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r (multiple correlation coefficient) r (range) 
r (reasoning) r (response) r (rorschach total score) 
r method r neaded r-base 
r-c coupling r-f power supply r-y signal 
r. between two statement r. ofanyone's chattles r. pated 
r.f. r.m.a. color code r.m.s. value of a periodic quantity 
r.s.c r/w ra 
rabal rabbet rabbet joint 
rabbet plane rabbi rabbin 
rabbinic rabbinical rabbinism 
rabbinist rabbins rabbit 
rabbiter rabbitry rabbity 
rabble rabble rouser rabblement 
rabel rabid rabidity 
rabidly rabidness rabies 
rabitz racah racah parameter 
raccoon race race condition 
race horse race ring race walking 
race-card race-glass race-meeting 
racecourse racehorse raceme 
racemic racemiform racemization 
racemize racemose racer 
races racetrack raceway 
rachel rachet rachis 
rachitis racial racial discrimination 
racial memory racial prejudice racial segregation 
racial unconscious racialism racily 
racing racing backstroke racing car 
racing course racing dive racing of generator 
racing of motor racing-car engine racism 
racist rack rack and pinion 
rack control rack railway rack space 
rack up rack-rent rack-type cutter 
racked racked with pain racket 
racket games racket-ball racketball 
racketeer racketeering rackets 
rackety racking racking seizing 
racking stress rackle raclaim 
racon raconteur racoon 
racoon or raccoon racquet raculty 
racy rad radar 
radar alimeter radar altimetry radar altitude 
radar antenna radar beacon radar beam 
radar boresight radar clutter radar comouflage 
radar correlation radar countermeasures radar danning 
radar discrimination radar echo radar engineering 
radar equipment radar imagery radar installation 
radar locating radar location radar man 
radar measurement radar mile radar netting 
radar network radar operator radar picket 
radar picket cap radar prediction radar quardship 
radar range mark radar ranging radar return 
radar scan radar scope radar screen 
radar silence radar trace radar tracking 
radar trapping radarman raddle 
raddled raddy radiac 
radiacmeter radial radial artery 
radial ball bearing radial bearing radial brick 
radial cut radial davit radial deformation 
radial drilling machine radial flow radial flow pump 
radial flow turbine radial form radial line plot 
radial load radial motor radial nerve 
radial of a well radial play radial potential 
radial probability density radial probability distribution radial quantum number 
radial road radial section radial stress 
radial velocity radialengine radialized 
radially radian radian frequency 
radiance radiancy radiant 
radiant energy radiant energy density radiant exposure 
radiant flux radiant heat radiant intensity 
radiant look radiant power radiant-tube heating 
radiantly radiate radiates 
radiation radiation constants radiation cooling 
radiation density radiation efficiency radiation energy 
radiation excitation radiation field radiation hardening 
radiation hazard radiation intensity radiation ionization 
radiation laws radiation loss radiation of heat 
radiation pattern radiation pressure radiation scattering 
radiation shield radiation source radiational 
radiative radiator radiator coil 
radiator cover radiator cowl radiator fan 
radiator grille radiator shutter radiator union 
radical radical behaviorism radical economists 
radical inhitator radical intiator radical ion polymerization 
radical sign radicalism radically 
radicand radicate radicle 
radicular rading rading party 
radio radio active radio alimeter 
radio altimeter radio approach radio astronomy 
radio beacon radio bearing radio broadcasting 
radio button radio call sign radio centeral 
radio compass radio control radio countermeasures 
radio data link radio day radio deception 
radio detection radio dicipline radio direction finding 
radio engineering radio ferquency radio fix 
radio frequencies radio frequency radio frequency interference 
radio guard radio horizon radio interference 
radio link radio match radio metal locator 
radio navigation radio operator radio position finding 
radio procedures radio prospecting radio range 
radio range station radio receiver radio relay 
radio set radio sextant radio sheck 
radio silence radio sonobuoy radio source 
radio star radio telegraphy radio telephone 
radio telephone transmitter radio telephony radio telescope 
radio tube radio wave radio waves 
radio-activity radio-carpal radio-frequency amplifier 
radio-frequency biasing radio-frequency choke radio-frequency transformer 
radio-ulnar radioactive radioactive contamination 
radioactive decay radioactive fallout radioactive material 
radioactive rays radioactivity radiobiology 
radiobroadcast radiocast radiochemistry 
radiogenic radiogram radiograph 
radiographer radiographic radiographic inspection 
radiography radioisotope radiolocation 
radiological radiological monitoring radiological operations 
radiological survey radiologist radiolography 
radiology radiolucency radioluminescence 
radiolysis radioman radiometeorograph 
radiometer radiometry radiophone 
radiophoto radiophotograph radioscopy 
radiosonde radiostrontium radiosymmetrical 
radiotelegram radiotelegraph radiotelegraphic 
radiotelegraphy radiotelephone radiotelephony 
radioteletype radiotherapy radiotrician 
radish radium radium block 
radium-therapy radius radius block 
radius dimpling radius gage radius milling 
radius of a well radius of action radius of curvatupe 
radius of curvature radius of extrados radius of giration 
radius of gyration radius of gyration (k) radius of influence 
radius of integration radius of intrados radius vector 
radix radix complement radix notation 
radix point radix sorting algorithm radmail 
radojet radome radon 
raee raee show rafale 
raff raffia raffinate 
raffish raffishness raffle 
raft raft foundation rafter 
raftsman rag rag doll 
rag paper rag stone rag-baby 
rag-bolt rag-picker ragamuffin 
ragbag rage raged 
rages ragged ragged left 
ragged left alignment ragged right ragged right alignment 
ragged school raggedly raggedness 
raggedy raggelly raggle 
raging ragingly raglan 
ragman ragout ragozin 
ragozin system ragozin variation ragpicker 
rags ragstone ragtag 
ragtag and bobtail ragtime ragweed 
ragwheel ragwort rah 
rah rah raid raid clerk 
raided raider raiding 
raiding party rail rail (s) 
rail bond rail cambering machine rail capacity 
rail loading rail spike rail switch 
rail tank car rail tanker rail-borne vehicle 
railat railer railhead 
railhead depot railing railing post 
railingly raillery railroad 
railroad accident railroad bridge railroad car 
railroad carriage railroad construction railroad coupling 
railroad engineering railroad gate railroad gravel 
railroad junction railroad rail railroad service 
railroad signal railroad system railroad tariff 
railroad tie plate railroad tranportation railroader 
rails railway railway bill of lading 
railway bridge railway consignment note railway division 
railway embankment railway end railway engine 
railway engineer railway freight railway motor 
railway rate railway rates railway receipt 
railway shop railway siding railway sleeper 
railway station railway superstructure railway system 
railway track railway track-layer railway traffic 
railway wagon railways raiment 
rain rain discharge rain fall 
rain forest rain gage rain gage (am) 
rain gauge rain gauge station rain or shine 
rain prints rain proof rain wash 
rain water head rain-box rain-coat 
rain-ga(u)ge rain-glass rain-laden 
rain-water rain-worm rainbow 
raincoat raindrop raindrop impressions 
raindrop imprints rained rainer 
rainfall rainfall area rainfall gauge 
rainfall index rainfall intensity rainfall intensity (i) 
rainfall recorder rainforest raininess 
rainless rainmaker rainmaking 
rainout rainpipe rainproof 
rains rainspout rainsquall 
rainstorm raintight rainwash 
rainwater rainwater pipe rainwear 
rainy rainy year rainyday 
raise raise a cain raise a devil 
raise a dust raise a hell raise a laugh 
raise an argument raise edges raise its head 
raise money raise pistol raise the hand 
raise the wind raise to a higher power raised 
raised beach raised flooring raised kerb 
raised pointed arch raised shoulder raised to the purple 
raised type raised work raiser 
raisin raising raison 
raison d'etre rait raiway 
raiway tariff raj raja 
raja or rajah rajah rake 
rake (to) rake angle rake off 
rake up raked rakehell 
rakehelly raker raking 
raking bond raking out of a joint raking pile 
rakish rakishly rakishness 
ralay rale rallenttando 
ralliear rallied ralliform 
rally rallying rallying point 
ram ram (to) ram cache 
ram card ram disk ram rod 
ram's horn ram's horn hook ramadan 
ramal ramark ramazan 
ramble rambler rambling 
ramblingly rambunctious ramdrive 
ramdrive.sys ramekin ramentum 
ramequin ramie ramification 
ramiform ramify ramjet 
rammed rammed concrete rammer 
rammer staff ramming ramming iron 
rammish ramose ramous 
ramp ramp alert ramp sight 
ramp weight rampage rampageous 
rampancy rampant rampantly 
rampart rampike rampion 
rampire ramrocket ramrocket engine 
ramrod ramshachle ramshackle 
ramson ramulose ramulous 
ramus ran rance 
ranch ranch house rancher 
ranchero ranchman rancid 
rancidity rancor rancorous 
rancorously rancorousness rancour 
rand rand correlation randan 
randem randie randie branching index 
random random access random access memory 
random activity random assignment random copolymer 
random distribution random error random file 
random fill random logic design random mixed 
random model random number random number generator 
random number seed random numbers random parallel tests 
random paving random probing random process 
random processing random sample random sampling 
random scan graphics random selection random test 
random variable random wound (winding) randomization 
randomize randomized randomized blocks 
randomizing randon randy 
ranee rang range 
range (navigational) range (target) range adjustment 
range alongside range angle range board 
range calibration range card range check 
range component range correct range correction 
range deflection fan range deflection protractor range determination 
range deviation range disk range dispersion 
range drum range effects range error 
range expression range finder range finding 
range firing range flag range format 
range house range indicator range k 
range keeper range ladder range light 
range marker range markers range meter 
range name range of adjustment range of instrument 
range of motion range of music range of storke 
range of stress range of variation range officer 
range probable error range quadrant range rake 
range resolution range scale range section 
range sensing range spotting range spread 
range table range wind range-bearing display 
rangeguard rangeoneself ranger 
ranges rangey ranging 
ranging pole rangle rangy 
rani ranine rank 
rank and file rank as creditor rank as creditor in the estates of a 
rank correlation rank difference correlation rank order method 
ranker rankin rankin cycle 
rankin temperature scale rankine rankine temperature scale 
ranking rankle rankled 
rankling rankly rankness 
ranko ranks ranksack 
ranksman rannunculacea ransack 
