodbye to kiss the cup 
to kite (coll.) to knead to knead (into) 
to kneel {knelt to knit {knitted to knock 
to knock (at) to knock at to knock at the door 
to knock down to knock off to knock off (work) 
to knock over to knock up to knock up (coll.) 
to knockabout to knockdown to knot 
to know to know {knew to know from experience 
to know inside out to know one's stuff to know the place 
to know the ropes to know what one is doing to knuckle under (to sb.) 
to knurl to label to label someone as 
to labour to lace up to lacerate 
to lack to lack space to lacquer 
to ladle to lag to lag (behind) 
to lag behind to lair to lam 
to lambaste to lame to lament 
to lament (over) sth. to laminate to lampoon 
to land to land someone one to languish 
to lap to lap up to lapse 
to larrup to lash to last 
to last for close to/on to latch to lathe face 
to laud to laugh (at) to launch 
to launder to lave to lavish 
to lay to lay (or set) a place to lay {laid 
to lay aside to lay bricks to lay claim to 
to lay claim to something to lay down to lay hands upon oneself 
to lay in to lay in a stock to lay off 
to lay off sb. to lay oneself open to attack to lay out 
to lay the cloth to layer to laze 
to leach to leach out to lead 
to lead {led to lead away to lead back 
to lead into temptation to lead off the fight to lead over 
to lead to to lead to success to leaf through 
to leak to leak out to lean {leaned 
to lean against to lean against the wall to lean out 
to lean towards to leap {leaped to leapfrog sb. 
to learn to learn {learned to learn a trade 
to learn by heart to learn from to learn how to swim 
to learn of to learn the hard way to leash 
to leave to leave (sb.) sth. to leave (the country) 
to leave {left to leave a firm to leave ajar 
to leave alone to leave behind to leave blank 
to leave for good to leave in the lurch to leave no doubt 
to leave nothing undone to leave one's mark to leave open 
to leave out to leave someone in the lurch to lecture 
to lecture on to legislate to legitimate 
to legitimize to lend {lent to lend a hand 
to lend and borrow to lend itself to to lend out 
to lengthen to lessen to let {let 
to let alone to let down to let go 
to let in to let know to let off 
to let on to let out to let pass 
to let rooms to let some air in to let someone down 
to let someone know to let something be known to let sth. slip down 
to let sth. slip to the ground to let things slide to let you know 
to letter a book to level to level (sport) 
to level off to level off (at) to level the tie/match (sport) 
to level to the ground to leverage to levy 
to lib to libel to liberalise (Br.) 
to liberalize to liberate to licence 
to license to lick to lick (coll.) 
to lick off to lick one's wounds (fig.) to lie 
to lie {lay to lie {lied to lie ahead 
to lie down to lie fifth to lie inbetween 
to lie on top of each other to lie quiet to lie to 
to lie to beat the band to lift to lift the receiver 
to ligate to light to light a cigarette 
to light a fire to light a match to light up 
to like to like to do something to liken to 
to lilt to limit to limit (to) 
to limp to line to line one's pocket 
to line one's pockets to line up (Am.) to linearize 
to linger to link to link arms with 
to lionize to liquefy to liquidate 
to liquor up (sl.) to lisp to list 
to list a book to listen to listen (to) 
to listen in to to listen to to listen to reason 
to listen to the radio to litigate to live 
to live (on) to live at ease to live for the moment 
to live in clover to live in herds to live it up 
to live like a lord to live more healthily to live off 
to live on to live on others to live on the fat of the land 
to live out to live out (Am.) to live to see 
to live together to live under the roof to live up to something 
to liven to load to load up 
to loaf to loan to loathe 
to localize to locate to lock 
to lock out to lock up to lodge (with) 
to lodge oneself to log to log in 
to log on to log out to log-off 
to loiter to loll to long for 
to look to look (at to look after 
to look ahead to look away to look away in disgust 
to look back to look down (at) to look for 
to look for a flat to look for an excuse to look for work 
to look forward to to look here to look in 
to look into to look like to look Mediterranean 
to look out to look over to look peaky 
to look round to look seedy to look there 
to look through to look up to lookup 
to loom to loop to loop the loop 
to loose to loosen to loosen the reins 
to loosen tongue to loot to lop 
to lose {lost to lose one's head to lose one's life 
to lose one's poise to lose one's shirt to lose one's temper 
