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y (deviation score) y (raw score) 
y-alloys y-amplifier y-axis 
y-axis amplifier y-channel y-chromosome 
y-connection y-cut y-deflection 
y-intercept y-junction y-matrix 
y-maze y-network y-parameter 
y-plates y-position y-potentiometer 
y-punch y-scale y-shaped 
y-site y-track y-valve 
y-voltage y-winding yacht 
yacht rope yachting yachtsman 
yack yaght yaght club 
yaght racing yaghting yaghtman 
yaghtman's anchor yagi yagi antenna 
yah yahoo yahveh 
yahweh yak yalta 
yalta conference yam yama 
yamashita yame yamen 
yammer yank yankee 
yankee doodle yap yard 
yard 1 yard 2 yard goods 
yard line yard man yard marker 
yard track yardage yardarm 
yardmaster yards yardstick 
yare yarn yarn dye 
yarrow yashmak yashmak shawl 
yasme yataghan yates 
yates correction yaup yaw 
yawing yawl yawn 
yawp yaws ycleped 
yclept ye ye living and the dead 
yea yea and nay yean 
yean round yeanling year 
year and day year by year year in year out 
year-book year-to-year fluctuation yearbook 
yearling yearlong yearly 
yearly allowance yearly instalmernts yearly profit 
yearn years yearsday 
yearsold yearsoning yeast 
yeasty yee yee jupkki 
yee oyee yeep yeep joung 
yegg yeggman yeild 
yeild point yell yello 
yello card yellow yellow a 
yellow arc yellow bile yellow black myrmidon 
yellow daisy yellow dog contract yellow fever 
yellow flag yellow grease yellow green alga 
yellow jack yellow jacket yellow mullen 
yellow ocher yellow rhubard yellow rocket 
yellow rose yellow spot yellow-(h)ammer 
yellow-sighted yellowhammer yellowing 
yellowing leaves yellowish yellowlegs 
yellowness yelp yelper 
yemen yen yeoman 
yeoman (= yoman) yeoman of the guard yeoman's service 
yeomanly yeomanry yeop 
yeop-chagi yer yerk 
yerkes yerkes-bridges point scale yerkes-dodson law 
yes yes man yester 
yesterday yesterday morning yesternight 
yesteryear yestreen yet 
yew yhe yhis 
yhis port is not yet peopled yiddish yield 
yield of bonds yield of capital yield of cdoncrete 
yield of invested capital yield of lime yield point 
yield point at elevated temperatures yield point at normal temperature yield rate 
yield strength yield stress yield tax 
yielder yielding yields 
yip yippee yips 
ymck yo yo come of a 
yo dan yo have an a of a person yodel 
yodeler yoei yoga 
yoghurt yogi yogic 
yogin yogoslav yogoslav attack 
yogoslav defence yogoslav variation yogurt 
yohan yohan nukite yoi 
yoicks yoke yokefellow 
yokel yokes yoko 
yoko geri yolk yolk sac 
yoma yoma tsuki yoman 
yon yond yonder 
yong yong lion yonker 
yoohoo yooksa yoop 
yore yori yori ashi 
york york round yorked 
yorker yorkshire yoseph 
yoth you you all 
you and i you and your you are a nice person 
you are advised that you are mistaken you are required to 
you are right you are the p of your father you are welcome 
you are welcome to my book you are wiser than he you are written 
you bet you did right you did w to leave the place 
you do me injustice you do not look right you do not seem well 
you don't say so? you guessed wrong you had no right to say that 
you have been seen you have no option but to go you have perhaps seen it 
you have reason you may rest assured you might have come 
you must a for that conduct you must go you must have know this 
you must know you must know this you must w the signal 
you need not fear you ought to know better you see 
you shall go you shall rue it you shall smart for it 
you shall sweat for it you should go you there 
you were then that high you will be sorry for it you will become sick 
you will go you will spoil the child you? 
you'd you'll you're 
you're another you're=you are you've 
youch youch sensitive screen youlabour 
youmay youmay well ask young 
young and old young days young ice 
young people young persons young population 
young saints Šold devils young smith young turk 
young-helmholtz theory young's modulus youngest 
youngger youngish youngling 
youngster younker youporo 
your your and my father your book 
your excellency your good ladies your humble servant 
your is better than mine your is not as good as his your late father 
your majesty your obedient servant your presence is requested 
your reverence your truly your vocabulary is limited 
your words offended her your worship yours 
yours f. yours respectfully yours sincerely 
yours truly yourself yourselves 
yous yous truly youse 
youth youth hostel youth sports 
youthfufness youthful youthfully 
youthfulness youths youths of puissance 
yowl yoyo ytterbia 
ytterbium ytterbium oxide yttria 
yttrium yttrium oxide yucca 
yugoslav yule yule log 
yuletide yummy yurn 
yurt yurta 
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