ransom ransomer rant 
ranten ranter rantipole 
ranula ranunculaccouss ranunculus 
ranvier raod raod bed 
raoult raoult's law rap 
rapacious rapaciously rapacity 
rapallo rapallo treaty rape 
raphael raphael school raphaides 
raphe raphson rapid 
rapid access rapid curing (r.c.) rapid curing cutback 
rapid eye movements (rem) rapid fire rapid flow 
rapid hardening rapid scanning rapid transit 
rapid-hardening portland cement rapidily rapidity 
rapidly rapids rapier 
rapine rapist rapparee 
rapped rappee rapper 
rapping rappini rapporchment 
rapport rapprochement rapscallion 
rapt rapt in meditation raptatorial 
raptatory raptor raptorail 
raptores rapture raptured 
raptures rapturous rapturously 
raptus rar rara 
rara avis rarafaction rare 
rare detail (dr) rare earth elements rare earths 
rare gas rarefaction rarefactional 
rarefactive rarefy rarely 
rarely beautiful rareness rareripe 
rarify raring rarity 
ras ras algethi rasa 
rascal rascalism rascality 
rascally rasching rasching synthesis 
rase rash rasher 
rashly rashness rasorial 
rasp raspatory raspberry 
raspberry jam rasper raspy 
rast raster raster display 
raster fill raster graphics raster image processor 
raster scan raster scan graphics rasure 
rat rat a tat rat a tat tat 
rat bite fever rat guard rat of interest 
rat per cent rat race rat snake 
rat tail file rat-tail rat's -tail 
rat's nest rat(t)an rata 
ratability ratable ratafee 
ratafia ratag ratal 
rataliation rataplan ratch 
ratchet ratchet and pawl mechanism ratchet brace 
ratchet effect ratchet plunger ratchet purchase 
ratchet-wheel rate rate constant 
rate determining step rate discrimination rate equation 
rate gyro rate integration gyro rate joystick 
rate of capacity utilization rate of capital accumulation rate of capital formation 
rate of changes rate of climb rate of climb (af,na) 
rate of consumption rate of crystalline growth rate of current (nav) 
rate of deformation rate of deposition rate of die-casting 
rate of discount rate of dissolution rate of dosage 
rate of duty rate of economic growth rate of exchange 
rate of fire rate of flame propagation rate of flow 
rate of inflation rate of interest rate of investment 
rate of learning rate of loading rate of march 
rate of money wage rate of output rate of pouring 
rate of productivity increase rate of reaction rate of return 
rate of return over cost rate of rise of water level rate of saving 
rate of sideslip rate of spending rate of time preference 
rate of turn rate of unemployment rate of wage 
rate of wage increase rate of yield rateable 
rated rated altitude rated candlepower 
rated current rated duty rated fatigue limit 
rated output rated pay load rated power 
rated quantity rated through put rated value 
rated voltage ratee ratel 
rater raternal raternal aunts 
rates rates and taxes rath 
rathe rather rati 
raticide ratification ratify 
rating rating (rn) rating curve 
rating plate rating scale rating schedule 
ratings ratio ratio correlation 
ratio decidendi ratio detector ratio estimation 
ratio of capital to labor ratio of capital to output ratio of specific heats 
ratio of transformer ratio print ratio schedule 
ratiocinate ratiocination ratiocinative 
ratiocinator ratioing ration 
ration (dense) ration allowance ration basis 
ration credit ration cycle ration factor 
ration in kind ration method ration return 
ration scale ration strenght rationabile 
rationabile stoverium rationabilis rational 
rational consumer rational dress rational expectations 
rational fraction rational number rational numbers 
rational principle rational producer rationale 
rationalism rationalist rationalistic 
rationality rationalization rationalize 
rationally rationed rationed goods 
rationed items rationing rationing of foreign exchange 
rationing system rationlism rations 
ratite ratitoe ratlike 
ratlin ratline ratling 
ratoon rats ratsbane 
rattail rattan rattan fender 
ratten rattening ratter 
rattish rattle rattle-box 
rattle-brained rattlen rattler 
rattler test rattles rattlesnake 
rattletrap rattling rattly 
ratton rattrap ratty 
raucity raucous raunchy 
rauzer ravage ravager 
rave raved ravel 
ravelin ravelling ravellings 
ravelment raven raven's controlled projection test 
raven's progressive matrices test ravening ravenous 
ravenous hunger ravenously ravenousness 
ravin ravine ravined 
raving ravioli ravish 
ravishing ravishment raw 
raw cream raw data raw fuel 
raw head raw head and bloody bones raw linsceed oil 
raw linseed oil raw material raw material stock 
raw materials raw ness raw produce 
raw products raw score raw silk 
raw statistics raw stock raw water 
raw-boned rawhide rawin 
rawinsonde rawish rawness 
rax ray rayah 
raydit rayleigh rayleigh scattering 
rayleigh-jeans law rayless raymond 
raymond hook raynold rayon 
rays rays of light raze 
raze (= rase) raze or rase razee 
razor razor backed razor-edge 
razorback razorbill razz 
razzia razzle razzle dazzle 
rbis rbis (biserial correlation) rbrg 
rca rca plug rd 
rdbms rde rde brass 
re re - draft re claim 
re lay re order re sort 
re strain re tread re-assurance policy 
re-attachment re-axtent re-construction 
re-conveyance re-count re-echo 
re-edify re-election re-endorsement 
re-entrant armature winding re-entry re-entry-vehicle 
re-establish re-establishment re-examination 
re-examine re-exchange re-export 
re-form re-fuse re-hearing 
re-issuable notes re-paving re-payment 
re-striking voltage re-trial rea 
reabsorb reabsorption reach 
reach rod reacher reaching 
reaching (sailing) react reactance 
reactance factor reactance tube reactant 
reacted reacted pressure reacting 
reacting phenomenon reaction reaction chamber 
reaction coordinates reaction curve reaction drills 
reaction engine reaction equation reaction force 
reaction formation reaction graph reaction key 
reaction of support reaction potential reaction products 
reaction progress reaction rate of constant reaction threshold 
reaction time reaction timer reaction turbin 
reaction turbine reactional reactionary 
reactionist reactionpropulsion reactions 
reactivate reactivation reactive 
reactive component reactive current reactive depression 
reactive dye reactive effect reactive epilepsy 
reactive factor reactive inhibition reactive intermediate species 
reactive load reactive power reactive psychosis 
reactive schizophrenia reactive tendency reactive type 
reactive volt-ampere-hour-meter reactive volt-amperes reactivition 
reactivity reactor reactor control 
reactor output read read head 
read ink read mostly memory read only 
read only memory read only storage read out 
read pulse read restore cycle read strobe 
read time read write cycle read write head 
read-write privilege read/write read/write file 
read/write head read/write memory readability 
readability index readable readdress 
reader readership readily 
readiness readiness category readiness condition 
readiness to accept readiness to report reading 
reading age reading disability reading habit 
reading quotient reading rate reading readiness 
reading span reading speed reading station 
reading wand reading-desk reading-room 
readjust readjustment readout 
ready ready acceptance ready cap 
ready for assembly ready for cinnection to the mains ready for duty 
ready for operation ready for use ready line 
ready missile ready mixed concrete ready mixed paints 
ready money ready position ready rack 
ready reckoner ready reserve ready reservist 
ready room ready service ready solubility in water 
ready to die ready wit ready-made 
ready-use ready-witted reafferene 
reaganomics reagency reagent 
real real account real action 
real address real anxiety real assets 
real balance effect real capital real constant 
real costs real earnings real estate 
real estate agency real estate broker real estate tax 
real fluid real function real gas 
real gross national product real image real income 
real interest rate real investment real memory 
real mode real module real money supply 
real national income real number real numbers 
real power real property real purchasing power 
real rate of interest real representative real score 
real sector real stagnation point real storage 
real time clock real time image generatiom real time input 
real time output real time processing real time system 
real value real wage real will (theory of real will) 
real-box wing real-time realgar 
realia realisation realism 
realist realistic realistic deterrence 
reality reality principle reality testing 
reality therapy realizable realization 
realization account realize realized 
realizer reallocation really 
realm realpolitik realtime 
realtor realty ream 
ream (to) reamer reaming 
reams reanimate reap 
reaper reaping reaping hook 
reaping-machine reapparition reappear 
reappraisal rear rear area 
rear area security rear axle rear axle casing 
rear axle drive rear axle shaft rear barrier 
rear commodore rear court rear crotch and near arm 
rear echelon rear foot rear mounted engine 
rear of queue rear party rear point 
rear sight rear takedown with double leg tackle rear takedown with inside singleleg & kn 
rear takedown with outside leg tackle rear takedown with outside singleleg byl rear takedown with single leg tackel 
rear waistlock and back sweep rear waistlock and forward inside leg tr rear waistlock and forward single leg 
rear waistlock and knee block rear waistlock and side sweep rear wall 
rear wheel rear window rear-admiral 
rear-engine drive rear-guard rearing 
rearm rearmament rearming 
rearmost rearrange rearrangement 
rearrangement theorem rearrangment rearrngement 
rearward rearwards reason 
reason for a transaction reason of state reasonability 
reasonable reasonable advantage reasonable and probable cause 
reasonable of average wage fair reasonable period reasonable price 
reasonable profit reasonable scale reasonable time 
reasonableness reasonableness check reasonableness of terms in contract 
reasonably reasoner reasoning 
reasoning ability reasoning test reasonless 
reasonov reasons reassemble 
reassociate reassurance reassure 
reasure reat reatrain 
reaumur reaumur temperature scale reave 
rebarbative rebate rebate (to) 
rebate plane rebec rebecca 
rebeck rebekah rebel 
rebel against someone rebelion rebellion 
rebellios rebellious rebelliously 
rebelliousness rebellous rebet 
rebind rebirth reboant 
reboiler reboot reborn 
rebound rebound hardness rebound hardness test 
rebounder rebreather rebroadcast 
rebuff rebuild rebuilding 
rebuilt rebuke rebuker 
rebus rebus sic stautibus rebut 
rebutment rebuttable rebuttable presumption 
rebuttable presumptions rebuttal rebutter 
rebutting rebutting evidence rebuy 
rec recalcitrance recalcitrancy 
recalcitrant recalcitrate recalcitration 
recalculate recalculation recalculation method 
recalesce recalescence recall 
recall test recalling recant 
recantation recap recapitalize 
recapitulate recapitulation recapitulation theory 
recapitulative recapitulatory recaption 
recapture recarburize recarburizer 
recast recature recede 
receding receding leg receipt 
receipt statement receipts receipts and expenses 
receivable receive receive a bribe 
receive a wound receive as receive attention 
receive of receive only receive? 