to lose sight of to lose the beat to lose weight 
to lounge to lour to love 
to love to distraction to low to lower 
to lower one's sights to lube to lubricate 
to lug to lug in to lull 
to lull to sleep to lumber to lump 
to lump together to lunge to lurch 
to lure to luxate to luxuriate 
to lynch to macerate to machine down 
to machine off to maculate to madden 
to magnetize to magnify to mail 
to mail a letter to maim to maintain 
to maintain that sb. is dead to make to make {made 
to make a bed to make a bet to make a bogeyman out of 
to make a bolt for to make a bull to make a choice 
to make a clean breast of to make a clean sweep of to make a complaint 
to make a contract to make a draft on to make a film 
to make a find to make a fool of oneself to make a fortune 
to make a fuss to make a fuss about to make a good bargain 
to make a good job of it to make a journey to make a living 
to make a local call to make a long story short to make a lot of fuss (about) 
to make a lot of noise to make a mess on sth. to make a mistake 
to make a motion to make a neat copy to make a noise 
to make a note of to make a perfect team to make a phone call 
to make a pig of oneself to make a pledge to make a present 
to make a project of to make a projection to make a racket 
to make a report to make a request to make a rough guess 
to make a row to make a show of to make a slip 
to make a slip of the pen to make a speech about to make a speech on 
to make a spring at to make a statement to make a telephone call 
to make a will to make advances to to make an advance payment 
to make an agreement to make an appointment to make an emergency landing 
to make an international call to make an intrigue to make arrangements 
to make arrangements for to make available to make believe 
to make cheese to make clear to make coffee 
to make common cause to make concessions to make cuts (in) 
to make demands to make desolate to make difficult 
to make do with to make ends meet to make enemies of 
to make equal to make every endeavor (Am.) to make excuses 
to make faces to make fast to make feel ashamed 
to make friends to make fun of to make fun of sb./sth. 
to make generalizations to make good economic sense to make good on a promise 
to make good the damage to make headway to make insecure 
to make it to make it convenient to make leeway 
to make level with the ground to make love to make love to someone 
to make merry to make mincemeat of sb. to make mincemeat out of sb. 
to make money to make money out of to make music 
to make no headway to make no secret of to make off 
to make one's choice to make oneself look pretty to make oneself useful 
to make out to make out of steel to make out with sb. 
to make over to make peace to make plans 
to make possible to make pregnant to make preparations 
to make progress to make propaganda for to make room for 
to make sb. believe sth. to make sb. see red to make sb.'s day 
to make smaller to make someone look slim to make someone redundant 
to make someone talk to make something up to make stupid 
to make sure to make sure of something to make the best of a bad job 
to make the best of something to make the breakthrough to make the first move 
to make the point that to make the running (sport) to make to order 
to make toward to make towards to make up 
to make up for to make up leeway to make up your mind 
to make use of to make war on to make watertight 
to make worse to make young again to malinger 
to maltreat to manage to manage it 
to mangle to manicure to manifest 
to manifold to manoeuvre to manque 
to mantle to manufacture to manufacture (into) 
to manure to map to mar 
to maraud to march to march hard 
to march past to march-off to march-out 
to march-through to margin to marginalise (Br.) 
to marginalise sb. (Br.) to marginalize to marginalize (Am.) 
to marginalize sb. (Am.) to marinade to marinate 
to mark to mark down to mark off 
to mark out to mark up to mark-off 
to market to marl to maroon 
to marry to marshal to marvel 
to mash to mask to mask (for protection) 
to mask a bad smell to mass-produce to mass-together 
to massacre to massage to massage in 
to master to masticate to masturbate 
to match to match with to mate 
to matriculate to matter to maul 
to maximize to mean {meant to mean business 
to mean ill by to mean no harm to mean well by 
to meander to measure to measure for 
to measure off to measure out to measuring for 
to mechanize to meddle to medicate 
to meditate to medly to meet 
to meet {met to meet again to meet demands 
to meet expenses