received received data received for shipment 
received line signal detect received power receiver 
receiver gating receiver of stolen goods receiver output volume 
receivership receiving receiving a loan 
receiving antenna receiving apparatus receiving basin 
receiving set recency recension 
recent recent development recent memory 
recently receptacle receptee 
recepter reception reception station 
reception-room receptionist receptive 
receptive aphasia receptive character receptively 
receptiveness receptivity receptor 
receptors recess recessed 
recessed head machine screw recesses recessing 
recession recessional recessional hymn 
recessive recessive genes recevied 
recevied for shipment bill of exchange recevoir rechamber 
recharge recharge basin recharge rate 
recharge well rechargeable rechargeable battery 
rechauffe recherche recidivation 
recidivism recidivist recieve 
recieve only reciever recind 
recipe recipiency recipient 
recipocal recipocal milling reciprocal 
reciprocal agreement reciprocal inhibition reciprocal innervation 
reciprocal laying reciprocal trading reciprocal treatment 
reciprocal wavelength reciprocally reciprocate 
reciprocating reciprocating compressor reciprocating engine 
reciprocating rolling process reciprocating table reciprocation 
reciprocative reciprocity reciptacle 
recision recital recitalist 
recitation recitative recite 
reciter recitetion recive 
reck reckets reckless 
reckless of danger recklessly recklessness 
recklessy reckon reckoner 
reckoning reckonning reclaim 
reclaim animal reclaimable reclaimation 
reclama reclamation reclame 
reclinate recline reclining 
reclining position recluse reclusive 
reclvsion recoat recogintion 
recogizant recognitation recognition 
recognition span recognition test recognition vocabulary 
recognizability recognizable recognizance 
recognizant recognization recognize 
recognizee recognizer recognizor 
recoil recoil (mil,gun) 1 recoil (mil,gun) 2 
recoil cylinder recoil mechanism recoil mechanism (mil,gun) 
recoil operated recoil pit recoil system 
recoilless recoilless (mil) recoilless rifle 
recollect recollectio recollection 
recollective recollective raculty recombinant 
recombination recombination coefficient recommend 
recommend units recommendable recommendation 
recommendatory recommendatory note recommended 
recommended retail price recommit recommitment 
recommittal recompense recompile 
recompose reconcider reconcilability 
reconcilable reconcile reconciled 
reconcilement reconciliation reconciliation of two parties 
reconciliatory recondite reconditely 
reconditeness recondition reconditioning 
reconditioning training reconfiguration reconnaisance 
reconnaissance reconnaissance flight reconnaissance in force 
reconnaissance party reconnaissance patrol reconnoiter 
reconnoitre reconsider reconsideration 
reconsignment reconstituent reconstitute 
reconstitution reconstitution site reconstruct 
reconstruction reconstruction method reconstructive 
reconstructive psychotherapy reconversion reconvert 
reconvey reconveyance reconviction 
record record as target record blocking 
record book record count record firing 
record format record gap record head 
record keeping record layout record length 
record management record manager record number 
record of events record of service record office 
record oriented database management record player record prices 
record printer record separator recorded 
recorded delivery recorder recording 
recording density recording eara recording error 
recording head recording instrument recording of games 
recording tape recording thermometer records 
records available records depository recount 
recoup recoup (a person for loss) recoupable 
recoupment recours recourse 
recourse action recourse to recover 
recoverable recoverable error recoverable item 
recovered recovery recovery airfield 
recovery party recovery phase recovery procedure 
recovery procedures recovery routine recovery time 
recovery upturn recreancy recreant 
recreate recreation recreation therapy 
recreative recredential recredential (letters) 
recredential letter recrement recrementitious 
recriminate recrimination recriminative 
recriminatory recrudesce recrudescence 
recrudescent recruit recruital 
recruitment recrvdescence recrystallization 
recta rectal rectangle 
rectangle of dispersion rectangular rectangular antiprism 
rectangular coordinate rectangular coordinate system rectangular coordinates 
rectangular distribution rectangular giagram rectangular power 
rectangular prism rectangular pulse rectangular section 
rectangularity rectangularly rectifi 
rectifiable rectification rectification note 
rectification of an alternating current rectifie rectified 
rectified spirit rectifier rectifier efficiency 
rectifier meter rectify rectifying 
rectifying valve rectilineal rectilinear 
rectilinear distribution rectiliner rectitude 
recto rector rectorate 
rectorial rectory rectrix 
rectum rectus rectus in curia 
recucing recucing slag reculaulation 
reculaulation order recumbency recumbent 
recuperate recuperation recuperative 
recuperative furnace recuperator recur 
recurrence recurrence interval recurrenge 
recurrent recurring recurring costs 
recurring curve recurring decimals recursion 
recursive recursive algorithm recursive equations 
recursive function recursive procedure recursive routine 
recursive subroutine recursivity recurvate 
recurvature recurve recusance 
recusance or sancy recusancy recusant 
recusatio recusatio judicis recvery 
recvperate recvrvature recycle 
recycle ratio recycling recycling ratio 
red red a red beech 
red blooded red book red brick 
red brittleness red card red carpet 
red cent red clause credit red clay 
red clover red coals red concept 
red cross red currant red day 
red deer red eye red flag 
red gaint red gold red green blue monitor 
red gun red hardness red heat 
red herring red hot red lead 
red lead ore red lead putty red light 
red light district red line red lips 
red lndian red man red maple 
red meat red mud red mullet 
red neck red ness red nucleus 
red oak red ocher red ochre 
red oxide red oxide of zinc red pencil 
red rattle red reg red rose 
red shift red siskin red tamarind 
red tape red water red weed 
red wood red worm red zinc ore 
red zone red-cap red-green blindness 
red-handed red-legs red-letter 
red-out red-short red-shortness 
red-tapery red-tapism red-tapist 
redact redaction redactor 
redan redargue redbreast 
redbud redcoat redd 
redden reddendo reddendo singula singulis 
reddendum reddish reddle 
rede redecorate redecoration 
rededication redeem redeem a security 
redeem of pledge redeemable redeemer 
redefine redeliver redemption 
redemption of a loan redemption yield redemptive 
redemptory redeploy redeployment 
redesign redesignate redeye 
redezvous redhead rediant 
rediant energy rediation rediator 
redical rediculously redingote 
redintegrate redintegration redirect 
redirection redirection operator rediscount 
rediscount rate redisseinsin redistribution 
redistribution effect redistribution of force redistribution of income 
redistribution of wealth redivivus redlead 
redlining redness redo 
redolence redolent redouble 
redoubt redoubtable redoubted 
redound redout redox 
redox potential redox reaction redox system 
redrawing redress redress of grievances 
redresser redressing redshank 
redskin redstart redstone 
reduce reduce to obedience reduce to poverty 
reduced reduced charge reduced charge (artill,gun) 
reduced circumstances reduced cues reduced employees 
reduced eye reduced form reduced instruction set computer 
reduced lighting reduced mass reduced pressure 
reduced price reduced strenght reduced temprature 
reduced variable reduced velocity reducer 
reducible reducible representation reducing 
reducing adaptor reducing agent reducing atmosphere 
reducing elbow reducing flame reducing pipe 
reducing tee piece reductant reductase 
reductio reductio ad absurdum reduction 
reduction coefficient reduction crusher reduction factor 
reduction gear reduction into possession reduction of armamentes 
reduction of capital reduction of road reduction of shares of the heirs 
reduction ratio reduction to absurdity reduction to the meridian 
reductional reductionism reductive 
reductive ad absurdum redudancy redudancy check 
redun redun dantly redundance 
redundancy redundancy check redundant 
redundant code redundant equation redundant information 
redundant language redundantly reduplicate 
reduplication reduplicative reduviid 
redux redwing redwood 
reebtry reecho reechy 
reed reed & prince screw reed frequency meter 
reed mat reed of a pipe reed or read 
reed organ reed pipe reed stop 
reed valve reed-bed reed-mace 
reedbuck reedify reeding 
reeducate reeducation reedy 
reeeive reef reef knot 
reefer reefing reefing-jacket 
reefknot reek reeks 
reeky reel reel cart 
reel number reel of reelect 
reelection reeler reeling 
reeling-machine reelingly reemploy 
reenactment reenagement reenforce 
reenforceŠetc reengage reengine 
reenlistment reenterant reentering 
reentrable reentrable program reentrance 
reentrant reentrant code reentrant program 
reentrant subroutine reentry reentry phase 
reentry point reentry vehicle reest 
reestablish reestablishment reestablishment of diplomatic relations 
reeve reexamine reexport 
ref reface reface (to) 
refacer refan refashion 
refect refection refectory 
refelectingly refer refer to drawer 
referable referee referee in case of need 
referee stops contest referee-throw referee's dressing room 
referee's position referee's whistle reference 
reference address reference axes reference cell 
reference count technique reference datum reference edge 
reference electrode reference frame reference group 
reference junction reference language reference librery 
reference line reference number reference phase 
reference piece reference pilot reference point 
reference position reference sheet reference signal 
reference station reference station (usn) reference time 
reference-book reference? referenced 
referendum referent referential 
refernce refernce manual refernce parameter 
refernced referral referral order 
referred referred brief referred pain 
referred sensation referring referring to a document 
referring to your letter of refersher refersher course 
reffuge refile refill 
refill wire reel (to) refillable refinance 
refine refined refined asphalt 
refined iron refined lead refined oil 
refined spelter refined steel refinef 
refinef copper refinement refiner 
refinery refinery gas refinery process 
refining refining furnace refining hearth 
refining of oil refining plant refining process 
refining slag refinish refinisher 
refinishing refire refire time 
refit refit 1 refit 2 
refit book reflaction refle 
reflect reflectability reflectance 
reflectance ink reflected reflected binary code 
reflected light reflecterize reflecting 
reflecting nebulas reflecting power reflecting stud 
reflecting telescope reflection reflection angel 
reflection angle reflection coefficient reflection factor 
reflection grating reflection law reflection of light 
reflection plane reflection response reflection spectrometry 
reflectional reflections reflective 
reflectively reflectiveness reflectivity 
reflectometer reflector reflector buoy 
reflector lens reflector space reflectorize 
reflet reflex reflex action 
reflex arc reflex circuit reflex force 
reflex klystron reflex latency reflex reserve 
reflex sight reflex time reflexed 
reflexes reflexibility reflexible 
reflexion reflexive reflexive pronoun 
reflexively reflexivity reflexogenous 
reflexogenous zones reflexology reflight 
refloat reflorescence reflow 
refluence refluent reflux 
reflux column reflux condenser refocillate 
refomulate refoot reforest 
reforestation reforge reform 
reform movement reform school reformable 
reformat reformation reformative 
reformative punishment reformatory reformatory schools 
reformatsky reformatsky reaction reformed 
reformer reforming reformism 
reformist reforms reformulation 
refornable refract refractile 
refracting refracting telescope refraction 
refraction of light refractional refractive 
refractive index refractive power refractivity 
refractometer refractometry refractor 
refractorily refractoriness refractory 
refractory brick refractory cement refractory clay 
refractory coating refractory enamel refractory material 
refractory metal refractory mortar refractory oxide 
refractory period refrain refrainment 
refrangibility refrangible refrence 
refrence axis refresh refresh buffer 
refresh circuitry refresh display cycle refresh memory 
refresh rate refresher refresher course 
refreshing refreshing course (jf) refreshment 
refrigerant refrigerant capacity refrigerate 
refrigerating refrigerating technique refrigeration 
refrigerative refrigerator refrigerator vehicle 
refrigeratory refrigerent refrigrative 
refringent reft refuel 
refueling refuge refugee 
refugee relief refugees refulgence 
refulgent refund refundment 
refurbish refurbishment refusal 
refusal of acceptance refusal to accept a bill refuse 
refused refuser refuses 
refutable refutal refutation 
refutative refutatory refute 
reg regain regal 
regale regalement regalia 
regality regally regard 
regard for others regardant regardful 
regarding regardless regardless of 
regardless of the law regards regatta 
regelate regelation regenarate 
regency regeneracy regenerate 
regeneration regeneration control regenerative 
regenerative chamber regenerative coke oven regenerative cooling 
regenerative detector regenerative gas firing regenerative gas furnace 
regenerative memory regenerative receiver regenerative repeater 
regenerative storage regenerator regenetative 
regenetative braking regent regia 
regicidal regicide regie 
regime regimen regiment 
regiment commander regiment of f. regimental 
regimentalation regimentals regimentation 
regin regina reginal 
region region of escape regional 
regional address regional agency regional center 
regional development regional economy regional forces 
regional gap regional network regional planning 
regional projects regional purchase regional trade 
regionalism regionalist regionalistic 
regions regioselectivity regiospecific 
register register capacity register length 
register of commerce register of patents register office 
register(office) registeration registeration number 
registered registered bond registered by a notary public 
registered capital registered land registered letter 
registered letter with receipt attached registered mail registered nurse 
registered office registered port registered securities 
registered share registered shares registered trade-mark 
registering registrable registrant 
registrar registration registration code 
registration fees registration fire registration number 
registration of documents registration of documents and lands registration of fire 
registration of marriage registration of player registry 
registry jacket registry office regius 
regius professor reglet regnal 
regnal day regnant regno 
regnum regolith regorge 
regrad regrad for others regrade 
regrate regress regression 
regression analysis regression coefficient regression equation 
regression estimate regression line regression rate 
regression sum of squares regression testing regression time 
regressive regressive behavior regressive income tax 
regressive tax regressive tax system regressive taxation 
regressive taxes regret regretful 
regretfully regrets regrettable 
regrettably regroup regulable 
regular regular army regular expression 
regular grammar regular officer regular payment of salaries 
regular polymer regular price regular procedure 
regular salary regular section regular set 
regular solid regular steps regularity 
regularization regularize regularizer 
regularly regulate regulated 
regulated monopoly regulated set cement regulater 
regulating regulating cell regulating resistance 
regulating slack regulating station regulating switch 
regulating valve regulation regulation clothing 
regulations regulative regulator 
regulatory regulatory signs regulus 
regurgitate regurgitation regvlarity 
rehabilitant rehabilitate rehabilitation 
rehabilitation training center rehash rehashing 
rehear rehearing rehearsal 
rehearse rehearser reheating 
reheating furnace rehinobarge rehouse 
reich reichsraht reichstay 
reification reiforcement reify 
reigin reigining reigining beauty 
reign reil reimbur 
reimbursable reimbursable personnel reimburse 
reimbursement reimport reimpression 
rein rein(s) reinbefore 
reincarnate reincarnation reincarnationist 
reindeer reinfection reinforce 
reinforcecement reinforced reinforced coat (am) 
reinforced coating reinforced concrete reinforced concrete carcase 
reinforced concrete construction reinforced concrete facing (am) reinforced concrete facing membrane 
reinforced concrete pipe reinforced grillage (am) reinforced seam 
reinforcement reinforcement distribution reinforcement of shear 
reinforcement of weld reinforcement schedules reinforcements 
reinforcer reinforcing reinforcing bars 
reinforcing stimulus reingestion reingestion stall 
reinless reins reinsertion 
reinsman reinstall reinstate 
reinstatement reinstatement of revolving credit reinsurance 
reinsure reinsurer reintegrate 
reintegration reinterpret reinterpretation 
reinvest reinvestment reinvigorate 
reissner reissner membrane reissue 
reiterate reiteration reiterative 
reive reiver reiver horse 
rejcet reject reject a hypothesis 
rejectable rejectamenta rejected 
rejected child rejecter rejection 
rejector rejects rejoice 
rejoicing rejoicingly rejoin 
rejoinder rejuvenate rejuvenated 
rejuvenated river rejuvenation rejuvenator 
rejuvenesce rejuvenescence rejuvenescent 
rejuveoize rel rel pole 
relapse relapsing relapsing fever 
relatable relate related 
related industries related markets relater 
relateral relateral tell relating 
relating one judicial ti another relation relation learning 
relational relational concept relational data menagement system 
relational database relational database management relational expression 
relational model relational operator relational structure 
relations relations between load, shear and moment relations of production 
relationship relationship by blood relationship by bood 
relationship by marriage relationship therapy relatire 
relatire adverb relative relative address 
relative addressing relative adjective relative aperture 
relative bearing relative bearing (rbrg) relative cell reference 
relative code relative coding relative compaction 
relative coordinate system relative deformation relative density 
relative dielectric constant relative dispersion relative error 
relative frequency relative harmonic content relative humidity 
relative impediment relative importance relative income 
relative income hypothesis relative jurisdiction relative location 
relative majority relative maximum relative minimum 
relative motion relative movement relative movement (nav)(rm) 
relative nullity relative permeability relative permitivity 
relative permittivity relative plot relative precision 
relative prices relative pronoun relative refractory period 
relative solubility relative solvation relative supersaturation 
relative term relative value relative value of pieces 
relative velocity relative viscosity relative wind 
relative-in-law relativein relativein law 
relatively relativeness relatives 
relativism relativistic relativistic effects 
relativistic mass relativistic quantum theory relativity 
relativity of knowledge relativity principle relativity principles 
relativization relativize relator 
relax relaxant relaxation 
relaxation circuit relaxation generator relaxation of penultis 
relaxation oscillator relaxation spectroscopy relaxation therapy 
relaxation time relaxed relay 
relay amplifier relay baton relay center 
relay coil relay contact relay magnet 
relay post relay regulator relay station 
relay winding relay-race relaying 
relearning releasable release 
release altitude release denial release documents against 
release from the obligation release number release of seizure 
release on bail release point release sinker 
release version releaser releasing 
releasing a prisoner releasing agent releasing factors (rf) 
releasing mechanism releasing officer releasor 
relegate relegation relegetion 
relent relentless relentlessly 
relentlessness relevance relevancy 
relevant relevant time relevantly 
reliability reliability coefficient reliability index 
reliable reliable persons reliable tradition 
reliableness reliably reliance 
reliance on a document reliant relic 
relics relics of barbarism relict 
relicta relicta verificatione relictoin 
relief relief angle relief commander 
relief emboss relief fund relief hole 
relief in place relief interval relief map 
relief maps relief of sentry relief valve 
relief well relief-time relier 
relievable relieve relieve nature 
relieve one's feeling reliever relieving 
relieving anode relieving arch relieving officer 
relieving tackle relievo relif 
relife religion religion of humanity 
religioner religionism religionist 
religionize religionless religiose 
religiosity religious religious court 
religious delusion religious duties religious duty 
religious instruction religious jurisprudence religious law 
religious legislation religious matters religious opinion 
religious preference religious rites religious sentiments 
religious tax religious tenets religious therapy 
religiously religiousness reline 
relinguish relinguishment relinquish 
relinquish a claim relinquishing relinquishment 
relinquishment of a claim reliquary reliquiae 
reliquix relish relishable 
relle reload reloadable 
reloadable control storage relocatable relocatable address 
relocatable addresses relocatable code relocatable program 
relocatable routine relocate relocating 
relocating loader relocation relocation clock 
relocation factor relocation loader relocation register 
relucent reluct reluct(ate) 
reluctance reluctance pickup reluctancy 
reluctant reluctantly reluctate 
reluctivity relume rely 
rely on relying relying on 
relying on his word rem rem (rapid eye movement) 
remagnetizer remain remain in force 
remainder remainder of the period remaining 
remaining velocity remains remaking 
reman remand remanence 
remanent remanet remark 
remarkable remarkably remarks 
remarks? remarriage remarry 
remarrying rematch remediable 
remedial remedial instruction remedial measure 
remedial statutes remediless remedy 
remedy sought by plaintiff remelt remelt iron 
remelting remelting furnace remelting process 
remember rememberable rememberance 
rememberance or recollection of god rememberbrance remembering 
remembrance remembrancer remerkableness 
remex remigrate remilisarization 
remilitarization remind remind me ofit 
reminder remindful reminisce 
reminiscence reminiscent reminiscent of slavery 
reminiscential remise remiss 
remissible remission remission of sins 
remission of taxes remissive remissly 
remissness remit remitment 
remittable remittal remittance 
remittance man remittee remittent 
remitter remitting remitting bank 
remnant remodel remonetize 
remonstrance remonstrant remonstrate 
remonstratingly remonstration remonstrative 
remonstrator remontant remora 
remorse remorseful remorsefully 
remorseless remorselessly remorselessness 
remostrate remota remote 
remote access remote associations test remote batch processing 
remote computing services remote consol remote control 
remote data concentrator remote job entry remote memory 
remote processing remote site remote station 
remote terminal remote-cut-off valve (or tube) remotely 
remotely piloted remoteness remotion 
remount removability removable 
removable disk removable mass storage removable storage media 
removal removal from office removal of chips 
removal of cinder removal of free lime removal of phosphorus 
removal of slag remove remove all doubts 
remove slag remove the seal from removeable 
removeable media removed remover 
removing removred remunerate 
remuneration remuneration of custodianship remunerative 
remuneratively remunerativeness remunerator 
ren renaissance renal 
renal calculus renal dwarfism renal gravel 
renascence renascent renata 
rencontre rencounter rency 
rend render render (to) 
render a wall (to) render judgement on render plaster on the wall (to) 
render safe renderable renderer 
rendering rendering mortar rendezvous 
rendezvous area rending rendition 
rendrock rene rene alloys 
renegade renege reneger 
renegotiate renegotiation renew 
renewability renewable renewable fuse 
renewable resources renewal renewal index 
renewal of the convention renewal offf lease renewed 
renewer renifleur reniform 
renitency renitent rennet 
renounce renounced renouncement 
renouncement of citizenship renouncer renouncing 
renouncing probate renovate renovation 
renovator renown renowned 
rent rent free rent proper 
rentable rental rental income 
rental tax rental value rentals 
rentation rente renter 
rentier rentlen renunciant 
renunciation renunciative renunciatory 
renvoi renzoku reo 
reoccupy reoccur reoccurrence 
reoccurring reonforcement reopen 
reorder reorder cost reorder interval 
reorder level reorder point reorganization 
reorganization principle reorganize rep 
repagination repaid repaint 
repaint (to) repair repair kit 
repair parts repair pit repair shop 
repair time repairable repairing 
repairs repalce repand 
reparable reparation reparations 
reparations for war damages reparative repartee 
repartition repass repast 
repatriate repatriation repave 
repave (to) repay repayable 
repayment repayment guarantee repeal 
repealable repealed repealer 
repealing repeat repeat action key 
repeat counter repeat key repeat mark 
repeat range repeat until repeatability 
repeatable repeated repeated test 
repeatedly repeater repeater coil 
repeater jammer repeater station repeating 
repeating coil repeating decimal repeating decimal number 
repeating field repeating firearm repeating fraction 
repeating key repeating label repeating unit 
repeimand repel repellence 
repellency repellent repeller 
repelling repent repentance 
repentant repentantly repenter 
repeople repercussion repercussive 
reperence repertoire repertory 
repessive repetend repetition 
repetition instruction repetition of a word repetition of an act 
repetition of position repetitious repetitive 
repetitive stress injury repetitous repiece 
repine repinningly repk 
repk lection replace replace (to) 
replaceable replaceable parameter replaceable thing 
replacement replacement capital replacement cost 
replacement demand replacement factor replacement investment 
replacement theory replacer repleader 
replealed replealed article replenish 
replenisher replenishing replenishing phase 
replenishment replete replete with fables 
repletion replevin replevy 
replica replicate replicating 
replicating molecule replication replier 
replot replot data replotting 
reply reply paid repoach 
repoachful repoint reponse 
reponsibility reporduce report 
report card report file report generation 
report generator report of survey report progarm generator 
report program report tothe director report writer 
reportable reportable items reportage 
reported reported statistics reporter 
reporting reporting by axception reporting point 
reportorial reports reposal 
repose reposed reposeful 
reposing reposing upon reposit 
reposition repositional repository 
repossess repossession repost 
repot repotation repousse 
reprecipitation reprehend reprehensible 
reprehension reprehensive represent 
representable representation representation theory 
representation(s) representationalist representative 
representative arts representative consumer representative elements 
representative firm representative government representative sample 
representatives represented represented by 
representer representing represntative 
repress repressed repressed brick 
repression repressive repressor 
reprieval reprieve reprimand 
reprint reprisal reprise 
repristinate reproach reproachable 
reproacher reproachful reproachfully 
reproachless reprobat reprobate 
reprobation reprobatory reproduce 
reproducer reproducibility reproducible 
reproducing reproducting reproducting punch 
reproduction reproduction cost reproduction method 
reproduction rate reproductions reproductive 
reproductiveness reproductivity reprogramming 
reprographics reproof reprouducible 
reprovable reprove reprovingly 
reps reptant reptile 
reptilia reptilian reptition 
reptition compulstion republic republic of letters 
republican republican party republicanism 
republicanize republication republication of will 
republics republish repudiate 
repudiated repudiation repudiationist 
repudiator repugn repugnance 
repugnant repulican repullulate 
repulse repulsion repulsion force 
repulsion motor repulsion of charges repulsion of magnets 
repulsion-induction motor repulsion-start induction motor repulsive 
repulsively repulsiveness repurchase 
repurchase price reputability reputable 
reputably reputation repute 
reputed reputed owner reputedly 
request request for discharge request for price quotation 
request for proposal request for quotation request mast 
request modify request signal request substitution 
request time-out request to send requested 
requester requesting requesting unit 
requests requiem requiescat 
requiescat in pace requin requipment 
require required required supply rate (rsr) 
requirement requirement (jf) requirements 
requirements list requirements of a contract requirements of the credit 
requirment requirments requisite 
requisiteness requisition requisition line 
requisition number requisteness requistion 
requistion for money requistioner requital 
requite requiter reradiation 
reredos reremouse rerun 
res res gestae res integra 
res inter alios res ipsa loquitur res judicata 
res nullius resalable resale 
resale price rescale rescind 
rescinded rescinder rescission 
rescissory rescous rescous (rescue) 
rescript rescue rescue 1 
rescue 2 rescue and assistance rescue basket 
rescue chamber rescue chamber (sub) rescue operation 
rescuer rescussor research 
research (am) research and analysis research and development 
research cost research design research method 
research network research project researched 
researched consensus researcher researches 
researchist reseat reseau 
resect resectability resectable 
resection reseda reseed 
resell reseller resemblance 
resemble resent resentful 
resentment reservation reservation of a right 
reservatus reserve reserve accumulator 
reserve army of unemployed reserve buoyancy reserve center 
reserve components reserve curreny reserve echelon 
reserve factor reserve force reserve fund 
reserve mobilization reserve officer reserve on board 
reserve price reserve requirement reserve requirements 
reserve stock reserved reserved area 
reserved for security purposes reserved for unexpired risks reserved list 
reserved word reserved words reservedly 
reservedness reserves reservist 
reservoir reservoir of knowledge reservoir pen 
reservoir pressure reset reset cycle 
reset key reset terminal reset to zero 
resetting resgestae reshape 
reshaping reship reshipment 
reshuffle resiance residance 
residance telephone reside residence 
residence permit residence time residency 
resident resident engineer resident loader 
resident program resident school resident segment 
residental residental quarter residential 
residential area residential care residential investments 
residentiary residents residents of tehran 
residentship resider residing 
residing abroad residual residual bitumen 
residual charge residual current residual deviation 
residual discharge residual drawdowm residual error 
residual error reat residual force residual magnetic induction 
residual magnetism residual magnetization residual matrix 
residual propulsive force residual schizophrenia residual stress 
residual sum of squares residual term residual thrust 
residual unemployment residual value residual variable 
residual variance residual volume residual-current state 
residuary residuary account residuary legatee 
residue residue (= residuum) residue of the state 
residues residuum residve 
resign resignation resigned 
resignedly resigning resile 
resilience resiliency resilient 
resillient resin resinaceous 
resinate resingn resiniferous 
resinify resinoid resinous 
resins resipatory resipatory quotient 
resipiscence resipiscent resist 
resistancae resistancae thermometer resistance 
resistance alloys resistance arc furnace resistance braking 
resistance butt welding resistance coefficient resistance coil 
resistance coupling resistance dimming resistance drop 
resistance force resistance furnace resistance fusion welding 
resistance loss resistance of an earthed conductor resistance pressure welding 
resistance seam welding resistance standard resistance thermometer 
resistance to alternating current resistance to corrosion resistance to cracking 
resistance to deflaction resistance to failure resistance to plastic deformation 
resistance to tempering resistance to tensile resistance welding 
resistance wire resistance-capacitive coupling resistant 
resistant to heat resistence resistent 
resister resistering resistibility 
resistible resisting resisting moment 
resistive resistive force resistivity 
resistless resistor resizing 
resolation resoluble resolute 
resolutely resoluteness resolution 
resolution of forces resolution power resolutive 
resolvable resolvable tartaric acid resolve 
resolved resolved that ...... resolvedly 
resolveme resolveme this resolvent 
resolver resolving resolving agent 
resolving power resonable resonable price 
resonance resonance circuit resonance energy 
resonance form resonance hybride resonance state 
resonance transformer resonanse resonant 
resonant charging choke resonant frequency resonant line 
resonant line tuner resonantly resonate 
resonating resonating cavity resonator 
resonator grid resorb resorbent 
resorption resort resort (court of last resort) 
resorting resound resourc 
resource resource allocation resource deallocation 
resource endowment resource file resource leveling 
resource management resource person resource sharing 
resourceful resourcefulness resources 
resp respect respect of persons 
respect oneself respectability respectable 
respectably respecter respectful 
respectfully respectfully yours respectfulness 
respecting respective respectively 
respects respirable respiration 
respirator respiratory respiratory center 
respiratory exchange index respiratory system respire 
respite respite _ resplendence 
resplendency resplendent resplendently 
responce respond respondeat 
respondeat superior respondence respondency 
respondent respondent in court of cassation respondentia 
responder responding respone 
response response (r) response amplitude 
response cost response differentiation response duration 
response equivalence response generalization response hierarchy 
response intensity response latency response position 
response rate response set response strength 
response threshold response time responses 
responsibilities responsibility responsible 
responsibly responsions responsive 
responsively responsiveness responsor 
responsorial responsory respublica 
rest rest and recuperation (rr) rest balk 
rest cure rest energy rest harrow 
rest home rest house rest in god 
rest mass rest mass of the electron rest pause 
rest period rest position rest room 
rest up restaging restante 
restart restart condition restart instruction 
restart point restate restatement 
restatement of the law restaurant restauranteur 
restaurateur rested restful 
restiff restifier restiform 
resting resting frequency resting place 
resting pool resting potential restitute 
restitution restitution of conjugal rights restive 
restively restiveness restless 
restlessly restlessness restor 
restorable restoration restoration to life 
restorationism restorationist restorative 
restore restore to health restore to life 
restored restorer restoring 
restoring couple restoring force restoring moment 
restrain restrainable restrained 
restrained beam restrainedly restrainer 
restraining restraining forces restraining moment 
restraining support restraint restraint of marriage 
restraint of trade restricition restrict 
restricted restricted area restricted data 
restricted propellant restricter restriction 
restriction of imports restriction of range restrictionism 
restrictions restrictive restrictive effect 
restrictive fire plan restrictive fiscal policy restrictive indorsement 
restrictive monetary policy restrictive trade practices restrictor 
restructuring rests result 
resultant resultant acceleration resultant of force 
resultful resulting resultless 
results resume resume command 
resumption resumption of hostilities resumptive 
resupinate resupination resupine 
resupply resurection resurection pie 
resurfacing resurge resurgence 
resurgent resurrect resurrection 
resurrection man resurrectional resurrectionist 
resurvey resuscitate resuscitation 
resuscitative resuscitator resusctate 
resutant resutant force ret 
retable retail retail bin 
retail dealer retail dealing retail price 
retail sales retail trade retailer 
retain retained retained earnings 
retained profit retainer retaining 
retaining fee retaining fee(s) retaining wall 
retaliate retaliation retaliative 
retaliator retaliatory retalited 
retard retard time retardant 
retardate retardation retardation coil 
retardative retardatory retarded 
retarded countries retarder retarding 
retarding disc retarding effect retarding factors 
retardment retch retculate 
rete retenivity retention 
retention area retention index retention money 
retention of configuration retention of the urine retention of title 
retention period retention time retention volume 
retentive retentive power or memory retentiveness 
retentivity retentor retenv 
retest reti reti gambit 
reti opening retiary reticence 
reticency reticent reticle 
reticular reticular activating system (ras) reticular formation 
reticular membrane reticularis reticulate 
reticulated reticulation reticule 
reticuli reticulum retifism 
retiform retina retinaculum 
retinal retinal disparity retinal image 
retinal rivalry retinitis retinoscope 
retinoscopy retinue retire 
retired retired draft retired ness 
retired pay retirement retiring 
retiring a bill retiring pension retool 
retorsion retort retort coke 
retort furnace retort residue retort tar 
retorted retorting retortion 
retouch retour retour sans protet 
retrace retrace blanking retrace interval 
retrace lines retrace period retrace time 
retract retractable retractaion 
retractile retractility retraction 
retraction lock retractive retractor 
retracttable retraining retraining command 
retral retranslate retransmission 
retransmit retraxit retread 
retread process retreat retreating 
retreating blade retreating chin retreating forehead 
retreating-blade stall retrench retrenchment 
retrial retribution retributive 
retributory retrievable retrieval 
retrieval code retrieve retriever 
retrieving retro retro rocket 
retroact retroaction retroactive 
retroactive inhibition retroactively retroactivity 
retrocede retrocedence retrocedent 
retrocession retrocessive retrochoir 
retrofit retrofit action retroflected 
retroflection retroflex retroflex(ed) 
retroflexion retrogradation retrograde 
retrograde amnesia retrograde motion retrograde movement 
retrogress retrogression retrogressive 
retroject retrolingual retropulsion 
retroreflection retrorocket retrorse 
retrospect retrospection retrospective 
retrospective falsification retrospectively retrothrust 
retrousse retroversion retroverted 
retry rettery retund 
return return a negative return account 
return address return cargo return circuit 
return code return conductor return current 
return flow return interval return key 
return line return lines return of a guarantee 
return of capital return of guarantee return on capital 
return perion return pipe return pistol 
return ticket return to base return to scale 
return to zero return wire returnable 
returned returnee returns 
reunion reunionism reunionist 
reunite reusable reusable program 
reuse reuter reuter's 
rev revalenta revalidate 
revalorization revaluation revalue 
revamp reveal revealable 
revealed revealed preference revealed religion 
revealer revealment reveille 
revel revel rout revelation 
revelationist revelations revelator 
revelatory reveler revelery 
reveller revelrous revelry 
revenant revendication revenge 
revengeful revengefully revengefulness 
revenger reventment revenue 
revenue collector revenue cutter revenue farmer 
revenue function revenue operation revenue sharing 
revenue sources revenue tax revenuer 
revenues rever reverberant 
reverberate reverberation reverberation index 
reverberation time reverberative reverberatory 
reverberatory furnace reverbration revere 
revered reverence reverend 
reverent reverential reverentially 
reverently reverie revers 
reversa reversal reversal film 
reversal of judgment reversal process reversal shift 
reversal temperature reverse reverse bias 
reverse chicken wing reverse control reverse current 
reverse current circuit breaker reverse current cutout reverse dive 
reverse gear reverse image reverse osmosis 
reverse pitch reverse polarity reverse polish notation 
reverse side of metal work reverse slope reverse speed 
reverse thrust reverse video reverse-flow engine 
reverse-flow regin reversed reversed battery plate 
reversed rolling moment reversed series generator reversely 
reverser reverses reverses of fortune 
reversibility reversibility principle reversible 
reversible elbow reversible figures reversible perspective 
reversible propeller reversing reversing key 
reversing layer reversing switch reversion 
reversional reversionary reversionary interest 
reversioner revert reverter 
revertible revery revest 
revet revet (to) revetment 
revictual review review order 
reviewal reviewer revile 
revilement reviler reviling 
revilingly revis revisable 
revisal revise revise critically 
revised revised drawing revised edition 
revised version reviser revision 
revisional revisionary revisionism 
revisionist revisit revisory 
revitalization revitalize revival 
revivalism revivalist revive 
reviver revivification revivify 
reviving reviviscence reviviscent 
revivor revocability revocable 
revocable contract revocable credit revocable divorce 
revocable letter of credit revocable sale revocation 
revocation of divorce revocation of probate revocatory 
revokable revoke revoker 
revolt revolted revolter 
revolting revolute revolution 
revolution 1 revolution 2 (astro) revolution conter 
revolution per minute (rpm) revolution per second revolutionary 
revolutionist revolutionize revolutionizer 
revolutions revolvable revolve 
revolver revolving revolving crane 
revolving credit revolving door revolving drum 
revolving fund revolving kiln revolving top 
revue revulsion revulsive 
rewake reward reward contract 
reward is an iduce to toil reward training rewardable 
rewarder rewarding rewardless 
rewind rewinde reword 
rewrite rewriter rex 
rey reynard reynold 
reynold's number (ne) reynolds reynolds number 
reynolds stress reynolds' variation rezder 
rezone rf rf (releasing factors) 
rf modulator rfq rgb 
rgb monitor rgb video rhabdomancy 
rhachitis rhadamanthine rhadamanthus 
rhaeto rhaeto romanic rhamnaceous 
rhamnose rhamnus rhapontic 
rhapsode rhapsodic rhapsodical 
rhapsodically rhapsodist rhapsodiz 
rhapsodize rhapsody rhatany 
rhathymia rhea rhematicky 
rhenish rhenish wine rhenium 
rheodestruction rheology rheometer 
rheopexy rheoscope rheostat 
rheostat regulation rheostatic rheostatic starter 
rheostome rheostriction rheotropism 
rhetor rhetoric rhetorical 
rhetorical question rhetorically rhetorician 
rheum rheumatic rheumatism 
rheumatiz rheumatoid rheumy 
rhienencephalon rhinal rhinencephalon 
rhinestone rhinitis rhino 
rhinoceros rhinolaryngology rhinologist 
rhinology rhinopharyngitis rhinophonia 
rhinoplasty rhinoscope rhinoscopy 
rhiopharyngeal rhizanthous rhizmatous 
rhizogenetic rhizogenic rhizogenous 
rhizoid rhizomatous rhizome 
rhizomorphous rhizophagous rhizopod 
rhizopodous rhming rhming prose 
rho rho-herculis rhodian 
rhodium rhododendron rhodolite 
rhodomontade rhodopsin rhomb 
rhombencephalon rhombic rhombic antenna 
rhombic system rhombohedral rhombohedral iron ore 
rhombohedral lattice rhombohedral system rhomboid 
rhomboid muscle rhomboidal rhombus 
rhombus wing rhonchus rhubarb 
rhubard rhumb rhumb line 
rhumba rhumbatron rhumer 
rhyme rhyme scheme rhymer 
rhymester rhyming rhyming dictionary 
rhyming prose rhyolite rhythm 
rhythmic rhythmical rhythmicity 
rhythmics rhythmist rhythmization 
rhythmize rhytidome rhytmic 
rhytmic movement ri/sme rial 
rials rials 40 the metre rials 50 or so 
rialto rian riant 
rib rib cage rib rifling 
rib roast rib to prevent seepage rib wort plantain 
ribald ribaldry riband 
ribband ribbed ribbed armature 
ribbing ribbon ribbon bridge 
ribbon cable ribbon cartridge ribbon microphone 
ribbon saw ribbon switch ribbon vermicelli 
ribbons ribby ribes 
ribgrass riblet ribonucleic 
ribonucleic acid ribonucleic acid (rna) ribosomal 
ribosome ribs ribwort 
rice rice chaff rice field 
rice gambit rice in the husk rice milk 
rice paper rice powder rice pudding 
ricer rich rich and poor 
rich clad rich in (or with)poets rich lime 
rich mix richardson richardson-dushmann equation 
riche richen riches 
richly richness richter 
richter-rauzer attack ricinus ricinus oil 
rick ricket ricketiness 
rickets rickety ricksha 
rickshaw ricochet ricochet burst 
rictal rictus rid 
ridable riddance ridden 
riddle riddle (to) riddler 
riddlingly ride ride control 
ride off ride rope ride the bench 
rideg rider rides 
ridge ridge bone ridge piece 
ridge pole ridge rope ridge tree 
ridged ridgeway ridgeways 
ridgewise ridgy ridicule 
ridiculer ridiculous ridiculously 
ridiculousness riding riding anchor 
riding habit riding lights riding slip 
rieke rieke diagram rienforcement 
ries riesling rieter 
rife rifeness riff 
riff raff riffle riffraff 
rifle rifle clasp rifle grenade 
rifle gun rifle man rifle salute 
rifle shot rifle sling rifle-pit 
rifle-range riflebird riflecorps 
rifled riflegrenade rifleman 
riflemen riflery riflescope 
rifling riflling rift 
rift valley rifted rifty 
rig rig 1 rig 2 
rig 3 rig in rig the market 
rig the ship rigadoon rigatoni 
rigaudon rigel rigescent 
rigged rigger rigging 
rigging position rigging tab rigging warrant 
righful righful claims righfulness 
right right (eyes) right (left) bank 
right (left) flank march right about right and left 
right angle right angled parallelogram right answer 
right arm right as a trivet right as nails 
right ascension right away right back 
right court right face right flank 
right footed right for a prescribed period right forward 
right half back right halfback right hand 
right handed helix right handed helix (or solenoid) right handed rope 
right handed rotation right hander right incline 
right itself right justification right justified 
right justify right minded right mindedness 
right oblique march right of (visit and)search right of action 
right of angary right of asylum right of begin 
right of benefit right of benefit for a prescribed period right of benefit for life 
right of easement right of entry right of exploitation 
right of god right of habitation right of lien 
right of occupation right of ownership right of passage 
right of people right of possession right of pre-emption 
right of primogeniture right of priority right of rescission 
right of reversion right of revocation right of search 
right of seizure right of self preservation right of self-defence 
right of stoppage in transitu right of support right of taking water 
right of visit right of way right of withdrawal 
right of withdrawel right off right oh! 
right out right reverend right round 
right shift right shoulder arms right side of a cloth 
right side up right to intervene right to sue 
right to vote right to withhold right trail 
right triangle right turn right wing 
right wing forward right wing of army right wing to ward 
right wing toward right winger right you are 
right-angled right-angled triangle right-hand rule 
right-hand rule for electron flow right-handed right-handedness 
rightable righteous righteously 
righteousness righter rightful 
rightful claimant rightful claims rightful heir 
rightfully rightfulness righting 
righting lever righting moment righting reflex 
rightism rightist rightless 
rightly rightly guided caliphs rightmost 
rightness rights rights of throne 
rights open to everyone rightteous rightward 
rightward shift rightwriter righty 
rigid rigid adherence to a thing rigid body 
rigid concrete pavements rigid cores rigid disk 
rigid frames rigid metal conduit rigid pavement 
rigid rotor rigidification rigidify 
rigidity rigidity of prices rigidity of wages 
rigidly rigil rigil centaurus 
rigil kentarus rigmarole rigor 
rigor mortis rigorism rigorist 
rigorous rigorously rigorousness 
rigour rigs rigsdag 
rigueur riksdag rile 
riley rilievo rill 
rill erosion rille rillet 
rillievo rim rim lock 
rim-drive rim(of the belly) rima 
rime rime-ice rimeless 
rimeless or rhyme rimer rimer or rhymer 
rimes rimester rimester or rhymester 
rimland rimless rimmed 
rimose rimous rimple 
rimrock rimy rind 
rinded rinderpest rine 
ring ring and bead sight ring aperture 
ring armature ring bark ring bolt 
ring bone ring cartilage ring clossure 
ring clossure reaction ring counter ring current 
ring d. ring dove ring finger 
ring indicator ring master ring nebula 
ring necked ring network ring of the buoy 
ring off ring opening polymerization ring opening reaction 
ring plover ring road ring shift 
ring side of wire ring sight ring snake 
ring spanner ring stool ring strain theory 
ring straked ring streaked ring structure 
ring tailed ring tension ring up 
ring wall or ring fence ring with ring-mail 
ringbolt ringbolt hitching ringbone 
ringdove ringed ringent 
ringer ringing ringing the changes 
ringleader ringlet ringleted 
ringlety ringlock ringman 
ringmaster ringneck rings 
ringside ringtail ringthe 
ringthe bull ringworm rink 
rinse rinser rinsing 
rio rio treaty riot 
riot act riot and civil commotion riot control 
riot gun rioter riotous 
riotous assembly riotously riotousness 
rip rip current rip roaring 
rip saw rip-par in dam slope rip-rap 
riparian riparian law riparian rights 
ripe ripe beauty ripe lips 
ripely ripen ripeness 
riple riposte ripper 
ripping ripple ripple mark 
ripple sort ripple though effect rippler 
ripples ripply riprap 
rips ripsaw ripsnorter 
ripsnorting riptide rise 
rise and fall rise and shine rise in temperature 
rise of a bridge rise time risen 
riser risers rises 
rish risibility risible 
risible faculty rising rising mine 
risk risk actually incurred risk avoider 
risk lover risk money risk taker 
risk-taking riskful riskily 
riskiness risks risky 
rism rissole rit 
ritardando ritation rite 
riteless rites rites of passage 
ritual ritual practice ritualism 
ritualist ritualistic ritualistic behavior 
ritualization ritualize ritually 
rituals ritz ritz-rydbergy combination principle 
ritzy rivage rival 
rival consumption rivalry rivalship 
rive rivel riven 
river river bank river basin 
river bed river bed level river capture 
river clay river drift river dues 
river forcasting river gravel river line 
river load river mouth river profile 
riverain riverbed riverine 
riverrine riverside riverter 
riverward rivet rivet (to) 
rivet gage rivet gun rivet head 
rivet hole rivet pitch rivet point 
rivet test riveted riveted casing 
riveted joint riveter riveting 
riveting hammer riviera riviere 
rivnut rivose rivulet 
rivulose rize riziform 
rje rlazy rliness 
rll rm rmdir 
rmm rn rna 
rna (ribonucleic acid) ro ro round off 
ro rub up ro terminal roach 
road road (am) road a 
road bed road bill road block 
road book road bridge road builder 
road building road building machine road building slag 
road capacity road clearance road construction 
road contractor road discipline road distance 
road embankment road engineer road foundation 
road guard road haulage road haulier 
road hog road junction road maker 
road making material road marking road metal 
road movement road movement graph road movement table 
road net road oil road plantation 
road race road racer road reconnaissance 
road roller road screen road side 
road space road surface road system 
road tanker road tar road test 
road time road traffic road traffic offences 
road transport vehicle road work road-making 
roadability roadable roadbed 
roadblock roader roadless 
roadmix roadmix (am) roadrunner 
roads roadside roadstead 
roadster roadway roadwheel 
roadwheel arm roadwork roadworthy 
roam roamer roan 
roar roarer roaring 
roaring forties roast roast beef 
roaster roasting roasting furnace 
roasting jack roasting reaction method roasting reduction method 
rob robatsch robatsch defence 
robber robbery robe 
robe de chambre robed robed in bleck 
robert robertson robin 
robin goodfellow robin hood robin redbreast 
robinson roble roborant 
roboreous robot robot control languages 
robotics robotization robotize 
robust robustious robustness 
roc rocambole roche 
roche limit rochet rock 
rock and roll rock bottom rock bound 
rock brake rock candy rock cork 
rock crystal rock drill rock dyke 
rock erosion rock facing rock fever 
rock fill rock fill dam rock flint 
rock garden rock goat rock hewn 
rock oil rock pigeon rock pitons 
rock rubble rock salt rock scorpion 
rock sucker rock toe rock wash 
rock wool rock work rock-dove 
rock-flour rock'n'roll rockbound 
rocked rocker rocker arm 
rocker gear rocker shovel rockery 
rocket rocket control rocket engine 
rocket fuel rocket launcher rocket motor 
rocket propulsion rocket ship rocket sonde 
rocket thrust rocketeer rocketry 
rockfill rockiness rocking 
rocking chair rocking horse rocking stone 
rocklike rockoon rocks 
rockshaft rockwell rockwell hardness test 
rocky rococo rod 
rod bearing rod float rod mill 
rodding rodding a conduit rode 
rodent rodentia rodential 
rodenticide rodeo rodless 
rodlike rodman rodmeter 
rodomontade rods rods of corti 
roe roe deer roebuck 
roentgen roentgen diffractometry roentgen ray 
roentgen rays roentgen tube roentgenize 
roentgenogram roentgenography roentgenology 
roentgenoscope roentgenoscopy rogation 
rogatory rogatory commission rogatory letters 
roger rogue rogue(elephant) 
roguery rogues rogues gallery 
roguish roguishly roguishness 
roil roily roister 
roisterer roku roku dan 
roland rolando rolando's fissure 
rolando's sulcus rold role 
role conflict role enactment role expectations 
role of money role playing role therapy 
rolite roll roll (to) 
roll axis roll back roll housing 
roll in roll in point roll kitchen 
roll of honour roll of thunder roll on roll off 
roll out roll paper roll pass 
roll piercing process roll reversal roll stand 
roll up roll-call roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) 
roll-on/roll-off (roro) roll-over credit rollback 
rolled rolled asphalt rolled copper strips 
rolled glass rolled iron or steel rolled profile 
rolled rockfill rolled section rolled steel joist 
roller roller bandage roller bearing 
roller blind roller clock roller coaster 
roller contact roller conveyor roller door 
roller drive roller fender roller gate 
roller path roller shutter roller skate 
rolleron rollick rolling 
rolling barrage rolling country rolling friction 
rolling hitch rolling instability rolling mass 
rolling mill rolling mill engineer rolling moment 
rolling pin rolling plan rolling plane 
rolling press rolling reserve rolling stock 
rolling terrain rollman rollover 
rollpin rolls rolltop 
rolltop desk rolometer roly 
roly poly rom rom cartridge 
rom simulator romaic romaika 
roman roman a clef roman balance 
roman candle roman catholic roman cross 
roman empire roman numeral roman numerals 
roman school roman vitriol romance 
romancer romanesque romanesque vault 
romanian romanic romanism 
romanist romanize romantic 
romanticism romanticist romanticization 
romanticize romany romberg 
romberg's sign rome romih 
romih variation romish romp 
romper rompers rompish 
rompy romulus rondeau 
rondel rondelet rondelle 
rondure rontgen rontgen rays 
rontgenogram ronyon rood 
roof roof (to) roof area 
roof batten roof beam roof boarding 
roof covering material roof garden roof ladder 
roof lamp roof light roof light clerestory 
roof line roof of the mouth roof shingle 
roof slab roof tree roof truss carpenter 
roof trusses roofcovering roofed 
roofer roofing roofing asphalt 
roofing mat roofing material roofing sheet 
roofing thatch roofing=roofcovering roofless 
roofs rook rooker 
rookery rookie rooklet 
rool rool in rools 
room room circuit room lighting 
room mate room no 3 room temperature 
roomed roomer roomette 
roomful roominess rooming 
rooming house roommate rooms 
roomy roorbach roorback 
roost rooster root 
root and branch root and seed root beer 
root circle root crop root directory 
root graft root mean square root mean square velocity 
root name root of the weld root of title 
root out root section root segment 
root up root valve root-mean-square error 
rootage rooted rooter 
rootery rooting rooting reflex 
rootle rootless rootlet 
roots roots and branches rootstock 
rooty rooty of sand rop 
rope rope chaff rope collar 
rope dancing rope ladder rope maker 
rope stopper rope yarn sunday rope-dancer 
ropedancer ropemanship roper 
ropery ropes ropewalk 
ropewalker ropeway ropiness 
roping ropy ropy lava 
roro rorqual rorschach 
rorschach category rorschach determinant rorschach inkblot test 
rorschach test rosace rosacean 
rosaceous rosacex rosalind 
rosanoff rosarian rosarium 
rosarum rosary rose 
rose bay rose box rose bud 
rose chafer rose cheeked rose colored 
rose cut rose diamond rose fever 
rose gall rose leaf rose of jericho 
rose of may rose of sharon rose preserve 
rose rash rose vinegar rose water 
rose window rose-bush rose-colour 
rose-coloured rose-lipped rose-mallow 
rose-red roseal roseate 
rosebay rosefish rosemary 
roseola rosery roses 
roses p in this garden roset rosette 
rosette cutout rosewood rosicrucian 
rosily rosin rosin-core solder 
rosiness rosolio rosrtam 
ross rossa rossolimo 
rossolimo reflex rostellum roster 
rostral rostrate rostrated 
rostriform rostrum rosulate 
rosy rot rot gut 
rota rotaglider rotameter 
rotarian rotary rotary axis 
rotary beam antenna rotary cement klin rotary converter 
rotary crane rotary current rotary discharger 
rotary drill rotary drilling rotary drum 
rotary drum mixer rotary evaporator rotary field 
rotary field motor rotary furnace rotary heat furnace 
rotary kiln rotary klin rotary motion 
rotary phase converter rotary piston compressor rotary piston machanism 
rotary pump rotary pursuit rotary selector 
rotary shear rotary spark gap rotary switch 
rotary table rotary valve rotary wing 
rotary-type regulator rotary-wing aircraft rotatable 
rotate rotates rotating 
rotating band rotating field rotating memory 
rotating table press rotating unit rotation 
rotation (astron) rotation about a line rotation about a point 
rotation billiard rotation coefficients rotation flow 
rotation inertia rotation moment rotation of crop 
rotation system rotation viscosimeter rotational 
rotational delay rotational inertia rotational isomers 
rotational level rotational motion rotational post 
rotational reflection axis rotational spectroscopy rotational spectrum 
rotational speed rotational symmetry rotative 
rotator rotatory rote 
rote learning rotiform rotisserie 
rotl rotogravure rotometer 
rotonda rotor rotor craft 
rotor disc rotor force rotor hub 
rotor incidence rotor plates rotten 
rotten stone rotten teeth rottenly 
rottenness rotter rotter incomplete sentences blank 
rotund rotunda rotundate 
rotundily rotundity roturier 
rouble roucou roud 
roud off error roudelay roue 
rouge rough rough and ready 
rough and tumble rough boundary rough breathing 
rough cast rough cast glass rough coat 
rough coating rough country rough d. 
rough draw rough estimate rough footed 
rough handling of a thing rough hewn rough legged 
rough log rough or foul copy rough rice 
rough rider rough sea (meteor) rough spoken 
rough surface rough surface (to) rough usage 
rough wrought rough-hew rough-waller 
roughage roughcast roughdraw 
roughdry roughed roughed slab 
roughed stone block roughen roughening 
roughening by picking (am) rougher roughhew 
roughhouse roughing roughing roll 
roughing stand roughing-in roughish 
roughly roughly speaking roughneck 
roughness roughness coefficient roughness index 
roughrider roughs roughshod 
roulade rouleau roulette 
rouman roumanian round 
round about round and round round angle 
round bilge round billet round brackets 
round d. round dance round down 
round edged scraper round file round head 
round head buttress dam round house round in 
round ingot round leaved mallow round line 
round numbers round of ladder round off error 
round on round out round robin 
round seizing round sewing round shouldered 
round table round timber round trip 
round turn and two half hitches round unvarnished tale round up 
round vowel round voyage round window 
round-bottom flask round-off roundabout 
roundabout island roundabout production rounded 
rounded kerb roundel roundelay 
rounder rounders roundhead 
roundheal roundhouse rounding 
rounding error rounding errors roundish 
roundle roundlet roundly 
roundness rounds rounds complete 
roundsman roundworm roup 
rous rouse rouse in 
rouse out rouser rousing 
roust roustabout rout 
route route classification route column 
route march route order route reconnaissance 
route selection route step route transposition 
router routes routes of communication 
routh routin routine 
routine library routine message routine tests 
routines routing routing identifier 
routing indicator routing plane routinize 
rove rover roving 
roving gun row row a race 
row an (tree) row binary row binary card 
row boat row de dow row marker 
row stack row wise recalculation row? 
rowan rowanberry rowbed 
rowboat rowdiness rowdy 
rowdyish rowdyism rowel 
rowen rower rowet 
rowing rowlock rows 
royal royal assent royal blue 
royal falcon royal flag royal honor 
royal honours royal palm royal pearl 
royal poinciana royal prerogative royal progress 
royal purple royal road royal sinature 
royalism royalist royalistic 
royalities royally royalmast 
royalty royalty tonnage royant 
royol rozenzweig rozenzweig picture frustration study 
rpbis rpbis (point-biserial correlation) rpg 
rpg language rpm rpmt 
rpmt (raven's progressive matrices test) rpo rprom 
rq rr rrayer 
rs rs flip flop rs-232 
rs-232-c rs-422 rsr 
rt rt (tetrachoric correlation coefficient) rtc 
rtegistrar rts ru 
rub rub (to) rub a dub 
rub along rub away rub down 
rub it in rub off rub out 
rub out character rub shoulders with others rub some one the wrong way 
rub with ointment rubbed rubbed surface (am) 
rubber rubber banding rubber bitumen 
rubber covered wire rubber plant rubber separator 
rubber stamp rubber stopper rubber tile 
rubber tube rubberize rubberneck 
rubbery rubbery transition temperature rubbing 
rubbing strake rubbish rubbishing 
rubbishy rubble rubble concrete 
rubble hard core rubble with binding material rubdown 
rube rubefacient rubefaction 
rubefy rubella rubeola 
ruberculosis rubescent rubicelle 
rubicon rubicund rubicundity 
rubidium rubies rubiginous 
rubinstein rubinstein variation rubious 
ruble rubric rubrical 
rubricate rubrication rubricator 
rubrician rubricize rubstone 
ruby ruby of arsenic ruby zinc 
ruche ruching ruck 
ruckle rucksack ruckus 
ruction rudas rudbeckia 
rudd rudder rudder 1 
rudder 2 rudder bar (na) rudder indicator 
rudder post ruddiness ruddle 
ruddleman ruddock ruddy 
rude rudely rudeness 
ruderal rudesby rudiment 
rudimental rudimentary rudimentary knowledge 
rue rue raddy rueful 
rufescent ruff ruffe 
ruffed ruffed grouse ruffian 
ruffianism ruffianly ruffini 
ruffini corpuscle ruffini cylinder ruffle 
ruffled ruffler ruffous 
rufous rug ruga 
rugal rugate rugby 
rugby field rugby point rugby test match 
rugged ruggedization ruggedize 
ruggedized ruggedized computer ruggedly 
ruggedness rugger rugose 
rugosity rugs rugulose 
ruhmkorff ruhmkorff coil ruin 
ruinate ruination ruined 
ruiner ruinous ruinously 
ruins ruise rule 
rule of law rule of reason rule of three 
rule of thumb rule off rule out 
rule over rule the roost rule-governed 
ruled ruled based deduction ruled surface 
ruleless ruler rulership 
rules rules committee rules for forming plurals 
rules of chess rules of decorum rules of engagement 
rules of football rules of procedure rules of road 
rules of the roads (nav) ruling ruling class 
ruling power ruling price ruller 
rum rum running rumba 
rumble rumbler rumbustious 
rumen rumenal ruminal 
ruminant ruminantia ruminate 
rumination ruminative ruminator 
rummage rummage out rummage sale 
rummage up rummer rummily 
rumminess rummy rummy start 
rumor rumormonger rumoues 
rumour rump rumple 
rumpus rumpy rumrunner 
run run across run against 
run away run away with run book 
run close run down run home 
run in run in debt run into 
run length limited recording run mad run manual 
run of the mill run of the mine run off 
run on run out run out of 
run over run riot run short 
run the show run through run time 
run time error run time version run to waste 
run up run up a score run up against 
run up area run upon run way 
run wild runabout runagate 
runaway runcinate rundle 
rundlet rune rung 
runic runing runing board 
runing fight runless runlet 
runnel runner runner up 
running running aground running board 
running bow line running bowline running days 
running down case running end running f. 
running fight running fire running fix 
running free running gear running hand 
running in parallel running key running knot 
running lights running noose running off 
running part running rate running rigs 
running sand running spare running stitch 
running time running title running title (or headline) 
running torque running water running with the ball 
running-bourd runny runoff 
runoff coefficient runout runs 
runt runty runway 
runway greenhouse effect rup rupee 
rupiah rupicoline rupicolous 
rupture rupture limit rupture of diplomatic relations 
rupture stress ruptured rupublicanism 
rural rural development rural district council 
rural labor force rural markets rural planning 
rural property rural urban migration ruralism 
ruralist rurality ruralization 
ruralize rurally rurban 
ruse rush rush candle 
rush root rushed rushee 
rusher rushes rushgrass 
rushing rushlight rushy 
rusk russ russel 
russet russeting russetting 
russia russian russian a 
russian defence russian olive russian revolution 
russian system russianize russification 
russify russo russo -iran 
rust rust (to) rust oxide iron 
rust protection rust protection paint rust-proof 
rusted rustic rustic manners 
rusticate rustication rusticity 
rustily rustiness rusting 
rustle rustler rustproof 
rustproof paint rusty rut 
rutabaga rutaceous ruth 
ruthenium rutherford rutherford scattering 
ruthful ruthless ruthlessness 
rutine ruttish rutty 
ruy ruy lopez ruy lopez opening 
rwm rxy rxy (product-moment correlation 
rxy (reliability coefficient) ry rydberg 
rydberg constant rydbergy rye 
ryouic rythm ryu 
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